“The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter” to Follow Up with Third Installment?


Supernatural drama The Exorcist’s 2nd Meter <降魔的2.0> aired its finale on June 5. With the fate of Hubert Wu‘s (胡鴻鈞) character and the open ending left between Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Mandy Wong‘s (黃智雯) relationship, the cast hopes that a third installment will give proper closure.

As his character’s feelings fluctuated between Mandy and Moon Lau (劉佩玥), Kenneth offered his own input, “It’s really hard to choose. The director actually left it open-ended and doesn’t fully explain the future of our characters.” When asked if his character is considered to be a player, Kenneth explained, “It’s a difficult situation. He feels guilty for causing Moon’s death, but on the other hand, he has liked Mandy since the beginning.”

In real life, Kenneth has never cheated in a relationship. “I’m really stupid–they’ll be able to tell right away if I lie. I also don’t have enough time for two girls.”

Chiming in and saying that she cannot focus on two men at once, Mandy avoids complicated love triangles. She never had to fight for her boyfriend, “If someone decides to fight with me, I will chose to give up first. I feel that it is pointless if you have to fight for him.”

Although Mandy’s screen-time is somewhat limited considering she is the female lead, she impressed viewers with her acting skills in the scene when she lends her body to Moon’s character to fulfill her dream of having a date with Kenneth. Mandy explained, “I talk to Moon regularly, so I’ve noticed some of her little habits and they naturally came out in my acting. As her character is very cute, it wasn’t hard to pretend to be her.” Asked about her limited screen time in the drama, Mandy replied, “I don’t feel that I have less screen time. The storyline is the most important, so whatever makes sense works with me.”

Both Kenneth and Mandy hope that there will be a third installment to the series, with the actor saying, “Mandy’s schedule is the most [busy]–if she has free time, then we can start filming!” Mandy interjected, “This definitely isn’t the case! What’s most important is that the audience likes the drama and we can have the original cast on board.”

Source: HK01

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Feel like in this sequel, they focused more on Siu Ma & Ho Jai brotherly relationship. The romantic arcs are more of a side story.

    Wonder which character Hubert will be back as in the 3rd installment.

  2. I really liked the first and second installment of this series. I admit I was anticipating a total fail for the sequel, but the series really managed to surprise me. I enjoyed them both quite a bit. They’re kind of making this franchise into seasons rather than an actual complete series because the ending is open-ended.

    I hope that Hubert will stay on and be a part of the third series. And I hope Moon would make a cameo for the next chapter. It sounds like Zoie might make it back too as an ocean demon (since she’s now a part of Kenneth.) She’s sooo pretty and doll-like. And how can I forget Beh-Ley, the white demon manservant lol. Love him!

    1. @coralie SPOILERS!!!

      Moon is gone. She went to heaven or whereever that is. Thalassa basically dissipated into thin air. She’s gone too. Hubert will return but as what? Because ho jai is gone too. Billy must return. He is hilarious!

      Please tvb, don’t screw this. Introduce vampires, zombies, famous gods, famous deities, entire heaven and hell, grim reapers, more exorcists, immortals. The possibility is endless.

      1. @funnlim woops, my bad, should’ve put a spoiler tag?

        ***SPOILER ALERT***

        I don’t think Moon is going to be completely gone. She’s so popular with fans, maybe they’ll make an exception and have her come back in a cameo, like they did with hung mao, yao wai and kenneth’s parents. but i agree with your point that her storyline dragged. i don’t find her love for Kenneth convincing, so dragging her love story made it boring. Kenneth’s relationship with Mandy isn’t much better – it really didn’t matter much whether she was there or not, she didn’t have much to do. i had hoped that they delved into her background/past life a bit more, like they dropped hints that she has a heavenly aura. But it seems like they’re going to do that in the third part – maybe it’ll unveil some mysteries.

        I also agree with you that they didn’t fully utilize Thalassa’s role. But I did like that they made her an ambiguous character. She’s not completely evil, has a sense of justice and ironically, maybe just misunderstood. That goes for Billy, too. He’s only evil depending on the person who utilizes him. When Kenneth heard her song initially, I thought, ooh I wonder if she’s actually an angel, because her singing soothed him and he mentioned before that her music is a heaven’s song. I didn’t think she was going to be Thalassa, which is a bummer. It was a siren’s song instead. I do wonder if she wasn’t Tian Yau’s wife. That would be very romantic. She fell in love with a demon-slayer and decided to be a mortal while he was still alive. There was a hint of that possibility when she walked away from Mandy. And while I think it’s best the show left Kenneth’s past reincarnation open-ended, I felt so bad for Thalassa, because she waited for his return for so long. It would be nice to get confirmation that her wait wasn’t in vain. And I also hope to see her make a cameo in the next part, too.

        Yeah I would think the Loi Si wouldn’t die, because she sold her soul to Mephi. She should technically be immortal until Mephi comes to collect herl. And I wonder whether Lo Si has requested to bring Lor Si back to life or he requested to return her soul to her. If the former, that means these siblings’ soul belongs to Mephi now.

        Hopefully, they’ll change the narrative that there is no heaven/god, because it leaves room for much more potential. Kind of like the show, Charmed. Witches that deal with heaven, demons and life issues.

      1. @luye give me an example. the only one I’ve ever seen from TVB that was successful in sequels with the same actors/director was Mystery of the Twin Swords. and i mean successful as in, the plot isn’t a flop.

      2. @coralie heart of greed & moonlight resonance. Beyond the realm of conscience & cant buy me love. Forensic heroes 1&2. Witness to a Prosecution 1&2. And I’m hoping legal Mavericks 2 will be good, but sad Ali won’t be in it

      3. @luye well, maybe i’m in the minority here, but i didn’t like any of those lol. and HoG and MR were totally different stories. but i am hopeful that legal mavericks will follow the success of legal mavericks 1.

      4. @coralie Nah I felt the same, this one was so lackluster for me, it ended up being back ground noise for me as I did other things instead of watching it completely. It was cool in the beginning when they actually brought folks from the first one back, but it was too quick of how they ended up it felt like. @piggygrace I have to agree on how come the twins, lo see and ching didn’t need glasses at times to see the spirits…I think they must have forgot to have them on and just rolled with it. Also agree that I didn’t think Gloria’s character could actually die because of the tattoo she had and the deal she made with Mephi…so I’m guessing the third installment will delve into that.

  3. i thought they already made it official that season 3 is confirmed on the night of the finale. love the drama and miss it so much that it’s over. I hope they would keep making it every year like american series.

  4. Definitely part 3 pls. I thought Moon’s story was overlong and some issues but in the end, imagine you found the girl for you, you realised too late coz she’s dead. So very sad. Thalassa’s story could have been better but she is so underused. Love the whole Ho Jai story but I got very annoyed when ep 1 till the last so many things happened because both sons are too scared to tell the mother the truth. As for the twin exorcists, they grew on me. Familial love is second to none. I am doubtful however on Mephi’s ability to negotiate.


    he got the girl’s soul when she dies right? why would he then accept the bros’ soul in exchange of hers?

    *end spoilers*

    Can we have famous faces as demons and deities in series 3? Where are gods? why not let us have gods and more famous deities? Where Hwayugi failed in bringing monkey king to modern world, why can’t this series bring that aspect to modern world? i always feel this series can be more than just about Siu Ma. It is such a huge world. Give us some traditional gods! A modern guanyin perhaps. That would be so cool.

    Anyway the final scenes seem to suggest appearance of black clad spirits? Grim reapers? I hope because for me biggest disappointment of this sequel is it is such a small world of the supernatural, the evil, the powerful. When they all say there’s no heaven., no hell, no gods, I feel all so contradictory. I never knew i missed Shek Kam Dong so much and he is the most referenced character but only appearing in imagination a few times. By the way am impressed with Hubert for being able to play 3 characters with distinct personalities.

    As for part 3, I hope better makeup, better effects, better guest stars, capable actors, balanced story ( enough with silly uncouth siu ma, time he grows up and be cool) and no more Mandy. Her story is so over. She has more role in this sequel than the first series but she practically has nothing to do. She needs to go if not whole story is stale.

    Best series of the year, even with major flaws. Shows how terrible the other series are.

    PS love the “gwai jai”, So funny. the puns with him is also so funny.

    1. @funnlim I agree with you that we need PART 3 for TEM.

      And I want more. The universe of spirits and demons and genies is limitless and I want to see more of Siu Ma encountering and exorcising demons.

      I cried when LoiSee died to protect Ho Jai. I cried harder between Ho Jai-Siu Ma- Ching Ching at the reservoir at the last episode.

      I love this series because I love the family bonding, even though there are some parts I disliked. I felt the part of BearBear was dragged a little too long (could have been 2 episodes shorter and given those to more of Thalassa as you said). And can we please stop glorifying the perversion of Siu Ma (with Etsuko) and the FungSi Yeh craving for underpants? One scene or two is more than enough to tell us that men are perverted… anything more than that is starting to get distasteful.

      Oh one more thing, I realized sometimes LoiSee, Ross and ching Ching didn’t need to wear the special glasses to see the spirits in many scenes? Did anyone notice that as well?

      And yes, bring BILLY back. I love his humor! And please give a closure to what happened to LoiSee’s soul and Mephi. I felt that was hanging!

  5. Surprisingly EM2 worth watching & good. Definitely there’ll be EM3 and looking forward to that.

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