The Real Side of Janine Chang

Best known for her performance in The Empress of China <武媚娘傳奇>, Taiwanese actress Janine Chang’s (張鈞甯) attractive looks is usually the first and main point of interest. Although she is admired for elegant beauty, the 36-year-old thinks hard work and passion are the true driving forces in her acting career.

On the set of Janine’s recent magazine photo shoot, she is seen wearing the latest spring outfits. In a palette of baby pink, gray and white colors, the actress radiates a sweet, elegant and charismatic aura. Keeping an earnest working attitude, Janine is accommodating to get the right angles for the photos.

When her good friend Ivy Chen (陳意涵) came to visit, the atmosphere instantly became brighter and relaxed, as the two excitedly chatted with each other. Possessing a natural and sincere personality while also working earnestly is the real side of Janine, but it is unfortunate that these qualities are often overlooked because of her beauty.

Though this perspective of Janine has been shedding away over the years, starting from her performance in The Empress of China. Viewers were attracted with her beauty at first, but when the plot deepened and her character scheming nature was revealed, many were impressed by her acting skills. The 36-year-old star was happy to hear such responses regarding her acting.

“For me, life and work are inseparable. It is because you are really passionate about your job, that you can withstand such a workload and the difficulties that come with it. Many people call me a workaholic. But for every magazine photo and advertisement shoot, I would see the different possibilities of myself changing. This is what I like, a hard-working person will change in some way during the process. This job and its experiences allow me to continuously improve; it makes me love it even more. Because of that, I am able to come so far today,” she said.

Although Janine has a master’s degree in law, she decided to pursue her passion in acting and hasn’t regretted her choice.

Source: Marie Claire HK

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