The Reason Behind Chiling Lin’s Flash Marriage

Shock shrouded Lin Chiling‘s (林志玲) sudden marriage announcement on June 6. After secretly dating J-pop artist, Exile‘s Akira, for half a year, the Taiwanese star took things to the next level and married him. Netizens and even Jerry Yan (言承旭), her on-and-off again ex-boyfriend of 17 years, were surprised to hear the news. Reportedly, the reason for Chiling’s flash marriage is because of her ailing mother, Wu Tzu-mei (吳慈美).

Chiling’s mother has allegedly been suffering from Alzheimer’s since 2015. Last February, a source revealed Tzu-mei’s condition worsened and frequented National Taiwan University Hospital’s neurology department. Reporters even photographed Chiling’s brother, Lin Chihong, accompanying their mother into a taxi. Although Tzu-mei was able to move by herself, she looked older and weaker with a large number of unknown scars on the right side of her face.

To help take care of her mother, the actress moved into the 50 million yuan flat that she bought for her parents. Chiling even admitted to reducing her workload because of her mother’s poor but “stable” health at the end of last year. Since Tzu-mei’s condition improved, Chiling was able to put more time and energy into her love life late last year. Therefore, she got closer and closer to Akira, whom she had known for many years.

Chiling allegedly considered marriage many times. Although she wanted to get rid of her title of “Number One Unmarried Female” in the entertainment circle, it was difficult choosing between marrying and taking care of her mother. In the end, she followed the Chinese tradition of using marriage to bring luck to her sick mother and fulfilled her mom’s wish of seeing her get married.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. feel bad hearing that her mom has Alzheimer. it’s a difficult disease and brings so much pain to the family.

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