Tony Hung Would Marry Girlfriend If She Gets Pregnant

Tony Hung‘s (洪永城) relationship with fitness instructor Inez Leong (梁諾妍) has moved into a new phase–the couple started living together after dating for two years. Although they are still adjusting to each other’s lifestyle differences, everything is going well and Tony said he would get married at a moment’s notice if Inez gets pregnant.

Won’t Shut Down Idea of Children Before Marriage

“We’ve gotten to really know each other,” Tony said when describing what their cohabitation has been like so far. Admitting they have a bit of a messy situation at home, the couple has little time to do house chores because of their busy careers. Tony went through a period of time when he did not do his dishes for 10 days straight, while Inez would carelessly leave her clothes all over the apartment. Tony admitted the need to modify their habits, “I have a dish problem, and she has a clothes washing-problem. But I would rather she spend time on her career and teach a few more classes. I’ll leave the housework to my house cleaner.”

With his relationship seemingly stable, Tony also expressed that he is open to having children before marriage. He exclaimed, “There’s a possibility–my girlfriend really loves small animals and children. I’ll definitely take responsibility [for the baby].” Asked about his marriage plans, he said, “We’re heading towards that direction.”


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Tony Hung Loves That Girlfriend Inez Leong Doesn’t Have “Princess Syndrome”

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  1. marriage or not, as long as he takes responsibility. marraige is just a piece of paper. some couples i know just stay together w/o every getting married b/c of tax implications

    1. @m0m0
      I find it extremely sad that you think all marriage is a piece of paper. It is much much more than that. If marriage were not important then why does the LBGT community fight so hard for that basic right while heterosexual couples take that given right for granted? If you are not legally married then you are pretty much not truly “ family” and are not qualified or allowed to do so many important things like inheritance, signing health consent forms, and so many other things. I remember that the girlfriend/partner of an actor was not even allowed to accept an award on his behalf because they were not legally married so she was only considered a girlfriend at most and not wife and was not allowed to represent him. I guess maybe those couples that you know have not been in tough situations where being legally married is so important and significant. If you love anyone that much then why not just marry them legally? I think if they refuse to legally then they must have second thoughts on staying together for life.

      One of my cousins thinks just like you and thinks marriage is just a piece of paper. She is not legally married to her husband which was why one day she just kicked him out after an argument. They did not have to go through a divorce or anything as they were not married anyways which I found sad. I bet my cousin had second thoughts which was why she refused to marry her “husband “ officially.

      1. @hetieshou
        to some marriage is important b/c of faith or their value. i used to think marriage is so important b/c that was what i was told growing up but i regret it. in the us, domestic partners are able make medical decision, get insurance coverage, and paid out by life insurance. i don’t see my friends regretting, b/c they know the finance game.

      2. @m0m0 I agree with you to an extent. I think marriage in this day and age isn’t necessary. There are so many ways to give your partner legal rights over your entire life that marriage is no longer needed.

        But what marriage does do is give you the convenience to all those rights without having to lift additional fingers. You’re the default authority. Although divorce is much more of a headache. I can see why. The gov’t wants you to marry and stay married to ensure a prosperous family. A duo-income family is much more self-sufficient than being single, which goes double for those with kids. They have every incentive to keep the status quo.

        As to the argument for marriage…well, I guess you have to ask why don’t you want to get married? Is it because 1) you are extremely wealthy and don’t want your assets to be tied to your spouse, hence maybe the argument that you don’t love the spouse enough? (On the flip side of that argument – if you love your partner so much, why would their assets be a concern?) I think both of these are moot points once a prenup is signed, so it is pretty pointless not to get married for this reason. 2) you don’t care for religious and symbolic gestures (these should be the ppl who don’t celebrate anything. My husband is one of those types who thinks every holiday is a cash grab. 3) you want to do everything independent of a spouse (i.e., questions related to life and death, etc.) Or just take it upon yourself to do everything legally elsewhere. 4) you are planning for the possibility of divorce in the future and it is a costly affair so why get married. 5) you don’t want the govt to have any place in your relationship (these are ppl who I find a little extreme esp since the govt kind of has a place in everything we do nowadays, but I digress.) Oh and 6) you are too lazy to do anything to complicate your relationship with your partner lol. some ppl are like that. Last one 7) you think marriage is the grave upon which a relationship is placed to die lol.

        As you can see, the reason not to get married is stacked against most people. It makes more sense to get married than not to. But it isn’t necessary to actually get married.

      3. @m0m0
        I can tell you that I used to think that marriage is not important, but I have realized just how important it was after losing many family members. I am not religious at all but you do not need to be religious to value marriage. I live in the US too and maybe in the US, you do not have to be family to sign health consent forms and all but in Asian countries you do. It can mean life and death in some cases so it is just all about money.I remember years ago when my uncle was in the hospital, the nurses required someone to sign health consent forms but you need to be a family member. My aunt and his daughter(my cousin) was not around to sign. Luckily, my other cousin who was around so is family was able to sign. I wonder if my aunt were there and was not legally married to my uncle, I truly wondered if they would allow her to sign. If you are not officially married then you are not considered family. There was actually a real incident in Taiwan about a lesbian couple where one died because her partner was not allowed to sign the health consent forms. She was not allowed to sign as they were not legally married so she was not considered family. The hospital said only family members are allowed to sign, therefore, they waited until her nephew finally came to sign. But sadly it was too late and her partner/wife ended up dying as a result of waiting too late. You and people you know maybe have not experienced something like that yet so do not think about just how important it is to be legally married. My point is if you are not officially married then there are some things you are not allowed or qualified to do. I guess people just do not care until it hits them…

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