Tony Leung, Andy Lau Comment on Occupy Central

More Hong Kong celebrities have come forth to criticize the Hong Kong government for using aggressive methods to disperse the demonstrators of pro-democracy movement, Occupy Central, which is still ongoing after one week of protests.

Andy Lau (劉德華) and Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) gave their support to the protesters and expressed their wishes for the Hong Kong police not to use tear gas or any other form of aggression on the demonstrators. Chow Yun Fat also urged the Hong Kong government to not avoid the matter and face the situation boldly. Andy expressed through his official website that he wishes for Hong Kong to find peace again.

Tony Leung Chiu Wai (梁朝偉) released a statement to the press through his Facebook, lending his support to the movement. “I support all the Hong Kong people who are expressing their demands through peaceful means. I am against the government for using aggressive methods on the peaceful demonstrators, and I hope the government will show their sincerity and talk with the people!”

Chapman To (杜汶澤) shared Tony’s Facebook post and added, “When Chapman To, the one who offends everyone, speaks up, [it can be] a small thing. But now, Chow Yun Fat, the one whom everyone wants to take a picture with, says you are doing something. Even Tony Leung, the one who doesn’t speak a lot, has spoken. You are in big trouble.”

Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) wrote on her Facebook, “I feel sad. I love Hong Kong! The road continues to go on. I hope the government will resolve this soon. Listen respectfully. Don’t resort to violence! Peace to all kids and everyone.” Miriam’s husband, Real Ting (丁子高), uploaded a picture of a yellow ribbon against a black background on his Instagram, and wrote, “Not only was the problem not solved, the contradictions deepened! Speechless.”

Lynn Hung (熊黛林), on the other hand, left a message that seemed to criticize the Hong Kong demonstrators on her Weibo. She wrote, “Sacrificing others’ interests and affecting others’ lives to reach your goals are despicable. It doesn’t matter how pompous your excuse may be.”


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      1. Correct. This movement will decide the future of Hong kong. If this ends in violence, Hong kong and its people will forever be changed. The damage done will never heal

      2. This protest remind me of the student protest in Tiananmen Square 1989 in China and thousands of students were killed…

      3. Yes,this really reminds me of the Tiananmen. Square incident. I just pray that history does not repeat itself. Yes,if this does end up like the Tiananmen massacre then Hk and its people will be permanently affected.

    1. What do you mean Tiananment Square?

      If you are talking about vilence, death, tanks running people over and students getting mowed down by guns then I should tell you that story was a fraud. It was made up by foreign journalists and Anti-China people to sell a story. That story was faked by western media for most part.

      The riots took place outside of Tiananmen Square where security forces and rioters clashed. People from both sides died.

  1. Plenty of evidence showing peaceful protesters being less than peaceful. When you violate other people’s rights, it is no longer peaceful.

    You stop people from going to work. Not just because no public transport or the road is blocked. Protesters literally impede the citizens physically from going to work. How is that peaceful?

    Blame the government, blame the citizens, blame it on the triads Etc. all you want, but others have eyes and can see what they are doing.

    1. The most ridiculous and far-fetched is the pro-democracy accuse the HK police of colluding with gangsters to attack them on Friday night.

      How can this ever be? be sensible.

    2. I totally agree with you…most of my HK fight are so much support the protesters…thinking that they are hero to help HK’s future…okay..I understand the students have their dream and goals…but blocking the streets..most store can’t open…most other kids can’t go to school…I don’t think it is right…I now end up to go to Facebook…don’t want to heard about it…

    3. The political and economical future of Hong Kong is at stake and you worry about missing a few days of work/school? Talk about priorities.

  2. Andy lau sounds like he doesn’t want to ‘offend’ the supporters and at the same time not wanting to ‘upset’ the hk government. Typical Andy lau, wanting the credit but not the backlash.

    Lynn hung is an idiot.

    1. He’s a tactician. He would make a great politician.

      1. Lynn Hung is an idiot for not thinking about the bigger picture.

    2. democracy could end up like the Philippines where actors are elected to public office so Andy Lau could become the leader of HK when I really don’t think he would deserve it.

      He never says anything righteous that is unpopular like Seng Lung does so I think Andy Lau is about being inoffensive for self interest and survival and that is not a Chinese general in my opinion.

      You have to be strong and stick to principles despite insults and unpopularity. The right thing is more important than whether the New York Times likes you.

    3. andy lau’s comment is useless and garbage, he is a coward to VOICE out what is truly in his mind, he won’t be a great leader

  3. It is fortunate these aggressive students are protesting in a peaceful and democratic society like HK.

    As shown in :

    if they they did that to the policemen(and blocking major business area and roads) in other democratic country, like USA, they would get a prompt beat down, tasered and arrested on the spot.

    1. Wow.. I guess this was after the tear gas incident??

      Anyhow, some protestors will act more violently than others. Some will just sit and some will breach the defense line.

      1. I think the video above just showed one of the many incidents that finally lead to use of the tear gas by policemen to defend themselves.

        And consequently, the days after the use of tear gas, the students at the front line became much less aggressive.

      2. This is common, rogue elements of the protesters do cause trouble however on the whole, peaceful yet misrepresented and the majority got tear gassed.

  4. Andy Lau, Bleh… he should shut his mouth; and he is infamous for saying **** like Jackie Chan. Tony Leung, a bit disappointed but you know how actors are like… this is all for publicity. Occupy Central is nothing more like a carnival and I even saw somebody who dressed up like Bruce Lee (Game of Death) playing nun-chucks there today on TV. Family going there with their ‘kids’ to have fun, seriously I never knew a protest could be so much ‘fun’. This is amusing to me… only a bunch of spoiled brats and retards can pull something off like this really. The group is not even unified, and there are a lot of smaller groups causing all sort of problems and the student activists both secondary and University students who started the whole mess can’t even keep things under control and are basically trying to give us BS because they can’t keep up with ‘adults’ mind games. One thing I hate about them is they always drag HK citizen into their problems. I’m a HK citizen, I never once requested for them to speak on my behalf. They’re old enough to make their own choices and to face the consequences to come, especially that ugly mug Joshua Wong, so much evidence piled up against him for starting this whole mess and for ‘charging/barging’ into government property, once this is over, I sure hope he’s ready for what is to come. Each and every one of those student should worry about the real ‘threat’ that is to come, which is ‘competition’ from China instead. The world doesn’t stop there because you occupied Central. People from China are catching up in terms of skills and abilities…. our next generation is falling behind in the competition and those morons have time to go play around something that is not even ‘their time’, for real? They should at least work, understand how the society and how the grown ups work, pay for some taxes, take care of their parents, help others, fulfill their obligations before the occupy Central. Heck, they can occupy CY Leung’s ass all they want, but first return your obligations to your parents as well as society first. Pisses me off seeing our next generation being so rejected.. and even a lot of them too!

    1. Wow, I thought the words ass and piss were on the vulgar list. I guess only for some such comments are banned, lol. hehehe.

    2. Jackie Chan is the only one who says unpopular things and willing to take the consequences so he is unlike Andy Lau.

    3. It’s not only about the protest anymore! It’s also about the VIOLENCE from the police force and how they handled it. Teargass? Seriously? Ever since the Tienanmen Massacre Hong Kong people has taken a sort of pride in their freedom to protest unjustful things but now even this freedom/right they have is being violated. It’s scary and tyrranical.

      1. Ever seen real VIOLENCE by cops against protesters in Greece, Spain England, USA or Mexico? HK cops behaved like boy scouts comparatively.

        HK’ers never had the freedom to protest until 1997. Under British rule, anyone who dared to demonstrate was charged with unlawful assembly or sedition.

      2. @msxie: so because other people have it worse it makes everything okay? You make no sense.

        And are you saying that HK citizens didn’t protest in 1989? WHICH WAS BEFORE 1997 BY THE WAY.

    4. He speaks the truth, unlike the brats supports who have been spreading a heas of lies to everyone.

      The proteststors and western media are the same bunch of culprits.

      People in western countries have no idea what is really going on and all the information being shared by the protestors is misleading.

  5. This is definitely not a peaceful protest. It is a protest that is affecting Hong Kong society, as well as people & businesses. The protesters are a disgrace to hk, blocking roads, preventing people to go in & out, and causing huge impacts to businesses (schools, taxi/bus services & more). Most of them are students who are totally brain-less, and they have nothing to do with their live. Agree with Lynn Hung that they are sacrificing others’ interests and affecting others’ lives to reach their goals. They want democracy, basically their action is going against that. Protesters even scold at the people from mainland to go back to their country. Again, does this show democracy from protesters? People have the right to stay anywhere, the protesters are forcing them to leave (selfish peoples). Again, this action is going against what they are supporting for. They are trying to take over the government & forcing gov to do what they want. This is a selfish behaviour. That is not democracy at all. I know really don’t see the students as the future to HK, as they are creating chaos to society. Although, I support HK democracy, but their action is disturbing and it’s causing too much chaos.
    Sorry, but their action is a real disgrace to HK. And a useless protest.
    I am glad that I don’t live in HK.

    1. “.. I am glad that I don’t live in HK.” Precisely why you do not understand the situation HK is facing.

      A promise is a promise. The Mainland government signed a treaty they must adhere to thus changing any parts of the treaty is a violation.

      The opposing party is fearful of what China may do while the current protesters are walking in with a nothing to lose attitude. In reality, they really have nothing to lose. Hong Kong has turned into a pretty crappy place to live in ever since 1997. To sustain what Hong Kong had during the British rule, its people will have to grow a backbone.

      1. What exactly did Hong Kong have under British rule? Since when did Britain ever give Hong Kong democracy?
        And unless you’re talking about the house prices, Hong Kong is one of the world’s best cities to live in.

      2. What did Hk have under the British? Let’s see. Freedom of speech, of the press, rule of law, economic freedom, ICAC, freedom of religion, less mainlanders – all of which was introduced by the Brits and all of which is being eroded under chinese rule.

      3. Longhair: did you conveniently forget the early days of British rule when Chinese were 2nd class citizens, and forbidden to demonstrate or speak ill of their British masters? Didn’t your grandparents or parents come from the mainland, as so many did during the 60s to flee the cultural revolution? HK was swarming with mainlanders then.

      4. Agree with you both pandamao and Longhair. Somehow, those students are so lucky to live in HK as it was in Mainland China, they were all murdered alive by China military. Remember the student protest in Tiananmen Square 1989 in China, thousands of students were killed…

      5. Re:msxie. Yes, those were terrible times for the local chinese in Hong Kong but society has changed, people change. Taiwan was under KMT one party rule back then, Portugal was authoritarian and Spain was under military dictatorship but times have changed. All three countries thrived when they became democracies and I believe that the only way in which Hong Kong can get over this impasse is if they introduce genuine universal suffrage. Let Hong Kong experiment with democracy first and if it works, gradually introduce it on the mainland as well. If it doesn’t, well Beijing can just say I told u so.

      6. Many also tend to forget how many mainlanders all want to come to Hk to live,give birth and all. They all do so for many good reasons as we have seen. These students are lucky to be in Hk because they would give all been seriously injured or murdered just like the Tiananmen square incident.

    2. I am with you…I wish China government just will not grant their wish…

    3. I think the protesters understand and feel for those business owners but creating an impact on the economy is their only bargaining chip against the government. Then again the HK government is just a puppet and can’t do anything. No one wants HK to become China. China is just messed up country, they have money, and believe the world must do as they say. Although my heart is with the protesters, I honestly don’t see China giving in to this fight. It does not look good for the future of HK. Oh and by the way, **** China!

    4. There actually are very real and good reasons to protest but the current protesters are not the right voices.

  6. Agree with Lynn Hung that they are sacrificing others’ interests and affecting others’ lives to reach their goals. They want democracy, basically their action is going against that.

    1. protesters are trying to take over the government & forcing gov to do what they want. This is a selfish behaviour. That is not democracy at all.

      1. Actually, the government is forcing the citizens to do whatever they want. The protestors are protesting because what is the government if it doesn’t represent it’s people? Would it not just be a dictatorship? Students fighting against a dictatorship for the better of HK’s future – so everyone in HK can have a say in what they want HK to be like. How is that selfish?

      2. You do know democracy means the majority rules, right? You do know China is exactly going against democracy by choosing their own candidates for the election right? You do know that’s why HK is upset right?

        You also understand China will not allow HK citizens to have a say in rejecting this decision right? If HK people dont speak up via a physical protest, China will never pay attention.

      3. HK has democracy, more than it ever did.

        The protestors are asking more than just democracy, they are asking what no country has which is one man one vote for the chief executive.

        Which is somewhat stupid because
        which really tells me they don’t know what it is. People are voting for the Chief but it is limited to members of the legistaltive that represents diferent interests groups in HK.

        These protesters want to be more randomly be less organized by just doing a popular vote on any person that they think should be…. I mean any person.

    2. I know really don’t see the students as the future to HK, as they are creating chaos to society

      1. Do you think there would of been as much international attention if they simply just voiced their opinion online? It’s ironic how on one hand the PRC government said they respect HK people’s interest for a “democratic” society, yet next minute they censor anything online about Occupy Central, even on Weibo Sino. I do feel for those who are affected from the street blockages but the demonstrators are also sacrificing their studies, work, time, effort and everything for the sake of all Hong Kongers. I was cringing on television when someone opposing the protests said “The protests are so noisy that I have trouble sleeping.” My instinct tells me though that PRC won’t bulge their decision at all.

      2. Sure it seems selfish to be impeding on others from work & everyday life, but isn’t it more selfish to only think of yourself and the present instead of the future? China had promised to allow universal suffrage. They are now back pedaling on their promise and HK people has the right to call them out on it. If HK allows this to happen, without any resistance, then the Chinese government will just keep pushing to see how far they can go, until they eventually turn HK into China. Yeah, you may think I’m being paranoid or what not, but I think this is probably China’s ultimate goal.

      3. People always think about money and work. Without work, they will have no money.
        People could think carefully
        Is money everything or is the future of a city more important?

        If money is everything, then you are just being selfish and not thinking about others. If blood is spilled in Hong kong, it doesn’t matter how much you earn.

        I’m a Canadian and I feel proud that we have democracy and not a single party that controls everything including your daily life. That is pitiful and that is why there is so much poor people in china who wont earn enough in their lifetime

      4. Anthony & Mimmay, it doesn’t matter what China said, HK is part of China and we’re just a city. It’s pointless to create such a mess in HK when the decision is made in China. And what are you guys 4? This is what reality is like, so wake up! Everywhere around the world government promises this and that and almost none of them ever manifest. This doesn’t just happen in HK. You guys talk about Universal Suffrage? During the British rule, HK never had a choice in choosing their own governor. After the hand-over we didn’t had a choice to choose our CE. Everything was fine; and now we have a bunch of spoiled brats who want Universal Suffrage?? We’re talking about kids who have not yet work, paid taxes, take care of their parents and so forth. You guys for real? They keep on telling people that the SAR Government is trouble, well they’re even worse then them and they are unwise. Just shows they’re still not ready to voice out their opinions properly. The so-called protest they made, a majority of people in HK are becoming tired and repulsive seeing them. All I see are people following what others are doing.

        And Anthony, the kids don’t mind sacrificing their studies. You see them having so much fun in their own carnival? That’s how our next generation is like nowadays so face it. HK citizens are sacrificing their money their business their life to watch a bunch of spoiled brats doing shit that is not going anywhere because we all know their strategy isn’t working. Who’s going to compensate for those people who are effected by their foolish acts? What them? HK citizen needs to make a living you know, the world doesn’t just stop there because a bunch of retards want to b#$ch about their so-called stress. Each and every one of those young protesters, if it wasn’t for their parent’s obligations towards the society, you think they can have the leisure to have so much fun in the occupy Central protests?

        Stop being so selfish and look things in the big picture. Nothing is going to change if you b#$ch in HK, do so in China. IF they occupied Tianman Square or Great Wall of China, they have my blessing. If not, they should wake up and start to improve themselves!

      5. @ mimmay – very good point! I dont necessarily think it’s in HK’s best interests to go against china as they need assistance from china for their economy. But there are some things worth fighting for and this is one of them. It’s not like theyre asking to be anti-china but rather, have the option of choosing someone who serves their best interests, not china’s interest. Noone likes being under tyranny and everyone knows china’s govt behaves like one.

      6. “You guys talk about Universal Suffrage? During the British rule, HK never had a choice in choosing their own governor. After the hand-over we didn’t had a choice to choose our CE. Everything was fine; and now we have a bunch of spoiled brats who want Universal Suffrage?”
        China shouldn’t have made that promise then. You end up losing people’s respect if you can’t keep a promise.

      7. Mimmay – Seriously, are you what? 4 years old or something? Always take what the government say as a grain of salt. As long as they keep things going and running well, then they’re doing their job. The thing about keeping promises, only applies to people, to an individual not towards the government. Everywhere around he world government promises people a lot of things but mostly doesn’t even happen. Besides, one thing you’re wrong is that at the end of the day China is the one making the decisions, so if you want to resent then do so with the Chinese government and not with the HK government. Resent the British government for handing back HK to China. CY has some power, but he doesn’t have complete authority. So what the activists are doing will yield no results.

      8. @ J.C. You don’t see them as the future of HK yet they ARE. You might give up on a better future but the younger generation still has ideals and hopes.

        You ask ‘what’s the point? China is in control anyway’. Then, why, when in the end we all end up dying anyway, should we keep on living? Because we want to strive for a better future just like so many before us did. What if Marten Luther King never let his voice heard or ‘had a dream’? Every decision we make in life has an impact, leaves a mark for the future. You might not agree with them, but at least they didn’t give up on fighting for a better future just like you did.

      9. @ J.C. – Seriously? Just because there are people out there who disagrees with you and holds a higher standard of government, they are considered childish now? Perhaps you are satisfied with how the HK government is running things, but obviously not everyone feels that way.
        While I agree with you that there is little to no chance of China changing their minds, I also don’t think being complacent is the answer.

      10. Athena, I don’t see the ones doing the protests in HK as our future, but I do see the other next generations as our future. Thank god there are other wiser younger people who who will be taking the baton. I do agree that we shouldn’t just live as it is and should change course in life, but that is only if you’re doing it right. We all make choices in our life and that leads to many different paths. If you make a wrong choice or a bad one, you end up wasting time walking down the wrong turn. I never said there is no point in doing a protest, but that is if you’re doing it ‘right’. Every revolution in history requires violence and bloodshed to prove a point. Are the protesters ready to die for democracy? I can tell you every one of them will chicken out if they know that their life will be on the line; and you call that fighting for something? That’s just being delusional, the Occupy Central that is. If you’re not ready to put yourself in the line that you might as well don’t do nothing because you’re simply just a hypocrite.

        And Athena, don’t compare Marten Luther King with the retards that are no where near the Occupy Central activists. That’s an insult towards the guy. You also have to take into account that times are different now, peoples goal their ambition, their attitude is completely different from Marten Luther King’s days. Nowadays, people are more into taking things for granted and laid-back because our predecessors have created a stable society for us.

        Finally, yes you should fight for what you believe in, but you also need to realize what you’re doing (thoroughly) and the reality of things. You need to be pragmatic and you also need to look things in the bigger picture. You can’t simply act on impulsiveness alone, that will get you no where.

        Mimmay, What are you? Seriously 4 years old? Like you said, just because there are people who disagree with you they have the right to create a mess with our lives and shows us stupidity in front of the TV for our children? Children watch TV nowadays you know, and the things that are show on TV are becoming more and more cheap. We don’t need anymore rejected people doing live shows showing us how pathetic our next generation is like. What makes me angry is that whenever I open the TV and watch the news instead of a ‘protest’ all I see are a bunch of people having fun, barbecuing, carnival, playing their phones, and you call this a protest? What happen to the attitude of fighting for democracy? What a joke.

        I’m not satisfied with China, I can tell you this. The HK government isn’t doing a great job either. But I’ll tell you this… one of the things that makes our society good and well is stability. So far the government has been able to provide that stability towards HK and things have been smooth. Sure there are problems here and there like property prices, inadequate plans to help others, but the things is without this stability we wouldn’t be able in a time of tranquility. It has been like this for all these years and all of a sudden we want Universal Suffrage? Don’t fall for the BS the Pan-Democratic party are trying to pull off, obviously their the ones behind the whole Occupy Central protests. Their the ones who want to create chaos and mix feelings in our city. And even if you want to blame China for something which in turn is effecting HK, then go and protest in China.

      11. @anthony and Mimmay,
        I had the same thoughts that you guys do. The students are sacrificing a lot for this protest and as we saw with the Tiananmen Square massacre,many even sacrificed their lives, they are just young students whom are supposed to be the future of their country so their voices must be heard.

        If everyone just went on with theirs normal lives and lived in their own little world and did not care at all, then there will be no changes for a better future. Just like here in the US or in any country, the basic rights such as minimum wage or the right to vote are things that many of us may take for granted,but many tend to forget that people before us sacrificed a lot for us and the later generations to have those rights. Whether they ever get their wishes granted or not, the intention they have and the efforts they put out should not he ridiculed in such negative ways.

      12. There are many ways to go about doing things. Protesting this way is not.

        This is the WRONG way.

        Doesn;t matter what the reason is, by standing on the street you are ruiningg people’s life and ringing your own.

        If I had teh same mentality like these students, I’d go shoot people peple that I hate becasue I would think it’s for their own good, it’s the right thing to do to get peoples attention?

        Come on seriously, very brainless indeed.

        The students hipsters need to get back to reality. They are not doing anything constructive and rather immature, they gain nothing.

        You silly people who have been suckered by the occupy central cause. It is anything but peaceful. It’s is bullying.

      13. I support the students’ protest/cause and I think they should get “petitions” too. Very important to get signatures in “black and white”. If it ain’t documented, it didn’t happen. Get it?

  7. I remember the Hong Kong people didnt use to like the British… I have always said its good that HK was governed by Britain or else it would not be as successful as it is..
    Now the British have given HK back to China… they are wanting the British back… NVM..

  8. Of course it is safer to profit from the heroism of police by IMPERSONATING them for money on the screen but of course allying with triad is risk-free:

    If they charged you with open umbrellas, please allow them to stampede YOU so your families will have nothing but a policeman’s pension because you LOVE democracy so much:

  9. Haha chapman once again is a loser why add on tony comment what a loser chapman

    1. wonder why and how in the world did chapman get to be in the big screen? he certainly doesn’t look like a movie star, can only imagine him selling vegetables in the market, and he isn’t smart with his comments..

    1. @zee

      what’s wrong with u?

      then should we kick the hong kongers, & hk celebrities out of mainland china?

      to be fair, if you think people from mainland should not stay in hong kong, then i think hk people should leave mainland too?

      right now i am seeing hkers are being selfish

      1. i think hong kong people are having a hard time surviving, so, mainland people migrating to hong kong are making matters worse, yes, maybe they should stop hong kong people from mainland as well, let everyone work things out in own country, but keep the china govt away from hong kong, they abandoned hong kong a long time ago..

    2. hong kong people are being selfish for kicking people from mainland out

      1. The only selfish people are the two govts, who lack any sort of common sense.

    3. Well the mainland going reply back saying kick all hong kong barking dogs like you out.

    4. If all hong kong people start say that in public, it is not going be the mainlanders getting kicked out.It is hong kong people the one who will be getting kicked out lol

    5. hk is actually china i cant tell the difference because history says hk is china

      1. While all people in HK and Mainland China are considered Chinese, Politically it is not the same.
        HK rules itself but get directions and support from China
        Its more like a puppet government who follow orders

      2. Maybe but hk is glued to china and hk in is part of china.. It was ok until these bunch of protester in hk streets they got nothing else to do.. Because theyre bored and wanna be heros. Keeping people out of hk

      3. Hong Kong is not okay. It’s been poorly governed since the handover. The fact is, despite its mighty economic performances, the inequality divide is huge. The only people benefiting from the handover is the rich. Look at it, property prices are extortionate even for a developed city, locals are fighting mainlanders for space – who buy up all the milk powder, food, use up all the hospital beds etc. locals don’t have a say in what they can or cannot have anymore. That’s why people are protesting.

      4. HK is China but briefly some one came in and said “we’ll have that for 99 years thank you very much..” here have some 0pium special on the (noble) House..

      5. What’s the saying. The queen made Hong Kong the Pearl of the Orient. The communist party ruined it.

      6. Honestly,Hk seemed more prosperous under British rule,but ever since the handover in 97, things seem like it has gone downhill. Why are there sooo many mainlanders overcrowding Hk now? That was not the case back in the days.

    6. If hk has a problem with other countries don’t use cars what cars has hk produced

      1. lol HK doesnt have to be under anyones rule to use another country’s cars. Is America under anyone’s rule? lol nope. And yet, Americans use cars from all over the world.
        Its called global economy. We all live in one world and our economies rely on one another, regardless of whether we are under anyone’s rule. The idea of not selling HK products just cause they’re not under their rule is a threat and that’s what bullies do. All the more reason to stand up against that.

        Just cause the city is small doesn’t mean the people living there don’t have their own thoughts and culture.

        These students CARE for hk. They’re not wannabe heroes. They are heroes, just for standing up for their homeland.

      2. Hk will always be part of china no matter what… It the hk born mainland Chinese people protesting for no reason a bunch of skinny little hk boys that’s should hit the gym or focus on their books

  10. Thai government was the best. During a major demo a few years ago where demonstrations also camped in the city, the authorities even provided mobile toilets for them and picked up rubbish left by the demonstrators.

      1. Didn’t Thai protesters overthrow the democratically elected government?

    1. Ya, after that the Thai PM send in troops and killed many many people.

      He was charged for murder under the woman PM and now freed again by the Thai junta military.

      So, still wanna say ‘Thai government was the best”

  11. Occupiers should rent a place like a race course to gather and protest. end of story.

    that would not negatively impact upon the livelihood of other people like in Ming Kok.

  12. You can have all the freedom you want. At the end of the day you still have to pay your bill and food.

    Democracy dont work without an economy or vice verca.

    1. Well said, well said. A poster mentioned that those Hippies during the late 60’s did something similar, and look at them doing the things they once protest back then. The world doesn’t just stop there it keeps on moving. Kids should learn to grow up instead of being delusional.

      1. Oh PLEASE. You’re going to be poor because you missed a few days of work? Or will poor people have the ability to afford a house in HK just because they went to work these days?

        There is a difference between thinking realistically and being totally apathetically jaded like you.

      2. Athena OH PLEASE, you’re going to pay for the rents and expenses for the shops and business that were effected by the protests? (especially how the property market is like in HK) Are you going to pay for the expenses for the people and their families? People fulfill their obligations towards society in order to keep things running, that is why the student activists can go and have their leisure because their parents give them food and money. One or 2 days means nothing for you, but for others it means a lot to them, they need to make a LIVING. Nothing about buying houses Athena, it’s about making a living. Seriously…. I feel like I’m arguing with a 4 year old here, you for real????? Seriously?? Being ignorant must be a bliss huh?

      3. Cut it already with the ‘four year old’ accusations. Ad homeninem without any real substance in your argument.

        You clearly don’t understand the severity of the issue. And don’t pretend to speak for every working citizen in HK, a lot of them support AND JOINED the students in their protests; mothers, fathers, employees etc. Sure, there are people like you who are against it, but don’t think that the people supporting occupy central are a minority.

  13. i’m living in the midst of the protests. my toddler hasn’t been to school for over a week, and my hubby has to get up 30 minutes earlier to find his way to work. these are small inconveniences. other contractual workers who are paid by the hour have had no income, businesses are “swatting flies”, and the domestic maids who spend their sundays leisurely in central have nowhere to go. don’t believe that shit about protestors tidying up after themselves. the streets are a filthy mess. i cannot blame those anti-protestors who are resorting to violence. they are reacting out of anger for their loss of livelihood, loss of routine. like someone said online, they are taking away someone else’s freedom and replacing with their own version of freedom. and the most pathetic thing is, it’s all for nothing, because i rather doubt the central government will relent in their decision. that will only reinforce this unwanted behaviour in the future.

    1. @anoninhk — so tell me, dear, if you don’t recommend this method of protesting, what other ideas do you have? your inconveniences are a hassle, i’m sure, but compared that to a governor puppet from mainland who pushes for mainland interests and mainland authority on YOUR rights, i’m sure your inconveniences are minor.

      stop looking at the small tiny picture and take a look at the bigger one. even if this one fails, as likely it will, mainland isn’t likely to stage another idiotic move like that again. at least not for a long time.

      1. NO, you should look at the bigger picture and stop being so selfish moncheri. If the activists want to truly help HK then do so in China and not make a mess in HK. HK is part of China and obviously they’re the ones making the decisions. So if you want to occupy, then occupy Tiannman Square or Great Wall of China, and not make a mess in HK that will lead to no results. Let me ask you then, who is going to compensate the lost’s for the people who needs to make a living for themselves and their families? What you? The students and Uni students? The Pan-Democrats? The 3 Musketeers who Occupied Central? The world doesn’t stop there because a bunch of retards want to do something, it keeps moving. It’s because people fulfill their obligations our society can come this far and because of this reason each and every one of those retards activists can have the leisure to go out there and have their own gratification because their parents give them food and pocket money. So stop wasting time being delusional and time to wake up! For crying out loud, this is making HK look pathetic. A protest running by a bunch of kids who has’t contribute jackshit towards the society, towards their parents, paid any taxes, helping others, and they take things for granted and call themselves helping HK? Pfft….

        And what are you 4? Everywhere around the world government promises this and that and most of them never manifest. If the protests drags on, this will only lead to negative results. HK will have less flexibility in making decisions in the future and China can simply take charge whenever they want because HK is part of China and we’re simply a city. So what makes you think this minor protest will shaken China? Think… think for crying out loud dammit!

      2. That’s a silly comment. China does not allow protests because doing so is considered ‘un patriotic’ in the communists eyes and you will just be suppressed and locked away in a police cell by the govt. At least in Hong Kong, freedom of speech is adhered to.

      3. >>> @anoninhk — so tell me, dear, if you don’t recommend this method of protesting, what other ideas do you have…<<

        You rent a stadium or a race-course to protest.. easy fix there.

      4. @GeorgeLam, dude, I really hope you were just being sarcastic.

        This is not some spectacle; this is a FIGHT, for noble reasons.

    2. And… instead of doing something that will not yield any results, shouldn’t the students activists consider the real threat towards HK and that is invasion? Invasion meaning HK’s competition shrinkage. If you have the leisure to do something which is not even your problem yet, shouldn’t you focus on improving yourself to be competitive instead? A lot of students complain about China invading HK with folks over there coming to steal all our resources, well stop complaining and do something to build the competition for HK our so-called next generations! Kids nowadays… all they do is [email protected]#ch about this and that and they don’t produce any results.

      1. ” all they do is [email protected]#ch about this and that and they don’t produce any results.”

        And yet here you are…

        At least they are doing something they believe in. I surely don’t hope your kids will grow up in what will become of HK when China finally get full control but you don’t seem to mind.

      2. I’m here because I feel pity for our next generation, when people from all over the world are catching up (especially China) they are doing something that they are not ready yet and will yield no results. ‘Doing what’ Athena? All I see are a bunch of spoiled kids being used by a bunch of adults (pan-democrats) and create a mess in HK without looking at the big picture. HK is doing fine, the only so-called problem is Universal Suffrage according to the activists which has no help whatsoever with the economy or the benefits of HK. Will it increase the social security for the people in need? Will it help to cool down the fairness of the property prices? Will it solve all the poverty problems? NO… So I don’t see what this problem they are trying to achieve can benefit HK other that an excuse to go and satisfy their own gratification. And are they really doing something they ‘believe’ in? All I see are what others do I follow. This is how our world is like nowadays, so face it. I sure hop you’re not like that.

        And what are you talking about? HK is already under control by China. You for real girl???

      3. “This is how our world is like nowadays, so face it.”

        Yeah, I can totally imagine Martin Luther King or Ghandi thinking the same thing. I’m proud of our next generation because their mindset are sure closer than those people than you are.


      4. And say what? Mister Hong Kong Citizen, you must’ve heard of ‘one country, two systems’. And the fact that this can become international news show that whatever ‘control’ China has over us is still not as big as they would’ve hoped. Thankfully.

  14. we should get some good news about the protesters its entertainment… to all the protesters u dont like people in hk coming to hk ill never visit hk dont u stupid protester ever come to the US…message to all the little hk people that are in the protest.. but i like everyone that is staying out of the protest..

    1. No one gives a **** about the US. Has-been country with a bunch of lazy rednecks.

      1. Everyone likes the US but. No one cares bout the protest by skinny hk boys

    2. The only people who like the US are uneducated people who think America represents the free world. Let me say something, democracy does not begin and end in America. There are other countries whereby democracy is managed even better.

      1. Can you name one country that is better than US in democracy like freedom of speech, freedom of voting who you want in office etc..and there are so much more freedom in America that I can think of, at least for now.

  15. Migrate if u want freedom and democracy. H K belongs to China, nothing can improve. Peace to all…

    1. Er no. Hong Kong belongs to Hong Kongers. Why should they be forced to leave. Idiotic comment.

    2. The rich ones that can flee already fled before 1997. And most of them came back after they have seen China are making HK better than before.

      1. >>>The rich ones that can flee already fled before 1997. And most of them came back after they have seen China are making HK better than before…<<

        You mean like those movie stars – all have a pad in Hongkouver?
        But instead of spending 12 hours a day doing mahjong downtown Hongkouver – they rather work in HK/China thank you very much.

    3. Not everyone can afford to and also you just cannot immigrate to any country just because you want to. I heard that many wanted to come to the US but could not because you cannot just come if you want to,even if you have a lot of money. I heard that is why many migrated to Canada since they are a lot easier due to the lower population and all.

  16. Everything we wear these days and use is made from china those protester no nothing nothing..

    1. Cars and technology is from Japan.. Not from hk protester silly hk protester

    2. China will collapse soon. There’s no way they can sustain this way of governance. By then, Hong Kong will he too reliant on the mainland and the whole of china will descend into chaos

      1. How can China collapse soon? If so shouldn’t developing countries collapse first? India is still doing fine (with all the respect), Africa with all the Ebola incident is still doing fine too. China (even though I hate to admit it) is going to rise even higher. Why do you think the US is trying to do all sorts of shit trying to stop it from growing? They realize what kind of threat they can bring… well, not to mention the US are always lust of power anyways. This is not the Three Kingdom period where China will go into chaos dude… seriously, I couldn’t help laughing my ass off when i read your comment XD While it’s a shame that HK is under China’s rule, but this is the fact and it’s a reality. Go resent the British for being so ‘gentlemen’ & ‘chivalry’ to hand back HK to China. The British government had no obligation to return HK to China according to their agreement before but hey… what happened already happened.

      2. Indian is not doing fine, and most of the African countries are corrupt as well. Also, there is a huge percentage of people in their countries living below the poverty line – which shows the sort of crisis these countries right now. China is an export led economy. Once other countries stop buying their stuff, what will happen? There are a huge number of people who can’t afford china made goods and also can’t afford to buy property. This in turn, will lead to a property bubble which will have a severe effect on the economy.

      3. China is growing because of all the “jobs” that “so-called pro-democracy” businesses bring there, which is unpatriotic to democracy if China is pro-communist. Major conflict of interest between nations here. It’s no longer as simple as just the bottom line when businesses bring jobs from a pro-democracy country to a pro-communist country, especially when “pro-communist” China wants to rule the world. Hello?!?!? China is pro-communist (= anti-democracy). Businesses are so stupid. Only thinking about the bottom line while bringing down their own democratic country. Idiots!!!

      4. To avoid misunderstanding, I was referring to business people bringing jobs to an anti-democracy country.

      5. To support the protest, the best way is for businesses (that support democracy) to pull jobs out of China. That will be the most effective approach.

      6. Despite all the corruption and poverty, India is still doing. They were able to launch satellites to Mars and I say it once more, for a developing country they are doing fine. Sames goes for Africa, so I don’t understand your statement about China collapsing soon because whatever you like to say, the world heavily relies on China for all sorts of things, especially on manufacturing. Cheap labor and the rates are cheap, so how can it collapse soon like you said? I don’t want to argue on behalf of China, because I don’t fully support their methods or ways to a certain extent, but your statement is extremely shortsighted. And you talking about property bubble? Well look at good old HK is the property market doing fair over here? No… And whether you like it or not HK is just a stepping stone for China, they still have Shanghai and Beijing.

      7. @JC – you are truly ignorant of the cause and effect of WHY HK is this way now. why do you think properties are so expensive in HK? do you think it’s ’cause HKers are buying up properties and using them as stationary? people from CHINA are buying properties up left and right; gobbling up most of HK’s resources while leaving HKers to rot. the reason this is not kept in check is because CHINA has no issues with using HK like their own footrest. they don’t give a $h.t about HK; they barely even give a #h.t about Shanghai, which is one of their own! if this keeps up, eventually HK will just be another China, lacking culture, respect, freedom and democracy.

        THIS is what HKers are fighting for, and this should be what EVERYONE fights for. Not for an alma mater country that doesn’t give a $h.t about them, but fighting for their own rights, their own culture and most of all, their freedom.

    3. Look at hk cinemas if it was making money from mainland box office .. Hk cinemas has collapsed already….

      1. If any city was to collapse it will be hk.. Hk so small it’s not even a proper country it just a little town that has it’s own rules but is still governed by China if China wants to taken hk back

      2. everyone thinks this is a “YOU” or “ME” fight, not a “me who wants to cooperate with you,” fight.

        HK doesn’t want to separate from China. They may want to for sentimental reasons but they need China for practical ones. All they ask is that China looks out for them. In the event they don’t, such as the ongoing issues with wealth disparity, incompetence of the govt to deal with issues, real estate costs, they have to look after themselves – and that’s the bottom line. Let them rule because they WANT to help HK, not just be a puppet govt for China.

  17. it will be funny if mainland china no longer supplies clothes to hk cos clothes these days are always labeled come from china

  18. Why those artist who support the protester go n sit or protest with them ? Especially Chapman To. Block the road, not allow ambulance or police to go in to the area, all ambulance n food must check by them…when they (protester) got attack, they claimed police didn’t protect them !! Vey funny !!

    1. You should know that. The stars are selfish and have something to lose. The students, on the other hand, have nothing to lose. The stars shouldn’t have anything to say because they are not involved. All they do is there to look good lol. The umbrella revolution proving by now that Hongkongers are still not united and selfish. Anyway Hong Kong is part of China, every house has it’s own rules. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    1. Actually that’s his long lost brother Tony Jaa…. He’s the spy with the Muay Thai.

    2. Tony Leung – the same person who said that what the govt did in Tiananmen Square was right.

  19. Just because its peaceful does not mean the protesters are in the right. Its illegal to occupy public streets. Can I come to your home and just occupy it and than claim its ok becuase I have a message and I come in peace?
    Nobody is against the activists’ message, but do it in a more intelligent way than just laying on the street. Its like a 3 year old kid who does not get ice cream that he has be begging for when shopping with his parents and resorts to laying and squirming on the shopping mall floor to get his way.

    1. Agree…at the beginning…I respect the protesters too…one wk…two wk…okay…but it is time that should be over!

  20. Entertainers have no merit to their opinions. They will always side with political correctness as they know its the majority that support their livelihood. I’m a huge fan of Chow Yun Fat but its silly for him to demand the governent to not avoid and face the matter boldly…because that’s exactly what the government has been doing…saying NO emphatically to the demands without waiver.

    1. I’m not a fan at all of Chow Yun Fat as I only know him from those glamorization of criminal roles in John Woo-esque films.

      1. hey stop lambasting Fatt Gor – he is actually a very modest guy compared to all those other stars like Jack Chan

  21. Someone has been watching too much Lust Caution. There is a different between reel life and real life, lol.

  22. Protesters are breaking the law but what else could they do when the govt does not listen. CY LEUNG IS A BEIJING LACKEY and is the worst chief executive ever.

    1. A person demand a bank to give him five million dollars and the bank refused so he hold everyone in the bank hostage. What else can this person do when the bank doesn’t listen. The bankers are the lackey of the rich people.

    2. If you are seriously Longhair/Leung Kwok Hung or his supporter. Tell me…*** has he done ever since being elected to the Legislative Council?

      1) Swears during session
      2) Throws objects during session
      3) Drag out sessions by doing meaningless things
      4) Protest all the time about everything
      5) Wear informal clothings and dress like a tramp to important meetings
      6) Most important thing is he has never gave constructive ideas, suggestion and support the improvement of legislations that would improve the livelihood of HK people.

      This guy was given a chance to lend a voice to the people that he represents. He could have helped the progress of democratic movement by showing that things can be improved in the Legco. But no he only knows how to protest, reject and act like a thug.

      What government in the world would give someone like him a chance?

      Leung Kwok Hung (Longhair) has always been a well known lapdog of the west. What did he say when reporters ask him whether HK should give asylum to Snowden the whistleblower?

      1. I find it incongruous and ironic that Longhair always wears a Che Guevara t-shirt. doesn’t he know CG was a Marxist allied with Mao and would definitely not be an apologist for the Brits? If Che were alive, he’d demand Longhair remove the shirt.

      2. No I’m not a fan of longhair, who I find is one of the biggest jokes in legco anyway. And wasn’t it Longhair the one that marched to the US consulate to protest against the US govt hacking scandal

      3. kisses Daisann Mclaine for the tabloids -poor Daisanne

        The CIA has a very twisted sense of humor. I find that more frightening than anything else.

    3. Nope, Tung Che Wai IS THE WORST CE EVER, get your facts right brother.

      1. Cy leung, can’t even get the tycoons on his side. A man that is disliked by both the business community and general public.

  23. If Hong Kong doesn’t fight for freedom, bye bye to the free world. Once China becomes a superpower, every country will be at the knees of their mercy, then god help us all.

    1. Totally agree!!!

      That is China’s goal. World domination. Scary!!!

    2. You’ve been reading way too much comic books…. Then what about the US? They’re interfering with affairs in the Asian region, so who’s trying to gain super power? HK needs to fight for freedom yes, but do so in CHINA and not make a mess in HK. Period.

      1. That’s exactly what they are doing. Protesting in Hong Kong, on Chinese soil. Creating a scene so that the whole world and the central govt can see how unfair the political reform package which Beijing set out is. And the only people who are interfering in Asian affairs is China, what with their territorial disputes with other countries in the South China Sea.

      2. Do you think if they do so in China they will get international attention like that? Does the word CENSOR mean anything to you? Please, and I thought you were a Hong Konger…

    3. Joseph McCarthy, of the 1950s communist witch hunts in the US, would heartily commend you for believing his doctrine. So too would the Indonesian death squads who murdered a million alleged Commies and Chinese in 1965.

  24. they don’t occupy the streets how else will they get noticed? They can protest in public parks but will the government care? They are trying to make a point and need the government to listen and take action and if it takes that kind of drastic measure just for the them to start a dialogue with the protestors its what they have to do whether its right or wrong.

    HK is different to a lot of other states in China. It has had exposure to the a lot of the international community for a very long time, unlike other states in China where information is carefully filtered and fed to it’s people. China can’t control HK like it tries to control its other states.

    What if in the future HK has no access to social media sites like Facebook, all news is controlled, no press freedom, no rights to speak up against the government, no freedom to express yourself? All this is standard for Hong Kongers and if the fear of this is gradually being taken away from you, you’ll be worried.

    HK want the freedom to elect the next CE, a CE that fights for Hong Kong people and put them first instead of licking Beijing’s shoe all the time. If someone told you that you can only choose to marry 3 guys (or girls) and the 3 guys have already been chosen how would you feel about it? Would you accept it? This is what Beijing is proposing for HK in the vote for the next CE.

    People argue that they never had a choice when Chris Pattern was appointed to lead HK before the handover but you can’t compare it like that. The UK and China are two different countries with very different ideas and views. If i asked where would you rather live between UK or China i think the majority would choose UK.

    Working in HK for a long time i have seen the city changed a lot and frankly Hong Kongers are starting to be left behind by its government. Its a great city to live if you have money but its a shame that its not the locals that are getting rich but the mainlanders.

      1. >>If i asked where would you rather live between UK or China i think the majority would choose UK.<<

        lets see..
        would i live in Bradford, Leicester, Luton, Birmingham…
        hmmm Nah!

      2. Birmingham is nice. Well the main city centre part anyway haha

    1. Yes, well said. If Hong Kong doesn’t fight for freedom in China, who will?

    2. For them to get notice do so in CHINA or they can do what the Fulong Gong retards do, pour gasoline on themselves and burn! That will get everybody’s attention! The question is, are they up for it? Especially kids in HK nowadays… the aren’t willing to die for democracy!

    3. >>>….Hong Kongers are starting to be left behind by its government. Its a great city to live if you have money but its a shame that its not the locals that are getting rich but the mainlanders.<<<<<

      HK has always been a place of great divide between rich and poor (just like so many other places in the world, a problem getting worse nowadays ).

      Back in HK of the 70s, you could see the slums occupied by poor Hkers adjacent to the mansions of very rich HKers. Some of the current resentment is because the arrogant mainland Chinese are now richer than the HKers who were used to being #1 and always looked down on mainlanders.
      When the tables get turned, the results can get ugly when there are egos at stake.

  25. Yes they have the right to protest but do they understand the consequences? If China were to give in this time, how will other county think? 7 billion against 17 million? Previously, HK bloom because financially big corporation pump in money to HK to invest in China. If this were to shift to Shanghai, and by easing money regulation in China, I can see high un-employment and downturn in HK economy. Then you will see.

    1. agree with you…Yes, I understand the students has good heart, goal and dream. However, China can’t grant their wish…If China grant their wish, the other students in China should do the same thing, than China can’t control them any more. Why should China take this risk?!
      I respect the students at the beginning…understand the young people like to try…then they should know when to stop too…they are illegal to block the roads and influence other people’s life…no matter what good reason or good goal that they think they have.

    2. and it is not 7 billion against 17 million…no all 7 billion people protest, it 150,000 people protest…
      And it is no financial lost for China when people protest in HK…so why should they care?!

    3. This is merely going to be a long term thing cos shanghai doesn’t have what Hong Kong, which is the rule of law, anti corruption measures, freedom of information and free market. Hong Kong will always have this advantage over other cities in China.

  26. I don’t think the artists would want to burn any bridges. After all most of them make money by going north.

    1. It’s history can’t change history even nick cheung said he will like to leave hk one day

      1. You mean one day when he is super rich after earning HK $ and Renminbi?

  27. to the protestor if u want hk to be peaceful stop protesting

    1. The comments are more interesting than the article:

      “Mr. X Li is a native Shanghainese, which I would doubt if he really understands the background of the Umbrella Revolution. Within the article, I can see Mr. X Li mentioned nothing about the details of the Joint Declaration or Basic Law. For me, this is just another pro-China article and not convincing at all.”

    2. Note that the Washington Post article is …

      “by Eric X. Li, who is a venture capitalist and political scientist in Shanghai”

      Of course he is pro-China (and anti-Democracy) and wants money to keep pouring into China to increase his bottom line. 🙂

      1. Hey, money talks!!! It is really foolish for pro-Democracy investors to invest in China, unless s/he wants Communism to spread (which is China’s goal).

        Hello?!?!? Again, money talks!!!

      2. The author of that Washington Post article cannot say anything anti-China or he may be in BIG trouble.

      3. @MW: You’re vision of China is stuck in a time warp. China is now communist in name only; they are now devout capitalists. Why else would they be supporting big business and tycoons, unlike Mao who hated capitalists and their running dogs?

      4. Label it (communist/capitalists) however you like. The issues are still very much there (as proven by the current protest, TianAnMen and the repeated ongoing complaints about China, who could care less).

    3. There seems to be some misconception about Eric X Li as just another Mainland CCCP defender. A political scientist by trade, he is actually an American who is now working as a venture capitalist in Shanghai where he was born. Previously, he was a Fellow at the Aspen Institute and had worked for Ross Perot’s Presidential campaign.

      As a political scientist, Li had always been a provocateur by constantly challenging the notion that the Western style of democracy is the one-size-fits-all gold standard for which all nations on earth should strive. By picking on the “Umbrella Revolution”, he was not serving as an advocate for Beijing as much as advancing his own thesis and challenge the Movement with the basic question of “do you really know what and why you’re asking for”.

      1. “do you really know what and why you’re asking for”

        Yes, definitely not Tian-An-Men (slaughter those who protest for freedom, censorship, anti-“freedom of speech”, anti-“free press”, etc.).

      2. I dont get why people are blaming China for the Tiananmen Thing. They got what they should have avoided. if they didnt protest, non of it would happen.. non of them would have died.. the US was backing the students up.. now the leader of the students fled to us and lives a good life while others died there. I’m half Chinese half American born and raised in NYC .trust me non of the us news reports good stuff on China.

  28. For everyone criticizing the protesters: have you ever actually seen them in real life? They are mature, peaceful people, giving free food, bottles of water to each other who even clean up their own trash . I’m so proud of my fellow HK citizens and protesters.

    1. Yeah,,, but they haven’t organise any concerts in Central have they? they haven’t brought in Jackie Cheung etc for a serenade

    2. I’ve seen videos of Long Hair throwing kicks, punches
      and other projectiles while screaming obscenities in the legislature. Credit the students for not using him as role model.

      1. For the benefits of those who are not familiar with the HK scene, who exactly is this “Long Hair” who has been referenced so much in this thread?

      2. >>For the benefits of those who are not familiar with the HK scene, who exactly is this “Long Hair” who has been referenced so much in this thread?<<

        He was the guy who starred in the movie "Bride with White Hair" opposite Bridgit Lin

    1. agree.. who do they think they are? son of a president.. pff…crazy

      1. 19 year old chinese billionaire heir from Shanghai. Zeng Ting Ting. she was in HK during the protest. when she saw the students on tv, she said ” dont they have other things to do? They should go to school instead of making a fool out of themself.”

      2. she’s right though..i’ve seen her pics b4.. she’s a beutiful polite young heir.. not to mention she’s a harvard student… not like those brat on hk streets protesting…

  29. ..looks like the mega crowd are going home. They probably realised there is no free concert & food. Eason, Andy-Lau and Jacky Cheung ‘re not turning up

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