TVB Blacklists Felix Wong, Paul Chun and Ha Yu

In a bid to compete with TVB and ATV last year, Ricky Wong’s (王維基)  HKTV started a fierce bid to draw television artists from the two stations. Felix Wong (黃日華), Paul Chun (秦沛), Wilson Tsui (艾威), and Ha Yu (夏雨) eventually filmed for HKTV. However, the issuing of the government’s free-to-air licenses has been delayed, causing many TVB’s former artists to regret their decisions. Though TVB claimed to welcome its former artists back, there was also rumor of an internal black list.

After applying for the free-to-air license in 2009, Ricky has been aggressively poaching artists and production crew from TVB and ATV with higher salaries. Although the government has yet to approve the license, HKTV has been actively filming series after series. Besides releasing a list of upcoming dramas, the station has also shown several engaging trailers online.

Although filming for HKTV allowed artists to earn higher filming fees, the delayed broadcast of their dramas caused their exposure and popularity levels to drop. This lowered their chances of earning more money through endorsement deals or attending of events. Come October, several HKTV artists’ annual contracts will expire. Word has it that some are already seeking alternative career options.

Burnt Their Bridges

TVB Deputy Director of External Affairs, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明) said, “As expressed by the senior executives earlier, our doors always welcome artists who want to come home.” There were artists who left TVB for higher pay, who may be admitted back to the station.

However, there was also another group who went over to HKTV due to TVB’s unjust treatment and unscrupulous handling of its employees. This group includes experienced actors such as Felix Wong, Wilson Tsui, Ha Yu and Lo Hoi Pang (盧海鵬), who are allegedly on TVB’s internal black list.

The Complaints

During the airing of Gun Metal Grey <刑警> in 2010, Felix Wong was upset at TVB for neglecting to promote the series and the station’s preferential treatment towards certain projects. He alluded to the station as “Totally Very Bad” and pointed to TVB’s long filming hours. When he had contracted hepatitis, TVB only gave him 18 days of rest. In his old contract, TVB only offered a $500 HKD annual raise for five years.

Recalling his strenuous filming schedule, Lo Hoi Pang cursed angrily, “[My health] will ultimately go bad because of work! I’m getting old. When I joined [TVB], they said everything is okay. It’s bad to always wait around; sometimes you wait until the end and there is still [no work]. My cells are dying every day. Do I die like this? It’s so tiring, [expletive]!”

Ha Yu said, “A taxi driver will earn even more money than new artists. Many people earn several tens of thousands of dollars [HKD] when filming in mainland China, making me want to leave too…. TVB is harsh and stingy towards its workers. My perspective changed after Ricky Wong applied for a broadcasting license.”

Paul Chun, who had accused TVB for being petty and coldly treating his son, Benji Chiang (姜文杰), is also included in the list.

Happy To Return

Wilson Tsui, who once admonished TVB’s General Manager Mark Lee (李寶安) for coming up with unreasonable contract conditions, said yesterday, “That time I spoke against the old boss. TVB now has a new boss. I’m actually very free and can help TVB. They can look for me anytime. No one will be happy if they are blacklisted, regardless of company, organization or party.”

Seventy-six-year-old Yue Mo Lin (余慕蓮) is best known in TVB dramas as the trash-collecting old lady. Displeased, she went over to HKTV with the hope that she is able to take on meatier roles. Although she has more substantial roles in HKTV, the fact that everything is in a standstill has since caused her to yearn to go back to TVB. “I’m not young. I don’t want to sign long contracts. I want to give myself more freedom. I am fine with whichever company, as long as they let me act. I really want to play a pretty lady.”

Earlier, while filming a fighting scene opposite Kara Hui (惠英紅) in HKTV’s My Mother is Black Rose <我阿媽係黑玫瑰>, Ding Chu Wai (丁主惠) injured herself, causing a strain in her back muscles, requiring her to wear a neck brace for a long time. Visibly unhappy about this, she said said, “Because of this experience, it’s better to go back. TVB had treated me well. My going over had been accidental. I hope they will give me another chance.” When asked to compare the two companies, Chu Wai said, “I never had any accident at TVB so it’s difficult to compare, but I had been content during my time at TVB.”

Another former TVB actress, Chan On Ying (陳安瑩) is not surprised that there are artists who wish to go back to TVB, although conditions have not changed at HKTV. On Ying, whose contract with HKTV will end next year, added, “I don’t know (about the black list). I am the first batch of artists who left TVB so I don’t know if they will ask me back. I’ll see how things go with the others when my contract ends. Anyway, I’m happy where I am now.”

Source: Apple Daily

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  1. I need to look for their images online to see most the name stated in the article such as Ding Chu Wai, I really don’t think TVB will want them back, it doesn’t affect anything.
    But I do hope they will accept HA YU, I love him.
    As for Felix, he doesn’t act well in his Gun Metal Grey. Don’t think it affect TVB as well.

    1. Hi Yen 🙂

      I like Ha Yu too! He is the only mooncake daddy I’ve ever known and he is the only mooncake daddy I will ever accept. Lol.

      1. Yeah! I love him a lot as “Joe Bao” too!
        It’s so touching watching scenes that he longs to be with his childrens, those parts he walked a long way to attend “ah Heng” birthday, how he wanna make the gigantic mooncake and how protective he is when “ah Heng” bf mother scolded ah Heng being a mute, how he grabbed ah Heng hand and wipe her tears 🙁
        And how he stomped into the meeting room to save his son “ah yuen” T__T and a lot more!
        He brings both laughter and tears to me T_T

      2. Hi Yen 🙂

        Wow you have such a good memory! 🙂 Thanks for remembering these scenes, you’ve helped me refreshed my memory too.

        I think Fala Chen acted really well as ah Heng and I think she did very well as the sickly heart diseased sister in Rosy Business 2 as well. I like her a lot in these very poor thing roles.

        Yes Ha Yu made me cry too when he cried regretfully about what he did to their first mama.

        Thinking back, I really liked this Moonlight Resonance series and all its cast. Ha yu, Louisa, Michelle Yim and especially their annoying Aunty Sa. She was so funny when she spoke because she was always saying something mean and annoying. Lol.

      3. Yes, Agreed with you about Fala!
        She does well in it and hahahas yes “Sa Yi”
        The part where she hits her daughter “Kah Mei” for blaming “Hor Ma” for her miscarriage, I actually cried and shaken a bit! It’s just WOW! And the part she cried so badly and asking her sister to help her to teach her daughter, wow wow wow!

        Ya, I love that drama a lot. At least at each episode, although the evil win in the beginning but hohohos it will be the good that triump in the end!

        Everyone shines in that drama, even LAM FUNG XD
        Eversince that drama, Raymond just lorrrrrrr.. @@!!
        But their youngest brother is a little wooden but it’s excusable cuz the whole drama is very entertaining!

      4. hi Yen 🙂

        Wow you make me feel like rewatching that drama series again. Yes when Sa Yi slapped Kah mei, I remember thinking ‘Good slap! She deserve it this ungrateful daughter!’. Kate Tsui did so well, she made me want to slap her as well. Lol. Especially with all her plotting and scheming, good thing she found her conscience at the end.

        Yes yes, that scene of Sa Yi crying, that was SO GOOD! How come Sa Yi didn’t win an awards for that? Michelle Yim as the evil one was really good as well. She was so good as the bad person that my mum felt so sorry for her and said its all the husband’s fault because he was so indecisive and hurt two women.

        Yup the overall product was good, which help those somewhat weaker casts, like the youngest brother. I agree with you that he was wooden. I actually found Lam Fung’s character as ‘Guan Jia Gong’ kind of wooden as well. Of all their children in there, I liked Tavia, Moses and Fala best.

      5. Yes yes, I agreed with you on Michelle superb performance too! And hahahas! Yesh! I want to slap Kah Mei so badly as well when she framed Ah Yuet about her son! And also the part she cheated her to airport, ending of that episode-WOW when Ho Ma stood up for Ah Yuet! If Ah Yuet said the sun rise up at west, I will believe her! If Ah Yuet said Kah Mei causes the world war, I will believe her, a long as its said by Ah Yuet, I will believe her!
        So wish to stand up and cheers Yeahhhhhhh!!

        And Lei Hiong Kam as grandma is good too!

        The part where she is dying in the hospital and Joe Bao is on vacation, how that uncle framed Tavia and wow!! The ending is great when granny slap that uncle and said I heard what u said while I’m lying on the bed!

        And also the same episode when “Ho Ma” gets home and with Lam Fung, Fala, Tavia and the youngest bro moved Sah Yi stuffs from Tavia room to “Ho Ma” room and Sah Yi kept saying she will sing sad songs if she is in Ho Ma room, the reply from Ho Ma so funny! Let us both sisters sing and cry quietly!! Hahahas!

        All in all, most pitiful character seems to be Tavia, Ah Yuet. Always got bullied T_T
        Yeah, Raymond is wooden but he is so much better in this drama than him as the Happy Sir and Chu Ge liang

      6. Sorry, do you guys mind if I barge in? I haven’t seen MR in a long time, but there’s a point that’s got my brain all twisted… Why did Ka Mei break off with Ah Ka (Moses) a second time, upon finding out he had collapsed and has some sort of heart condition? Pure selfishness or did she really have a conscience and didn’t want to hurt Moses any further? I’m confused!

      7. @skinnymocha
        Kah Mei gets back with Moses by cheating him that she got pregnant because of her ex-bf which is a lie that Tavia found out. The guy that really got her pregnant later! Kah Mei felt rather than being dumped twice by Ah Ka because of his strong family values, it is better off without him.
        She did so because she is selfish.

      8. Thanks, Yen! Aww, there was a part of me hoping that Kah Mei truly cared for – and loved – Ah Kah. Even just a tiny bit. Oh well.

      9. hi Skinnymocha and Yen, 🙂

        We’d love for you to join us, its not barging at all. Sorry I’m a little late, I always thought once Kah Mei found out he had a heart problem and that he might die anytime, he won’t be able to be the owner/heir of the Moonlight bakery so she eyed the youngest brother who is the next most promising instead because he was close to his 2nd mum? Wow, looks like I have thought it wrong all these years. 😀 oh well, better I find out now than never finding out at all. Lol.

        Oh yes Tavia was so pitiful being adopted and everything, thanks for reminding me about that scene you mentioned about Hor Ma standing up for Tavia, finally someone speaks up for her and Hor Ma’s word is final. That was such a powerful episode. Poor Tavia was just crying and crying.

        Oh yes and the grandma was good too, wow, the slaps in this show are all powerful and all are well deserved slaps and I’m not even an advocate of violence but they really deserved those slaps. Especially that good for nothing Uncle. I remember how Michelle Yim didn’t want the husband to go back to see his dying mother and played all sorts of tricks. OMG! That was just super wicked to the max! How could the script writers think up such stuff? Lol.

        They really should have created a My Favourite Villain award that year. What a waste of such talented villains. Lol.

      10. @skinnymocha & SiYing
        I believe Kah Mei did really have feelings for Ah Kah. But it’s all gone down the hill when she thinks why must she gone through such hardship for being with Ah Kah, their family values are so different.
        Especially after Ah Kah broke up with her in that DINNER night, she lied AGAIN that she got pregnant by her ex-bf, she paid the guy to act as her ex-bf and Tavia found out and threaten to tell Ah Kah about it. So, she is thinking it is better for me to dump him rather than him dumping me AGAIN for his FAMILY.

        And I believe she didn’t plan to seduce Ah Yuet or give up on Ah Kah because of his very problem.
        If I recalled correctly, Ah Kah fainted while protecting Kah Mei from beig harassed by the so-call ex-bf, which is an act, and Kah Mei went to visit Ah Kah in the hospital and that’s when Ah Kah gave her another chance.

        Hahahas! Si Ying!! I love to read your comments!! So funny!!! Hahahas “Well deserved slaps” hahahas! Wow if there is a best villain surely goes to “Michelle Yim”!! She can even act just with her eyes!!!! Those cunning and wicked eyes!!

        Yeah, TVB really inneed of script writers like the one in ML!!

      11. (And I believe she didn’t plan to seduce Ah Yuet in the beginning or give up on Ah Kah because of his heart problem)

      12. My turn to butt in!

        But I don’t think Kate’s character ever liked Mose’s character in the erotic-passionate kind of love way. It was more like mutual attraction and once it wore off, bye bye to the relationship. I guess that’s the best way I can describe it.

      13. At first I’m still thinking how to describe their relationship, it’s not love but can’t said its based on lust, thus the way Crystal describe it is very good!

      14. Agreed too on Fala for acting well as a mute girl in MR.

      15. And hahahas the song played when Fala character broke up with her bf is sang by ChiLam!!!
        It’s a very touching moment on her wedding dinner when she wants Ho Ma to translate her signs..
        When she said, “Ho Ma, frow now he will take over ur job to do the translation for me, though it will not be as good as you but I think still okay..”
        So touching 🙁 yet so lovely 🙂

      16. hi Skinnymocha, Yen and Crystal 🙂

        Lol thanks for enlightening me. Can’t believe it took me all these years lol.

        Oh yes! When Ah Heng said that her husband will take over the translations from then, that was so sad but I was so happy that they finally ended up together especially after how his mother was so mean to her because of her condition.

        I really like Michelle Yim, she was convincing that she did not even need to open her mouth. You are right just by her eyes, the wickedness just oozes out everywhere. Even when she just sits and thinks for a minute as to what to scheme next, even that look just sends chills down my spine. Lol.

        But what I really couldn’t understand is the ending where she gave her shares of the bakery to her daughter Linda as a wedding gift. I was thinking how come such a cunning and wicked woman would go through so much to get her shares and then only to give it all away? My mum said that actually its not really about the shares, she did love her husband and after losing him to Ho Ma, she became scorned and just wanted to get back at their family. The share was immaterial and that it was really more about power, control, revenge and humiliation and not so much about money.
        She said Michelle didn’t care for the money, more for the revenge.

        Is that correct? Until now I’m still puzzled.

      17. ooh so sorry hi Raymond too. Sorry I accidentally scrolled too quickly and saw your name only when it refreshed. 🙂

      18. Siying

        “She said Michelle didn’t care for the money, more for the revenge.”

        More about jealousy rather than pure revenge. Also to take back what she thinks she deserves so as not to benefit the other woman and her children. A little selfishness as well. Most cases are like that in real life.

      19. Thanks, Yen, Siying and Crystal 🙂

        I thought it was a combination of reasons, but primarily because of the selfish factor; she wanted the next in line, the “safer bet”, and someone who’s less hassle and easier to manipulate. However, I’m not sure whether it’s the directing and/or the acting that made me confused, but I thought Kah Mei actually seemed slightly – ever so slightly – guilty after finding out about Ah Ka’s heart problems. Like Crystal said, there was mutual attraction and Ka Mei could see what a genuine person Ah Ka is. So I thought that perhaps she didn’t have it in her to hurt him any further – if she was going to hurt/use anyone, she’d rather do it to someone she has less emotional ties with.

        I was probably over-analysing. My memory’s all fuzzy so I need to go re-watch!

      20. Yep, I agree that Michelle was a revenge-driven lady. You could see her possessive streak throughout the whole drama as well, despite being in the so-called “better” position and her husband was at no risk of running out on her. Initially.


      21. Oops. Revenge-driven as in motivated by jealousy and not money. Even though she won the settlement, you can see how enraged she was – simply because the other family was too happy…

      22. hi Skinnymocha, Yen, Crystal, Raymond and Funn, 🙂

        Thanks for all your perspectives. I love seeing everyone’s insights. Jealousy and revenge driven by jealousy, I’ve never thought of it that way but it makes complete sense now.

        Wow this is so amazing that years on, everyone’s kind of got different perspectives on the same show and it can still bring up discussions like it was aired recently. Oh Tvb, what has become of your shows now. Sigh.

        I finally understand this ‘Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.’ Michelle could encapsulate the darker side of our human nature and portray it so convincingly.

        Jealousy is a disease of the heart. Now that makes perfect sense, I’m so dumb. How come I didn’t think about it?!? Lol.

        Sorry I’m just so amused about how I have not thought about it that way until now when speaking to you all. I admit that sometimes I shock my husband as well and he says it seems like I just came out of the mountains and discovered Penicillin for the first time.

    2. (And I believe she didn’t plan to seduce Ah Yuet or give up on Ah Kah because of his heart problem)

  2. A lesson learnt, if our work wise is in the same industry, it is always better to watch what we say.
    Just like me when I changed my job, I dislike my ex manager but I still keep a good job relationship with her because anyway, we are still in the banking industry.

  3. Outside of the entertainment industry, people who usually trashes their employer usually gets fired and not really hired back, so these people will be lucky if they do get to return. Don’t get me wrong.. I actually like hearing all the inside dirt and seeing what they will say, but I knew it would probably end up biting them back in the end.

    I don’t think TVB will blacklist everyone, but they will probably be more accepting to those who left on good terms. I don’t really miss any of those that had left since I liked that some of the other green leafs started getting more recognition, like Lee Sing Cheung.

    1. Yea I agree with you. Those who left on good terms will probably be more accepted. As for those who did criticized TVB, I think TVB will still let them back in, but give them less jobs or minor roles.

    2. Yay! Points for mentioning Lee Sing Cheung! Would like to see him in bigger roles, evil or good.

  4. These people are complaining like this is a new thing. There is a reason why TVB is able to “monopolize” the TV industry in Hong Kong for so long with low pay and horrible hours. You would think the experienced actors/actresses would have been in the industry long enough to know that there are consequeneces when you bad mouth companies that you may need to depend on in the future.

  5. I’m not sure I care whether any of those veterans return or not… Especially Ha Yu. With all respect, but I did not like him in all those good father roles. Male version of the ever-preaching Louise Lee

  6. I doubt those on the black list i.e Felix, Ha Yu and Paul will have trouble finding work. The lesser known artists def. took a gamble and might find themselves out of options. These poor artists will certainly be “tortured” till their moms can’t remember them, LOL

    I have no idea why its taking the HK Gov. so long to issue the licenses, def. political issues and/or bribed by TVB. Hopefully HKTV will get their license soon or TVB win this battle which will be a loss for the whole society except TVB shareholders.

    Yue Mo Lin is so funny 🙂

  7. It is the HK gov’t licensing board who is causing all these issues. Just grant the open-air licenses so that we can all watch better quality shows. Competition will cause artists to get better contracts and the script writing will be upgraded and upscaled to meet the viewers demand. More advertisers will start negotiating with the different TV stations for those sought after series. It is a win-win for all versus the near monopoly by TVB with their recent dud series.

  8. Paul Chun and Ha Yu too? My god, there will not more old veterans in TVB for old veteran roles. TVB will force Michael Miu to age himself to play those 60 and 70 year olds roles and the quickly go get botox shots for the 30 and 40 year old roles!

    1. And bring back Paul Chun too!!!
      I love this two veterans!! Paul Chun is great!!

      1. Yes I love Paul Chun’s acting. He can do evil, good, silly 🙂

    2. I love Paul Chun in Witness Insecurity and many more!!!
      His son, Benji Chiang? Tried look for him online but couldn’t recall his face..which drama he is in?
      But from the pictures online, he doesn’t seems to have the WOW look!

      1. @Yen: That’s the thing — you won’t find Benji in any TVB dramas because he was never given any opportunity to film dramas at TVB despite having the desire to do so. He hosted a few of TVB’s music programs for 7 years and was pretty much ‘fired’ by TVB when tabloids published a picture of him attending HKTV’s welcome dinner with his sister Lesley (at the time, he attended the dinner as Lesley’s manager, since he manages both his own and his sister’s music careers)…without even bothering to ask why he was at a rival station’s dinner (which is what any reasonable company should be doing), TVB just dropped him from all his hosting gigs and cut him off. This is important because unlike other artists, Benji was heavily reliant on his salary to finance his and his sister’s music careers (they’re pursuing the independent music route and so are not signed with any record companies) — with no work and no income, that meant no music career for them either. When Paul Chun found out about this, he was pissed (and rightfully so) that TVB would treat his son like that…

        Now that both Benji and Lesley are with HKTV, they’ve actually been thriving, with both of them getting the opportunity to pursue acting and music careers. It’s no wonder that they are such huge advocates for HKTV….

      2. @llwy12
        Thanks so much for the info!!
        Ewww, that’s very nasty of TVB towards Paul!!
        I mean he is a respectable veteran that can act both funny and villain and good roles!
        I remember him in most Stephen Chow movies, the gamble king! And this is how they treat such a great actor? Not giving his son any chances and just eww fired his son?!! Like not giving Paul a little face!!
        Good that Lau Dan son make a good move to mainland and doing well now!
        Suddenly really dislike TVB!! Ishh!!

    3. Try picturing Michael playing Paul’s past roles. Family Man, anyone? o_o

      Although it would be a nice change for Michael…

  9. I respect those who spoke out against their poor treatment at TVB. They had to know there was no turning back. TVB has always been very vindictive and mean spirited when it doesn’t get its way.
    I hope Felix moves more into movies since that is where I feel he does his best work lately.
    Ideally, HKTV will get its license and he can continue to film series there. I just don’t see that happening though, with all the corruption in the government (bribes/pressure/favors/politics).
    I hope Ricky Wong is pursuing other options to air his shows. Maybe he could create a HK HULU type network.

    1. Think it will be difficult to break even less make money with a HULU type of business model in HK with its approx. 7 mill citizens. Needs to reach a much larger mass to be profitable.

      Their average production cost per episode is approx HKD 1 mill and the only solution I see is to sell the broadcasting rights abroad.

      Sure Ricky is in a dilemma as his goal is to produce quality series for his fellow HKers, but how long can he continue even with his ROI taken in consideration?

      1. You’re right. I completely forgot they committed to 1 mill per episode.
        Licensing overseas seems to be the only other option, but with how popular pirating stuff is in HK/China, I fear that they still wouldn’t make enough money from all license deal/dvd sales combined.

  10. I think Felix Wong has no need to return because he left TVB long time ago and just go back for Michael Miu’s invitation only. Ha Yu was a TV King that he still has many jobs in mainland China so that he also no need to go back to TVB. The rest are not famous when they worked under TVB so that they go or return are not important for TVB at all. Hoping that HKTV will soon having the license.

    1. This article is very poorly written and obviously biased. A lot of the artists who signed with HKTV actually aren’t lacking money or opportunity and definitely don’t need TVB in order to survive. In addition, there are many reasons why some of the artists signed with HKTV and it wasn’t purely because of money or ‘exposure’ (though the media wants us to believe otherwise). For instance – being treated with dignity and respect is a basic ‘right’ that any employee (or human being for that matter) should have , yet that’s one of the biggest things that TVB consistently fails to do (but HKTV IS doing it). Of course, getting to work ‘normal’ hours instead of slaving away for days without rest/sleep, having the freedom to choose your own projects, etc. etc. are all good ‘perks’ to have, but not necessarily ‘deal-breakers’….I think a lot of people (especially those who work for these tabloids / media outlets) don’t understand that being treated as though you matter (rather than like a piece of worthless trash that can be dispensed by the wayside just like that) is actually very important to most people (celebrities included).

      I suggest whoever wrote this article should go do their research and actually read / watch the interviews that many of the HKTV people did over the past 2-3 years…then maybe he/she will have a better understanding of why certain artists chose to leave….

      1. But as a celebrity, without exposure, you are nothing. Unless HKTV can get a license and air their dramas, they have no way of surviving and no matter how poorly TVB treats their people, some have no choice but to go back

      2. Dont be kacang lupakan kulit. Google translate if you not understand. TVB already helped unlimited people to get fame and successful. HKTV is nothing!

  11. Blacklist? Wow, never knew TVB could be that harsh. These actors and actresses stated above are very prominent actors, and have had a hand on making TVB what it is today. Guess good old idiot TVB is burning their own ‘Bridge’ even faster. Can’t wait til the day they lose everything to rivals and lose their monopoly. Greed will never succeed at the end of the day.

  12. Leave it up to Apple Daily to sensationalize things! Honestly, they are making it sound like HKTV’s artists are living out on the streets and begging for food or something when the reality is totally opposite from that. Artists like Felix Wong, Ha Yu, Lo Hoi Pang, etc. don’t need TVB, as it’s not like they are relying on TVB’s salary to survive anyway…oh and by the way, Paul Chun doesn’t work for HKTV and hasn’t signed any type of contract with them — the only reason he is being dragged into this mess is because both his son and daughter are with HKTV….

    Personally, I have a problem with the media saying that these artists are ‘begging’ to go back to TVB because, um, majority of them are free artists in the first place — most of the artists who signed with HKTV only signed per series contracts and are actually free to appear on any station they want (and quite a few of them have actually shown up on NowTV, i-Cable, and even ATV)….so it’s actually TVB who is being petty with their ‘blacklists’ and such. But actually, none of us should be surprised, as TVB has always been this way — they’ve always disliked people saying anything bad or even remotely negative about them (even if it’s the truth).

  13. Oh, and one more thing….to me, it’s sort of lame for TVB to be pissed at the artists who revealed their poor practices or said bad things about them because it’s not like people don’t already know…besides, they already aired their dirty laundry themselves back during the Stephan Chan corruption trial — so much information about TVB’s messed up policies and processes were revealed in court that even the judge handling the case couldn’t help commenting in his ruling how ‘outrageous’ it was that such a huge, long-running, established company could be so lacking in direction and procedure (in other words, the judge implied that TVB was poorly run and poorly managed…). Hmmm….maybe TVB should ‘blacklist’ the courts too and fire everyone who revealed anything during the trial….

    1. The difference is that the artists used to be under their payroll so they have every right to be pissed. I don’t know any business out there in general who will hire back former employees who have badmouthed them. It might be petty but it’s also the real world.

      1. Yes and no. True, TVB has a right to be pissed, but the other thing they should consider is that this is the entertainment industry where tabloids, rumors, gossips and such run rampant…what the Media may ‘spin’ as ‘badmouthing’ may not actually be true…I’ve seen quite a few examples of the Media ‘claiming’ that a particular artist ‘badmouthed’ TVB, but then when I read/watch the interview, they didn’t ‘badmouth’ at all. Sure, words can be interpreted different ways and all, but TVB also has a track record of making brash decisions on certain artists without spending the time to understand the situation (i.e. Benji’s example).

        Perhaps I’m in the minority or the laws are a bit different where I live — but I’ve actually seen plenty of companies take back former employees who badmouthed them (though primarily it’s because of a legal obligation to do so).

      2. I agree that the media is always spinning things to sensationalize the headlines, but that might also mean that the “blacklist” is also greatly exaggerated. I mean, there are probably certain people they don’t want to hire back again if they left on bad terms, but I also think they would take back a lot of the former artists like they said. No, it’s not because I think TVB is perfect and angelic. I just think it would be a good PR move on their side so the news can make it seem like they are a brand new, forgiving station. haha

      3. While TVB may be petty I also suspect rumours of an internal “blacklist” are sensationalised by the media. In the past TVB has rehired artistes who left them for ATV in the 90s like Kiki Sheung and Sheren Tang.

      4. I also agree with you guys in terms of the blacklist possibly being something the Media made up — especially since the artists supposedly on the blacklist are the ‘obvious’ ones who have been the most outspoken in support of HKTV so far (except Paul Chun).

        Obviously, TVB will take certain artists back (in fact, they already have — there are a few who have already returned and will be appearing on upcoming TVB shows) — the thing I don’t like though is how this article generalizes things and makes it sound like HKTV is on the verge of collapse and all their artists are ‘desperate’ to leave when that’s not the case at all. Many of HKTV’s artists and behind the scenes people are very happy where they’re at, it’s just that the Media in general doesn’t pay attention to the ‘less famous’ ones….

  14. TVB is always very “小氣”. They don’t like their artistes to criticize them for anything. Once an artiste decides to work for another TV station, she will not be asked to participate in any promotions of her own drama series. Even she is a 1st lead actress, she will be demoted to someone more invisible and junior. Maggie Cheung Ho Yee was a typical example in “The Last Steep Ascent”. She was the 1st lead actress, and her name was barely mentioned in TVB’s promotions. Instead Aimee Chan was nominated for the Best Actress award and Aimee was only a supporting actress in “TLSA”.

    1. Yes, TVB is 小氣 and petty, but only towards certain artists it looks like. When TVB’s ‘favored’ artists have ‘rumors’ about them, the management usually calls up those artists and tell them to go in and explain themselves (and get ‘yelled at’ in the process)…so why didn’t they do the same with Benji? Why would they just ‘drop’ Benji without even bothering to talk to him and ask him to explain what happened (especially since it was only a rumor from a tabloid and TVB has been around long enough to know that rumors aren’t always fact)? According to reports, even when Paul Chun tried to talk to TVB management on his son’s behalf later on, they refused to budge (so not only does TVB fire Benji based on an unsubstantiated rumor, they also don’t give any face to Paul Chun, who has worked for them for decades). What pisses me off most though (if the ‘blacklist’ rumors are true) is that after what happened, TVB has the ‘audacity’ now to ‘blacklist’ Paul Chun when all he did was what any other loving parent would do (protect and speak up for his children when they’ve been wronged)??? How does that make any sense???? I don’t know about you guys, but to me, this is another example of TVB’s lame politics coming into play….either that or the company is truly very screwed up and poorly managed (I honestly can’t think of any other possible ways to ‘excuse/justify’ TVB’s actions)….

  15. I don’t know why it takes so long for HKTV to get their licence. I think it is due to some political issues (Mainland Chinese Government’s involvements) and strong objections voiced by TVB and ATV. I thought Hong Kong is a free market for anything, including TV broadcasting.

    1. Actually, Hong Kong is a free market for anything, excluding TV broadcasting.

    2. I think TVB is paying them off, ATV went bankrupt so it’s not them. It’s an inside job, it has to be otherwise why would it take four years?

  16. this just makes me want to take down tvb – afterall, fear of being iced is how Felix Wong got jaundiced in the first place – he was afraid of the same treatment as Michael Miu and Andy Lau were getting – they worked Felix Wong into the hospital multiple times and he NEVER looked financially comfortable – what does he have to show for it? I’m sure people are still discovering those Jin Yong serials – not because Felix was any good in them – but the character acting was straightforward and somewhat faithful to the books.

    1. Ouch.
      Felix is the reason I enjoyed them. He has a special charm and honesty in his acting that shines through the bad dialogue, cheap costumes, and cheesy sets.

      Sure he’s not an ultra realistic drama master, but he has charisma, and I would daresay, most of his series would not have been as popular with someone else in the lead.

  17. Hahaha HKTV!!! That’s what you get. Ppl that left TVB for HKTV, it’s okay to go back to your old company. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

    1. There is a Chinese proverb ………”魚不過磄不會肥” (fish will only grow bigger if it swims to bigger ponds).

    2. It is too early to say like that. who knows exactly WHAT WILL BE THE DAY HKTV WILL GET THE LICENSE? The government has not denied it yet.

  18. Will HKTV ever get their license (zzzzzzz…….. Well whoever is d good d bad n d ugly 人生有幾多個十年 yea?????? Anyways just wish these veterans players move back to TVB n we all gotta watch more of their super fine acting huh!!!!!

    1. They will get the license when TVB and ATV is up for a renewal.

    2. What happened after HKTV published the first episode of Liu Kai Chi’s series online? It’s almost forgotten now.

      1. Yeah i watched the 1eps and haven’t seen any since then.

      2. Ricky Wong already said that he’s not going to air any more remaining episodes of that series (called Borderline) until after HKTV gets its license. So those of us who want to watch more will have to wait god knows how long….

  19. No matter how much money you have, you can’t fight with power.

    HKTV dies at the hands of HK government.

    1. Yes and you know the saying, the poor cannot fight the rich and the rich cannot fight those with power.

    2. well, all of them artist can go china, singapore or taiwan if hktv fail to get thelicense

  20. I hope the internal black list is just a rumor, as some of the names on this list are veteran actors and i had enjoy their acting over the years. It would be such a shame if TVB actually had such a list. They are losing decent actors while investing in mediocre younger actors … what a damn shame, i hope HKTV get the licensing approve so i can see these veteran actors on TV once again

  21. TVB has changed a lot since Sir Run Run Shaw was no longer managing it. I think artists just couldn’t adapt to the new management styles which is less merciful or should I say less relationship-oriented.

  22. I wonder if Sammul Chan is in the blacklist. He criticised TVB the most out of all the artists that have left TVB.

    1. Even if he’s in the list, I believe TVB would have take him back especially now with Sammul’s popularity is booming in the mainland.

    1. Ya I miss him too- he’s the best.
      Felix can go ….lol…

      1. Couldn’t agree with you more! Tvb needs Ha Yu to play a wonderful, humorous and loving daddy type of role. Felix can go for sure…

    2. I like Paul Chun more than Ha Yu. Paul is more versatile in his acting, while Ha Yu is better in those comedic fatherly roles.

  23. All these people left TVB and had blasted on how bad TVB has been. Now they’re all regretting leaving and want to come back to TVB LOL

    1. Let’s not generalize here. Again, like I said earlier, this article is biased and poorly written — plus it only refers to a handful of artists (HKTV has close to 300 artists + behind the scenes staff). If you go on Weibo, you’ll see that alot of the artists at HKTV don’t regret leaving and are actually very happy where they’re at.

      Besides, as I mentioned earlier, many of the artists only signed per series contracts and a few of them (Ha Yu and Paw Hee Ching for example) only signed on for 1 series — so majority of them are free artists and able to go on other TV stations (and some have already done so). Also, many of the HKTV artists don’t even belong to the TV world anymore (Liu Kai Chi for example is a movie actor now — he only agreed to film Borderline because of his long-time relationship with the series’ producer Chu King Kei)…others were pulled out of retirement to film for them (Dominic Lam for example lives in Canada most of the time and only films series / movies whenever he feels like it…veteran actress Cheng Yuet Mei pretty much already retired, but was moved by Ricky Wong’s sincerity to return and film for them).

      So basically, my point is that: don’t be misled by such articles trying to generalize and make it seem like HKTV artists are desperate…because most of them are not.

    2. Also, not all of the artists who left TVB blasted them — there are so many HKTV artists who never said anything bad about TVB (in fact, many of them have fond memories of their former employer)…it’s just that the Media (in typical fashion), chose to focus on a select few (the few who DID speak out against TVB) and blow it up to mislead people into thinking that everyone who left TVB did so on bad terms, bad-mouthed them, and therefore have been blacklisted….it’s the Media’s way of giving more ‘credibility’ to the existence of a blacklist…

  24. but Yue Mo Lin really do look like a trash collector than a Persian cat. :O

    1. However, Yue Mo Lin wants to act a beautiful lady role.

  25. Talents are leaving one by one. If gov not doing something about HKTV license, more of these talents will be lost heading to mainland, to which many have been doing.

  26. I have heard of these soul called black lists for many years, but have also noticed that a lot of them eventually are welcomed back, especially if they are popular. I really wonder if these black lists are permanent??

  27. Why till now HK government hasn’t approved the tv licence to Ricky? What took them so long? damn pissed at them!

  28. I really hope HKTV will get their license as I really want to watch their dramas!

  29. TVB executives have ties with HK government. Some of them were former HK government members and they are now in TVB executive committees. The government keeps delaying the license so HKTV would run out of money and shut down. It doesn’t make sense any government would not welcome a free new TV station, since TVB is the only free tv station in the market (Nobody watches ATV).

    1. It makes sense! Another way of ruining the new free TV stations.

    2. @Jeff: Actually very true! Hey, TVB’s former GM Stephen Chan used to work for the HK government before he became a radio personality and later joined TVB (of course, he’s now back to working for CRHK again). So definitely not surprised if there are other former gov’t workers at TVB who still have connections to the powers that be in the HK government.

    3. would be interesting to see HKTV hire some ex HK govt members as executive committees as well, then we see what happens..

  30. Just read that Yoyo Mung has signed a per series contract with HKTV and will be filming a series with Frankie Lam (press conference held today).

    Also, Ricky Wong said at the press conference that 50 additional artists signed with him recently — so HKTV will go from having 250 artists to 300….

    Hmmm….doesn’t sound like there are that many artists “desperate” to leave HKTV, at least not to me…

  31. Why is it taking the government 4 years to issue a damn license???

  32. with tvb working conditions in mind.. it should be felix wong, paul chun, ha yu blacklisted tvb

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