TVB’s “Daddy Dearest” Finally Debuts This August

After going through three delays, TVB family drama Daddy Dearest <超能老豆> will finally make its way to Hong Kong television screens this August. The drama produced by Poon Ka-tak (潘嘉德) was originally scheduled for a release in March 2016, but the release was pushed back in favor of The Last Healer in Forbidden City <末代御醫>. After two more postponements, TVB finally confirmed Daddy Dearest’s release date to be on August 1, as part of TVB’s Amazing Summer lineup. The drama also seemed to have gone through some repackaging, as Daddy Dearest’s Chinese name was changed from “Ba Bi Has Something to Say” (爸B有話兒) to “Super Dad” (超能老豆).

Daddy Dearest will be premiering on August 1, 2016.


The greedy and money-minded Kuk Chi-keung (Johnson Lee 李思捷) is forced to bring his son, Kuk Siu-nam (Marcus Lo 羅梓龍) back home after his ex-wife remarries. Chi-keung finds himself at a total loss, realizing that he has no idea how to raise a child or how to set good examples for his son. Fortunately Chu Lai-fa (Mandy Wong 黃智雯), who runs an education center, lends a helping hand to Chi-keung, and he gradually learns what it takes to be a better father.

Meanwhile, renowned architect Sheung Nim-shu (Jason Chan 陳智燊) drowns himself in work and leaves all the household and child-rearing responsibilities to his wife, Ho Lok-chi (Candice Chiu 趙希洛) and his father, Sheung San (Pat Poon 潘志文). To Nim-shu’s dismay, his wife and father struggle to get along due to disagreements on how to raise the kids. Nim-shu has no choice but to step in and switch roles with his wife. In doing so, he learns how to be a stay-at-home dad and how to better understand his children: older daughter, Sheung Yat (House of Spirits star Pearl Chan 陳偲穎) and younger son Sheung Yee (Haysan Chan 陳柏熹), who is entering primary school.

By chance, the unemployed Chi-keung lands a job at Lai-fa’s education center and befriends Nim-shu, who takes his children to the same center. Together, the two struggling fathers learn how to become better parents while also supporting each other.

“Daddy Dearest” Opening Title (performed by Hubert Wu)

Source: IHKTV

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  1. Yes! Finally! I’ve been dying to see this drama. I hope the other shelved dramas will show up soon! Even though TVB wants to promote the new, they should still care for the older actors/actresses. They’ve been in their company for years. It’s a little unfair.

    1. @mi88
      little? lol hahaa….since when is TVB fair? I always notice all those veterans or younger actors with ‘cameo’ or supporting roles and we don’t even know their names just faces cuz we see them so often? lol… FAIR TVB is NOT…..It’s a joke actually.

      1. @kiki There are plenty of talented small time actor/actress who had been with TVB forever, but they never get promoted and given the opportunity they deserves. It is unfortunate that not all the actor/actress that can act were given equal opportunity.

      2. @unknown yes yes yes we get your drift. You’ve repeated it so many umpteen times already that it gets old. We get it that yyy zzz abc def ghi etc never got the opportunity they deserved. Can we lay that to rest now? Thank you for not spamming.

      3. @isay My comment wasn’t directed at you, so you should just mind your own business. This is a public forum not your own personal blog, I have the right to post whatever I want on here. You can simply choose not to read my comments if you don’t like it. Period.

      4. @unknown oh your 2 fave stock posts lol. Either that or this phrase. Sure u hv the right to post what you want but you’re a real pain in the rear end for sounding like a broken recorder. You need to hv more creativity.

      5. @kiki That is true. TVB has not always been fair, but I think it has tried to change.
        I can’t say for sure because I don’t follow TVB that closely, but I realized that winners from HK pageants has been able to achieve higher positions in dramas at a much faster pace than the previous winners.
        For example, so far I’ve mostly seen Sisley Choi in Young Charioteers, Speed of LIfe, Fashion War, and Presumed Accidents. However, back then, winners were mostly side characters before they grew to be the leading actor/actresses.
        I guess it can be said both ways.
        They can keep promoting the new winners as leading actors/actresses while the rest stay as side actors/actresses.
        Pro: It’s helping the new winners to grab attention from the audience.
        Con: New winners have little experience so audience may have to tolerate with their acting.
        Since most of the old leading actors/actresses has left TVB, they can promote the previous side characters as leading characters (Nancy Wu, Elaine Yiu, Selena Li, Samantha Ko, etc) while the new winners can be placed in the side positions so that the audience can adjust to seeing their faces.
        Pro: Previous actors/actresses have their chance to shine as main characters.
        Con: Winners in that year would only have a year to shine before new winners show up in the next year.

  2. The general plot of this drama reminds me a bit of TVB’s “Fathers and Sons” from 2007. I quite enjoyed that series and loved the chemistry between Bobby and Wong Hei (and even their children in the series!). But truth be told, I’m not excited about “Daddy Dearest”.

  3. the present ‘House of Spirits’ is a great comedy…hope this one will be funny too.

    TVB should treasure veterans…newbies can hardly deliver.

    1. @janet72 this is unlikely to be funny, more like heartwarming family drama. Might be a sleeper hit who knows? But jason is a terrible actor who speaks like his lips are frozen.

    2. @janet72 Yes! Thats exactly how I feel too and it’s not their fault either because they are so new. It’s actually not bad if the winners were to start as side characters because not only could they practice, the audience doesn’t have to immediately accept them as well.
      Right now, I feel like they are right under spotlight and their acting is just so raw, it just doesn’t really fit.. It’s a burden to them and a burden to us lol

  4. I prefer to watch the older actors and actresses…maybe I should say the veterans. they portray the character very well and very natural. Jason is like a piece of wood.

  5. i dont mind watching Johnson but omg can’t stand Jason, he is wood and boring.

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