TVB’s Top 10 Beautiful Actresses

As one of the biggest producers of Chinese entertainment, TVB is in no short of beautiful actresses. To rank them by their beauty seems nearly impossible, but that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyway. Here are 10 TVB actresses that have made the list.

10. Apple Chan (陳芷尤)

Though she was born in Hong Kong, the 28-year-old spent most of her childhood and youth in Singapore, where she immigrated with her family when she was 4 years old. In 2011, she returned to Hong Kong to audition for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Though she failed to get placed, the pageant earned her an artiste contract with TVB. Apple is perhaps best known for her appearance as “Ko Yeung” in A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>.

9. Gloria Chan (陳華鑫)

Like Apple, the 28-year-old made her debut into the industry as a contestant in the 2012 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. She debuted her first acting appearance in 2012’s The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, and had her first major role in last year’s Come with Me <性在有情>. She has been married to her longtime boyfriend Darryl since early 2018.

8. Judy Kwong (鄺潔楹)

The 25-year-old Judy made her debut as a model and TVB entertainment host before transitioning to acting in 2017. She debuted her first acting appearance for the sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <·回家之開心速遞>, starring as Venus.

7. Kelly Ng (伍樂怡)

25-year-old Kelly was a popular contestant when she competed for the Miss Hong Kong Pageant in 2017, but failed to make it to the top 5. Kelly is currently a trainee artiste for TVB, and is prepared to debut as an actress.

6. Kelly Cheung (張曦雯)

The 27-year-old made her big break in 2012 when she won the crown in the Miss Chinese International Pageant. She also represented Hong Kong for Miss World 2012. After abdicating her crown and graduating from TVB’s artiste training class, Kelly made her debut as a television presenter, making occasional acting performances in dramas. Kelly debuted her first acting appearance in 2016’s Law dis-Order <律政強人>.

5. Samantha Ko (高海寧)

The 31-year-old TVB actress is rising in the TVB fadan ranks, but her road to stardom had not always been smooth. She debuted in the industry after competing in Miss Hong Kong 2008, and earned her first acting award in 2014—Most Improved TVB Actress at the TVB Star Awards  Malaysia.

4. Stitch Yu (余思霆)


The 23-year-old joined TVB in 2017, after winning Miss Chinese International 2017. Prior to joining TVB, she participated in the 2013 Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant, winning runner-up. Stitch will debut her first acting appearance in Good Days <好日子>.

3. Ali Lee (李佳芯)


As one of TVB’s most popular fadans at the moment, it isn’t a surprise to see Ali in this list. Although the former i-Cable host is already 35 years old, she doesn’t look at all past 25. Ali’s acting career is on a steady rise, all thanks to her popular performance as the judge “Never” in the drama Legal Mavericks <踩過界>, which earned her a My Favorite TVB Actress win at the TVB StarHub Awards in Singapore.

2. Eliza Sam (岑麗香)


The beautiful and adorable beauty queen from Vancouver, Canada is second on this list. Eliza debuted in 2012’s Ghetto Justice II <怒火街頭II>, her first drama after winning Miss Chinese International 2010. It didn’t take long for the 33-year-old to reach popularity, however. She became an overnight sensation after her appearance as “Hannah” in 2012’s Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>, which was her start of fame. She will be starring alongside Alice Chan (陳煒) and Raymond Wong (黃浩然) in the upcoming Apple-colada <果欄中的江湖大嫂>.

1. Tracy Chu (朱千雪)


Over Run Over <EU超時任務> star Tracy Chu tops the list as TVB’s most beautiful actress. The 29-year-old was the most popular contestant when she competed for Miss Hong Kong 2012, though she only won second runner-up. She made her official debut through 2013’s The Hippocratic Crush II <On Call 36小時II> where she starred alongside veteran actor Lawrence Ng (吳啟華). Though she’s filmed only nine dramas since 2012, Tracy’s popularity trumps even some of TVB’s more prolific actresses. The 29-year-old is currently taking a break from acting to pursue her Juris Doctor degree at the City University of Hong Kong School of Law.

Do you agree with this list?


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  1. I’m sorry, the Samantha Ko inclusion is one I really don’t get. She’s at most average looks-wise, even though she may have a more voluptuous figure than the other actresses, but “top 10 beautiful”? Really?? They couldn’t find ANYONE ELSE in the entirety of TVB instead? People must be seeing something I’m totally missing.

    1. @dalebaines
      that was my first response too. Sam Ko looks likke a witch. I don’t agree with this list esp the top few. why is not Elise Sum not on the list? She’s so cute and pretty!

  2. lol, I don’t know more than half of them

    Ali can’t pass for 25 lol She looks her age.

    1. @tiffany Yeah, it’s kinda odd that most of the established fadans are not even part of the list. So I guess at the end of the day, beauty doesn’t really matter since it might not get you anywhere in TVB?

  3. Samantha Ko is a no-no. Eliza Sam should not be there. Stitch Yu and Judy Kwong should also be left off. There are women currently at TVB that are more attractive. As annoying as motor mouth Grace Chan is, she is skinny as a rake but she has a pretty face.

    1. @bubbletea Agree. Never find Samantha Ko pretty.. her face is blah but she does have a wicked nice body. Grace is wicked skinny but she does have a beautiful face.

      Eliza Sam.. same thing.. she’s cute at best… as for the rest of the list.. I barely know some of them!!!

      1. @happybi
        I have picked my lists based on the full package. There were plenty of actresses in the 1980s who had really pretty faces but were too short or too thin….

      2. @happybi really? I find her mouth a little too wide to be labeled beautiful. and her features a little too bony.

        but otherwise, she IS a classy lady.

      3. @coralie Yep. Always like her. Too bad she doesn’t act anymore as I love her as an actress. Very natural. I like Mandy but she’s def. not in the beautiful section. Girl next door cute for sure. @jimmyszeto true.. she’s def. not the sexy type.

      4. @happybi
        Mandy is in the Tavia level. Above average looking but not beautiful. However, their great onscreen presence and characters they play can sometimes affect our judgement and make us think they are more pretty than what they really are.

      5. @happybi
        I really like her too. Her onscreen charisma is great. She ticks the boxes of ‘pretty’ and ‘very intelligent’ but not classed as sexy…

  4. I believe this is a way TVB can draw in more attention to the “up and coming” TVB actresses who can continue to promote TVB series.

  5. I wonder why Myolie and Mandy picture is above but there’s no list about them? I think Zoie Tam, Jessie Shum, Rebecca Zhu, Anjaylia Chan and Jacqueline Wong should be on the list too.

  6. Based on the photos used here, half of them cannot be considered beautiful, only pretty. Maybe these are not their best photos and they actually look better onscreen.

    1. @kidd agree half of them are just pretty. there are no tvb actress on this moment that you can say its really beautiful. the really beautiful ones are angy chiu, michelle reis, yammie lam.

  7. I dont find 70% of the them pretty either. Only really agree with Ali, Tracy and Eliza*

    For Eliza Sam, she doesnt look very natural anymore…it’s her eyes that makes her doesnt look very asian anymore. I saw some older pics of her and she looked asian before. She’s very pretty but its unnatural. Prefer Tracy’s looks over hers

    Samantha should not be on the list either.

  8. Oh nooo. None of them 🙂
    Michelle Reis
    Gigi Lai
    Maggie Cheung
    Maggie Siu
    Athena Chu
    Adia Chan
    Irene Wan

  9. If this list is only including actresses that are currently active with TVB, I only knew who the top 3 were lol. Judging by looks alone, Rebecca Zhu, Grace Wong, Grace Chan, Jess Shum would be on my list along with top 3. Samantha Ko has a nice figure, but her looks are so-so.

  10. My Top 10 ‘Most Beautiful TVB Actresses Ever’ list
    1. Irene Wan
    2. Athena Chu
    3. Michelle Reis
    4.Maggie Cheung Man Yuk
    5. Sonija Kwok
    6. Kathy Chow
    7. Kenix Kwok
    8. Fala Chen
    9. Teresa Mak
    10. Carina Lau

    Just outside top 10-Bernice Liu, Gigi Lai, Ada Choi. Jaime Chik, Carmen Lee, Loletta Lee

      1. @happybi
        She was a tough call compared to the others. The ones I missed out which I stuck underneath are definitely capable of replacing her..

    1. i like most of your choices.
      michelle reis, kenix kwok, fala, teresa mak, gigi lai, carmen lee, tracy chu (beauty and brains) and ali…i don’t know who the rest on the list are.

  11. My ‘Current Most Beautiful TVB Actresses’ list
    1. Jess Shum
    2. Rebecca Zhu
    3. Ali Lee
    4. Sharon Chan
    5. Tracy Chu
    6. Kamen Kong
    7. Kelly Cheung
    8. Maggie Yu Miao
    9. Kelly Fu
    10. Zoie Tam

  12. My favourite are Ali&Eliza Heung.Eliza heung has the most prettiest eyes and her face is way too perfect.Ali is very charismatic.Both can portray acting really well.Tracy chu is a brainy beauty too and looking forward to Kelly ng acting as her beauty is unique too.I also dont agree with the listing on samantha ko as most users as samantha ko is way too simple looking and her face is ordinary like typical china gals

  13. All of them have some flaws IMO. The only one that fits the bill in this current generation is probably Grace Chan (classic & universal beauty). I think Zoie Tam also comes close to being the best intermix between beautiful & cute (similar to Joe Chen.) Kate Tsui/Kelly Fu/Rebecca Zhu are shessi beauty. Kelly Ng is a strong contender for girl-next-door beauty, too. I’ll need to see more from her to figure her potential though. Elena Kong & Alice Chan have mature beauty. Christine Kuo used to be surreal beauty.

      1. @jimmyszeto I don’t know how I feel about Fala. I think she’s pretty for sure. But she wouldn’t fit the universal criteria for beautiful. Christine does though; she’s like Zoie Tam, the perfect medium between beautiful & cute.

        I also want to add Mandy Wong. But deep down I know she’s not qualified to be called beautiful either. But I like her other qualities.

  14. This are my most beautiful back in the 80’s and 90’s
    1. Gigi Lai
    2. Noel Leung
    3. Athena Chu
    4. Kenix Kwok
    5. Alvina Kong
    6. Irene Wan
    7. Erica Choi
    8. Shirley Cheung
    9. Yvonne Yung
    10. Vivian Chow

  15. I don’t know more than half of those listed in the article, but I would agree that Tracy is the best out of the current crop at TVB. But the current crop can’t hold a candle to the older generation actresses.

    Angie Chiu was and still is gorgeous. She has aged excellently. I also think Jamie Chik, Margie Tsang, Teresa Mak, Yammie Lam, and Maggie Siu were stunning. I don’t know her name, but the actress that played Lee Mok Sau in the ’83 ROTCH was also quite pretty.

    Of the 7 Dong Ka Fa Dans (though my bias is Esther), I find Maggie Cheung Ho Yee to be the best looking, and behind her, Ada. Kenix reminds me of Athena Chu, but the latter is prettier and more healthier looking.

    Of the five fadans, Fala is quite striking and looks the best now, but I think I favored Tavia’s looks a little more when she was at her best. Overall, wouldn’t consider any of the five beautiful/gorgeous though.

    Michelle Reis is beautiful, but I can barely call her a TVB actress, lol.

  16. i don’t see how half of these girls are in the ‘beautiful’ category because they may look nice but if you compare with others they are not beautiful at all. i only agree with eliza sam, tracy chu, kelly cheung and ali lee. i think jacqueline wong, moon lau, roxanne tong, grace wong, grace chan, zoie tam, jeannie chan and kaman kong deserve to be on this list and are the real goddesses of tvb (right now).

  17. Why is Jacqueline Wong not on this list? She and Tracy Chu look so similar, I get them mixed up all the time.

    Samantha Ko shouldn’t be on this list at all.

    It’s nice to see that they’re in their late 20s to early 30s. I was expecting this to be the next generation of TVB actresses and everyone to be 23 to 25 years old.

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