Uncut Version of “The Journey of Flower” to Air on Guangdong TV

The fantasy-wuxia drama, The Journey of Flower <花千骨>, caught much attention when it aired this summer in mainland China, but many fans were irate to discover that the violent kissing scenes between lead actor Wallace Huo (霍建華) and lead actress Zhao Liying (趙麗穎) had been deleted. Recently, Guangdong TV announced that it will air the uncut version of The Journey of Flower starting November 25.

The Journey of Flower tells the story of Hua Qiangu (Zhao Liying), an orphan girl who is accepted into a martial arts sect. She later becomes the sole disciple of the sect leader, Bai Zihua (Wallace Huo), and the two eventually develop feelings for one another. However, because they are master and disciple, their love is forbidden.

Airing on Hunan TV, The Journey of Flower became one of the most popular dramas of the summer. Online views for the drama surpassed 20 billion on each of mainland China’s major video websites, and it even spawned a modern-age sequel titled The Journey of Flower 2015 <花千骨2015 >.

However, the version aired on Hunan TV completely cut out some very violent and bloody kisses between Hua Qiangu and Bai Zihua, which occur after Qiangu turns into a demoness. Fans complained after finding out that these anticipated scenes would not be materializing on their TV screens.

Nevertheless, Guangdong TV recently revealed that it would be airing the uncut version of The Journey of Flower. The report also stated that the newly released scenes would explain why Bai Zihua was reduced to Hua Qiangu’s “male pet,” as well as reveal important details about the death of a beloved character.

On December 1, Taiwanese channels China TV and Chung T’ien TV will also begin airing The Journey of Flower, though it has not been announced which version of the drama will be shown. However, the Taiwanese broadcast will include a special behind-the-scenes segment depicting the filming of the violent kisses between Wallace and Liying.

Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The kisses were not violent. They were supposed to be passion due to repressed state. The violent ones were blood sucking scenes, hardly kissing.

    As for full unedited version, we shall see.

  2. Are they airing just the few episodes that is being cut or the whole drama again and please can anyone let me know where can i watch it?

  3. If it is just a few “violent kisses”, I will pass. It was an enjoyable drama though.

    Just a off topic note here, so this drama about immortals have nothing to do with Jade Emperor and its lots?

    Btw, in Chinese legend circle, Buddha who is a late comer as a religion and figure compare to Chinese Nuwa myth and Jade Emperor is more powerful than the Jade Emperor? Since when?

  4. Ok. I just watched ep 1 and it is still cut. The events seem pretty much the same, if not a little trimmed at the insignificant scenes. The CGI has been redone which looks hetter, but not great. Voices are still the same. The tone of colours look bluer. No leaf scene spotted. I’m not too fussed about have a 100% untouched version but i hope the editing if the scenes near the end will make more sense.

    TJOF will air in taiwan very shortly so let’s keep an eye out.

  5. Up to ep 2. More of Wallace’s scenes have been cut. Somr of Zanilia’s dialogue has heen cut as well. I’m getting annoyed that BZH is wearing blue instead of his trademark white robes. The sound effects have been enhanced. I think this Guangdong version has better effects than the mango version, i actually prefer the pacing and colour tone of the mango version.

      1. @crazykid24 Hey! Can you read chinese? I was talking to some TJOF fans online and they are watching the live streaming off the baidu website. However, it can run really slow and sometimes it won’t link at all. http://v.baidu.com/live/

        I have been on the prowl on various sites but can’t see this version out anyway yet. And youtube has taken down all the Hunan versions as well. Maybe wait a few more days. I will let you know if I find an alternate site.

        I don’t think many people are interested in this Guangdong version until the last half where some unseen scenes may be left in. However, the bulk of people I talk to see to be looking forward to the Taiwan version next week.

      2. @elizabeth At other sites many people saying this version seems the same they are looking forward to the Taiwan version too. In my opinion their uncut version I guess is that they will include the kissing scene and that is what their uncut version mean.

      3. @crazykid24 The mango version had really bad editting and the story did not flow. So i guess people are looking for an ending where stuff is explained instead of guesswork. The kissing scene is just one of them but most people want to see how Mo Yan sacrifices himself, BZH going mad, etc… this current gersioj has disappointed many as it has cut out further scenes in the mango version.

      4. @crazykid24 OK. I am up to ep 26 Guangdong version and it is really editted. The pace is faster but you miss the important non-verbal bonding moments between characters. So far, I am not supportive of this version but I’ll let you know if the blood kiss is included when I get to it. We got up to Wugou killing himself last night. BTW, the off-colour tone is getting on my nerves.

        I am up to ep 5 of the Taiwan version and so far, it looks exactly the same as the Mango version except the CGI looks different. I am watching off that site I gave you and the lag between audio and video is annoying.

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