Victoria Song’s “Find Yourself” Accused of Copying J-Dorama “I’m Taking the Day Off”

Currently airing on Hunan TV, the modern romance drama Find Yourself <下一站幸福> has found a successful formula to convince viewers to stay home to watch TV for the Lunar New Year. The drama stars Victoria Song (宋茜) as an established career woman who falls in love with an office rookie ten years younger than her, portrayed by Song Weilong (宋威龙). Their age gap becomes the focus of office gossip, and she starts to reconsider their relationship.

Although it’s only been a few episodes in, many netizens noticed that the plot of Find Yourself resembles the 2014 Japanese television drama Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, also known as I’m Taking the Day Off. In the dorama, a career woman in her 30s, who is inexperienced in love, starts a relationship with a much younger part-time intern after a one-night stand.

Netizens pointed out that the female leads of both series are 30-year-old career women who have never dated. They both have comedic families and a cute family dog. Both male leads are much younger office interns. Both stories have the leads decide to try out dating each other after a one-night stand. The second male leads (portrayed by David Wang 王耀慶 in Find Yourself) of both series are ambitious CEOs who fall in love with the female leads, and act as her best friend and mentor.

But reactions to the plagiarizing accusations were mixed. Others noted that despite the similarities in plot and roles in both series, the characterizations are different.

The screenwriter of Find Yourself was unhappy with the plagiarizing claims. In a Weibo post uploaded on January 28th, she welcomed netizens to list out the similarities, from characters to dialogue, of both series and share them online. She added that she was once a victim of plagiarizing accusations, and is thus very sensitive about the claims.

“Find Yourself” Trailer


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  1. “ has found a successful formula to convince viewers to stay home to watch TV For the Lunar New Year.” Lol more like nothing is on, all movies cancelled, all events cancelled, people are encouraged to stay indoor until the virus is over. I’m sure the series isn’t bad, possibly quite good, but the blow up number has more to do with there isn’t much alternative.

    1. @littlefish the other alternative is maybe you or other people can change to another channel to watch better drama. A drama with blow up number because of the virus?? what about other dramas,they are not infected by the virus? so the number are not blow up? Surely this is interesting theory LOL

      1. @fshh lol, there are so much period drama atm, that a contemporary is a welcome change. Also the story is fluffy, and heart warming, which is again, great for the current atmosphere – bleak and gloomy.

        Also another reason why it’s successful right now is because new year is when people loves the idea of new changes, meeting people and fall in love. But they couldn’t because of the virus, so it hits the dream zone/escapist for all the girls out there who couldn’t go out to mingle during NYE if there wasn’t a locked down lol.

        So I’m sorry I didn’t explain further for you but yes, it’s a lot more successful (a blow up kind of successful, which is what it’s getting right now) because it release in the right time.

      2. @littlefish period drama or not if it’s REALLY good everyone (even not all people in china) will watch it. A virus will not stop someone or force them to watch a bad drama. Or you are someone who will watch a bad drama when you have so many good dramas (period dramas or not) in your smart phones, televisions. We have many choices why choose a bad one just because of virus and can’t go out as we are living with many good choices in this era. I don’t think chinese are that stupid when choosing dramas to watch. The bad drama is still bad no matter what genre it is not because of the virus or there’s no other alternative when you and me are living in this era not 100 years ago.

      3. @fshh do you read my initial comment or do you get so hang up on someone’s poking a bit of fun at your favourite drama lol? I did said initially it maybe quite good, however, part of its great success is also great timing on the release. Again, people can’t go outside much, so they are on the net more. If you deny that straight out, then nothing I can say to change that. You should know multiple dramas that is great, but could not garner the “blow up status” when it did not release in the “right time”

  2. hum…big difference between the older male in the japanese vs the chinese version ar. but the younger guy in the chinese version is cuter. i hate it when they copy the japanese and korean “conquering girl techniques” like hand and the wall to keep the girl listening to what they have to say. so cheezy and supposedly this is a mature woman, so shouldn’t a more sophisticated technique be used?

    i like the plot though, it reminds me of the k drama where a fat girl in her 30s were wooed by two handsome younger men in their 20s. i think most ladies enjoy this type of drama.

    1. @m0m0 yea, many 20-40s yr girls would love this type of drama lol. And cheesy always works! At least in this period where it’s so bleak :/ SWL is very cute, I hope his acting improve because I would love to love him, too lol!

  3. Everyone copies no? What’s so shocking about this one? lol…I can’t believe the young lead is 12 years younger than the female lead. She does not look that much older at all.

    1. @wm2017 Right? As if there’s anything new ever in entertainment. Music is continually sampling the past. Movies are being rehashed and refreshed every few years. Dramas like to follow formulas that work. How many time has Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella been “plagiarized”?

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