Vincent Wong’s Mysterious Family Background Revealed

People only know two things about Vincent Wong’s (王浩信) family background—he’s married to the gorgeous Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and they have an eight-year-old daughter, Kiu (王靖喬). Not much, however, is known about the TV King’s own family background, until a recent paparazzi report decided to reveal it all in one summary.

Born in Xinjiang, Vincent’s father is Han Chinese and his mother is Uyghur. According to reports, his mother was known for her beauty in her youth. Both of his parents were business owners with good family backgrounds when they lived in Xinjiang. Vincent and his younger brother, Tony Wong (王瑋彤), also had a comfortable childhood. Their parents had the money to send them overseas for school. When Vincent turned 15 years old, his family’s business turned for the worse, prompting Vincent to forgo his education overseas to return home with his family. They then immigrated to Hong Kong for better opportunities. Vincent’s mother started working in the insurance industry, and thrived. She became part of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a trade association for insurance brokers and financial advisors.

Like Vincent, his younger brother Tony is also in the entertainment industry. Though Tony majored in business, he was adamant to not fall into the wormhole of 9-5 jobs. After his college graduation in the United States, he returned to Hong Kong and auditioned for TVB’s artiste training class in 2015. He was not selected. In 2016, Tony auditioned for Mr. Hong Kong, and was regarded as a popular candidate due to his similarities with Vincent, but had to step down from competing following a kidney stone diagnosis.

Tony, however, persisted on a career in entertainment. After his recovery, he signed with ViuTV as a contracted artiste, officially pursuing his career in acting and performing.

Source: Eastweek

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  1. Lol mysterious is an interesting description. Maybe he’s just a private person and doesn’t like to talk about his personal life.

    1. @tt23 Lol ikr, it’s not really “mysterious.” We found out about Vincent’s brother a few years ago when he joined Mr. HK. It wasnt a secret. And artists dont talk about their parents often.

    2. @tt23 he keeps his personal life under radar…till now, nobody knows if he and yoyo are still married. but I love his character in Legal Maverick.

      1. @janet72 the whole yoyo divorce or not divorce thing bugs me so much when people talk about it lol. like just leave it. they’ll say it when they want to. in interviews a while back all people asked was about their marriage and not their work, so annoying. they both seem super private too

        i hope they are but I don’t think they are together anymore. Or at least maybe going through some issues and trying to work through them

    3. @tt23
      Hmm…”mysterious”….I wouldn’t use that term in this context. But interesting to know. I was just watching Al Cappucino online last night. He is a really really good actor. Owen pales in comparison to him in terms of stature, charisma etc. (Not saying that Owen is not good; Owen is great and I love him too.)

      1. @summerdale he really is… I understand TVB is not the best place for good actors but they got lucky with Vincent — al cappuccino wasn’t the best script and I don’t think his character was written well but I just keep thinking “damn he’s such a good actor” lol. And yes, I am a fan of Owens but he’s not in the same caliber just yet.

  2. couldn’t tell that he has Uyghur blood at all. good for him that he has such a diverse ethnic background though

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