Wayne Lai and Michelle Yim: A Perfect Match

With the rave reviews The Confidant <大太監> is generating, will Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Michelle Yim (米雪) bring home the coveted TV King and Queen awards next month?

Audiences have already recognized Wayne and Michelle’s acting talents for many years, thus they will not think about the awards too much. They had enjoying portraying the challenging roles of Empress Dowager Cixi and Li Lianying, enjoying the acting exchange and tipping audiences of exciting scenes to watch in upcoming episodes of The Confidant.

An Even Match

Wayne compared his scenes with Michelle to playing table tennis. As they were volleying at each other, viewers will enjoy watching the match. As to who is the better of the two, Wayne said they are both as good. He said The Confidant is another masterpiece after Rosy Business <巾幗梟雄>.

Michelle admires Wayne’s strong work ethic. Even when they were working overtime and suffered from lack of sleep, Wayne still held up his part without any display of temper.

Wayne, in return, admires Michelle’s onscreen rendition of the empress, in which she conveyed her stern image effortlessly. Wayne found Michelle’s acting, costumes, and handling of her lines are simply outstanding.

Michelle’s role in The Confidant called for a very solemn look. She reminded herself to limit her facial expressions, so she had to act with her eyes and tone of voice. She wanted people to fear her simply because of her presence.

Although this is not her first time portraying Empress Dowager Cixi, there are significant differences compared to her other series, ATV’s The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty <滿清十三皇朝>, ranging from the costumes to her rendition of Cixi. To master the script, Michelle sacrificed much of her personal time including her Lunar New Year holidays, and began eating packed lunches instead of going out to eat, so that she could spend more time researching for the role.

After boyfriend Wan Chi Keung (尹志強) succumbed to cancer a few years ago,  Michelle has been spending most of her time on work, and the remaining time volunteering.  As for the possibility of a future partner, Michelle said she is not young anymore and frankly is not optimistic about this. However, with so much going on in her life, she hardly considers herself being lonely.

TV Awards

Michelle picked Wayne as her favorite to win the TV King title for the third time. As for the TV Queen award, Michelle said there are many talented actresses, so she is already happy with a nomination.

Wayne believes that this year’s voting process makes it harder to predict the outcome. “All in all, the awards are an encouragement to the artists. They also will draw more viewers to the series. The more the audiences are engaged in determining the award winners, the better it is for the industry. Based on the voting, the company can discover what the viewers prefer,” Wayne commented.  Although Wayne has a large fan base, whether or not they will spend the time voting is another matter. Winner or not, he will take it easy.

Wayne also said the competition will be very tough this year, as the potential nominees for TV King each possess their own unique personalities and fit their roles well, such as Raymond Lam (林峰) in Highs and Lows <雷霆掃毒>, and Moses Chan (陳豪) in Master of Play <心戰> and When Heaven Burns <天與地>.  Wayne said, “If I were to play their roles, it may have turned into a disaster. As an actor, I enjoy the acting part of my job, and hope that the viewers will enjoy the results.”

Wayne explained that the fortune that follows the awards really does not matter since most leading actors already command top fees. Wayne said, “Raymond Lam cannot raise his ticket price if he wins, right?” To Wayne, “It’s a game! So let’s have a party and have fun!”

Recommended Scenes

There are many memorable moments in The Confidant, so it was surprising that both Michelle and Wayne picked the same scene as their favorite. The scene describes how Lianying requests to leave the palace after being reprimanded by the Empress. Although she is unwilling, Cixi decides it is time to let go of Lianying. Before Lianying leaves the palace, the two enjoy a bicycle ride for one last time. It was an emotional farewell, illustrating the respect and admiration between the master and the servant.

Source: ihktv.com 

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  1. I enjoy non-romantic pairings more than the typical overly passionate love relationship.

    Non-romantic pairings require the scriptwriter to use more subtle and logical storytelling methods, rather than plot devices such as love at first sight, love triangles, typical lover’s misunderstanding, on-again, off-again relationship, tragic lost love through death, etc. The romantic plot devices have become OTT while being unable to tell effectively how their bond is special and why the audience should care.

    1. TVB is best at non romantic relationship, such as friend-friend, superior-muse which is how this series is. So I am not surprised. The more challenging aspect is the love aspect between the eunuchs and maids/princess.

    2. I agree with you. TVB has recycled the same plots over and over again that the romantic relationships are plain cheesy nowadays. I love those non-romantic relationships that show how the two leads have mutual admiration and understanding for each other and will stand by each other no matter the circumstances. I think those stories are more touching than the romantic ones from TVB dramas. Wayne Lai seems to specialize in those non-romantic relationships, from Rosy Business & No Regrets with Sheren, to Forensic Heroes 3 with Maggie Cheung and now The Confidant with Michelle.

      1. “Wayne Lai seems to specialize in those non-romantic relationships, from Rosy Business & No Regrets with Sheren, ”

        Actually he was at his most romantic with sheren in both series. Now we have Nancy.

      2. In RB, I don’t think it was a romantic relationship. In NR, it was a subtle love relationship.

        I guess I should say subtle romantic relationships, instead of non-romantic. Even with Nancy in FH3 and TC, he is not all “I love you, blah, blah, blah” and those other cheesy love plots

      3. Wayne was supposed to be romantic w/ Maggie in FH3 but they were dead boring. Wayne has more chemistry w/ nancy despite their age gap.

      4. That’s why I said RB and NR are very romantic without the kissing hugging I love yous. It’s all through the eyes, Both were romantic love in an old fashioned way.

      5. I have always wondered if Wayne and Sharen’s relationship was romantic in RB?? Some say yes but some say no, so I guess it is open to interpretation??

      1. Nothing is historically correct from episode 1 so why bother?

      2. According to history he will stay until Cixi died which is one day after her nephew Guangxu died but TVB is making their own version of Cixi so things are plotted differently.

        Maybe TVB wants to make a sequel if ratings is good?

      3. Maybe they’ll throw some new actresses namely Eliza Sam for part2 as a pretty concubine.

      4. The series is set for the first half of Li Lianying’s life, so tracking his rise to power. I believe it will end shortly after Tongzi’s death. We will probably see Guangxu’s coronation (since there’s a scene in the opening video of Wayne holding a child walking towards the throne). Wayne has said he hopes there can be a sequel about Li Lianying’s later life if ratings are good. TVB just might do it, considering their love for sequels

      5. The initial sales presentation for TVB clients actually extended way into Guangxu’s reign.

      6. TVB doesn’t always stick to the sales presentation story. Also I think the original scriptwriters left after a few episodes so story might be changed because of that too.

        If there is a sequel, please no Eliza or Christine. Their bad Chinese will stand out even more in ancient setting

      7. History already changed. At least do it logically. So far it isn’t too logical but nothing too damning like that trash called Gong 2. I don’t think the series will go to guangxu story since already 10 episodes and still tongzhi is a child. it will probably end like you all said with tongzhi’s death and cixi reigning behind the curtain for real with linying beside her.

  2. I like the little boy who plays Emperor Tongzhi. His acting is good for a child and he’s cute.

      1. I hope not too soon too. I really like the boy’s performance as the little emperor. It’s rare that TVB has a kid that’s both cute looking and act really well. At some points he’s better than adult actors.

      2. He’s cute and all, but his crying scenes annoy me, the way he contorts his face so much. And he cries too much for such an old boy.

      3. A spoiled child will always use tears and tantrums to get his way. Not too old for that.

      4. Forgot to finish. His acting is quite decent, for a child, at least.

  3. I like the Confidant much more than the Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. I always fast forward many of the scenes from Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles.

    1. The Confidant is better than Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles. Michelle Yim especially is a great actress. All her scenes are prominent.

  4. Yup, I was dead bored and annoyed with SSSS from the beginning. Initially, I thought it’d get better, but no. The Confidant, however, captured my attention from the very beginning! Like it a lot so far 😉

  5. Any comments on Maggie Siu’s role as Ci’an? I am a great fan of Maggie Siu! Her role hasn’t generate much media coverage.

  6. Michelle’s eyes speak volume above, and isn’t she hot wearing that in the warm weather looking above…

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