Who is the Final Boss in “Death By Zero”?

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Death By Zero, ending August 7, 2020.

As Death By Zero <殺手> gears up for its final week of broadcast, it’s also time to bring forth the main antagonist—the Assassin Hunter.

Starring Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Moses Chan (陳豪), Ali Lee (李佳芯), Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), Elena Kong (江美儀), and Samantha Ko (高海寧), Death By Zero follows a league of assassins operating in Hong Kong. For years they operated under a seamless system of avenging and profiting, but appearance of the Assassin Hunter in episode 24 completely throws that system to chaos.

In his opening scene, the Assassin Hunter makes his attacks on the assassin “Cleaners”, including Sam Sam (Samantha Ko). He successfully kills Ah Fan (Tony Yee 易智遠) but Sam Sam manages to escape in time. Fung Sir (James Ng 吳業坤) soon arrives at the scene to pursue Hunter, only to discover that Sam Sam had been a Cleaner all along.

Netizens have long speculated that Parker (Brian Tse 謝東閔), who has gone dark, is the true identity of the Assassin Hunter. But a good minority believes that Fung Sir could also be the Hunter, and netizens have the receipts to prove it.

It was reported by an earlier spoiler that the final boss is a “young, handsome man.” He has already appeared on the show, and has had interactions with Zero (Moses Chan) and Yama (Wayne Lai). By the process of elimination, Parker and Fung Sir are two of the biggest characters suspected to be the Assassin Hunter.

Netizens speculating Fung Sir as the final boss are pointing out that the “darkening” of Parker is meant to be a distraction and smoke screen for the true final boss. They argue that the possibility of Fung Sir having hallucinations—which was briefly grazed over in the form of dialogue—is an attempt at foreshadowing his true identity.

There are also those who theorize that the entire assassin world in Hong Kong is all but a fake world imagined by Fung Sir, who is suffering from depression and mild schizophrenia. They argue that while all the characters appearing on the show truly exist, their careers as assassins are imaginary. For example: Zero is literally just a coffee shop owner and Sam Sam is literally just a good-looking young janitor. As many characters on the show often point out to Fung Sir that he often mistakes them for others, they theorize that this could possibly be a way to tell viewers that Fung Sir is truly have hallucinations and delusions.

James Ng was reached out for comment about this theory. He said, “They’re very creative! Unfortunately I cannot spoil anything. But what I can say is that my character is genuine. He is what he is. Whatever you see about him is true. Fung is really stubborn about assassins! You will know what will happen to him in the final chapter!”

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. My guess the boss will be Wayne.My guess the killer who is trying to kill Samantha is Wayne’s student. I really enjoyed this drama. See if I guess it right or not?

  2. (spoilers warning)
    Last friday’s episode caught me off guard. I hope Wayne’s apprentice survives the accident. He deserves to live. He has a heart of gold (I could be too generous here here) and he openly admit that he doesn’t mind being conned by Wayne. Just as long as he can learn to become an assassin, he is willing to give up all his fortune to Wayne.

    In ways, it would make sense if Parker is the Assassin Hunter. This is based on the abuse, pain and suffering inflicted by 佛爺’s unlawful demands but then again, last Friday’s episode revealed the Assassin Hunter, 肥仔東,unless the real boss is really Parker? Before I make anymore assumptions, I want to know what did the apprentice see on Parker’s phone? How did he know to go straight to Parker’s photo album? He has good instincts.

  3. ~spoilers~

    We still don’t know who killed MunMun and the triad people in that house. Maybe it’s also the Assassin Hunter too. I have seen a netizen state that it is likely Parker killed MunMun in order for Zero to kill Fut Yeh.

    We also don’t know who will take over Overbeck however it is clear Sophia wants Charlie to become the leader. Though would be cool for Cash to be leader since she is under Sophia.

    It’s kinda disappointing for the baddies to easily die. Like MunMun’s father and then Fut Yeh easily killed by Zero. Even the duel between Dark Angel and Zero was quick.

    Also I don’t want Wayne’s student to die. He’s a truly good person. Though I think someone has to die. Wayne hasn’t had his transformation yet to be a fit guy he still has his fake belly and everything so something needs to happen to motivate him to train hard. But hopefully his student isn’t sacrificed for that to happen :/. Considering Parker is dark and evil his daughter is in trouble.

  4. I was so sure Cash will take over as the leader! Can’t wait to see her showing off her new skills!

  5. I was surprised it was Parker but it makes so much sense. At first I suspected Fung sir and also Siu Bing (I think that’s the name of Wayne’s apprentice?)

    I’m glad Fut Yeh is dead I cheered lol. I hated his character it was too crazy and didn’t make any sense.

    This was a decent series! I wish there was more fighting scenes and from the trailers, I thought Cash was going to become a badass assassin as the show went on but she didn’t :/ she still has 5 episodes to do it so I hope she gets there.

  6. Last week’s episodes were really good. The best part was when Zero punched ah Fung in the face. Very excited as to how Cash and Zero will end up.
    Makes sense for tvb to pull the good guy being bullued is actually the villain.
    Siu Bing is such a cutie pie please don’t die!

  7. Yes agreed, hope Siu Bing survived the accident.

    The big boss likely to be Parker & Cash may take over Sophia post. Sad that Sophia killed by Assassin Hunter

    Overall good drama… cannot wait for the twist next week, final 5 episode

  8. ***spoilers***

    I think the spoilers for next episode already specified that Parker (Brian Tse) is the Assassin Hunter. Didn’t Anthony Ho (the sassy fat mgr) mention that he’s the one who masterminded the plot to kill the assassins? Although he provided the plan, the one who went and did all the dirty work was Brian. It makes sense because Brian got ahold of Anthony after working with Fut Yeh…in exchange for killing Fut Yeh, Anthony will train Brian to become a killer and likewise Brian will help him become the head of assassins and work with Brian in the future. It’s a perfect cooperation.

  9. I think the way the baddies died was too abrupt and not satisfying enough, but I understand they did that to keep the story moving. Still, the way Fut Yeh and Hung Jeh died was too lenient. They honestly deserved worse.

    1. @coralie btw super freaking cool how the show portrayed Moses as such a cool assassin. Seriously felt like he was a robot. The precision is intense. Also @jayne, when will we be able to edit?

      1. @coralie
        I think you’ve got it right.
        After seeing his uncle die, all those tortures from Fat Yeh and that deathmatch with Jim. He is going nuts. He did saw MunMun. First thing was to save her. But when he heard that Zero will kill Fat Yeh if she dies, he change if heart. Then he wasn’t to dispose all of the assasin. So he work with DINO. Au Siu Wai was killed by Parker. The other peoples are new and going to take over Overbeck. Really getting excited. Also for me hopley the apprentice don’t die. So Megan can still have a lover after Parker die.

  10. ***SPOILERS***

    I was sooo upset seeing Wayne’s apprentice get hit. Knowing TVB, someone has to end up dying so it doesn’t look good on that front. And if Brian Tse is the final boss then Siu Bing has to die otherwise it’s too soon/easy for them to know the secret.

    When seeing the final boss strike, it really does look like Brian under the mask so not sure how to argue that.

    My personal theory however is I wouldn’t be surprised if Fung Sir worked out a deal the time he went to Anthony’s office when he was following Kill Bill (who also makes me laugh loads). With his previous mental health they keep mentioning, perhaps he has a personality disorder so he wants to catch the assassins but also goes OTT?? Even if not, I still think he’d be the final boss because he’ll be driven to the limit the amount of times people don’t believe what he says.

  11. Spoilers:::::
    I don’t understand how Parker is capable of killing professional assassins. He couldn’t even throw punches before, but he’s a serial killer of professional killers now. Makes no sense.

  12. It looks like another stupid final five episodes that make no sense. So much for the show having a chance to pick up awards.

  13. So far the drama has been dodging cliches (with exception to the deaths of supporting casts – Kill Bill, Ah Bing, etc.), but I think I have the ending figured out.

    I think Wayne will ask Moses to battle to death (with the intention to have Moses kill him – because he wants to transfer his organs to his daughter, Louisa Mak) but will tell Moses it’s to avenge Louisa, hence “Death by Zero.” Ali will prob survive. Jim Sir will be promoted for tipping on such a big case. Not sure about the rest

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