“Witness Insecurity” Shakes Up Ratings and Complaints!

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TVB secured good ratings with its series Witness Insecurity <護花危情> and No Good Either Way <衝呀!瘦薪兵團>, which averaged 30 points last week. The two series attracted approximately 1.92 million viewers tuning in. The first week’s broadcast of Witness Insecurity has even received a 5-point increase as compared to Master of Play’s <心戰> final episode last week. However, the “cat throwing” scene in Witness Insecurity was heavily criticized and received a total of 85 complaints!

Many viewers have criticized the “cat throwing” scene in Witness Insecurity as cruel and gruesome. One of the characters threw a cat to feed a dog. Many viewers criticized it as violent and expressed an intention of animal abuse, setting a bad example to the public. TVB has since clarified that no real animal was used in the series. The action is only to reflect the intense anger of the character and it has no intention of portraying animal abuse. 

Another TVB series, No Good Either Way, also received good ratings last week. Its 2-hour airing of the final episode averaged 33 points, reaching a peak at 37 points. It drew approximately 2.37 million viewers. Unfortunately, No Good Either Way did not reach the average 30 points in the whole series, hence TVB did not throw a commemorative dinner for celebration.

Tiger Cubs <飛虎> also saw a 2-point increase, with an average rating of 30 points. It was, however, surprising to note that last week’s airing of Kenny Wong’s (黃德斌) bloody death scene, and Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) earlier throat cutting scene did not receive any complaints.

“Battle of Singing Stars” Suffered Poor Ratings

TVB variety show, Battle of Singing Stars 2012 <翡翠歌星紅白鬥>, featured many heavy weight stars such as Raymond Lam (林峰), Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲), Joey Yung (容祖兒), Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Taiwanese magician, Lu Chen (劉謙). However, the program fell below expectations and only brought in an average of 19 points. It also received complaints that the singers’ performance was terrible, Carol Cheng stealing her co-stars’ lines, the poor sound system, and short appearance time for Adason Luo (羅力威). However, the show received positive feedback from music critics and record companies, who concluded that such a program brought vibrancy to the music industry.

Another variety program, Around the World: Star Competition <環遊世界明星賽> hosted by Grasshopper <草蜢>, received fabulous ratings. Its premier rating soared to 29 points, making it the highest rating variety show this year.

TVB is still negotiating with i-Cable for the broadcasting right of the London 2012 Olympics. TVB remains open about the negotiation, and hopes to clinch the deal at a reasonable contract fee.  

TVB will also pay tribute to Jacqueline Law (羅慧娟), who passed away on June 30th, by airing her past series. Viewers had voted to watch The Final Combat <蓋世豪俠> and it has already started airing on weekdays on myTV.

Source: ihktv.com

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13 comments to “Witness Insecurity” Shakes Up Ratings and Complaints!

  1. gold4canada says:

    85 complaints for one scene? looks like master of play won’t hold the record for most complaints for too long

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  2. NP says:

    Dogs don’t eat cats! I know that’s not the point but that’s weird. Dogs don’t like cats but they don’t eat them. I’m not watching the series so maybe there’s more to the plotline. Oh welp…

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    • Daisy replied:

      There actually isn’t more to it. That men threw the cat to show his anger. So even though that scene was shocking I didn’t expect it to get so many complaints :/

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    • josie replied:

      Yeah, dogs don’t eat cats but they can brutally attack them anyway. It was just kinda shocking to see that scene on tvb.

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  3. sure-lee says:

    When I saw that cat part, I was pretty freaked out about it too. The scene was really sudden, and it was totally unexpected.

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  4. Ric says:

    I don’t see a big deal with the cat scene. After all it was a violent gangster who did that after threatening the life of another person. I think it’s justifiable as it gets the message across on how sick he can be. I doubt anyone would think for one second they used a real cat.

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  5. Hannahh says:

    The cat sceme was good as it’s show how angry the man is and how he will treat his enemy.

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  6. Fox says:

    I think the TVB singing battle was quite well.made. Yup to some bad performances such as Next stop Tin Hau of Ah Sa or the surprising not good performance of Janice Vidal but overall it was pretty good, comparing to.previous shows. So I think it can gain possitive reviews from the critics is reasonable.

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    • josie replied:

      I didn’t like jin lee either. It was like she was purposely trying to make her English sound sophisticated.

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  7. Eric says:

    Which episode showed the throwing cat scene? Cos i didn’t notice it?

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  8. mike says:

    which episode was the throwing of the cat? I follow it every episode but I did not notice.

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  9. JT says:

    really 85 complaints over that…thats so lame

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  10. Funn Lim says:

    Just saw the ending. Can I complain? Stupid ending.

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