Yang Mi Gushes Over Hawick Lau’s Attentiveness

Perfect newlyweds Yang Mi (楊冪) and Hawick Lau (劉愷威) are hiding a secret: they are actually polar opposites. While many couples in the entertainment industry have called it quits over personality differences and busy schedules, Yang Mi and Hawick successfully pulled through with good communication and a willingness to compromise. Ecstatic and in bliss, Yang Mi opens up about the lessons learned and counts the ways that her other half completes her life.

Despite a twelve-year age difference, the couple share a stable and generally rumor-free relationship. While Yang Mi is emotionally mature beyond her years, some of her daily habits reflect her true age. Confessing that she has a short temper, the twenty-seven-year-old says that Hawick is never angry and always maintains a positive attitude. She feels that she has been reformed by his calm nature and has actively made changes to her lifestyle. “I am a messy person while Hawick is very organized… I was influenced [by him] after awhile and learned to pick up after myself….”

She is also smitten over Hawick’s attentiveness, happy that her husband takes care of her daily needs even when she is away for work. Comfortable with performing household chores, Hawick seems like the perfect house-husband, always making sure that Yang Mi has whatever she wants at her disposal. He even takes the time to mail her care packages when he could not visit in person.

Under such immaculate care, Yang Mi is in no hurry to improve her cooking skills. Ordering take-out most of the time, the couple has yet to celebrate their new married life with an authentic home-cooked meal. Yang Mi seemed embarrassed as she revealed their gourmet meal of choice – frozen dumplings, lamenting, “We are busy working most of the time and rarely have time to spend together. I will cook when I become better at it!”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Cute couple!!! 12 years apart! I just met someone 13 years older than me and we actually have things to talk about. I guess dating someone a deacde older is nothing. Wish them luck. He’s very handsome and I’ve never seen him act. I recently notice that Yang Mi is from Ruby Lin’s drama.

  2. If all these details are not made up by media, she is what you would call the “high maintenance ” type of women. Obviously, he loves her more than she loves him.

  3. I think this article makes it sound like they compliment each other well. Some men or even some women likes to take care (or spoil) of their gf/wife and not ask for anything in return. As long as they see their wife/gf happy they are happy.

    1. agree…yang mi may be the type that never like house chores irregardless , moreover, she has so much money, why care, even those less rich ones hire maid. So why fuss about whether yang mi does chores or not. If Hawick enjoy doing house chores, he can continue to do so…
      very loving indeed

      1. she is lucky to find a man like him, i wish i have a husband like him….

  4. LOL She does not seem high maintenance at home at all. I bet both already have their own styles of living – especially Hawick who is a neat and tidy person. They just happen to complement one another. It’s odd, I am a neat and tidy person and pick up after others —but they call me high maintenance.

  5. As long as they love each other!! There a cute couple!!! So sweet!!!

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