Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat Share Stage

Reel life vs. real life: Fan excitement over the uber-compatible onscreen couple

Stealing viewers’ hearts with their flawless looks and sizzling chemistry, the aviation-themed You Are My Glory <你是我的榮耀> propelled its leads Dilraba Dilmurat (迪麗熱巴) and Yang Yang (楊洋) to dizzying heights of fame in 2021, with fans clamoring for the two stunning celebrities to announce a real-life romance!

Rose Up Search Rankings

A recent event which paid tribute to aerospace professionals reunited the popular onscreen couple in a song performance. Sharing their feelings while filming the hit drama, Yang Yang, who plays an aerospace designer, recounted how he experienced for himself the stringent standards and esteem which aerospace professionals held for their job. Dilraba, who plays the family member of an aviation expert, expressed that “the key aviation-related designs we see today cannot be separated from the family support these professionals receive.”

Teaming up for the drama’s theme song “Fireworks of Stars” (烟火星辰), the two put up a dreamy performance as they sang while gazing into each other’s eyes against a starry backdrop. After the short clip was shared online, the search phrase “Yang Yang and Dilraba Dilmurat gaze at each other and smile” quickly went up search rankings and evoked fervent discussions by fans, proving that the buzz around You Are My Glory has yet to subside!



Source: On.CC

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  1. Those fans are just excited to hear if both are dating…upon confirmation. They will start bashing…to add stress to relationship and break the couple up.

  2. Just bc they have good chemistry in a drama, it doesn’t mean they have to date in real life. These fans really need to separate drama and reality.

    1. That is something I have been saying for awhile. They just can’t understand that having a good acting connection, (chemistry), does not mean they will make a romantic match. Delusional is as delusional does. Iv’ve actors who had smoudering chemistry onscreen, but actually did not get along well offscreen, and thrir lives and goals were headed in different directions. You just said exactly what I have been saying for some years now.

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