Yoyo Chen 2-Months Pregnant with Vincent Wong’s Baby, Sparking Rushed Wedding

TVB actress, 30-year-old Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) and 28-year-old Vincent Wong (王浩信) have been dating for 3 years. Despite a noisy break up earlier, Vincent successfully reconciled with Yoyo within two weeks. The pair appeared to have straightened out their problems, as Vincent suddenly announced the couple’s wedding plans! However, Vincent denied that the reason for the rushed wedding was due to Yoyo’s alleged pregnancy!

Eager to become “Mrs. Wong,” it was understood that Yoyo was almost two months pregnant and wished to get married before her belly bump surfaced. Yoyo and Vincent’s wedding will be held on November 13, 2011 at the Island Shangri-La Hotel in Hong Kong.

It was revealed that Yoyo and Vincent filed for marriage papers on October 7th. Although Vincent claimed that he had possessed marriage plans early in advance and planned to get his marriage certificate on a unique day (11/11/11) , it was understood that Yoyo’s pregnancy was the reason behind the couple’s rushed wedding.

An insider revealed, “Yoyo and Vincent admitted to their friends that they were expecting a baby. Otherwise, they will not get married so quickly. There is not a lot of time left and they could not secure a larger venue for their wedding. The date of the marriage registration and wedding reception are only two days apart! Due to space limitations, they can only accommodate over a dozen banquet tables.

“OnceVincent completes his theatrical project with Leila Tong (唐寧), he will partner with his good friends on a project, allowing his wife to rest more. After the paparazzi secretly photographed Yoyo and Vincent lounging in their apartment earlier, Vincent originally intended to move to a new home. Now that Yoyo is pregnant, they will follow Chinese tradition and not move at this sensitive time, choosing to will wait until after the baby is born,” Vincent’s close friend revealed.

A Star-Studded Wedding Party

Yoyo’s bridesmaids will be her friends outside the entertainment industry. Vincent’s groomsmen will be his colleagues in the industry, including Him Law (羅仲謙) and Stephen Huynh (黃長興). The couple will invite Fala Chen (陳法拉), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Felix Wong (黃日華),  Michael Miu (苗僑偉), and more friends from the industry to their wedding reception.

Excerpt from Next Magazine # 1128

Jayne: Yoyo Chen and Vincent Wong are somewhat the new sex symbols of TVB. Hehe perhaps they can continue this status after they become parents! I do believe that Yoyo is pregnant, as the couple’s wedding announcement is very sudden! Congratulations!

I googled photos of the Island Shangri-La Hotel so that we can have a first look at how Yoyo and Vincent’s wedding venue will look like. The above thumbnails showcase the wedding reception room under western and Chinese decorations. Take a closer look!


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  1. Fun. I thought this girl was 20s. Beside her role in Best Selling Secret, I had not seen any big role until the series E.of.Relics(?). Now she is carrying the baby, her career might be down but at least she will have a baby.

    1. Same here. She doesn’t look like she is 30.
      Congrats Yoyo & Vincent!

  2. Congratulations to Yoyo and Vincent. They are such a beautiful couple.

  3. Congrats to them!!!
    Whether baby news is true or not…doesn’t matter 😀

  4. Nancy Wu, Michael Miu, Felix Wong. All 3 from ‘Gun Metal Grey’. 😀

    Vincent Wong and Stephen Huynh seems to be really good friends. Vincent will be one of Stephen’s groomsmen for his wedding next year. And now, he will be one of Vincent’s groomsmen.

    1. Was Vincent or Yoyo in Gun Metal Grey?? I don’t remember…. If so, I think they Nancy, Miu and Felix in that series. It’s great that they met and become good friends.

      1. Vincent was in Gun Metal Grey. He paired with Nancy Wu in the series.

      2. Thanks for reminding me. It has been quite while since I have seen that series.I remember VIncent most in Can’t Buy Me love.

  5. I guess congrats to them! ^^ The baby story seems to have some truth to it, but I don’t think it really matters. If it’s true, then I understand why Yoyo’s in such a rush.

  6. She prob got preggers when making out with vincent when they opened their blinds and tipped the paparazzi.

    1. Lolololo that was exactly what I was thought too!!! I guess they made the baby then!

  7. Haha Jayne, you double posted your ‘comments’ part. 😛

    anw, congrats to yoyo and vincent! 😀

  8. Congrats to them but I don’t think it is always good to marry just because the girl is pregnant. I have seen a number of cases where it did not last or turn out well. However, it varies from case to case…

    1. They live together in 2 years and this isn’t one day sex and the girl gets pregnant. It’s different.

    2. They didn’t marry just because of the pregnancy. The article already said Vincent and Yoyo planned to marry on 11/11/11. They just make it a month earlier.

  9. Cant believe YOyo is 30, she looks very young!
    Congrats to the couple. I like them!
    Hope Vincent will be given bigger roles, he’s pretty good.

  10. He’s a pretty good actor. I was rather impressed with his fake gentleman performance in CBML. In fact I was very impressed.

  11. i think his acting is pretty good but i just think he’s not good looking enough.

  12. I love how they spelt New Territories wrong on the notice of intended marriage.

    Just looking at this, now I know why Vincent would publicly propose to Yoyo, it’s obvious she would’ve said yes since they submitted an intention to get married together :p

    1. Not only the ‘New Territories’ word slept wrongly, Vincent Wong’s surname they also write wrongly.
      How come the marriage notice got so many errors? Can’t they print a new one?

  13. I think Yoyo is really hot(im a girl btw), too bad she’s not really promoted at tvb.
    she and vincent make a really cute couple (:

  14. They’re a pretty couple. I wish them the best of luck.they’ll have beautiful babies. Hope the marriage will last.

  15. Congrats to Yoyo if she’s pregant! She’s cute and prettier than ugly cammi tse.
    Vincent does not deserve Yoyo, she should get divorced and be a single mum, too bad she is a underrated actress 🙁 She deserves better…

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