Yoyo Chen Starts Personal YouTube Channel

The actress answers questions from fans in her debut video!

On February 4, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) announced that she has news to share, leading many wondering if the actress was going to announce something related to her controversial marriage. However, it turned out that the 39-year-old has launched her own YouTube channel after a year of preparations.

No Mention of Vincent

In her first video, Yoyo shared her answers to 11 questions on netizens’ minds, including her secret to looking youthful, why she seldom lets her daughter Wong Ching Kiu (王靖喬) appear in public, and why it seems that she has been filming less in recent years. However, Yoyo did not address netizens’ questions on her relationship with Vincent Wong (王浩信), with whom she has long had divorce rumors.

Mindset is Key to Youthfulness

On her youthful looks, Yoyo said, “I feel that I have not changed much, and still have a young heart. To maintain a youthful appearance, you have to have a youthful outlook!” While Yoyo has her own pressures and unhappy moments, she would never allow herself to be unhappy for too long, since there is a lot to do as a mother and actress. Thus, she tells herself to move forward with a more positive attitude.

Protecting her 8-year-old daughter from excessive media glare, Yoyo seldom shares about their daily moments. She prefers to let her daughter lead an ordinary life like her classmates so she could focus on schoolwork.

Since some of her dramas may have taken up to six months or a year before they could be aired, Yoyo explained this gave viewers the impression that she has not been filming. As she seldom appears on variety programs, this added to the sense that she was missing from screens.

More Confident About Herself

Shaped by her life experiences through the years, Yoyo is now more content now than ever before. Compared to her twenties when she had been foolish and directionless, and her thirties when she had to adjust to motherhood and family life, Yoyo is now more certain about what she wants entering her forties. “I’m now clearer about what I want from life, and also how I should move forward…because I’ve matured and learned a lot. I love the phase I am in right now!”

Watch Yoyo’s Debut Video:

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The video is about her most asked questions which is ironic because we all know none of those questions are the most asked lol

    Happy for her tho! I like yoyo.

  2. excited to see more of her Youtube videos! feel bad though because many of the comments are about her and Vincent’s marriage, the only thing she even mentioned about her marriage was when talking about her life/herself at 20, 30, and now, and that she got married and became a mom at around 30, and honestly, though I would love to see a video of the two of them, I also don’t expect anything. and regarding their marriage, she doesn’t owe the public any answers, so hopefully (though unlikely) the comments will stray away from that. excited to see her other guests like Shiga and Priscilla though! 😀

  3. I like YoYo and her beauty is glowing,

    Her new short hair style suits her….

    But really, she should really step out on her channel and clarify the status of her marriage…

    It’s getting beyond the joke every time they are in public and dodge the question when asked by reporters..

  4. Her hairdo suits her. She should keep it short. Regarding her marriage status, I am sure Vincent is paying her to keep quiet to protect his image. We as fans, know it is over and should just move on.

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