Zhou Xun and Archie Kao in Midst of Divorce Rumors

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Zhou Xun’s (周迅) marriage to Archie Kao (高聖遠) hasn’t been gossip-free. Married since July 2014, rumors of infidelity plagued the couple ever since, and this year hasn’t been an improvement.

Archie, who is now in Taiwan to film the drama My Dear Boy <我的男孩> with Ruby Lin (林心如), was exposed by a tabloid magazine to have been banned from talking about his wife during the press conference. When reporters asked him if Zhou Xun would come to visit his set in Taipei, he said simply, “Not sure.”

After a further investigation by the magazine, it turned out that Archie and Zhou Xun have already separated for a while, and are in the midst of divorce. The news allegedly came from an “A-list” celebrity friend of Zhou Xun’s.

Additionally, it’s been found that Archie has also ended his relationship with Zhou Xun’s personal studio, which has been managing his projects in the Asian region for the past three years. Archie’s Asian projects are now managed by his personal manager.

Speculations of a divorce have been going on since as early as last October. Busying themselves with filming and expressing their lack of interest in having children, the media speculated that their marriage was heading for collapse. Archie had denied these claims at the time, saying that they maintained their relationship by calling each other every day.

Despite the divorce rumors getting more heated, Zhou Xun has yet to respond to them.

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      That was fast. No worries. Standard reply ready; will remain as friends, etc etc.

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    2. cuckoo says:

      I think if the information is clear, it should write the name of the tabloid magazine instead of only ” a tabloid magazine”. Knowing the name of the magazine can help to evaluate its information, there’s nothing to hide if the magazine already published its information. I remembered reading somewhere recently that Zhou Xun said “We haven’t divorced yet”, but this news still continues to come out. Maybe it’s because this is first Archie Kao’s big project in Asia market and his relationship with his super famous Zhou Xun is used to promote his work? He’s just filmed a few days so what’s the problem if he’s not sure his wife visit or not? How long is this project, two months? too short? need visit?

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