Christine Kuo and Oscar Leung Film “Tiger Cubs 2”

After rumors circulating that  Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) has hooked up with Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), there were speculations that Christine did not turn up for the praying ceremony for Tiger Cubs 2 (飛虎II) so as to avoid him. This could not be further from the truth. The pair, who plays a married couple in Tiger Cubs 2, was full of ease and humor while filming a scene a few days ago at Prince Edward Street.

The scene started with the uniform-wearing policewoman, Christine, who was on patrol duty. Having spotted a criminal, she gave chase. The criminal ran past the off-duty Oscar who immediately grasped the situation and they gave chase together. Eventually, the criminal was cornered in a back alley and apprehended.

Though the scene was filmed in the evening, the summer temperature of 32 degrees  Celsius was unbearable for Christine and Oscar who had to run up and down the street at least ten times to perfect the scene. Many onlookers gathered to watch the filming. No matter how tired they were from the running, the two congenial actors agreed to take photos with their fans.

Christine admitted that she has been exercising in preparation for the action scenes in the drama. Not missing a beat, Oscar jokingly asked the reporters, “Do you know why Christine is so fit? Because she is chasing after [woo] me!”

Christine and Oscar had also played a pair of online lovers in the short film, White Man <愛神搭錯線>. Regarding rumors that Oscar had cheated on long-time girlfriend, Tina, with Christine, Oscar said, “Christine and I are definitely not possible. But perhaps it’s a good thing after all. I’ll treat it as publicity. Let’s continue to play more onscreen lovers.”

When asked if they have more exciting scenes ahead, Christine quickly asserted that there are not that many love scenes between them. Laughing, Oscar teased her, “They are asking if there are any more exciting action scenes. Your head is full of love scenes.”


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  1. Why is Christine a policewoman now when she was a flight attendant in the first part?

      1. Clicked into the source and ishhh look at her in the police uniform, she really looks plump now!

  2. Rofl such a random career change! Hope they have a good reason on why she switched jobs!

  3. But Christine should really shed away those extra pounds real fast, else, she will be too big size for Oscar.
    she cant act and if she doesnt keep her godness appearance, dont know what left of her!
    even with her pretty face, its a torture to watch her act!

    1. Can’t agree with you more! I was like “ew..” whenever I saw her with Oscar.

  4. It’s pretty odd because she wasn’t even pretty to begin with so I don’t know what’s the hype with calling her a “Goddess” and stuff like that.

    As for her acting, she’s really wooden and she’s got a long way to go. What really tips me off is her accent when she tries to speak Cantonese. Even JJ Jia can do better than her!

    So really, what’s the hype on Christine Kuo?

    1. maybe christine did her homework, shoe shinning miss lok or people in a higher position, btw, hongkong people think very highly of canadian chinese

  5. I don’t know what’s the appeal of Christine either. She’s a bad actress, has gotten plump lately and isn’t even pretty. She only has lots of gossips and gossips and for me she doesn’t deserve all these attention. I hate talentless artistes who only have gossips on their head without any remarkable career and that includes Christine. Seriously, go back to Canada. She’s also too old to be classified as a newcomer.

    1. In some pictures of Christine and Oscar, it does look like they were flirting with each other. I think Oscar should learn to treasure his long term girlfriend and not unnecessarily opens himself to replace Ron as a woman king after Ron now retires and matured.

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