“Come Home Love” Cast to Reunite for New Series

By on February 13, 2015 in TV Dramas


Come Home Love (爱·回家) aired its 700th episode last week. Although the producers had hoped to conclude the sitcom at the 800th episode, TVB is set on terminating its broadcast in May 2015. Scriptwriters are already working on creating the “perfect ending” for its characters.

Airing in the past three years, the sitcom had consistently pulled in ratings between 25 and 26 points. Even when prime-time dramas suffered from declining ratings, Come Home Love’s ratings had remained stable. The sitcom was extended several times due to its popularity.

Unfortunately, the ratings has dropped to around 20 points in the past six months, perhaps due to the lack of meaningful plot movement. Since the ratings have dropped below the minimum requirement, it has directly affected profits from commercials.

Although TVB will terminate Come Home Love, the company is preparing to film a new sitcom that will star many of the same artistes. However, in an attempt to reduce budget, the sitcom will feature a condensed cast consisting of Lau Dan (劉丹), Lai Lok Yi (黎諾懿), Tsui Wing (徐榮), Max Cheung (張達倫), Griselda Yeung (楊卓娜), and Angel Chiang (蔣家旻).

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  • 24 comments to “Come Home Love” Cast to Reunite for New Series

    1. K says:

      Great news! I was hoping for a spinoff, no surprise it’ll revolve around John Ma.

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    2. kat says:

      oh my God. Not another 3 years+++ never-ending sitcom.

      Tsui Wing (徐榮) or Ma Keung was and in every lengthy sitcom for past many years. Never win an award.

      Best Selling Secrets -364 ep (2007-2008),
      Off Pedder -337 ep (2008-2010),
      Some Day -117 ep (2010),
      Come Home Love 735 ep (2012-May 2015),
      And now, the next one, too ??? (Jun 2015-???)

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      • Mike replied:

        Maybe he can win the lifetime award if he keeps being this mediocre? Ouch.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Mike
        • kangaroo replied:

          That does not sound very nice. He cannot help being mediocre. Sometimes, it is a lack of opportunity/luck/having the right contacts, not talent.

          Login or Register before you can reply to kangaroo
      • Queen replied:

        A pity. I think Tsui Wing is a talented actor. Good bod too considering his age.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Queen
        • ElFenix replied:

          i am so agree with you. I love Tsui Wing. I remember the time i was crazed over him and Diana Alvina Kong lol. Such a beautiful couple.

          Login or Register before you can reply to ElFenix
    3. Li says:

      I stopped watching the moment they cut off Alex Wan’s (朱慧敏) character. The drama is getting more boring as times goes by. Enough is enough TVB!

      Login or Register before you can reply to Li
    4. Melody says:

      It will be so strange seeing the ‘Ma’ family not being a family anymore, and having new/different people as the ‘family’.
      Imagine in this new sitcom, Angela Chiang and Lai Lok Yi being lovers lol, that would be so very weird haha 😀

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    5. sandcherry says:

      In fact, I like to watch a sitcom with next cast.

      Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry
    6. Tzx says:

      I actually like Leo lee

      Login or Register before you can reply to Tzx
    7. ivy says:

      So disappointed to see the news that Queenie Chu is not going to be part of the cast on the new sitcom. On weibo, it posted about a the new sitcom and mention Roxanne Tong and Queenie is not going to part of it. I am not going watch this sitcom.

      Login or Register before you can reply to ivy
    8. Best says:

      Please no magazine, lawyer or any office scenes. They got the best sitcoms back in the days. From Family Squad, Kindred Spirits to Virtues of Harmony. Lifetime award or any award should go to Lau Dan this year.

      Login or Register before you can reply to Best
    9. Nelson says:

      I think I haven’t finished an entire sitcom ever since Virtues of Harmony. Nothing after that really got me glue to the show. I think its because nowadays each story only takes one to two episodes. For Come Home Love i had high hopes that i would stay devoted to it after watching every single episode until the 200s. Now its just on and off episodes which I don’t care much about. They really need to sit down and brainstorm good storylines and put good actors and actress into it. And stop with the firms and offices. It’s so stupid watching them gossip about this boss and this client blah blah blah. Sometimes its not bad having more characters added to the show as long as they can give good ratings and have refreshing stories. They should put Lau Dan, Louise Lee, Nancy Sit, Ram Chiang, and Louisa So in a sitcom together.

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      • Gale replied:

        Yes, that’s the same with me. I only watched Virtues of Harmony (first one, not the sequel); none of the other sitcoms interested me. Virtues of Harmony was really funny and the cast had great chemistry!

        Login or Register before you can reply to Gale
        • Nelson replied:

          Same here. I didn’t finish every episode of the modern VOH. However with the cast ensemble it was still a good watch. I guess firms and offices is not for me. However this is not true because in A Kindred Spirit there were subplots that took place in offices like the fashion firm and Ben Wong’s architectural material firm. Just as long as firms/offices plots do not become the main story, then it’ll be fine. For CHL, it started out with story problems that revolved around the Ma Family. It can be related to real life. Is it just me or there wasn’t even one lawyer case that took place in court with robes and wigs. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. As I mentioned about the distaste of office sitcoms, when Best Selling Secrets first broadcasted, TVB hyped it up for Esther Kwan’s comeback. But then afterwards it went down as well.

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    10. XXtvbxX says:

      I really love come home love and it would be really sad to see it end. Admittedly this drama has gone downhill but I like the occasional good one. Can anyone confirm if Auston Lam and Joey Law will be on it? Auston’s my favourite character…

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    11. wc says:

      Hope they have the guy who played Chung biu in the new series. He’s a versatile actor.

      Login or Register before you can reply to wc
    12. kangaroo says:

      What causes the drop in the quality? i.e. who writes & who decides on the story line & who decides which character will play for each episode & so on? Seems that there is a change of writer & team in the episodes after 500

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    13. kangaroo says:

      I like the fact that Max Cheung & Griselda are in but in what setting & role

      Login or Register before you can reply to kangaroo
      • Clementine replied:

        I watch it for these two haha, Im glad they are both in for the new series, but hope they receive good characters and storyline..

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    14. kangaroo says:

      Actually no price for guessing why the viewership fails. Fans have been making their views clear. The break-up of popular pairs, the bringing in of weird characters & story line. It would have been easy to rectify it, yet, the production team did not. I wonder why??

      Login or Register before you can reply to kangaroo
    15. aptos says:

      Compared to the 20-30 episode series, CHL is one of the better series although some of the episodes makes no common sense whatsoever. I can always skip that day’s episode and the next day’s drama is different vs. the having to endure the 20-30 episode period to watch the next featured series.

      Since they are planning a new series with fewer stars and staff due to a limited budget, this series will be doomed with less outdoor scenes, poor story-lines and confusing plots. One of the ways to succeed is to get more lower salaried bit actors/actresses to get more screen time around the main ones to “spice” up the series.

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    16. j says:

      Not sure about the new series. I’m going to miss quite a lot of the characters/actors. Come Home Love had some good cast members like Ma You, Alex Wan, Leung Fun. But sadly TVB decided to nix things and the show got boring with newer people. It started to stray from the original storyline

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    17. swan lake says:

      Epi 707 & the trilogy of 705, 706 and 707 is not too bad after all. The end sometimes justifies the means and as Richard & Ha-Jie remains together, I judged it not too bad.

      I like: both Richard Ha Jie remaining together at the end of these 3 episodes, their re-affirmation of their love for each other with Ha Jie showing some instance of her feelings for Richard (many a times missing), Richard standing up for Ha Jie in front of the mother, some profiling of them enjoying home life together.

      However, there are loose ends: if the marriage is not recognised in Hk and in the eyes of the parents & others, they are divorced, so what now?

      Hope there will be more of them before CHL comes to an end and that the new series (supposed to be of some of the actors/actresses from CHL, including both these 2) will be a spin-off rather than a completely new series and the character of Richard and Ha Jie remains as it is in the spin off.

      Like many others, I think it is nice to have Alex back plus some of the other relationship, namely reverse back to the time when CHL was liked by many.

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