Dayo Wong: “Kate Tsui is a Versatile Actress!”

Famous Hong Kong comedian, Dayo Wong (黃子華), will return to TVB to shoot his new seriesl in late April. The untitled comedy about spinsters, produced by Man Wai Hung (文偉鴻) and co-written by Dayo, will also star Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥), Elena Kong (江美儀), Benz Hui (許紹雄), and Jazz Lam (林子善).

Kate expressed both excitement and apprehension in working with the big star for the first time. Aside from his standup comedy presentations that highlight elements of social and cultural commentary, Dayo is also known for his hit television series with TVB, which are deemed as comedic Hong Kong classics. His upcoming return to TVB is widely anticipated by many Hong Kongers.

It was reported that numerous TVB actresses had lined up to audition for Dayo’s drama when he first announced the project last year, but Dayo finally settled in on working with Kate Tsui. Asked for his thoughts on the Highs and Lows star, Dayo said, “I’ve seen some of her dramas, and I find her very versatile and hardworking.”

Is Dayo afraid of creating rumors with Kate? “I’m more afraid if we won’t get rumored! I will do my best to complement [her].” Will he mind if he has to kiss Kate? “How can I say I mind if I have to kiss a pretty girl? I will go to hell!” Dayo joked. He then added, “But I do need to do more research on that department. I do want to go for things that will surprise the audience.”

Dayo revealed that he had been using up his current free time to go on solo vacations to recharge his batteries. Some of these vacations, Dayo mused, had actually been very enlightening and empowering.

“I went to many places. A while ago in Thailand, I passed by a really dark alleyway under a bridge. I saw a woman crying uncontrollably as she hugged her child, and I decided to give her some cash. I thought about giving her the rest of the money that was in my hand, but when I turned around, she was already gone. Giving something so little can actually change someone’s life around.”

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  1. Wow, how old is this guy? Gosh, would that be an odd pair up or what? Not that I like Kate or anything hahaha…

      1. Just because Dayo is over 50 he is called an uncle. But just out of curiosity, why no one call George Clooney an uncle since he is also over 50??

  2. Dayo looks very good for his age. Actually, it looks like he hasn’t aged very much these past few years!

  3. Many viewers like this guy but I don’t know why I could not laugh when I watch his series. I also don’t like Stephen Chow’ series. They are no funny at all.

    1. You have my vote on that one. I can never laugh @ his any of his works as well. For some reason, they are just NOT funny at all. Stephen Chow series before he became famous in the very early ones were actually OK funny. I managed to see one from cable or wherever w/Sandra Ng pair up, they were actually very funny in that super old series. I never watch his recent movies so I don’t know about those new ones, my friends say they are overrated.

      1. i think nick and roger are more funny than dayo and chow

  4. Dayo Wong’s costars get younger and younger: Carol Cheng, Ada Choi, Charmaine Sheh, and now Kate Tsui. I guess we can expect whoever is Miss Hong Kong 2013 to be his costar in 2023.

    1. 2023? Ewww….great grandpa match ups doesn’t sound very cool. 😛 LOL!

    2. aren’t tvb pairings often an older guy and younger girl? it’s only sometimes when a pair is near each others’ age.

    1. not when you look at pics of her b4 she got PS. Go to google, and type in Kate Tsui beatuy pageant, and you’ll be amazed

      1. It seems like she just lost a lot of baby fat… don’t see any “plastic surgery” you speak of. Seems like she aged naturally. Just like Myolie, she looks better as she gets older.

      2. @ Star, I agree with u on Myolie-she’s a natural beauty, but if you look closely at Kate’s nose, you can can see a slightly pointy nose tip. There are many other ways of telling who’s had nose surgery or not

      3. I believe that both Myolie Wu and Kate Tsui had plastic surgery. Myolie did not have double eye lids when she competed for Miss Hong Kong, and Kate was not pretty at all when she was crowned Miss Hong Kong. They both look much prettier now. Every artiste uses “baby fat” as her reason, and I never believe it.

      4. Yes Myolie has indeed done plastic surgery.. if you watched her earlier series e.g. Golden Faith, you can see that her jaw is quite wide and her eyes are still single eyelids.
        Actually most actresses have undergone PS, just that its subtle changes that we will not notice much. Like Linda Chung, i’m sure she did something to her eyes and nose.

      5. Linda Chung same huge nose. I mean if she wants to do something, shouldn’t it to make her nose smaller? Eyes, is nothing. Too common.

      6. Agree. I think Linda Chung did not have any PS done on her face. Otherwise, she would look prettier.

        Agree also that Myolie Wu’s jaw is very small now vs. bigger in older series. In fact, I think her jaw seems to be a bit small which makes her face small. Not good for ancient drama series, especially for Ching Dynasty royal members. She looked terrible in “Curse of the Royal Harem” with a big headpiece which almost hide her face.

      7. i swear kate uses double eyelid tape-if you look closely at her eyelids in Highs &Lows, you can see her old eyelid crease. So basically you see an extra 2 lines.

  5. I welcome Dayo but I am not sure about Kate in a comedy. In drama she already looks crazy so in a comedy, she may even look like a crazy insane lunatic?

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