Raymond Wong, Ruco Chan at “Cheung Po Tsai” Costume Fitting

Raymond Wong (黃浩然), Ruco Chan (陳展鵬), Grace Chan (陳凱琳), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) star in TVB’s new time-traveling drama, Cheung Po Tsai <張保仔>. At the costume fitting today, Grace revealed that she will portray a police officer who travels back in time and encounters reknown pirate Cheung Po Tsai.

Portraying the title role, Raymond Wong will have action and water scenes ahead requiring significant wirework. Suffering from inflamed tonsils in the last month, Raymond admitted that his health is not up to par, but will try to his best to meet the filming demands. He said, “My immune system is weak. My mouth ulcers prevent me from sleeping well at night and my fever keeps coming back. Tomorrow, I will have a body check and blood tests done.”

TVB’s new Cheung Po Tsai drama was accused of lifting ideas from Ronald Cheng‘s (鄭中基) similarly themed-pirate movie, Mysterious Treasure <神秘寶藏>, which was announced in April and completed filming in the summer. However, Raymond revealed that TVB producer Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠) already contemplated the drama much earlier, “Before the movie version was announced, I heard Uncle Choi has been conceptualizing this drama for a long time. But it was not the right time to reveal the details.”

Grace Chan and Ruco Chan also defended that Cheung Po Tsai is an independent project and not influenced by Ronald Cheng’s movie. Ruco said, “They’re different works. Viewers have not even seen them yet. The television version will have more story arcs and characters.”

Ruco added that he will need to shave his head for the Qing dynasty drama. Outside of filming, he plans to wear wigs and caps at promotional functions to avoid revealing his bald head.

After filming local scenes in Hong Kong, the cast and crew will travel to Hengdian in November to film on location.

Cheung Po Tsai 11  Cheung Po Tsai 6  Cheung Po Tsai 8

Cheung Po Tsai 3  Cheung Po Tsai 9

Source: Ming Pao

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Lucky Grace Chan getting a heavy lead role already! Poor shafted Mandy, Natalie, Elaine & Selena.

    The drama itself did not appear to me but after hearing about the time traveling concept I’m interested again!

  2. “olice officer who travels back in time and encounters reknown pirate Cheung Po Tsai.”


  3. I wonder if she can act? She sure has a pretty face, but if she can really act she will go a very long way! TVB needs lots of successors!

    1. I think casting her as a policewoman is a huge mistake, irrespective if she can act or not. I hope she is not Michelle Saram.

      1. Hey come to think of it, she does resemble MS with her Indian features.

      2. It’s ok to be Michelle Saram.
        A female need to be born with good life and fate (good deeds done from past lives).
        M.Saram is now a very rich “tai-tai.” Married a very rich hospitality industry entrepreneur. She herself is now F&B boss in Singapore.
        One need not to be good in everything.

      3. Hahaha~ I got your point, Funn Lim, but police does carry gun, I remember Charmaine Sheh also carried policewoman roles before, she’s also tiny.

      4. But Charmaine was not anorexic looking. Charmaine actually looks robust. This girl looks so weak, like firing a pistol will throw her back a few feet. Plus point though is two very slim guys look HUGE next to her.

    2. She hasn’t had any previous acting experience, not even supporting roles, I’m sure her acting wouldn’t be that great. She’s so heavily promoted!!

  4. Wow, Grace is really getting promoting by tvb.. I hope she will be able to handle it.

  5. I’ve to admit I wasn’t keen to see Ruco with shaven head but after seeing yesterday’s pics, I have to say he looks awesome in the Qing Dynasty costume. He has a very regal air about him which suits his Prince role.

  6. Sad sad…WHY they always pair up Ruco with a really unlikable female lead. Sorry Ruco, I might have to skip your series again…*sigh*…

  7. Why do they need to add the time-travel element instead of film a straight up biography about Cheung Po Tsai?

    1. Comic elements? Trying to be different? Want to get banned by China?

    2. as long as it will become the level of a step into the past then its ok to me.interesting to see grace in her first lead role,hope she can act.

    1. Sharp eyes! If yes he lost weight?

      Aiiiiii… Mandy Wong… whyyyyyyyyy

      1. I know right! Mandy is an awesome actress and she gets a supporting role 🙁 And Grace is only a newbie, wth

    2. He never wanted to leave. He is like a cockroach, keeps coming back.

    3. Kidd,

      Yes Kiu Bo Bo is back…saw some passing headline that he has returned to HK, but not sure if he is only filming select projects or if he will remain in HK for longer time.

  8. Only Ruco looks good. Grace as a cop is miscast! Raymond Wong looks uncomfortable and weird in his Jack Sparrow costume!

    1. Agreed that only Ruco looks good and convincing. Grace is too slim to be a police officer which has to be at least 90 lbs. Raymond’s look is just horrible…

    2. Is that Mandy Wong in there? Why is she playing a supporting role behind Grace?

    3. Yea… agreed with you on all points here. A skeletal indian girl doesn’t quite cut it as a Chinese ‘policewoman’. She’s just not convincing & probably won’t even pass the physical tests, minimal weight & height requirements.
      And what’s up with the lame Jack Sparrow imitation?! C’mon TVB, how low can you go with this blatant ripoff? It’s not that HK writers/creative directors can’t come out with better costumes & characters! Shame. The golden age is clearly over.

      1. Totally agree! Linda Chung should be working with Ruco Chan not Grace Chan!!

  9. Omg a lead role already? Seriously..I don’t see her as an actress

  10. Look at Grace in pirate outfit and she seems to be ok, not too slim. Raymond Wong looks ridiculous in Jack Sparow wannabe outfit. Ruco doesnt look princely enough, maybe he lacks the rich vibe. He looks like a general than a prince.

    TVB costumes need to be changed, ASAP. The clothes look rather cheap.

    Note: I dont refer to the acting.

    1. Although Ruco “lacks the rich vibe”, he still “looks like a general”. That’s much better than someone’s idol who despite his daddy’s $$$ will probably look like the Imperial Eunuch’s little eunuch in the same costume. Classiness doesn’t necessarily come automatically to the privileged.

      1. Here come the bitter petty troll. Classiness isnt the word can come from your month. You are so pathetic.

      2. Alluka, so you were classy when you made that snobbish comment about not having a “rich vibe”? My comment was to get back at you for your snobbishness, hotshot “lawyer” from the UK.

      3. Ruco was born with noble princely air though without rich background. In producer Uncle Choy’s eyes, Ruco is a good looking vase to protect the ratings. Some ppl suggest to change the drama title to 11th Prince(Ruco’s role). From the comments, I assume that will score better ratings than CPT.

      4. “much better than someone’s idol who despite his daddy’s $$$ will probably look like the Imperial Eunuch’s little eunuch”

        LOL 🙂

      5. “That’s much better than someone’s idol who despite his daddy’s $$$ will probably look like the Imperial Eunuch’s little eunuch in the same costume. Classiness doesn’t necessarily come automatically to the privileged.”

        Agreed! LOL! LOL!

      6. Agree that the title should be changed to reflectthat Ruco is the lead actor instead of RW.

      7. Wait! Isn’t this series about the pirate? Maybe you can consider them co-male lead?

      8. he lacks the rich vibe? Ruco looks like a rich intellectual. He looks like a lord, and he shows it in 3 Kingdoms RPG. I am not worried about him. It’s the pirate and the cutesy not so funny moments I worry about. I just have this feeling Raymond will be the comedic relief to Ruco’s super serious character.

      9. @trolls: lol is life of loser, enough said.

        @Funn Lim: Ruco may look serious enough to be a general but royalty vibe is lacked. In 3K, he acted a general instead of a lord and he looked fine in it. In the same type of outfit, I think Joel Chan has that royalty vibe.

        Additionally, Kelly Fu looks worse than in TITS2.

      10. Hey hotshot “lawyer” from UK Alluka, you’re the real troll. Anyone can see that you were being snarky with your comment about lacking “rich vibe”, what you’re trying to drive at and who you’re trying to compare with. Don’t take us for fools. Such snobbishness, do your eyes grow on top of your head? You’re probably the only one who thinks Joel has the “royalty vibe” (whatever the he11 is that)over Ruco and the reason for this is that you are plain JEALOUS! Anyway, general look is still better than little eunuch.

      11. I literally laugh out loud. Jealous of what? It would be the funniest comment I have seen in this forum. What does Ruco have to make me jealous? You are such a crazy fan.

        In fact, I didnt diss Ruco at all. I comment that he looks like a general than a prince overall. You are oversensitive and overprotective as a fan. You must think of Ruco as a god.

        And although you gave out a number of personal attacks, I will forgive you because I pity you.

      12. Dear delusional Alluka aka hotshot “lawyer” from UK, the one who worships yr idol like a god is you. I wonder who was the one who spent days/countless hrs writing a thesis about her god recently and in the past? Yeah try denying yr real intention behind your “kind” comment. You know very well what you were trying to insinuate. Don’t pretend to act as the innocent wronged party after you’ve been called out. You’re the pitiful worm to spend yr entire life obsessing over every piece of news about yr idol including his shopping sprees with his BB. Save yr pity for yourself.

      13. You must forget that you dissed Raymond Wong quite a lot in this topic to make your god look good. Try to deny. I dont bother Ruco that much to have an intention to insinuate him. Dont think that the world run around him or everyone are as rude as you are.

        I pity Ruco to have a fan like you. You are jealous at me, at the world. lol, “life of loser”.

        Are you saying of yourself in your two last sentences? I saw you in every single shopping articles. Well, very good description of yourself.

      14. @Alluka, I get it now why you think that you’re the hotshot lawyer you aren’t. Seriously you need to get either your eyes or your brain checked. Pls go back to this topic and see if I’ve made any comment dissing RW. You’re the one who’s the expert at back peddling. I agree with the poster at the other thread. As for rudeness, were you polite in the first place with your condescending elitist comment? Rudeness begets rudeness, just giving you what you give to others. And for FYI i dont usually bother to read RL’s articles, only those that generate a lot of comments cos i enjoy reading your BS about him. It entertains me no end. You’ll get the occasional comments from me only when you’re spouting too much garbage. I’ve no interest in reading RL’s articles much less bother to comment whatsoever. Pl don’t make it sound like his every piece of news is so earth shattering as to capture everyone’s attention. He may be your god but in my eyes he’s nobody.
        Btw, what in the world does “You are jealous at me, at the world mean”?

      15. Fine, I agree on that. Ruco lacks the air of nobility, that I won’t disagree but he has in abundance the air of authority. So basically he doesn’t look like an Emperor, maybe a prince at most but he definitely has the look of someone who commands legions of army and that is a general and I will say someone like a politician PM or rather on the rise. So let’s say there is a series about Cao Cao, he can be the young Cao Cao.

        I also agree not many actors have the natural air of nobility like Kong Wah, now no one has that. Also very few can be convincing as an intelligent shrewd general. Ruco proves he has that in 3 Kingdoms RPG. So if he is a warring duke/prince, I think he is suitable.

        Surprisingly he looks good with his head shaven. However the costumes look a bit old and recycled.

      16. @Funn Lim: I agree with you this time. Ruco has the look of a fierce general and that was what I said. I have no idea why that crazy fan of Ruco got mad. Maybe to him, Ruco must be praised to be perfect, god-like, divine, etc. by everyone. So sick. Jealous with Ruco, doubled the sickness.

        Regarding the outfits, well, Im spoiled by Chinese ancient series so TVB outfits look indeed cheap.

      17. There are too many users with more than one usernames in this forum but we know who is who thank to the posting style. You trolls only can hide behind the keyboards. Pathetic.

      18. Oh yeah , I’ve read a lot of ridiculous comebacks from you but none as absurd as this. Funn said so therefore she is right and that makes you right? In any case my issue with you was not what you said but rather what you were trying to insinuate. You were trying to imply that becos Ruco does not come from the same privileged background as RL, he can never be as good as RL in such roles. He lacks the “rich vibe” cos his family’s not rich, so he can’t act convincingly as a prince. That smacks of extreme snobbishness. In any case watch the drama before you judge.

      19. What’s wrong with you? You are not only oversensitive but also overreacting. Does Joel Chan have a rich background to look rich? Does Kwong Wah have rich background to look rich. Funn Lim is a devoted fan for Ruco in this forum and look, she agrees that Ruco lacks the air of nobility. You are showing to the world how crazy you are. In fact, I havent compared Ruco with anyone but you did. Intentionally and insinuatingly provoke a third person who isnt mentioned in this topic. You did it yourself, dont try to deny.

        Watch the series? You must be crazy because such series hasnt been filmed yet, who can watch? You? Traveling through time? Ridiculous.

        This is why I know that classiness cant come from your mouth. You are spreading a bunch of BS and putting down others to make Ruco look good. However, you only make Ruco look bad. It must be a shame of any idol to have a fan like you.

      20. No Alluka, what’s wrong with YOU? You’re putting words in my mouth. When did I put down Joel or Kong Wah? I only said that you’re probably the only one who thinks Joel has the “royalty vibe” (whatever that is) over Ruco. Did i say anywhere that he doesn’t have a rich background to look rich? Did i mention Kong Wah’s name anywhere? I don’t see it. Do you? That’s a lot of BS from you to make me look bad. As for Funn Lim, i believe her comments are neutral and not meant to insinuate in any way. For you, it’s different cos you know just as well that you’re on almost every other Ruco article dissing him at the slightest opportunity.

        Are you crazy? Did i ask you to watch the drama NOW? I’m only saying that you should judge whether he’s convincing in the role AFTER you’ve watched the drama and not pass judgement based on what you see in a few pictures. Do i even have to make it that clear to you? Everyone knows that the drama hasn’t been filmed yet. That’s why you don’t make sense, cos you have none.

        Classy people don’t behave like snobs and judge a person by whether he has “rich vibes” or not. Obviously “classy” is not a word to describe you.

        It’s a shame of RL to have a fan like you. People whose eyes grow on top of their heads, unless they’re of the same breed as you.

      21. You cant do anything but copy my words? This is how a loser was made.

        You did insinuate Joel Chan in the conversation. You dont see it, fine, I dont see I have ever insinuate Ruco Chan your god. Only your blind love makes you think that I have ever insinuate your god. Perhaps I dont praise him like god hence you got mad. Sorry but I dont bother him that much to go to every single article of him like you did to LF. Show, show me where I dissed Ruco in any topic? Or I only once commented on his previous scandal and it made you made because I didnt believe that your god is perfect and absolutely innocent?

        Funn Lim is clearly a fan of Ruco, therefore you think her comments are only good for Ruco. She also put Ruco in high level, maybe not to the 9th cloud like you but definitely not neutral. Find someone else to take example, a non-fan.

        How “classy” you are to diss a third person in an irrelevant topic. How “classy” you are to accuse a commentator because she doesnt praise your god. You are a crazy fan, a fan that any idol would feel ashamed to have. Do you have manner?

        I have never disliked Ruco or liked him enough to be a fan, I was kinda neutral toward him as an actor. However some of his fans are annoying and you are the top one. Some of his other fans such as choco-bunny are much better. S/He also protects and praises Ruco but s/he doesnt diss others to make Ruco look better. It is how a fan should react. You? You only can diss others. It doesnt make Ruco look any better but in fact, you are killing the image of Ruco’s fans. If you are an antifan of Ruco in disguise, I can understand why you intentionally do that. If you are a real fan. you are such a crazy fan and a shame in the fandom.

        This one is an opened forum and everyone should be free to give opinion. It isnt the place where Ruco fans can expect to find all praises. If you cant bear criticisms, come back to the fandom page or forum to find all praises there.

        I judge Ruco for the lack of rich vibe? Ptttt. I judged his look for the role – the role of a prince. Does your tiny brain work to read? No doubt why you said that Im jealous with Ruco. Where I judge Ruco as a person? WHERE? I dont want to say it out but now I have: STUPID. Your love blinded your eyes. Do you think anyone who doesnt like Ruco is dissing him? Open your eyes? This world doesnt merely have black and white, love and hate.

        IN the end of the day, I dont regard Ruco as a god but I have never dissed him. You did it to LF. Do your classiness of a fan allow you to react that way?

        However, fine, I withdraw. I dont have my whole day to continue this stupid conversation with a snobbish. For your good sake, from now on I wont never comment anything about Ruco in this forum, like I did to TY. And hopefully you will have a little of pride to have some manner and stop dissing other artists by all usernames you are using.


      22. Wow Alluka, this has to be the best piece of news I’ve heard! Yes pls stay away from Ruco articles since you always have nothing good to say but diss him. As usual you’re back peddling after you’ve been called out. Do you dare to swear that you’ve not dissed him at almost every article? You dissed him when you were Fox and continue to do so after you became Alluka. Nothing but lies after lies from you. I’ve been here long enough to notice your snarky comments about him. However, I can vouch that I don’t usually go to RL’s articles (like I’ve said, he’s a nobody to me)and I try to refrain from commenting even if I do. I’ll only comment when I can’t stand your pompousness and putting down others’ comments about your god. Similarly, I wouldn’t have commented on yr first comment here if I didn’t think that you were insinuating and mocking his modest family background. You started the insinuation about Ruco therefore you deserve to have the similar treatment from me for your god. It’s called an eye for an eye. Pleeese, you continue to put words into my mouth. I’ll admit that the only person I’ve ever dissed here is your god and for the reasons I’ve already explained. I don’t need to diss others to make Ruco look good cos he’s already popular here in Jaynestars unlike someone. Most people, with a few exceptions, think well of him. And an obnoxious snob like you have no right to be giving a mini lecture on “classiness”. Look at how many enemies you’ve made here with your pompous snobbish comments as if you’re Ms/Mr Know-All and your blind worship of your god makes you a laughing stock to many here too. Finally, keep your word and stay away from commenting on Ruco’s articles. Just don’t re-appear in a different incarnation.

  11. Omg!!!! Grace chan looks so cute in that photo!!!!!! She looks like a pirate in that outfit but can’t until when it shows up on tv !!!!!!! 😉

  12. Raymond’s pirate get up looks ridiculous. Did Chinese pirates in the past really look like that? Or are the people in the costume dept too lazy and merely borrowed from Pirates of the Caribbean? Ruco looks great and majestic thanks to his height and the way he carries himself with princely airs. I think he’s well suited for his role. I’m glad he’s not the title character which looking at Raymond, i really want to lol!

    1. There are more awesome pics of Ruco at on cc. and videos in yt.
      btw, Uncle Choy should retire.

      1. Thx, yes seen them. The way Ruco holds the sword is just so stylish as is everything else about him. Will be looking fwd to this drama solely for Ruco. Don’t fancy any of the female cast. Why do they always cast him with the newbie or 2nd/3rd line actresses? Seems like a curse. Or is TVB just using him to promote these people? In Reality Check he was also made to babysit Priscilla!

      2. Tbb mgt should have stats in hand and realize how popular each artist is.
        They make use of Ruco to promote newbies cos they know his drawing power. Also, Ruco is a veteran actor who can babysit them. Me too, will watch this drama only for Ruco. The pirates, joking.

  13. Raymond looks comical. Maybe it’s a comedy! Pity about Mandy as she’s such a good actress.

    1. If this is a comedy Raymond is a miscast too. He already look awkward and weak as the pirate, not suitable at all to be the legendary CPT, and he can’t handle comedy.

      1. Raymond Wong has built body. However his face is pale to lead to the impression that he is weak.

  14. WTH is up with Raymond Wong’s get-up? He looks ridiculous; a Jack-Sparrow rip-off gone wrong lol. I’m sure Chinese pirates don’t look like that back in the days. It’s sad to admit that Pirates of the Caribbean’s costumes for the Asian pirates look much more historical and convincing than this one. Shame!

    Grace over Mandy? WTH is up with that too!?

    Their saving grace is Ruco.

    It’s good to see Joel again. I like his acting, even in his selfish, scumbag roles.

  15. omg they going to make Ruco shave his head? i have never seen him in qing dynasty drama before??

  16. Is this Mandy’s first “ancient period” role?

    Lol at Ram Chiang. Always looking forward to his performances. 🙂

  17. Earlier there were reports that Elaine was going to be in this drama…hopefully not anymore because it Grace is going to lead over her too if so.

    I really don’t understand how tvb promotes people.

    1. Agreed, I don’t understand either! Why is Grace Chan so heavily promoted when her acting experience is limited? I’m put off by that lol

  18. I dislike arguments yet I have my say. No one is 100% neutral. We, as humans, have our own prejudice. Ruco is a talented actor who can inject different ‘air’ into each ch he portrays. Hence, we don’t mix up the air of Keith with Sam, 6KT with Carson… Can’t forget the scene when 6KT played piano at night in hotel garden. He looked princely with artistic air. I have confidence that he will show his noble air in Prince 11. Let’s wait and see. Joel Chan, rich vibe? Snobbish cos he had a rich ex? Again, Uncle Choy, why make Ruco bald during this time of the year when so many award events are coming?

    1. “Joel Chan, rich vibe? ”

      He is well off in real life. His family is.

      “why make Ruco bald during this time of the year when so many award events are coming?”

      It is Qing series. No shortcut. The hair go.

      1. Surprisingly he looks really good without hair and it also shows an air of nobleness in him in that outfit.

      2. Didnt the reporters say that Joel Chan isnt from rich family and only his brother is a lawyer?

      3. tbb used to film qing series at beginning of year, eg eunuch, gc & the one of Kenneth Ma(forget the name), in order not to hinder artists’ attendance in events at year end. It’s not usual this time.

    1. agree.
      ruco and raymond looks stupid in their costumes. miscasts, i would say.

    2. Agreed, I’m so put off by newbies being heavily promoted when they have limited acting experience, makes the whole show less appealing lol

  19. I have a feeling All That Is Bitter Sweet is better than this one

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