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Bosco Wong and Linda Chung’s Singing Are Criticized

By on July 8, 2013

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The first round of 2013’s JSG Selections aired two nights ago on TVB Jade, but rather than hearing about viewers pumping up their fists in support for their favorite singers, many were left shaking their heads with disappointment.

Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), who won a golden song award for his hit single “The Final Blessing” <最後祝福>, the ending theme song to TVB’s A Change of Heart <好心作怪>, was under fire for his poor “singing craftsmanship.” Performing the song live after receiving his award, netizens exclaimed that Bosco “could not hit any of the notes” and some commented that Bosco’s performance was awkward and lacked vigor. A netizen commented, “He looks like he’s singing in the shower with the shower head as his microphone.”

In response to the criticism, Bosco said, “I thought my performance was fine, but I will accept the criticism and improve.”

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) also won a golden song award for her plug, “You are One Half of Me” <你是我的一半>, but like Bosco, she was also heavily criticized by netizens for her poor live singing. A netizen wrote, “Excuse my offense, but with such [bad] live singing by Linda Chung, how is she even able to hold her own concert next month?”

Other netizens concluded that while Linda can keep a tune, her breathing technique is faulty. A netizen explained, “She’s breathing at the wrong intervals, so it makes her sound like she’s always out of breath. She can’t hit her high notes because of that.”

Linda’s Love Love Love concert will be held at the Kowloonbay International Trade and Exhibition Center on August 22 and 23.

Source: Apple Daily

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  • Readers' Comments (176)

    1. Austin says:

      Finally someone pointed out on Linda’s singing ability, I love the girl as an actress and she seems like a really nice person but she just can’t sing.

      Bosco always sounded better in the studio than live, no surprise there but the song is nice. The lyrics are really meaningful.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I think Linda’s singing is ok because I have heard even worse. I feel that many actors and actresses should just stick to acting if they cannot sing successfully. I personally would not try to sing if I know I could not sing well.

        I think all singers sound better in the studio than live. However, if you can sing well live then that would show that you are truly a great singer.

        • Austin says:

          I def heard worst but it’s just that I feel she didn’t really deserved those platinum album success, her singing is not that great.

          Some singers sound the same live as in studio and some sound better live. It’s just that I feel some singers especially those within TVB don’t really have vocal coaches. Most of them sound fine in studio but when live it’s off key and they can’t control their breathing when singing.

        • Ray says:

          I had whatched live performances of Jacky Cheong, Sandy Lam, Leo Ku, Anita Mui, Wang Lee Hom, JJ. They are really great. Can’t say of Sammi Cheng but she got charisma…

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree that Linda does not deserve the platinum success as you said. But honestly, when her “fans” who are die hard fans of her get her album, do you really think they get her album because she sings well??? I don’t think so… I think that is the advantage of being an actress turned singer, which is those really big fans of your acting will get your album just to support you even if your singing is not so great.

          Really? Can you name some singers that sing just as well live? All of the singers that I know of sound better in the studio because in the studio you have all of the enhancements and all. But when you are live, you just have your vocal to rely on.

        • HeTieShou says:

          All of the singers that you mentioned are really great even when live. Singers that can sing well live are truly good singers.

        • Austin says:

          Exactly many fans that buy her album could really care less if she can sing, it’s all about supporting your idol and given her fan base it’s no doubt how she got so many sales.

          HK singers or just in general? If HK, I find Alfred sing pretty well live as he does in the studio. Justin Timberlake almost sounds exactly like he does live and in the studio. There are many others as well, it’s just that those that were actors first aren’t really as good when they turn to singers.

        • HeTieShou says:

          It is not just Linda though since I have noticed that as a trend…. I have seen many actors/actresses turned singers not sing really well but get high album sales due to those die hard fans who buy their album even if they cannot sing well.

          I was asking in general. Oh yea, Justin Timberlake does sound the same as he does live and in the studio. I totally agree that most actors/actresses turned singers do not sing well at all. Singers turned actors seem to be somewhat more successful. I guess singing is one of those skills that you either have it or you don’t.

        • Austin says:

          Yup it’s def not just Linda there are many others as well, especially if they have a huge fan base.

          Yeah JT is one of the very few that’s multi talented. I would of put Raymond in that category as well he sounds exactly like he does live and in the studio but you can almost always hear him breathing both live and in the studio, it’s a good thing he can sing though. I think so as well, you either can sing or you can’t. Acting you can improve on but singing is a much more difficult talent to possess you either can or you can’t…it just seems like some of them don’t understand it.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Have you ever heard Ruby Lin sing?? Goodness, she is the worse that I have ever heard in my life. I think I can sing better than her.

          I know JT is talented. I like Raymond’s singing in the studio but have not heard him sing live yet. My friend went to his HK concert and says that he has a strong voice and sings well live too. Did you attend that concert that he held earlier this year??

          Singing is a skill that you either have or you don’t. Maybe some just want to make money?? If you can sing well, then you can make even more money than acting. I remember Felix Wong saying that he will never try to sing and embarrass himself just for money. I really wished that these other actor/actress turned singers would take that to heart so that they do not embarrass themselves.

        • Austin says:

          She sings? Lol never knew that. There are those in TVB that don’t even have albums but when they sing in events it just hurts to watch.

          Yeah he’s one of the few in TVB that successfully turn from actor to singer that can actually sing. Nope didn’t go to his concert as I don’t reside in HK but my sister saw him live but she was more focused on his dancing than singing lol. He needs to learn how to control his breathing, he’s on the right key most of the time.

          Sometimes I wonder if it’s the company’s decision to make them singers or their own. It makes sense though especially if they have many fans, the $$ will come flowing in like crazy as long as their voice is decent, they’re singers in the company’s eyes.

        • Lily says:

          Raymond singing live was really good! My sister and I saw him in concert when he came to Melbourne. We thoroughly enjoyed it!
          Much better than what I watched on TV of bosco. That was truly bad

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          eason sing well live. my friend went to raymond concert once but comment in the special effects and forgot to comment on his singing but she said raymond sometimes don’t sing that well in tv compare to concerts and studio

          my other friend say current singers in hk such as william chan, pakho, aarif lee are all horrible live.

        • Austin says:

          William Chan can’t sing either, dance sure but sing? Definitely not. Also a mediocre actor, saw him in that Triad film and it was just horrible. Even Deep who had a smaller role did better than him.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          people who bought linda and bosco’s albums until they get those platinum and gold thing must be deaf then and these fans are destroying hk music industry! blame twins for starting this trend!

        • Austin says:

          I don’t think Bosco ever went platinum only Linda and Raymond out of the TVB artistes I believe did.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          but heard that he hit gold which was surprising if you heard his live singing. this guy can only sing with help of studio but got delusional thinking he can sing fine live!

          “In response to the criticism, Bosco said, “I thought my performance was fine, but I will accept the criticism and improve.””

        • Austin says:

          Not sure about that but his previous albums were successful at least the studio albums sounds nice. It’s not like fans are buying the live version, he has a decent voice just needs more practice on his vocal abilities when singing live. I don’t think there is anything wrong with his response, he accepted the criticism and is willing to try harder to make improvements.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Yes, Ruby used to sing and gosh is she terrible. She is the worst that I have ever heard in my life. Even one of my former friends who used to love her as an actress cannot stand her singing.
          You don’t need to live in HK to attend his concert, but of course it would be a lot more convenient for those who live in HK. My buddy from Canada went since she is a big fan of Raymond’s. She went all 3 days and loved it and said that Ray sings really well live and has a strong voice. He is one of the few actors turned singers that can sing well. Did you ever hear Sammul sing? He sings pretty well in my opinion.
          You bought up a good point. I wonder if it is the record companies that make them do so? But then again, I think they still have a choice whether they want to sing and release albums or not.It is not like they are forced to do so. I think they just want to make more money since they know that their fans would buy their albums regardless of how their singing is.

        • HeTieShou says:

          You never fail to pick on Bosco Sel_fi_wu. I am not a big fan of his but feel bad for him that you always find the chance to kick him down. We all know that you hate him so what is new?? I agree with Austin that there was truly nothing wrong with his response. It is good to be confident to some extent but to know your faults and to accept criticism and learn from it. There is nothing wrong with that at all.

        • Austin says:

          Never knew that. Only knew her as an actress and only watched a couple of her films. Yah but his most recent concert was in HK, I saw videos of it online and it was good. I enjoy his ballads. He is one of the few actors turned singers that can actually sing. Sammul is alright, I’m pretty sure he released a couple of albums in his early days but I’m not sure if that was before he was an actor. I find Bernice to be a pretty decent singer as well, not sure about live.

          Yeah they have a choice but I’m pret sure the record label approach them first before they ever decided to have a singing career. Raymond didn’t even get signed until 4 years after he started singing.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          never knew ruby sings. only knew that louis koo used to sing and quit after received harsh criticisms for his horrible albums and recently heard he said that he’a ashamed of his singing career and don’t want to bring the topic up anymore. great thing that louis got wise and stopped singing at once when he received horrible comments unlike some delusional stars up there

        • llwy12 says:

          Well, as we always say in the industry – the test of a truly good singer is whether they are able to perform live. I don’t care how someone sounds on a CD (since we all know that how you sound on a CD can be ‘enhanced’ in many different ways in a studio) – the question is really how the person sounds when they sing live. There are very very very few artists nowadays who are able to sound exactly the same when they sing live as they do on a CD, so I’m not surprised that most singers can’t achieve this – but for majority of today’s singers to not even be able to sound “decent” in a live environment is completely pathetic.

          Honestly, TVB really should stop shoving their actors/actresses into the music industry when pretty much all of them can’t sing to save their lives (did anyone watch that Golden Viva Spectactular program thing where majority their popular siu sangs and fa dans gave ‘cringeworthy’ live singing performances? OMG, I can’t help cringing just thinking about it!). The HK music industry is already in shambles – we don’t need TVB to add to that with their poor quality singers. Please TVB – have them stick to their day jobs (acting) and ‘perfect’ that before even considering giving them a singing career!

        • Kidd says:

          “Have you ever heard Ruby Lin sing?? Goodness, she is the worse that I have ever heard in my life. I think I can sing better than her. “

          Agree with HTS. Ruby Lin sounds bad even on CD. Her voice is so thin. Luckily, she didn’t continue to pursue this career path.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        In response to the criticism, Bosco said, “I thought my performance was fine, but I will accept the criticism and improve.”

        “Excuse my offense, but with such [bad] live singing by Linda Chung, how is she even able to hold her own concert next month?”

        these two are delusional! they don’t even realize they suck! must be the fans keep fawning over them making them think it’s ok for them to sing!

        • Yen says:

          Heard of Myolie sings?!! She sucks too!!

        • Yen says:

          At least Bosco sounds terrible in LIVE, but him in MV/studio still okay! Unlike Myolie, she sounded awful even in the studio!!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Totally agree with Yen. Myolie singing is pretty bad too, even in the studio…

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          are you ok YEN and HtS? myolie’s live and studio singing both beautiful evident from her singing ‘i will always love you’ in a stage performance before! myolie also got award from crhk for best newcomer! you know crhk only award good singers!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Actually, the question should be for you Sel_fi_Wu, are you ok?? Or are you SO blinded when it comes to Myolie that you think she is so great in every way when she clearly isn’t….

        • Crystal says:

          In this case, he/she would be considered deaf, not blind.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          why don’t you all go to youtube to hear how linda and bosco sing live with their trembling shaky weak voice before commenting? and compare with their polished up studio version! i didn’t know tvb studio can turn hell sounds into heaven before this! only regret after watching these videos is hate how those netizens keep thinking that song is for myolie, leave her out of this horrible guy!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Oh yea, she is deaf but I think she is blind as well… She thinks Myolie looks good in that one photo that is heavily photoshopped and with light make up.

        • Kidd says:

          I find Myolie’s sing decently, both in studio and live.

      • Fanny Lee says:

        That’s is your own opinion!

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          your opinion hold no water because i bet you did ‘t listen to their live singing. studio version are lies.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Excuse me, but why don’t you learn how to respect others’ opinion?? It is an “opinion”, NOT a fact or anything. What makes it seem like your opinion is superior to anyone else’s???

      • Fanny Lee says:

        I think Linda and Bosco are an excellent singer and they deserves it a lot. Well done!

        • sandcherry says:

          Some people just don’t have good ears. They don’t know what is good and what is bad …… tone deaf!

        • sajfl;sda;s says:

          why dont you watch the performance that was mentioned here first before commenting??

          I love both of them &thought the performance couldn’t be that bad…. went to search it up, watched it & DAMN were they bad (bosco’s worst) !! I even questioned if the song that they play at the end of a change of heart is Boscos….

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          agree with you! people like fanny maybe have hearing problems. don’t comment before you go to youtube and watch them sing live! then go watch their studio version to see how different it is! don’t know how tvb can make bosco’s voice sounds that smooth calm and tender with feelings in studio for the subtheme but trembling shaky hoarse off voice live! wow now we all should go and record in tvb recording studio since they can make us sound like how bosco sings the subtheme! don’t get the popularity of song too! only the chorus is ok for studio version but the front was typical hk ballad and typical tang chi wai!

          don’t get me started on linda!

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          hk music is dead! sita chan was the only good newcomer but she’s gone and all the male newcomers have no charisma and can’t sing well live! this is why kpop is alive and hk music dead!

        • Austin says:

          Actually a majority of TVB singers can’t sing live especially those that aren’t even singers in the first place.

        • Ling says:

          What a die hard fan of Linda and Bosco . Sorry to say that Linda can’t sing even though I like her as a person.

      • sheldon says:

        They sound good in studio because their voice had been edited in post production. People can know their singing abilities by singing live. They should attend the Voice 4

    2. Cara says:

      Linda can hold a tune, but her voice and breathing are her biggest disadvantage. Her voice is already so soft, and her breathing makes it soft even more delicate. She can hold a tune, but sings with no emotion so it’s kinda boring her sing.

      Bosco, as much as I like his charisma as an actor, just can’t sing. He should stick to acting and his businesses.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        how will linda hold a concert next month with her horrible singing? she also never have a hit song on radio! i bet her concert will only be filled with good guest stars and gimmicks to cover her bad live singing!

        • HeTieShou says:

          Those die hard fans of her acting will come to support her regardless of how bad her singing is. Some like an actor/actress so much that they will support their singing regardless of how bad it is.

        • Cara says:

          Probably. I don’t understand why she can hold a concert whereas you have veteran singers who waited for so low to hold a concert. I don’t dislike Linda, but her singing is just so …mediocre and boring. She can hold a tune, but her voice lacks emotion so I might as well just listen to a pitch pipe.

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          that means linda is just an idol and not a singer who can sing beautifully and have the strength. suspect that tvb will help sell her concert tickets too bu giving free tickets to make the hall looks ‘full’

        • Dr. M says:

          Despite her ‘bad singing’, she’s still selling albums and holding concerts… must be testament to her idol pull and ability to attract fans just by being ‘Linda Chung’.

          That’s got to say something about her marketing in the very least!! :p

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        some people like bosco and linda are so stubborn they think that they can try everything while they still young no matter how good or not it is but actually you can’t do everything! look how fala and kate FAIL horibly after trying to attempt at singing!

        • Austin says:

          I don’t get it, I thought you were a Linda fan. You were just speaking of her highly in another forum. I don’t think they’re stubborn, they’re decent but they just can’t sing live like Ron…nice voice but can’t sing live at all.

          Besides it’s their record label that’s pushing them, I’m pretty sure they know they’re not great singers which is why they said they needed improvement.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Myolie’s singing is bad too but you go off praising her and put others down like that. What is wrong with you???

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          wrong myolie never got criticized for her singing.

          and who said i’m linda fan? i just think she has a brrakthrough role and has potential tv queen doesn’t mean a linda fan especially not her horrible singing

        • Yen says:

          Myolie never got crittized by her singing?!
          Miahahahas!! Surely!! Because not many even realised that she released an album!!
          And in the album that consist, if I’m not mistaken, 10-12 songs, only ONE stood out, the one she sang with Bosco and she sounds awful in it!!
          No one plays her songs, that’s why she gets no critism!
          She sounds shaky even singing studio!
          And yeah, she never gets the chance to sing LIVE cause no INVITATION!

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          save your breath yen myolie has been singing live jn many award shows and never heard complains of her. at least you admit there that myolie has at least one hit song and mind but what is linda’s? besides attracting her acting fans and claiming she wrote some songs by humming and let someone else produce the music but put her name as the composer?

        • Teeece says:

          No offense, but Myolie is not much of a better singer than Linda or Bosco either. She’s not that great live either.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Myolie never got criticized for her singing?? you must be kidding me… What cave have you been living in Sel-Fi-Wu??? Boy, you are sooo blinded with your admiration for Myolie that it is honestly becoming really scary and creepy.

        • Bing San says:

          OF COURSE you haven’t heard complaints or criticism about myolie. you’re so biased, you can’t even see for yourself.

        • Yen says:

          Guess why I’m saying Myolie only had ONE hit song?! Because that really the ONLY ONE!!
          For Linda, gosh!!! Her songs being played numerous times in the radio and not just ONE SONG, is MANY SONGS! I don’t have to list out simply because I’m not a fan of her music, but since the radio playing it, I’ll just listen. But MYOLIE?! just that ONE song and she sounds chicky and trembling!!
          There is a WHY, Myolie only released ONE album, whereas LINDA, THREE ALBUMS and a MINI-CONCERT!
          Honestly, I’m not a music fan of Linda and everytime I hear her songs, I will feel its a waste! If that song to be sang by Joey Yung, it will certainly a HIT!
          But I just couldn’t stand that while u keep bashing Linda for her voice, but u can HUHHH? Commented that Myolie sings well! It’s faaarrrr from well!!

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          linda has no hit songs in hk, ask any non linda fan in hk. she only has many idol fans who like her clean image and her tvb series where she got many breakthrough roles such as miss koo, the prankster, and upcoming undercover cop.

        • idontknow says:

          well, where’s your myolie now with her singing? it’s been a forever since her last album.

          i actually have no problems with myolie. but people like you, who bashes at bosco just to praise myolie makes me feel tired hearing about myolie.

    3. FingersInNose says:

      Why is Linda looking worse and worse in every new photo I see of her? She’s starting to look like a man,

      • Cara says:

        She’s always had manly features. There’s a reason why Wu Zun looks prettier than her as a girl.

      • Uptown girl says:

        Lol maybe from portraying as a violent cop. Yeh, what frustrates me about her is that she is at the stage where she’s a jack of all trades and master of none. Since acting is her strength, improve and focus on that. Either she is in singing for money or she really thinks her singing is good enough to hold a concert, her fans are culprits too.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        agree. normally linda look demure and sweet but she looks like transexual up there uugg

    4. bear says:

      i dont really care if they cant sing live. as long as their studio album sounds good in my car, cuz it makes my day driving home.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        singing live matters since all singers need to perform live in concerts and tv especially linda who will hold a concert next month! so they will autotune the concert for linda?

        • Yen says:

          Honestly it’s hard to say so, because when your idol is singing RIGHT INFRONT OF YOU, you’ll just go FRENZY, especially those Mini mini concerts when the stage is just few steps from you!
          There will even be no time to snap pictures because u’ll just too excited xD
          I’ve been to a mini concert before. An Amerian group, Plus One. I got free tickets and since I watched their MVs and wow, handsome guys, why not?
          I’m seated just a few steps from them and unexpectedly I screamed all the way and HAHAHAS reach out my hands to shake theirs! I don’t even have time to snap pictures!!!
          And few weeks later, their mini concert being aired on TV and I was shocked to hear their singing!!
          I was like OMGOSSHH! Really the SAME concert I attended?!!! they just sounded terrible!!
          But I really did enjoy their performance LIVE ;)
          At that moment, I really find them FANTASTIC and even bought their album on my way out xD

    5. Fanny Lee says:

      I have to say is Linda Chung and Bosco Wong singer is an excellent. They approvement a lot and Linda will hold her own Solo Concerts.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        are you sarcastic or just have hearing problem?

        more ridiculous when linda getting a solo concert is already a joke when so many more veteran and talented singers need to wait so long before holding their concert.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Sorry, but you should not say that anyone has a hearing problem. I think you have more of a hearing problem if you think Myolie’s singing is good. Once again, everyone has their own opinion and you need to learn how to respect that….

    6. Hope says:

      I like them both but they are definitely not singers.

    7. sushiroll says:

      Bosco was horrific live, even worse than a karaoke singer. He was so off key and didn’t have enough breath to sing a relatively simple song.

    8. Mun Yee says:

      and that’s why i don’t listen to current crop of cantopop’s singers. they really can’t sing live… *shake head*

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        agree. i have a hk friend who got exposed to hk music and she said current crop of singers such as pakho, william chan and aarif lee are all bad live singing and are also bad actors. some can write songs but can’t perform well live and only good in studio

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          there was this great singer sita chan but she died so fast and young

        • Mun Yee says:

          well, of course singers nowadays are good in studio. There’s autotune and other sort of tech to help them.

    9. milktea says:

      It’s understandable their singing since they are coming from actress/actor. Like acting, singing needs improvement. Give them the time. Though, quite a few songs they sings I like. They have been doing good.

    10. faith says:

      Regardless. .I love them!!

    11. Nicholas says:

      Here we go again. These full time linda haters are here again. Every single topic regarding Linda, u guys just keep putting her down. Really hate her that much?? Yes she’s not the best but she definitely is not as horrible as you all say. It’s a pity u guys don’t see what a great person she is.

      Anyways, I’m not here to change your hate on her. U can say whatever u like but u guys really have so much time to put people down everyday. Anyways, I’ll always support Linda. She don’t have to be the best actress or the best singer. I like the way she is and I know she is trying hard to improve herself everyday.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        why can’t people comment on linda truthfully? so just because people say linda sings horrible you think people are linda hater? You can see some here said they like linda but think she’s a horrible singer! linda is already holding a SOLO CONCERT next month, she should be able to take these criticism wisely!

        even if she’s a good actress or good person can’t change her bad singing, that’s different!

        • Nicholas says:

          Why u wasting your time??? U already post like 20 comments here on Linda. 98% of your comments on linda is rude. Yes you can express your views on how horrible u think linda is. That’s fine but the words u use is very rude. You have been giving bad comments on Linda for many months already. Every single linda news have your rude comments. If u are not a linda hater then I have no idea what u are. Why u spend so much time commenting on a person u don’t even have respect for?

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          wrong. i gave good comments on linda for her breakthroughs in miss cool, practical jokes and tiger cubs 2 :P

        • dd says:

          Get a girlfriend Nicholas, this is not healthy for you and your parents are worried.

      • Ling says:

        I like Linda too.But she really can’t sing . That is the fact . Why don’t she focus on acting instead?

    12. sandcherry says:

      First, a person needs to have a good and strong voice to be a good singer. Most people can sing, but not well, strong and loudly.

      Raymond Lam has a strong voice, but his singing techniques are not good. We can hear his breathing all the time.

      Linda Chung has improved quite a bit in the last two years in her singing. Unfortunately, her voice is pretty soft which does not allow her to sing loudly and too high pitch.

      Myolie Wu claimed that she was singing in school choirs, but she did not seem to excel in her singing career. Her voice is pretty soft too.

      Bosco Wong has a very weak voice. Don’t think he can sing well and strong.

      I guess a person needs to have a good and strong voice, some talents, and good musicality to be a successful singer. He or she can improve with some voice training, but there will be limitations if the voice is weak.

      • Yen says:

        100% AGREED!
        I just hope them to focus on their acting and leave singing behind!
        Look at Raymond Lam, yup, he excels in the singing department but his acting, gone down the drain!! His last drama, the one with Michael Mui and Kate, his acting just URGHHHH!! The worst so far is his role as Chu Ge Liang!! Feel like wanna get into the TV to shake him — WAAKEEE UPPPP, PLEASEEE!!
        Takeshi acted that role and play excellently!! Raymond is so speechlessly WOODEN!!

        • sel_fi_wu says:

          agree this time. raymond was exaggerating and keep being his chok raymond in highs and lows and don’t get me started on his chok fung performance in three kingdoms. he also failed to get recognition in any of his movies and let his costars overshadow him such as miriam yeung, ronald cheng, adam cheng, jet li.

        • Yen says:

          Ewwww.. As u mentioned bout Raymond’s movies, the Love in Pyjamas and the White snake, the one with Jet Li are just …….!!!!! Especially the white snake movie, he is so wooden! But honestly that movie is stupid too!!! I’m even more disappointed with Jet Li in that movie than Raymond!! Because of Jet Li, I went to cinema to watch it but LORRRR, WTDEEEENNGGG!! Hahas!
          I guess his best performance in movie is the most recent one with Adam, Ekin and ZaiZai! It’s a good movie, everyone stood out and left impression on me!! All so good looking even Adam xD

        • RAYLEILAFAN says:

          I beg to differ again. Ray’s acting career has never gone down the drain, instead of this he’s getting countless mainland dramas and movie invitations. Acting is subjective, I do not think Ray was bad in the drama and movies mentioned and certainly was not overshadowed.

        • sandcherry says:

          Personally I don’t think Raymond Lam is a good singer or actor now. He is just in the middle of both ….. being average in acting and singing. As an actor, he is good being a singer/actor; as a singer, he is only average. But as an actor, his acting has not improved a bit in the last few years. Perhaps he cared too much about his handsome and chok image and did not care to act to his best potentials.

          I heard him singing when he first started acting in “A Taste of Love” 美味情緣 with Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah. Personally I think he sang better with his strong voice in that drama series, but his singing techniques are so different now and I don’t enjoy it. I don’t like to hear his strong breathing all the time. He should work hard on his breathing technique in order not to show it so obviously.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Singing is a skill that you have to sort of be born with. Voice training can help but only to some extent. If you are not born with a good voice, strong vocals,etc.. then you can train and work hard but it can only get you so far. Vivian Chow for example has a soft voice, but still sing well in my opinion. Vivian Lai had a strong and loud voice so can sing well. There are different ways and styles of singing and yes if you breathe too much then it is not good…

    13. sandcherry says:

      Agree. Acting can be improved over the years by experience, but not singing. If you don’t have the basic skills (voice, talents, and musicality), you will not be able to improve much.

      • Yen says:

        AGREE AGAIN!!

      • Yen says:

        For acting, sometimes a good story line or script comes along also did the wonders!
        Just like Charlene Choi, Mirriam Yeung and Shu Qi.
        I never really liked their acting but Charlene chubly performance in My Sassy Hubby, Mirriam nailed her role as Cherie in Love in a Puff and Shu Qi in Jorney to the west, Conquering the demons really got me in TEARS!! And I re-watch each of the movie several times!!! I even bought DVD for my collection!
        Acting can be improved but it’s hard to say about singing!
        I’m a fan of Bosco but honestly I don’t think he sings well in LIVE. But hohos surely he sings better than me xD
        I’ve watched Raymond Lam, Bosco and Linda, three of them sang for a show before and gosh – Bosco and Linda just ” ……” ,
        But since this is a TVB JSG awards, dont be too harsh on them! XD

      • advo says:

        Actually I disagree. I think for both singing and acting you need a certain foundation – but you can always improve on anything. Personally, I think a complete novice in either singing or acting who gives ten years to work and constantly improve, can do more than someone who has a degree of inherent talent but does nothing to improve. E.g TVB’s current crop of siu sangs and fa dans who are all stuck in a rut because they constantly get the same old material from TVB and rarely get different experiences that could broaden their horizon. As much as we like to critise TVB’s habit of promoting Miss Hong Kongs, many of them have gone on to become decent actressses. E.g. most of the popular 90s fa dans also came from the beauty pageants. The difference is that TVB no longer offer acting classes so they hardly get any training, don’t even know if they even get basic rudimentary lessons before they are injecting into TVB’s grinder and left to either sink or learn to swim.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree with Advo that even for acting, you sort of have to have an innate talent just like with singing. There are some like Tony Leung Chiu Wai for example, even when he acted in smaller roles at the beginning of his career, you can see that he definitely has that innate talent for acting so he started played leads pretty early on. He is now the established actor that he is. But there are some for example, Nelson Pang(lead actor in Book and Sword 87) who played a leading role right away but was heavily criticized so he did not get to play the lead again. He then acted in only supporting roles and even after acting for awhile, he did not improve much or at all… You can improve in anything, but whether you can really reach a high level or not is a different story… I think that is where you question whether you are born with a particular skill or not.

        • sandcherry says:

          Talents really help in achieving one’s career. However, it is easier to act well than to sing well if a person is not talented.

          If acting, a person needs to speak well and clearly, and in singing a person needs to have a good and strong voice, articulate in words, good rhythms, good listening skills, in tune, and good musicality. An actor/actress sometimes can perform better if he/she has a good partner, but a singer needs to perform by himself/herself.

          I would say that it is harder to be a good singer than a good actor. Experience can help an artiste to excel, but as not much for a singer.

        • HeTieShou says:

          I agree with you to some extent sandcherry. However, I feel that in order to be a really good actor just like singing, you sort of have to be born with the talent too. IN singing, you can sing in groups, duets,etc..too so it is not like you always sing alone. But yea, if you are a solo artist then you often have to rely on yourself. With singing, when you sing in the studio you often have enhancements and all. It is when you sing live is the biggest challenge. I think experience can help you as a singer as well. There are many singers that I have seen sing not too well when they just debuted, but after a number of years they have gotten a lot better. However, for those that are naturally born with it, you would notice it right away while for those that aren’t, you would notice it too. I think the same goes for acting… But I know what you mean when you say it is harder to be a good singer than a good actor. However, I think both those skills are difficult to truly excel and succeed in to some extent.

      • advo says:

        As for singing, surely you need a nice voice – but that can be subject to taste, and technique can certainly be improved.

        • sandcherry says:

          Agree. Proper voice training can improve the singing techniques, but without a good and strong voice, you cannot do much with a soft and weak voice. You will not be able to sing a big range of notes, and you cannot achieve the best results. You can sing decently, but not as a successful singer like Teresa Teng, Teresa Corpio, Alam Tan, Frances Yip, or even Priscilla Chan.

          Anyway current pop singers are lucky because they do not need to have a well-trained and strong voice to sing any of the current pop songs. The melody is pretty boring with long lyrics. It is not really a song to me; they are only some verses with background music.

    14. Bing San says:

      bosco – best at rock songs live! see tvb gala at the beginning of this year :D

    15. fds says:

      finally lol thank you to those who pointed out linda and bosco T_____T linda is horrible…

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        yes linda is HORRIBLE singing live. don’t get why some still want to defend her singing. bad singing is bad singing no excuse. those fans of bosco and linda who support them like crazy should get their ears checked and stop being lies by the studio recordings where they all sound smooth and calm and full of feelings. feelings my foot when their live version is rubbish!

        • a-pop says:

          those fans of bosco and linda who support them like crazy should get their ears checked lol!!! tis sentence is so funny coming out from u. Same thing apply to u also.

          HORRIBLE singing live. don’t get why some still want to defend her singing. bad singing is bad singing no excuse

          u gave super lame question. Then I can say same thing about ur favorites Myilie “bad singing is bad singing no excuse” lmoa

        • HeTieShou says:

          Totally agree with a-pop! Sel_fi_wu lives in that little world of hers where Myolie is the best of everything…

    16. Solars says:

      Just heard both. Bosco sounded horrible, to be honest. IT sounded like he was breathing ON the microphone the whole time. I don’t know – was he sick or something or the background vocals made it sound like that? Terrible.

      As for Linda, she wasn’t the best either. She couldn’t hit the high notes.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        yes! finally a sensible person who admit that bosco is HORRIBLE! the others here must be inly listening to the studio version and fell victim to the smooth and calm studio recording. sorry to say that he was shaking and eating the microphone and keeping his eyes shut the whole time! crazy!

        and linda too was not any better with her soulless and lifeless singing that looks more like reciting some words rather than singing. HORRIBLE!

    17. advo says:

      Linda has always had bad live singing – hell, I don’t even think her studio songs are worth the effort. I’m more surprised that it’s still news. Not only does she have a weak voice but her technique has always been terrible and I guess her company is too cheap to hire some coaches for her. But I suppose they know her fans will buy whatever crap she produces anyway, so no need to waste the money.

      As for Bosco, he’s not a good singer and the ending theme is so bland that I’m shocked it has achieved any degree of popularity. Frankly speaking, even though Niki’s singing is weak, at least the main theme is somewhat catchier and grows on you, so out of the two I would have expected that song to be more popular.

      • Yen says:

        The song sang by Bosco, the chorus part is good xD
        I love the chorus part a lot!

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        agree! don’t get why change of heart’s subtheme is more popular than the themesong! the opening was typical tang chi wai’s ballad and only the chorus is decent! although niki is a horrible singer the themesong has a more powerful melody than typical love ballad of the subtheme song! and those lame boscolie fans should stop thinking that bosco sings the song to myolie! can’t stand the youtube comments!

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        I beg to differ. I personally think the ending theme by Bosco feels more magnetic and has more “heart”(I’m talking about the CD version), it makes you feel that Bosco is singing it to someone because the lyrics does not fit his character in the drama entirely, while the opening theme by Niki is solely a good song sung decently but has less heart than the ending theme. Be your own judge this might be subjective.

        Ending theme “最後祝福 – Bosco”

        Opening theme “心變 – Niki”

        • advo says:

          Is the CD version better than the ending MV version? That’s all I’ve heard, and I do not hear any “heart” in that version. I find the song and the singing of it rather weak. I do think Bosco have sung better songs, that suited him better but in general I don’t think he’s a strong singer at all.

        • ACOH Songs says:

          I agree with RAYLEILAFAN. When I first heard both songs in the drama, I couldn’t even remember how the theme song went but the sub theme was evident in my mind and much more catchier for me, but all in all, I believe both songs are good.

    18. meme says:

      Linda was okay, but she seemed to mostly depend on her nasal sounds. Bosco was HORRIBLE. He disappointed me, he was better in his song when it was being broadcasted in the drama.

      • sel_fi_wu says:

        both linda and bosco are HORRIBLE live. they can only depend on the studio recordings. sad that hk music industry is dying when no new good singer coming out to replace joey and eason and the popular singers are people like linda and bosco who can only sing in studio but make garbage live shows!

    19. RAYLEILAFAN says:

      Good grief.

      Firstly, although Linda and Bosco are never known as good singers, but I’m alarmed that they are the one attracting the attention from the masses when their lack of skills is nothing new for news. Does this mean HK music world is truly non existant, that some actor turned singers as their side activities incite more attention than some nameless young singers crying under incompetent music labels in HK who failed to promote these new blood and their music, or promote but changed them into generic HK singer who blend into the many nameless young singers molded by these companies into HK formula for quick cash?

      Ray is the only actor turn singer that achieved good success and is one of the most successful male singer in HK now whether you like it or not. Ray can sing and has good skills and good voice. These also doesn’t come without hardwork, he spend years during his youth learning from his singing teacher along with Nicholas Tse before he got recognition from TVB and EEG.

      • RAYLEILAFAN says:

        As long as Bosco and Linda put more weight in the acting department where they excels more, they should be fine in the long run. They both have great charisma as actors, but their skills may not be enough to excel as good singers.

      • KK says:

        Agree, loves Ray’s singing. I think that his singing career turns out to be more successful than his acting. He has gained more recognition/awards from singing than acting.

        Saw some reports that said Linda has a singing teacher too, and she’s quite famous? She even went on stage to praise Linda’s singing.

      • jason says:

        agree with u,Ray is my fav

    20. Joanne says:

      Linda Cant SING. Her singing is on par with Mandy Wong. Even the Miss HK winner, Carat can sing better than her.

    21. megamiaow says:

      Anyone have a vid link for the performances?

    22. softrice says:

      Linda and Bosco just aren’t worrying about pleasing haters that expect PERFECTION. It’s called Life and they’re here to make mistakes, be happy, and learn from them. ;)

    23. John says:

      I’m a little bias, to me linda isn’t as bad of a singer as u guys said. I loved her witness insecurity song. But bosco………. His singing during the show was just SCARY. He sounded way better in the drama lol

    24. kk says:

      lol i’m surprised that people just notice linda’ breathless and shaky voice from this jsg event, when she already performed with that kind of voice live many times before. she’s a perfect example of singer with only look is enough, no need to have a voice.

    25. Joanna says:

      I have a question…

      Myolie is an entertainer BUT her singing is awful and her acting……

      Sorry… i have no words to describe her acting…

      So, what is she entertaining us with?

    26. Cassandra Loh says:

      I’m sure Linda can take is criticism well , but to all the people that say she is terrible , horrible and whatever words in your dreadful and horrible vocabulary , please , if you think you’re that great , get your ass into the industry and please try . I bet you , the whole wide world will throw rotten eggs and tomatoes at you and guess what , all of us Linda Garden fans will be the first one . Especially that someone who has to comment on everybody’s post that username starts with an S .

      • sandcherry says:

        Well, you have been rude to all the readers with usernames starting with “S”, and I am one of them.

        Not everyone of us would write rude comments about Linda Chung. Be careful in what you write please.

      • Mun Yee says:

        You are taking all the comments too serious. A singer supposed to KNOW how to sing especially LIVE. Don’t tell me that knowing how to sing in the studio is enough coz it’s not! There’s too much autotune applied on a singer voice to make him/her sounds good on cd.. Only singing in live will be able to determine whether that singer is a good singer. Do you get it? Stop supporting ur idols blindly and attack people by asking them to sing bla bla bla… There’s is reason why a singer is called a singer

        • iawnaek says:

          Agreed! A good singer can sing live and a great singer can sing live without music (minus one). One of the worst crime a singer can commit is loud breathing. It just means the so called singer even lack the fundamentals of singing – breathing technique.

        • Mun Yee says:

          true! One singer that I’m amazed of is Jenny Tseng. She really has a good grasp of the breathing technique. When she sings, her breathing sounds are almost to inaudible. Even with the likes such as Alan Tam, Danny Chan or other singers of the 80’s, their breathing still can be heard but in a minimal… unlike the current so called HK singers.. really OMG!

        • iawnaek says:

          Agree. Not one HK singers in the industry now can hold a candle to Jenny. GEM? And the other girl, what’s her name? They only know how to scream for the sake of screaming and showing off. That is not singing at all. One artist I like though is Gin Lee. She sings her high notes, not screaming them.

        • iawnaek says:

          Oh yeah, Mag Lam. That’s her name. Gem and her are better off starring in horror movies. They can scream and scream and scream to their hearts contend.

        • HeTieShou says:

          You are really critical towards the newer singers iawnaek. I am big fan of the 80s and all too, but that does not mean that I have to be bias against the new singers. I think Mag Lam sings pretty well and she is a newer and younger singer so why compare her to a veteran like Jenny??? I think Mag and Joey are 2 pretty good singers in the HK industry right now… But hey, that is just my opinion and singing and acting is subjective.

    27. iawnaek says:

      Is this news at all? 90% of these HK singers nowadays have crappy singing abilities and Joey Yung is the leader of the pack.

      • Mun Yee says:

        agreed!! HK music industry is going downhill.. there’s no more golden era of the 80’s… I’m on Gen Y but sometimes I wish I could be transported back to the 80’s where artists can actually sing live such as Danny Chan, Anita Mui, Leslie Cheung etc are still alive.. My ears won’t need to suffer in pain as I am now when listening to songs nowadays :/

        • llwy12 says:

          Yup! With the state of the HK music industry nowadays, I count myself lucky that I grew up during the era of ‘true’ singers such as Sam Hui, Jenny Tseng, Roman Tam, George Lam, Alan Tam, Leslie Cheung, Anita Mui, Danny Chan, Jacky Cheung, etc. etc. etc.(way too many more to list)….

          Not to be harsh, but I honestly feel that the HK music industry has gotten to a point that it’s incapable of being saved, despite the best efforts of many veterans and others who truly want the industry to do well. Sort of reminds me of what the late Wong Ka Kui (Beyond’s lead singer) once said: “In HK, there is no music industry, there’s only the entertainment industry (showbiz).”

        • Jayne says:

          The HK music industry largely consists of idol singers now. Cantopop is a small market compared to Mandopop, and the HK music companies are eager for quick sales rather than investing money in developing long-term stars.

        • Mun Yee says:

          it’s really a sad situation.. If this condition still continues, cantopop will be irrelevant soon.

        • llwy12 says:

          @Jayne: Yup…that’s the sad part…all the companies care more about money, profit, and other “perks” — not a single one actually cares about music anymore. Most of the so-called singers nowadays make music or become singers not because they truly have a passion for it or even like it, but because they want make lots of money and become popular — unfortunately, that’s the primary motivation nowadays compared to it being more of a ‘secondary’ motivation in the past (and of course, the actions of the record companies in ‘packaging’ and pushing out those idol singers don’t help either). Definitely very sad….

        • Jayne says:

          “all the companies care more about money, profit, and other “perks”

          Profit will always be the biggest motivator. In the past, the HK record companies competed on quality in producing singers that would sell records. They signed artists for multiple years, so the development of the artists’ careers were more carefully orchestrated.

          The Asian financial crisis in 1997 was the turning point, in which music companies were under pressure to turn out quicker profits. Market conditions have also changed, as “versatile” idol artists who can sing and act were more desired than singers who can only sing. It guaranteed more money on investment, as these artists can be cross-promoted. Three of the Four Heavenly Kings qualify as idol singers and perhaps “lowered” the standard of fan expectations in music. Vivian Chow’s popularity in the 90s also proved that a pretty face can draw concert crowds. Although I like Kelly Chen, she is more popular for her looks than her singing skills. In the late 90s and early 2000s, idol singers co-existed with the last leg of talented singers such as Hacken Lee and Cass Pang. It’s a much more pronounced effect today.

          The digital age meant that the main revenue for music companies may not be music album sales. It’s signing artists that can be cross promoted to appear in films and dramas, as EEG proved with Twins. Concert sales are also a big money maker, along with developing artists to become endorsers of marketing campaigns. Good looks and likable faces became more profitable than singing skills, especially in this multimedia age when artists have to cross promote their albums on multiple mediums instead of the old days where their main promotion may be radio airplay.

        • sandcherry says:

          I think free downloading of music and songs and cheap dubbing of CDs really hurt the music industries. They cannot afford to invest in production costs and singers. It is not a one way street. If people don’t spend money to buy new CDs, the music industries will not be able to afford getting good singers. Anyway, it seems to be the trend in Hong Kong to produce that kind of songs which do not require good and strong voices and techniques.

      • Megamiaow says:

        Joey Yung WAS terrible. Im just astounded people still assume that she is. She took vocal lessons of Roman Tam after. And after hearing her in concert 2 years ago in London, she sounded GREAT live. Plodded through all the slow songs like a walk in the park.
        Fast songs she struggled a bit, but does any female singer even bother to dance and sing at the same time these days? I doubt any dances like she does anyway, and sing at the same time. Anyway my point is, for normal songs, she sounds like a pro.

        • iawnaek says:

          Disagree. Despite having lessons from Roman Tam she’s still a bad singer. When she danced a little, her gasp for air becomes even louder and her pitch goes all over the place. Please, listen carefully. She sucks big time in singing. She can’t even compare herself to Vicki Zhao who is an actress first and foremost. I remember her singing live in one programme for China, she sounded breathy and gasping for air throughout her performance. On the contrary, Vicki sailed through her performance without any problem – on pitch and her breathing was hardly audible. That is how bad Joey Yung is.

    28. sandcherry says:

      Joey Yung is one of the best singers in Hong Kong music industry now. That is why she keeps winning awards in the last 10 years. She has a good voice and sings well as per Hong Kong standard.

      Singing live is very different from singing in studios. All the weaknesses will be shown off easily. A live singer needs to have a good voice, in tune, good rhythms, articulate in words, good and soft breathing techniques, good emotions, etc. All these requirements can be faked for singers singing in studios.

      • iawnaek says:

        Disagree. Despite having lessons from Roman Tam she’s still a bad singer. When she danced a little, her gasp for air becomes even louder and her pitch goes all over the place. Please, listen carefully. She sucks big time in singing. She can’t even compare herself to Vicki Zhao who is an actress first and foremost. I remember her singing live in one programme for China, she sounded breathy and gasping for air throughout her performance. On the contrary, Vicki sailed through her performance without any problem – on pitch and her breathing was hardly audible. That is how bad Joey Yung is.

        • sandcherry says:

          Good singers are not required to sing and dance at the same time. If they sing and dance, it is more like a show with gimmicks, not a concert.

          Very few singers can sing and dance well at the same time.

          I have not heard Vicki Zhao singing, so I am not in a position to comment. But Joey Yung is considered one of the best singers in Hong Kong these days.

        • HeTieShou says:

          Did you ever watch Huan ZHu Ge Ge(Princess Pearl)??? Vicki sang the themesong for part 2 and some other songs for the soundtrack. I think Vicki has a good voice and sings well on CD, but I have not heard her live yet so I can’t comment on that.

        • HeTieShou says:

          If you think Joey is bad then the rest of them are history. I think Joey is one of the best singers in the HK music industry now too.

        • sandcherry says:

          I have watched the original Princess Pearl, not the sequel (or Part 2). Cannot remember Vicki Zhao singing.

        • iawnaek says:

          Hahha you are so comical. She can’t sing properly even when she stands still. Oh and in that China programme, she was standing stlll singing awfully to a slow song. Enough said.

        • sandcherry says:

          Who is “she”? Linda Chung or Vicki Zhao?

        • HeTieShou says:

          Vicki sang the themesong for part 2 and other songs too. For part 1, she sang a few of the subsongs. Part 1’s themesong was sung by Power Station.

          WOW, you are really critical towards the newer singers. If Joey can’t sing well, then all of these other want to be singers are history….

    29. sandcherry says:

      It is very sad that 99% of the current pop singers in Hong Kong are idol singers. Not even 1% of the current (new) singers can sing live well.

      In old days, 99+% of singers had to be able to sing well. Otherwise, they would not be called singers at all. Of course, some were better than others, but they were still very good compared to the current pop singers.

      Current pop songs are so different anyway. They are not songs to me. They are more like wraps or verses with some kind of music. The lyrics are so long and not much melody is required.

      • iawnaek says:

        One exception. Gin Lee is good singing live. Much better than most in the industry.

        • Mun Yee says:

          i can’t really agree with you coz even on studio version, Gin Lee’s sound very “breathy”. Ive heard her cover version of Danny Chan’s 偏偏喜欢你. Her breathing is VERY OBVIOUS. It irritates me to hear her breathing with each time she changes to different verses. I’ve compared hers with Danny’s. Danny’s better.

        • iawnaek says:

          She’s not perfect but she is hands down way better than Joey Yung. Of course no singers now can be compared to any singers from the 80s.

        • sandcherry says:

          Who is Gin Lee? I don’t know her. Is she a Hongkong singer or Mainland Chinese singer? What is her name in Chinese?

        • HeTieShou says:

          I just want to say that you are way too bias towards any of the new singers iawnaek. Even if any of them are good, you would refuse to give them any credit just because they are from this generation…

    30. Fanny says:

      If anyone of you are NOT a big fan of Linda Chung or Bosco Wong DON’T give any bad comments to them and leave them alone.

      • sandcherry says:

        Why can’t we criticize Lind Chung’s and Bosco Wong’s singing? If they are good singers, no one will criticize them anyway. If they are not, their singing will be criticized easily.

        If you are big fans of them, you can also praise them as much as you wish.

        • Crystal says:

          I don’t think it matters if they sing well or not, or if they sing horrible. I think people love to judge and criticize, that’s what the industry is about.

        • sandcherry says:

          Correct. Some people would like to criticize any artistes if they are not their favourites, but some people just want to give their honest opinions.

      • iawnaek says:

        Face it Fanny, your idols suck big time in singing. Stick to acting please. You as a diehard fan of theirs should write a fan letter advising them to stay off singing.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Everyone has the right to give their opinions as long as it is constructive and reasonable.

    31. Ric says:

      I have not seen their performances and quite frankly I don’t care. They are not really singers to begin with. They will always be actors first and sing as a way to make some extra money. The fact is Linda is having her concert and they will probably sell out. Many people may not like her singing but clearly there are a lot who do.

      • Mun Yee says:

        So I wonder, with Linda is terrible in singing live, how she will she fare during her concert? will there be lip-syncing?

        • iawnaek says:

          She’ll just lose her voice half way through it and yes there will be lip synching all the way from then on. She’s making a fool of herself.

    32. zachary says:

      I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I don’t know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!
      zachary http://www.myscarygames.com/profile/view/680473.html

    33. AL says:

      they both are great actor, but not good at singing, why is TVB has to put them to sing…that are a lot of those actor or singer can sing better! just never understand TVB!!!!

    34. notasaint says:

      both terrible singers

    35. Amanda Chung says:

      Linda Chung is good in singing and acting except for Bosco Wong

    36. Pi says:

      Go home and get your dogs hear you.

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    Aimee Chan Shares Photo of Newborn Son, Nathan Lucas thumbnail

    Aimee Chan Shares Photo of Newborn Son, Nathan Lucas

    Raymond Lam to Star in New Drama “Department Six” thumbnail

    Raymond Lam to Star in New Drama “Department Six”

    Kate Tsui Portrays Pregnant Woman in “Go and Come” thumbnail

    Kate Tsui Portrays Pregnant Woman in “Go and Come”

    Lawrence Ng Gambles Away Sorrows in Macau thumbnail

    Lawrence Ng Gambles Away Sorrows in Macau


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