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Linda Chung to Star in “Tiger Cubs” Sequel

By on March 10, 2013

Linda Chung to Star in “Tiger Cubs” Sequel thumbnail

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) has been successful within the entertainment industry in both the drama and music fields. After winning the 2004 Miss Chinese International Pageant, she quickly rose to become one of TVB’s top fadans. In August, Linda will be holding her first solo concert at the Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre. Having waited for years, she is finally able to fulfill her dreams of singing on her personal stage.

In the past, Linda attended numerous concerts as a guest performer. However, she never had the chance to possess a stage of her own. As a singer under Star Shine International, Linda worked closely with the company’s founder, Herman Ho (何哲圖). “I envied other singers when I saw them hold concerts. Herman told me that I should hold a concert after the release of my fourth album. This year, my fourth album is finally released.  At first I thought he forgot his promise. I can’t believe it’s finally coming true.” Linda said excitedly.

A cordial approach will be the theme of Linda’s first concert. Besides singing her own songs, she will also be covering songs from other singers. “My next step is to enter the Hong Kong Coliseum,” Linda revealed. The most important thing for her at this time is the experience of exercising and rehearsing. According to Herman, the concert this August will serve as a stepping-stone towards the ultimate goal of singing in the Hong Kong Coliseum.

With a hectic schedule, Linda still puts her health as first place. “I get colds very easily, so I’m currently maintaining my health with Chinese traditional medicine. I also go out for runs or swims to practice my breathing.”

Becomes Female Lead in “Tiger Cubs” Sequel

The sequel of last year’s popular TVB drama, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, will start filming in June. Linda will take Jessica Hsuan’s (宣萱) spot as female lead and star alongside Joe Ma (馬德鐘). Will the filming schedule conflict with concert rehearsals? “The drama should be done filming by August. Being able to film Tiger Cubs is a rare opportunity, and it’s also a big challenge. I’ve never collaborated with Joe before. The subject matter of the drama is very new and fresh for me.”

Linda is actually a very athletic girl who is good at playing basketball and volleyball, but with her previous roles, the audience is likely to forget this side of her. Starring in an action drama will provide the audience with a new image.

Does Linda feel pressured to take Jessica’s place in the drama? “No, unless my role is exactly the same as hers. I believe I’m portraying a different character. It’ll give me some space for creativity.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2313 via ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (69)

    1. michelle says:

      So happy for her!

    2. hannahh says:

      Love linda but not how she fit in.

    3. Sel_fi_wu says:

      are there no other actress suitable for this action packed part? why it’s always linda getting the push?

    4. Bubblez says:

      So happy for Linda! She’s one of my role models/favourite actresses. But it will be a challenge. :/

    5. Larry 3 says:

      Wait and see approach for me, she is not the type of police officer & Madam

    6. Lyle says:

      Just because she replaced Jessica it doesn’t mean she’s playing the same role as her as Madam, she may be playing a character entirely unrelated from SDU though I hope they don’t make her portray a damsel in distress again, those are the weaker female roles.

    7. Lilly says:

      Wow, really looking forward to this! I love the Joe and Jessica pairing, but Joe and Linda will be something new to see. She does look wayyy to young compared to him though

    8. iampheng says:

      She will fit in fine with her athletic build.

    9. juliaax33 says:

      as much as i like her and think shes extremely pretty…i feel like this isnt the role for her. so far, in all her series, she plays a vulnerable female which goes well with her innocent sweet appearance but she has yet to appear strong or bold, indepdent.. i hope shell prove me wrong though!

    10. Fox says:

      Concert or Mini concert? If it’s a full time concert, I really look forward to see how Linda handles it.

    11. Pop says:

      Oh no! I am not looking forward to tiger cubs sequel anymore.

    12. Akemirhee says:

      Oh common she is not that bad as some comments about her
      Never watch that movie we never know yet
      I will support her because she set a good role model as an artist singer compare LF and Karena don’t set good role model
      Not because I against LF and karena

    13. Norika says:

      Happy for her coz I think it is indeed a rare opportunity to see Linda in an action drama. Looks like a challenging role hope she will have another break through after Ms Cool and Brother’s Keeper

    14. Primrose says:

      With this latest pairing, Joe Ma is one lucky fellow to have partnered 4 of the 5 current fadans. Think he is the only actor who has partnered all the previous fadans – Kenix, Ada, Flora, Charmaine and Jessica.

    15. Tiff says:

      I respect Linda for building her career up from being Miss Chinese International to the fadan she is today, but it’s getting really tiring to see her (and other fadans) in every single TVB drama! What’s worse is them getting used in roles that don’t seem very fitting (e.g. Linda replacing Jessica in Tiger Cubs; Myolie for Sheren Tang in Rosy Business 3). This really makes me anticipate the drama less >__<.

      • michelle says:

        U should give them a chance.

      • Cara says:

        And it’s also a bit unfair for the fadans because they are so gonna get hate when people compare her to the seasoned actresses. Comparing Myolie Wu to Sheren is just unfair. And even if the roles are completely different, ppl will still compare.

        • Nelly says:

          Of course they are going to be compared. Tvb used the same original title and sequels IMO are rarely better than the first. This new fadans want to shine in the veterans’ role, very big shoes to fill especially myolie. It’s surprising that I really like Jess and sheren’s a+ acting, but avoid myolie and Linda’s acting. I tried to like their acting but it felt forced. I do like their real personalities though. Plus tvb gotta stop making sequels with completely different storyline and milking off the originals.

        • Cara says:

          @Nelly – I agree. Fadans from the 80’s and 90’s act so naturally, they don’t seem like they’re acting, whereas the fadans nowadays, their acting is very forced. You know they are playing a role.

    16. asdfjkl; says:

      Really excited to see her in Tiger Cubs II. The role would either be a huge success or flop for her, but I believe in her acting skills; she’ll do great! Joe & Linda, fresh collab!

    17. drama fan says:

      Why no Jessica??

      • Larry 3 says:

        Her schedule conflict.

        • kittyKat says:

          Then Why Linda? her acting can’t compare with jessica, beside the role does not even fit her

        • sally says:

          Because linda chung is a very lucky girl that has been very lucky to have so many opportunities ever since she won miss international! However flowers won’t bloom forever – sooner or later she will lose her popularity and be replaced by younger actresses – that’s just the way life is …. so unfair!

    18. Selena says:

      oh no. the drama is ruined.

    19. doremi333 says:

      Great! Looking forward to sequel.
      What’s Philip doing while Linda is on vacation? He was photographed with another girl


    20. Exo jern says:

      Give the girl a chance. It’s going to be something new.

    21. shir says:

      I prefer Jessica!!!!

    22. Little fishy says:

      Noooooooo, my Jessica, what’s the meaning to watch this series w,o u in it with joe Dx omg, just postpone the series till Jessica can be in it IMO >__<

    23. RLF Lover says:

      Everyone would prefer Jessica because of her partnership and chemistry with Joe but I think Linda deserves a chance at these kind of roles. She has improved heaps and bounds and she always puts in effort for every role she’s given now. I don’t think she will disappoint!

    24. Karen says:

      It’s good that she is finally getting meatier roles.

    25. Cara says:

      So the SDU or police will have a damsel in distress now?

      Trolling aside, Linda is now stuck in her vulnerable, damsel in distress roles. If she wants any acting breakthrough, she needs a completely different role – like a cold blooded murderer or villain, and not like some half assed roles where she is a “bad girl” turned good like in a Journey Called Life. I think she has potential, but she’s just stagnant.

    26. 939393 says:

      oh wow, I didnt see that coming. She was quite an unexpected choice for the lead. Hope to see a new side of her in Tiger Cubs. If she’s brilliant as the lead, she might get the best actress awards she’s vying for for so many years. But Linda, watch out for “salted pig hands” *coughs*joe*coughs*

    27. Dr. M says:

      Fabulous news :)
      About time they give her better and more different roles.
      I was actually thinking about how Jessica Hsuan didn’t seem as good as Linda at playing a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder patient when I was watching Tiger Cubs/Witness Insecurity last year!

      I’m also glad she’s playing lead AND getting better cast members/support.

      Anyone remember the forgettable “Missing You”? *cough*

    28. Olive says:

      Linda is the perfect example of how good looks will get you far. This girl is just a pretty vase with no talent whatsoever. She ruins every single series she’s in with her high pitch voice and horrid acting. She should be a model on the runway instead. Just walk around and look pretty, please don’t act or sing.

      • Angel says:

        What do you define as talent? At least she puts her her heart into her work…

        • Olive says:

          Heart? That makes everything alright then. The local bum has the “heart” to beg for money, why don’t you give him all your hard earned money? That’s one of the lamest excuse I have heard of. You may not have standards but I do and I think she should be a model and not an actress or singer.

        • Crystal says:

          I don’t think anyone puts heart into ‘begging’ money. That doesn’t sound right, though I understand why you tried to make that comparison. Secondly, the whole putting your ‘heart’ into your work, to me, is quite respectable. Linda probably knows herself she is not prolific either but she is willing to put her ‘heart’ into it and give whatever effort she can gather into her performances…that alone gets an A+ as a human being. I take a mediocre actress/singer who is willing to try and improve vs. despicable human beings who think they’re high and mighty because of management’s heavy promotion and etc.

          Face it, in this world, many people in their ‘career’ are not prodigies in their own right. But hey, that’s why the world is distinct and diverse. Also, unless you have credentials in the singing and acting fields, a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ actor/singer is pretty subjective.

      • Victoria says:

        @Olive, I couldn’t agree more. Seriously, Linda is cute and all, but if that’s all she has, then this career isn’t really meant for her.

        • notasaint says:

          Yeh she’s not very talented. Nothing stands out. She’s just a pageant winner turned actress and singer. Shes not ambitious enough, she’s too soft and innocent, can get taken advantage of easily, falls in love with co star too easily, gets depressed, stupid enough to get cops to drive her home — like she’s not very smart you know. She relies on ppl and not very independent. She prolly doesnt have any opinions on anything and doesn’t speak out for herself. That’s why she’s still stuck in these unchallenging roles and boring characters.

      • Cara says:

        I completely agree.

      • Cara says:

        Actually, I do disagree. I don’t think Linda is pretty at all. She is big boned and looks like a man. No matter how she dresses, she doesn’t give off that feminine aura. It’s sad that when she was compared to Wu Zun as lookalikes that Wu Zun will actually look better as a woman than her.

        I think Linda is the perfect example of how a good image will get you far. The HK C9s and general audience loves her cuz she has that goody image.

      • kenneth says:

        @Olive: I will have to agree with you on that. Every series that she’s in is terrible. she cannot act. Her roles does not convince me at all.

    29. advo says:

      UGH NO. I’m no fan of Jessica, but what a downgrade. If only they could have gotten Yoyo instead. I don’t hate Linda as much as in the past, but she fits a cop role as much as Fala did… which is not at all.

      Just because you’re “athletic” that doesn’t make you more fitting for that kind of characters. Since the guys had to go through grueling physical trainning to get their bodies and minds in the right mind set, so should the female characters. I think that would be a way to at least prepare actresses like Fala and Linda who are stuck in more feminine and vulnerable roles, and help them project a more tough and mature presence.

      • ditto says:

        I think fala fits the cop role fine. She has this professional look similar to melissa ng.

        However…linda is a no no in cop roles. She is indeed a good girl…she will always be a good girl. Nothing evil. Nothing less. Nothing courageous. Etc.

    30. Hannah says:

      Aw, man. I was hoping for TVB to work its magic on Jessica.

    31. Gar says:

      I actually think that Linda will do fine in portraying the female lead. It’ll be a refreshing pair with her and Joe.

    32. RaySimpson says:

      Oh my… this can’t be real, right? Her acting sucks!

    33. Godon Lim says:

      All these fadans are being set up to be TV Queen by TVB. It’s only a matter of time, and what and when that makes them viable to win. No doubt, some of them have talent, but by looking at TVB’s situation, it’s evident that it’s going to happen.

      • ehh says:

        she cant act for peanuts. i even wonder how she managed in this industry so long when they are dozens of quality women over her to choose from to promote.

    34. Ribb says:

      Not bad I’d say. I welcome Linda to Tiger Cubs. Very tired of watching Jessica. Have been watching her for more than 15 years. And Jessica is not that pretty as well. At least Linda and Joe as a pair would be something new. Am sure Linda can do the action scenes maybe even better than Jessica.

    35. TN1 says:

      MG awesome! Pinch me! It is happening! I wan c her as a bada$$ character TVB n keep it happening ^_~ n muah

    36. ehh says:

      i can never finish a full drama of hers. pity as i looked forward to the sequel.

      linda brings absolutely nothing to a series, cant even call her a vase as she isn’t even pretty.

    37. Hazel says:

      Is tiger cubs 2 gonna follow up the first series? Or is it gonna be a different story?

    38. ehh says:

      btw, she looks very mannish up there in that pic.

    39. Miss. Nat says:

      I’m so happy for she finally have a dream come true! Wish her the best at her concert and everything else in he life!!!

    40. smurf120 says:

      The almost decade and a half age difference does not work for me if they make Linda Joe’s love interest (I didn’t think it worked when he was paired with Christine Kuo). Linda already tried hard and edgy (Gem of Life) which I really enjoyed but apparently no one else did. She also tried cold and aloof (Miss Koo and that dancing show) – and ended up with only one expression for 2 tv series.

      I think any male/female set to be cast as lead prosecutor or cop team leader needs to master the “steely, cold gaze” that can face down gangsters and serial killers while displaying intelligence. The current crop of TVB actresses aged 35 and under?

    41. daisy says:

      She is a hardworking girl that deserves to be promoted. Her acting has improved over the years. She has also matured in her thinking quite a bit This is evident as her fan base has also grown to span the global network. She has been typecasted with good girl or damsel in distress role for so long, it is about time TVB gives her a good script and a breakthrough role. After watching her Ms Cool portrayal and witness insecurity, I have faith in her.

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