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Celebrity Weddings: Otto Chan and Tisha Law

By on October 4, 2012

Celebrity Weddings: Otto Chan and Tisha Law thumbnail

Former Mr. Hong Kong contestant, Otto Chan (陳志健), tied the knot with Tisha Law (羅苡之), daughter of TVB actor Law Lok Lam (羅樂林), in an adventurous, outdoor wedding in the streets of Hong Kong on October 4.

After holding their traditional Chinese tea ceremony in the morning – in which the couple knelt down in front of their parents and served tea – Tisha and Otto’s wedding took to the streets in the late afternoon. Tisha wore a sleeveless red qipao with gold trimmings, while Otto wore a gleaming black tuxedo with gold linings and a red and gold bow tie.

After saying their blessings to each other in front of a large crowd of guests, reporters, and onlookers, Otto carried Tisha to a military truck that was parked down the street. Along with the maid of honor and groomsmen Johnson Li (李思捷) and Matthew Ko (高鈞賢), the newlywed couple took a journey around Tsim Sha Tsui on the military truck that carried the words, “Just Married.”

The couple originally planned to spend at least a seven-figure sum for the wedding, but due to various sponsorships, the costs dropped to a six-figure sum.

Tisha’s parents, Law Lok Lam and former actress Chan Bo Yee (陳寶儀), were very emotional at the wedding. Asked if she had already strictly “instructed” her son-in-law, Chan Bo Yee said, “Otto takes care of Tisha really well! It’s time to hand my daughter over. They are in the next step of their lives. They are in their own world now.” Regarding grandchildren, Chan Bo Yee said, “Not so soon! The world is a mess right now. Let’s wait until [Tisha and Otto] are more mature.”

In most Chinese weddings, the groom, the bridesmaids, and the groomsmen play various games, in which the groom has to earn his way to unlock doors at the bride’s house to finally see his beloved. One of the games is to force the groom and his groomsmen to eat terrible-tasting food. Asking if Otto had suffered a lot in these games, Matthew laughed, “The food wasn’t that bad! The bridesmaids originally wanted to play with Jonathan!”

Jonathan retorted, “Matthew helped me swallow the spring rolls!” [Spring roll is the nickname of Jonathan’s rumored girlfriend, Lukian Wang (王寶寶).]

Watch Video Clip of Otto Chan and Tisha Law’s Wedding!


Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (30)

    1. Larry 3 says:

      looks like small wedding, congrats to them

    2. Jenny Mok says:

      It’s Tisha and Otto not Oscar…

    3. lol says:

      is the groom going for the “blackjack dealer in vegas” look? lol

    4. grats says:

      grats to otto chan !!

    5. momok says:

      Otto looks like one of those Chippendale dudes in the boxing ring pics

    6. Kidd says:

      Absolutely did not know that Otto was dating Law Lok Lam’s son. Congrats to them.

      No excuse of first line actors not having enough money to get married when second line actors like Otto Chan, Jonathan Cheung, Stefan Wong, and Matt Yeung can get married and hold beautiful wedding.

    7. Hannahh says:

      Congratz Otto! Wish them all the best!

    8. [email protected] says:


    9. Funn Lim says:

      The bridal photoshoot is hilarious!

    10. frosty says:

      I hate those pictures especially her grabbing his boobs. They look ridiculous and too disgusting with too much explicit stuff

    11. Jen says:

      Who’s Jonathan Lee? I thought Lukian Wang’s rumoured boyfriend is Johnson Lee.

    12. skinnymocha says:

      The photos look tacky… but as long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters.

    13. happybi says:

      Congratulations to the couple! Not a fan of their wedding photos but man I didn’t know he was that buff!!

    14. Gar says:

      Congrats to the couple!

      I never knew that Law Lok Lam was Chan Bo Chu’s brother-in-law.

    15. Anna says:


    16. kiki says:

      wow, the mom is so young? she looks pretty too…wow…dont know any the newlyweds must be supporting actors?

    17. Anna says:

      okay I remember now.. he played “Eric” in the TVB boxing series with Kevin Cheng. I liked him in that..congrats to the newlyweds!

    18. Lucia says:

      Congrats to the couple! I didn’t know Law Lok Lam’s wife is Chan Bo Yee.

      • llwy12 says:

        Yup…they’ve been married a long time already (like since the early 80s)…I remember I first found out they were married back when I watched “Blood of Good and Evil” for the first time in the 90s (interesting that TVB paired them together in that series…I wonder if it was deliberate?). They actually divorced last year, but are still very close — in fact, they both still live together in the same house.

    19. ping0 says:

      COngrats to them, I am a fan of Law Lok Lam, watched him aged heeh. His daughter is beautiful!

    20. joyce says:

      he has a nice bod :) haha drools

    21. P. Tan says:

      Congratulations to the newly-weds! Since Gloves Come Off I’ve liked Otto who seems to be a very decent sort.

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