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Jenny Tseng Continues Her Rant on Disrespectful Singers

By on January 10, 2013

Jenny Tseng Continues Her Rant on Disrespectful Singers thumbnail

Jenny Tseng’s (甄妮) criticism on G.E.M.’s (鄧紫棋) disrespectful behavior has created a slight disturbance in the Hong Kong pop music scene.

The veteran diva, known for her powerful voice and classic 1980s theme songs, retired to the United States during the early 1990s. She made a comeback to the Chinese music scene with her Love Show: The Farewell World Tour in May 2010, which kicked off with four sold-out shows in Hong Kong. The tour was then followed with stops in Taiwan, Canada, the United States, Australia, Guangzhou, Singapore, Macau, and Malaysia.

The tour’s final leg will be an encore show in Hong Kong, which will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum from February 18 to 20, 2013.

During an interview to promote the upcoming concert, Jenny, who was asked if she is up-to-date with Hong Kong’s current singers, admitted that she did not have very good impressions of them. She first criticized G.E.M.–who was at one point branded as Jenny’s “successor” due to her powerful vocals–for her poor attitude and lack of integrity when they met for the first time at a musical festival five months ago.

“I don’t know her personally,” Jenny said in a follow-up interview. “When she first debuted, her manager once invited me to perform with her, but I turned down the offer. Maybe a grudge was held against me ever since! Maybe it’s because I am old. It is not surprising if she doesn’t know who I am. I actually really want to be someone’s junior again. But I really want to say is that as an artist, politeness is a fundamental rule. If you lack self-cultivation, your talents will not go far.”

As one of Hong Kong’s most successful and respected seniors in the music industry, Jenny is aware that her comments are like an imperial decree. “I do believe that my words can be despicable and loathsome, but when people ask, I respond.” Jenny reassured that she is not afraid of getting bashed for her criticisms, because she is just “speaking [her] truth.”

More Criticisms

Besides criticizing G.E.M., Eason Chan (陳奕迅), Cecilia Cheung (張柏芝), and Daniel Chan (陳曉東) as stated in earlier reports, Jenny also did not have very much nice things to say to Hong Kong young legends, Raymond Lam (林峯), Kelly Chen (陳慧琳), and Kay Tse (謝安琪).

“When [Raymond Lam] saw me at the Battle of Singing Stars <翡翠歌星紅白鬥> last summer, he just stood there and stared at me. The most interesting part was that when he was doing a radio interview, he was telling the host of how excited he was to have been able to meet Jenny Jeh Jeh. What? He didn’t even greet me! How happy can he be? I felt like he was taking advantage of me.

“[Kelly Chen] was also not very polite. One time, when I was chatting with Aaron Kwok (郭富城) backstage, I saw her looking at me, but she did not greet me. She did not try to get herself involved in our conversation either. When I finished my conversation with Aaron, she and Aaron continued theirs. Do you know how embarrassed I was? Before I walked back, I turned around and told her, ‘I don’t know you, so I don’t know what to say to you!’ She looked shocked, but it is possible that I had also spoken out her own thoughts. Yes, it was a very childish move of me, but I couldn’t hold in the anger. I felt a lot better after I said it.”

Asked for her thoughts on Kay Tse, Jenny said with a grimace, “Thank goodness I am not like Paula Tsui (徐小鳳). She likes to take the initiative to ask for a photo with the juniors. I heard through a friend that one time, Paula asked for a photo with a group of juniors backstage. Everyone was nice about it, except for [Kay Tse]. Her assistant coldly rejected Paula’s request and said that [Kay] was not feeling well, that she looked too sickly for a picture!”


However, Jenny did not criticize every name that was thrown at her. She admitted that she has come across a few “obedient” singers in her lifetime in the industry.

Coco Lee (李玟) is very talkative and friendly. Jade Kwan (關心妍) will introduce herself; Gigi Leung (梁詠琪) is a great collaborator, and Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅) is very polite.”

Asked if she has found any outstanding singers in today’s industry, Jenny confidently said, “So far, I have not found anyone who can be my successor! The hottest singer at the moment, Eason Chan, is pretty good at singing, but the problem with him is that his live singing sounds exactly like in the CD.”

Did Jenny have any advice for her juniors? Jenny said, “As an artist, do not forget your origins. Modesty is a virtue. Happiness is being you. On stage you are an artist; behind stage you are an ordinary person. This is how you become a successful artist. Won’t you get tired for posing all day? In the past, I never had the chance to brush the floors or clean the tables, but now these have become my hobbies. Don’t steal my broom if you don’t want to get on my bad side.”

Source: ihktv.com

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  • Readers' Comments (226)

    1. c3 says:

      i agree with the others here that if she wants more respect then she should act respectful as well. and as another poster said, even if you are an elder, politeness goes both ways. if you are only expecting it one way, then that’s just a condescending diva attitude. i don’t give a rat’s ass who she is or what’s she’s done, she’s just being a b—–.

    2. Primrose says:

      Young people these days have no respect for their seniors. Not just in the entertainment industry but it is prevalent in the workplace too. Jenny’s remarks smack of arrogance but she can afford the diva attitude because she is truly a diva. The talent of the likes of GEM and Easons is way beneath. In fact, I don’t even find GEM having a powerful voice. She screams her music. I know of people who sings in the local church choir who have a better voice than her.

      • AL says:

        I totally agree with you. How can GEM be compared to this powerful vocal of Jenny??
        She earned her name as a diva and she can afford that attitude.

        • Mr. Lee says:

          Her name as a diva is being dragged through the mud by making such comments public. If she was so mature just go straight to the rude person and talk to them or grow a thicker skin.

    3. shu says:

      lol,fake funn i guess you are really admire or very hate funn lim to pirate here name on this way,i doubt if your explanation to use the name is real,but for some reason i think you want to attracts funn lim’s attention.

    4. shu says:

      agree,and im asking by myself is she really concern about how the youth behaves nowadays or is she just want to be recognised as a superstar?

      • shu says:

        oops its a(comment on c3)

      • Funn Lim says:

        I must say I adopt the Raymond Lam way of reacting to major fan crush. I too will stare and say nothing but stare and stare and stare. Again I feel both misunderstood one another. Anyway maybe this interview was in one part and then divided into a few parts so maybe we think she mentioned many times when in fact she mentioned once? Twice?

        • clamine says:

          @Funn Lim: This interview is different from the GEM incident interview.

          To promote her upcoming concert (blah..blah) Jenny gave an interview to the media. [..]

          When a reporter in the interview once again brought up the incident (GEM), Jenny was still as forthcoming.

        • Victoria says:

          @Funn Lim,I know right. Jenny is being way too nitpicky about a normal reaction that many, including myself, would have.

      • Victoria says:

        so true. it just seems like she wants to be recognized and treated as the best superstar out there.

      • HeTieShou says:

        Hm… I guess it just depends on how you want to view it. If you are a fan, like her, then you will say that she is concerned about today’s youth. However, if you don’t like her, then you will say that she wants recognition as a superstar. I am a fan of hers but do admire her talent. I think she already very famous and known, so WHY would she need to complain and whine about other younger stars just to get recognized?? Is that even necessary??? But honestly, only she would know what her true intentions are.

    5. hcfoo says:

      Sounds like this Auntie Jenny is the one having an issue here. She wants people to treat her like a diva.

    6. gfd says:

      i think she expects everyone in hong kong to recognize her LOLOL….
      i asked my mom is she knows who jenny is and she said no….
      so i dont expect everyone to know who she is…

      • AL says:

        Ask your mum if she knows who Whitney Houston is…she would have said No! too.
        But if your mum did watch those old HK TVB series, I bet she knew so many title songs that was sung by Jenny.

    7. Vic L says:

      I think she depressed wanting to be reconized …it sound like “Mother-in-law “teaching lesson !!! She said a lot of artis everytime keep staring her…but wait she stare people as well …lol what a joke .
      Ego and sensitive not a good example for new generation as well…what a Diva .

      • richardkcc says:

        You should pity her maybe she is showing early signs of Alzheimer.

        • sandcherry says:

          Though Jenny Tseng was a bit mean in criticizing other young singers, I don’t think people here should say “she is showing early signs of Alzheimer”. What is the difference then between “her comments and yours”?

      • HeTieShou says:

        Now that I think about it, I don’t think she is trying to get recognized… At her age, maybe she is just extra sensitive? My mom and the elders that I know in my family are the same way… She is already so well known so what is the point of trying to get even more recognized??

        • Vic L says:

          Agree , well most of the pepole reconized her pretty old no offence and the new generation not really interested about her or seldom heard about her.Make complain and critic if fine…but when over critic that make you think u are the judge from X-factor …well good luck on that .

    8. Get lost, jenny says:

      Just go back US and disappeared, nobody will miss you., jenny yen.

      We all remembered you for causing the death of Fu Sheng and yet you acted like so sad, and invoking sympathy. Bull! Hogwash.

      You always think you are diva, but when you first started out in Taiwan singing love ballads for those Lin Chin Hsia, and Chin Han romance movies, you look like some cheap brat.

      Respect is earned, not given. You must have been infamous within the industry as some throwing tantrums, conniving ‘big sister’, but today’s young people don’t buy this kind of attitude anymore..

      They are independent, and confident. Not have to pretend. You don’t see showing the same to other veterans like Liza Wang, Dodo and others, do you?

      So, look yourself in the mirror, you are the problem, don’t you even know that after living 50 odd years?

      • AL says:

        You mean Jenny Tseng drove the car in US that took the life of Alex Fu Sheng? You must be out of your mind!

        I don’t understand why so many people are picking on Jenny now just because she showed some diva attitude.
        You guys have nothing to comment on those divas like Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin or J.Lo….they can be ten times more ‘attitude’ than Jenny.

        • Mr. Lee says:

          People have a right to pick on Jenny because she complained in a very public way & is open to criticism for her actions whether it’s positive or negative.

        • Get lost, jenny says:

          If you don’t know, don’t simply talk, okay!

          Fu Sheng died in a car accident in HK, that time, this obnoxious jenny is no where in US, don’t get mixed up.

          It is precise this woman’s attitude and domineering behavior that probably drove Fu Sheng to rash acts resulting in him driving fast to his death.

          Tong Chen Yip’s career was ruined when Barbara Yung committed suicide, and he had to fled to Taiwan. As for Jenny? She made used of his death to get more famous and bathed in self pity and sympathy for great public effect. Great show, jenny.

          Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin or J.Lo??? You don’t have Asian divas to quote? J Lo and gang are nothing to HK and Asian people and paparazzi eyes. They don’t follow them where ever they go, they don’t make news, they don’t get gossips when they date some hunk or pervert, they are nothing.

          J Lo and gang with their ’10 times more attitude’ as you quote is nothing in Asia, they will be duly disappointed. LOL

        • sandcherry says:

          Fu Shing got his fame too fast at his young age. He was fooling around with other women a lot before his car accident. In fact, there were other women in his car when he was killed in his car crash. There was nothing to do with Jenny Tseng. You guys better make sure before you say it.

        • Funn Lim says:

          Fu Shing or Fu Shen?

        • Funn Lim says:

          Fu Sheng!

        • sandcherry says:

          In Cantonese, her husband name should be “Fu Sing”. It could be “Fu Sheng” in Mandarin.

        • sandcherry says:

          This is Fu Sing’s name in Chinese “傅聲”.

      • Cloud says:

        Jenny was in Japan doing concerts at the time of the accident. Alexander Fu was not the driver, his brother was. The Fu brothers loved car racing. His brother was racing with another car, which caused him to lose control. Please don’t blame Jenny for her husband’s death. As arrogant as Jenny is, she had nothing to do with her husband’s death.

        • trini says:

          Yup, Fu Sheng’s brother was the one driving the car when he, Fu Sheng, died. Idon’t see why Jenny should be blamed for that. It is beyond unbelivable to blame her for that.
          Although some of the young upcoming celebs can be rude and vain, Jenny is over-reating a bit. She has the freedom of speech to call them out for rude behaviour, but after making her point, she should let it rest.
          As for J. Lo, Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin, I read about their diva ways in Sing Tao and Ming Pao and other entertainment news. These women and their over the top diva attitudes and behaviour make Jeeny seem like an angel.
          I do not know of the western newspapers printing any news on the chinese divas.

      • AL says:

        Dear Ms ‘get lost, jenny’ ,
        Haha…..now you know who drove the car that killed Fu sheng. Now you know where Jenny was when her husband was killed.

        As for the Tong Chun Yip and Barbara Yung’s case…..no comment! He fled to Taiwan, his career ruined, he acted in X-rated movies later and so on. But let me ask you…..do you know the REAL reason behind Barbara Yung’s death? No, you don’t!!

        Let me explain why I quoted J.Lo, Aretha and Mariah. Yes, they have more attitude than Jenny (hundred times more!) but their shows are always packed even in Asia.You are so naive to say that these divas are ignored whenever they come to Asia. It’s laughable here!

        The reason why I did not reveal any names(of diva-behaving artist) in HK entertainment industry is because I do not wish to bring up more names.

        Let me tell you something….. I came into contact with certain artists personally in the past and I know how they talk, act and behave behind the stage or in their hotel rooms.(Don’t ask me about my profession.I do not want to name people here).

        Well,how much do you know about them? How close have you been with them?
        However, the main point is that you really do not know the real story of each incident and you are writing as if you know the truth.

    9. Gar says:

      There are different ways of looking at this. Yes it is rude to walk by veterans/elders that you know by name without acknowledging them but in other instances such as in LF’s case, I find that he could have been completely dumbstruck from seeing an idol, therefore reacting the way he did by staring. This I do not consider to be rude.

      • clamine says:

        Jenny did not outright say Raymond was rude she was just listing those younger artists whom she did not have a good impression of.

        Maybe she thought if Raymond gushed so much about her on tv why not gushed in front of her instead? lol!

        The report did not say how long Raymond and Jenny stay in the same function (rehearsing?)

        So how long could Raymond remain stuck in his dumbstruck and starstruck mode before collecting his scattered wits and have a presence of mind to go over to say hi to Jenny? After all they are ‘colleagues’ in the same field and in the same function at the time?

        • Young and famous says:

          Why must Raymond lam go greet jenny? Who has more fans now? RL or this conniving jenny? It can be and should be and ought to be the other way round.

          Rephrasing your statement “Yes it is rude to walk by highly popular young celebrities that you know by name without acknowledging them ..”

          Regardless be they elders or otherwise.
          Suddenly these elders want to adhere to the Confucian principle of respecting elders and filial piety!

          Get over it. You are past your prime and you has never command the kind of money or fan base or success or recognition or idolation that today’s celebs have.

          The only reason why we are commenting up to over 200 threads here is because of your nasty tantrums, not your fame. I hope you get it and show some self respect to yourself.

        • skinnymocha says:

          Yes, perhaps she’s overreacting, but in no way should she have to bow down to the younger generation. I dare say, Jenny will leave a far larger mark on the history of C-pop than the stars today. If some of the people here don’t know who she is, please don’t use your ignorance as an excuse. Today’s celebrities are just lucky that there’s hardly any worthy competition, inflation is on the rise, fans have more disposable income, and we’re going through the Internet Age where we get practically everything at a touch of button.

    10. TJ says:

      lol, who is jenny tseng… i dont know her, but she sounds like she is crazy with respectation fron others.. geez.. cant believe it man…

    11. Cleo says:

      I was tempted to greet my older Chinese neighbor but I resisted the urge because I knew she is somewhat manipulative and careless having less to lose than I would if she was given the invitation to inquire after me. That was a price I knowingly paid – I am actually the kind of person who respects elders but in a complicated foxhole, I don’t sacrifice strategy for my reputation – I burn my reputation to maintain my position.

    12. Gia says:

      I think Jenny misunderstood situations and the younger generation of artist are more likely star struck or afraid of her stern vibe.I still like Jenny because she speaks her mind and not afraid of backlash which you hardly find in H.K. artists.

    13. sky says:

      “Modesty is a virtue.” – She doesn’t sound modest.

      “Happiness is being you.” – She definitely doesn’t sound happy…

      “On stage you are an artist; behind stage you are an ordinary person.” – It’s normal people don’t recognize an ordinary person.

      • Purplepaw says:

        XD. To add on, since she’s an ordinary person when she’s backstage, why does she expect everyone to worship her presence?

    14. girl says:

      jenny’s front teeth look so unnatural.. better change her dentist

    15. ebbie says:

      LF is a guy, & a big star too!!!!
      She cant expect him to act all girlish & fan -like infront of her right?
      If he does that- she’ll probably ask what’s wrong with him????…lol…

    16. HeTieShou says:

      I really wonder what Jayne thinks of all this?? Really want to know her opinion…

      • Jayne says:

        Jenny Tseng is from a different era where she trained hard and earned respect in the industry the hard way. Many elders likely feel that the younger generation lack respect in the same manner, yet you don’t see them airing their grievances.

        I think Jenny should go with the flow and not take such issues too personally. If younger artists such as G.E.M. did not rush over to greet her, then G.E.M. would likely not have done the same for other elder artists either. G.E.M. already publicly apologized for this incident and Jenny should have accepted this apology. Jenny’s lack of doing so also reveals that she is not one who easily forgives being slighted.

        Also, Jenny’s examples also seem to be derived from one-time encounters with artists that she found to be “rude”. If the artists didn’t rush forward to greet her, there may have been other situational factors, such as others present or being in a busy conversation. If it happens repeatedly on separate occasions where a junior refuses to acknowledge her, then it would indeed be very rude.

    17. trini says:

      There is no ignorance being used here as an excuse for nothing. I think everyone here knows that Jenny Tseng is one of the pioneers in the asian music industry. I think Jenny is a great singer and performer. She just needs to let the situation rest. The more she complains, the more she will alienate the young generation celebrities from approaching her to acknowlege her. Even the netizens who are ‘ignorant’ know that,lol,lol.

    18. clamine says:

      Maggie Siu Mei Kei imitates Jenny Tseng on mainland tv program “百变大咖秀”. @l:39

      Maggie said she was dubbed Little Yan Lei when she first entered showbiz.


    19. Kidd says:

      ” Her assistant coldly rejected Paula’s request and said that [Kay] was not feeling well, that she looked too sickly for a picture!””

      Now, this is definitely rude. I won’t fault her for not wanting to take pictures. But, can’t she speak directly to Paula?

    20. old people bore me says:

      another old hag expecting the world to bow at her feet

    21. TicTac says:

      While I try to understand why Jenny Yen behaves the way she do, she should at least try to understand that not many younger generation singers will take the initiative or dare to talk to their idols/divas when they met for the first time. Mostly, all will be flabbergasted, dont know what to do so all they can react at that time is to silently stare at their favourite idol in awe and admiration.

      If the artists responds rudely or walk away when Jenny talk to them, well then this I shall call disrespect. So far, I’ve seen that some of the artists apologized sincerely once they found out Jenny is upset with their behaviour.

    22. Mimi says:

      There are few types of ppl in this world, some introvet and some extrovet, some not talkative and some very talkative. It does loook like Jenny is into those extrovet and like to be approached. However some may feel the need not to interrupt or disturb when she is around, perhaps like in Kelly’s case. She may feel impolite to interrupt since Jenny and Aaron was having conversation. I wouldn’t too if i were her. Or ppl did not greet her bcos they were shy? Not everyone blessed with an extrovet personality. it is born naturally. If one needs to be forced to be friendly, that would be deemed as fake. I personally into the introvet category and it takes time for me to warm up and break the ice when it comes to new friends/strangers. You can b very friendly the instant you meet a stranger, but u can’t expect others to be like you.

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