Steven Ma Disappointed to Work With Evergreen Mak?

TVB has invited Steven Ma (馬浚偉) to return and film for a new drama, Property Protector <守業者>, in May. With a current lack of siu sangs, TVB executive, Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍), reportedly offered Steven a higher salary and even allowed him to select the main cast.

After much thought, Steven stated his preference to work with good friends Bobby Au Yeung (歐陽震華) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡). In the drama, Tavia will portray Steven’s lover and Bobby will portray his older brother. Unfortunately, Bobby later declined the filming offer due to health issues. In February, he was hospitalized for two weeks from acute pneumonia. An insider revealed, “Bobby has strong teamwork spirit, and he had wanted to finish filming this drama before taking a break. However, his wife disapproves, and she even went to discuss the matter with Catherine herself!”

Bobby told the media that his wife made the right decision. If his health were to go awry during filming, his family would be very worried, and the cast would be affected as well. Therefore, he decided to take a break at home. Third-line actor, Evergreen Mak (麥長青), will take his place instead. Hearing the news that Bobby will be unable to act in the new drama, Steven exclaimed to the reporters, “I’m very disappointed!”

An insider revealed, “Steven wanted to find someone with strong acting abilities to take on the role. He tried contacting TV King, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), but he is way too busy. To return and film for TVB again, of course Steven wishes the drama to be a big hit. That’s why he has to find a heavy cast. No wonder he is disappointed and has threatened to not sign the contract.”

Steven said, “From beginning to end, I thought I was going to be able to work with Bobby! The last time we collaborated was over ten years ago, in File of Justice <壹號皇庭>. That time I was still a young lad who learned from him when we had scenes together. That’s why I am truly disappointed right now!” Does Steven think Evergreen is not good enough? “Evergreen and I are good brothers, but that’s another topic. Working with him onscreen lacks a fresh feeling.”

Evergreen Mak Responds to Steven Ma’s Comment

Reporters phoned Evergreen for a response to the tabloids. “I know Steven wants to work with Bobby, so it is quite disappointing! He is a siu sang, and I’m just a guy who stands and walks around! But I believe Steven is not that kind of person. Maybe I am less educated and more careless!” He said.

Producer of the new drama, Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠), revealed that the company has everything settled with Steven now. In order to get Steven to return, TVB tried their very best to accommodate his needs.

Source: Sudden Weekly #926 via

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  1. Well….Not sure why, but Evergreen mak is such a good actor.

    1. Not so keen with Evergreen’s acting.
      Dislike守業as a focus, hard time means hard sell

  2. Absolute rubbish!

    “Third-line actor, Evergreen Mak (麥長青), will take his place instead. ”

    And what a way to step on poor Evergreen. He is NOT a third line actor. A veteran, a respectable supporting actor, anything BUT a third line actor.

    Absolute rubbish!

    1. I think this is another bogus article. Steven might be disappointed to lose the chance to work with Bobby, but I doubt he will comment about Evergreen Mak in such an outrageous and rude way.

    2. Steven Ma has never worked with Bobby before. He has worked with Evergreen. There are lots of actors Steven hasn’t worked with. He is just disappointed that he lost the opportunity.

  3. Evergreen is definitely better than steven himself … Just my opinion…

    1. But Steven is a leading actor with the charisma to carry a series. I am watching Safe Guards again and I am in love with Steven all over again. Fantastic series with good script.

      1. I am not sold off by Steven, but maybe I’m part of the smaller minority. I don’t think he has charisma, I keep seeing him as the person who always looks bored onscreen with a sleepy and dead eyes, but that’s just me.

      2. Safe Guards was fantastic and has great script, but I found Wayne and Ram Tseung more impressive in terms of screen presence and acting performance.

      3. Lol, I’m watching Safe Guards too thanks to the constant old reruns of Astro 😛
        It’s one of the better series around!

        I’m telling you, to call Evergreen Mak as a third line actor is a total insult. He can act ALOT better than most people and I’d rate him as high as a leading actor. He lacks luck and looks, but I’m still hoping he can have the success like Wayne and Bobby – no need good looks, you can succeed with great acting skill! Hate when people like him gets unappreciated.

    2. I agree, even thou Mac Bun really get chubbier and chubbier i still prefer to watch him as an actor. SM is way overrated and he has alot of boring series too.

    3. Agree. Although steven has charisma, evergreen and wayne are better actors.

    1. Me too. I like Evergreen as an actor, be it third line or whatever line he’s standing on.

  4. Hai!, already predicted this kind of negativity ‘publicity’ would come sooner or later but had thought later – like during shooting – like how it was for Lawrence Ng.

    Anyway, both Steven and Evergreen have already refuted that Appledaily report today.

    As a crhk(commerical radio hk) Yat Huen Huen (Circles)celebrity host, Steven not talked about his 3 tvb sisters, he also talked about his 3 best TVB male friends, namely his 2nd Brother Evergreen (2nd brother address since WTLB); Dexter Young and Lau Kin Kong. (not that taiwan guy). All audio uploaded on Steven ma fanblog.

    If interested can listen to Steven’s 2013-03-21 radio monologue on Evergreen.

    And Evergreen called Steven 3rd brother since wtlb. And they often meet outside for a drink or a meal or play badminton– that’s how close they are.

    Suggest Jaynestar to include their refutation in the above report too.

    麦包指与马仔兄弟情没变 (娱乐) 2013-04-29

    1. Clamine,
      Will be covering costume fitting of Steven’s new drama, so will issue followup to news later today.

    2. Yes, this is sensationalised journalism at it’s best! Agree with Clamine… They’ve been good buddies since WTLB!

  5. and even allowed him to select the main cast.

    And Steven has already denied (vid) (not now or ever in the past)choosing his cast members being it Tavia or Evergreen.

  6. I’m sure Steven would have loved to work with Bobby, but I’m sure he is not as snobby as the article makes him seem.

  7. Im sure Steven is pretty dissapointed that he cannot work w/Bobby

    I doubt it that he will say something like that about Mak Bao

  8. I don’t think Steven is that kind of person. Upset yes but not to the point to say that about him.

  9. No need to get all worked up about this article in my opinion – take one look at it’s source (this article came from Apply Daily and was reported in Sudden Weekly) and to me, that’s already proof enough of how ‘bogus’ it is. Enough said.

  10. Steven Ma isn’t even TV King, he has absolutely NO ability to “be disappointed” about Evergreen Mak being in his new drama… Mak is a professional and AWARD-WINNING actor from tvb!!!!

    just saying…

    1. Looks like you read only the headlines and not the article itself.

      Quite evident Steven Ma was not referring to Evergreen Mak’s acting abilities.

  11. Steven is disappointed that he is not working with Bobby, not disappointed that he is working with Evergreen. Who the hell writes these headlines??

  12. Evergreen Mak is a good actor I agree. He was even cast as the lead opposite Amy Kwok. That was a good film. Think he piled on the weight and was demoted to supporting roles again.

  13. Guys relaxes just disappointed that Bobby is not involved not about Evergreen replacing him. Can’t wait to see Steven again! He’s really talented

  14. Pretty sure Steven was just disappointed that he doesn’t get to work with Bobby, has nothing to do with Evergreen.

    Classic example of reporters trying to stir things up and make news out of nothing.

  15. In what world is Evergreen a third line actor? Those reporters should at least get their terminology right. I like Evergreen a lot but I have to say in not looking forward to the cast. If Steven was aiming for fresh, it is far from it. I feel like I’ve seen Steven work with Tavia and Evergreen too much already. Even when TVB brings back old actors, the cast still isn’t fresh.

  16. has steven turned into a diva? Mak Bun is a good alternative to Bobby.

  17. Third line ? The reporter who wrote this must quit this industry immediately and back to cave to never come back.

  18. @Alice: Classic example of reporters trying to stir things up and make news out of nothing.

    Don’t we all know it, but still there are people who still don’t get it or just didn’t want to.

    2011 Steven’s One Pen Ma column
    Title: From crying to Smiling
    There’s this saying: When young: always cry, cry, but in the end, smile. When grown: always smile, smile, but in the end, cry. I quite like this saying, simple and direct. When people grew up, they often lost that simplicity and courage of the past. When young if wanted to smile, then smile; if wanted to cry, then cry. But now, uttering a word or expressing an emotion sometimes requires thinking twice. Actually can’t blame this on anybody. In the adult word, there’s this set of rules for the adults.

    This set of rules I have already grasped from young, courtesy of my early entry into the work force, plus my early work experiences were in sales dealing with people day in and day out. Said I don’t understand this human attitude or its rationale? That would be fibbing you. But, what “I understand” and “what I do” are two different things.[..]

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