Andy Lau: “My Childhood Dream Was to Become a Farmer”

With his upcoming 3D crime thriller, Firestorm <風暴>, scheduled to hit theaters on December 12, Andy Lau (劉德華) is, as always, a highly sought-after subject for interviews. He recently sat down with Sina Entertainment to discuss his upcoming movie and his views on success, while expertly dodging questions about his personal life.

In Firestorm, Andy plays a police inspector who strikes a deal with an ex-convict in order to arrest an infamous gang leader. “I wanted to use this movie to let everyone probe the question of what makes a good police officer, what makes a good person,” he explained. “Is it someone who will do anything to catch a criminal, or someone who must follow the rules exactly? This is a question everyone must ponder.”

Andy went on to say that, from a rational point of view, committing wrongdoings in order to achieve success is undeniably incorrect. “But everyone has a story that you don’t know about,” he added, “and we should look at things comprehensively.”

To many, Andy can be seen as the epitome of success, with thriving acting and singing careers and a presumably happy marriage. But when asked what he thought equaled success, he revealed a surprising story about his own life.

“Success is very hard to define; everyone’s ideal is different,” he said. “For example… my childhood dream was to become a farmer, but I became an actor. So did I succeed or fail? I failed, because my dream was to become a farmer.”

Despite this perceived failure, Andy shared that he currently has no regrets in life and is focused on enjoying what he has at the moment: “I am doing the best I can to maintain myself and not take a step back.”


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  1. Wow, I guess everyone can be glad he didn’t follow through on his childhood dream

    1. Yup, the wonders of Photoshop.. He can still play a farmer in a movie. One of the great things about being an actor is that you can play various characters with different professions. In a west, he can still partially fulfill his childhood dream.

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