Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming Completes Filming “White Haired Witch”

After 5  grueling months of filming, White Haired Witch <白发魔女传之明月天国> has completed shooting. The 3D film stars Fan Bingbing (范冰冰) in the titular role, as well as Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) and Vincent Zhao (赵文卓). Boasting a 100 million RMB budget, White Haired Witch will be the most special-effects laden adaptation of the popular wuxia novel, The Bride With White Hair <白发魔女传>.

At a press conference held on April 2, Fan Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming spoke about their filming experience in White Haired Witch. Bona Film Group’s president, Yu Dong (于冬), producer Huang Jianxin <黄建新>, and director Jacob Cheung (张之亮) were also present.

White Haired Witch posterFan Bingbing was happy she finally had the chance to work closely with Huang Xiaoming. Though both were in 2010’s Sacrifice <赵氏孤儿> , they had few scenes together. Fan Bingbing gushed, “Huang Xiaoming is my ideal Zhuo Yihang. I have always loved watching wuxia shows and I liked Huang Xiaoming in The Return of the Condor Heroes <神雕侠侣>. Now that I have worked closely with him, I can declare he is my model actor. His eyes are so mesmerizing. Through his eyes, I can hear him telling me to jiayou!”

Huang Xiaoming praised Fan Bingbing’s versatility and professionalism. Xiaoming admired Bingbing’s ability to be both gentle and overbearing at the same time. Xiaoming revealed, “She had to film a scene where water was poured onto her. Although it was winter and she was wearing thin clothing, she tolerated the cold. Seeing her working so hard, I told myself I must be on par.”

Xiaoming’s Painful Injury

In November 2012, Huang Xiaoming had a 3-meter fall after a wire accident on the set of White Haired Witch. Suffering a fracture in two toes and his left foot, Xiaoming had to sit in a wheelchair for weeks.

Bingbing was heartbroken when she saw Xiaoming’s injury. She was almost moved to tears when he resumed work shortly after, although he was not fully recovered. The entire cast and crew showed their concern, especially when Xiaoming had to be suspended in mid-air in one scene. Xiaoming said, “When I saw everyone’s face from up there, including director Jacob Cheung, I could see their concerns and anxieties. I was really touched then, and I will never forget that.”

In addition, Bingbing responded to inquiries over her appearance in Chinese-American joint venture film, Iron Man 3. Portraying a nurse, Bingbing’s appearance will only be seen in the Chinese release of the film. Bingbing did not mind that her scenes will be removed from the Hollywood version, as it was beyond the control of artists how the final film version will be presented.


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  1. Looks like FBB got crushed with HXM. Who wouldnt..=).

    On iron man 3 she only has a scene as nurse and it’s only showed in mainland release?. Might not taking part at all.

  2. How come HXM doesn’t look like HXM anymore? He seems to look different each time I see him and that isn’t a compliment.

    1. He probably has to touch up his PS as he gets older.

      1. Prob from the angle of the picture(s)? Or maybe he went to the same PS as his GF (angela baby). JK

        I like HXM but dislike his hairstyles!! So [email protected] looking and fobby.

      2. His PS isn’t any more frequent than those of S.Korean celebs.

  3. I really pity Fan bing bing!
    Iron men 3 installment, she will only be appearing in the china version, these just shows yes she has powers to rake up box office ticket sales in mainland but organisers not confident and not willing to let her venture to the international version.
    Organisers are just using her to make the china market rakes in sales.
    Just see $ sign and recognizing her..

    She will be participating in x-men as well but jeniffer lawrence, this year’s oscar winner will be in the movie as well.

    Organisers really want to make use of fan bing bing to ensure that huge china market will not be affected, happy or sad case for asian artise?

    FYI, one shameless thing she done at this year’s oscars event is organizers told celebrities to cover up skin but she chosed to display her nipples in a see through pink dress at elton john’s party.

    Please set a good example for asian artise, what is worst that media reports she got her role in x-men because the organisers saw her wearing see through dress that got their attention!

  4. “Boasting a 100 million RMB budget”……. This amount relates to only 16 million usd …..which in the us is not even enough to pay a top A lister for a movie role.

    I do not understand chinese entertainment industry that well like in the states.

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