Felix Wong Stars in “7 Assassins”

Currently playing in Asian cinemas, 7 Assassins <光辉岁月> is a martial arts film starring Felix Wong (黃日華), Gigi Leung (梁咏琪), Ray Lui (呂良偉), Guo Tao (郭濤), Kara Hui (惠英红) and Well Lee (李煒). Produced by Eric Tsang (曾志伟) and directed by Hung Yan Yan (熊欣欣),  the film gathers a team of veteran actors in a battle of revenge filled with blood and gore.

Seven Assassins poster7 Assassins revolve around the unrest after the fall of the Qing Dynasty and a group of down-trodden heroes. After a confidential report revealed that the South faction, led by Iron Cloud (Felix) has taken a pile of gold, the Imperial Army managed to trace him down. Fortunately, he was rescued by a group of Gold Canyon Heroes. In order to capture Iron Cloud, the Imperial Army and the Gold Canyon heroes were caught in a struggle, with a few of the heroes eventually killed. Iron Cloud, together with other surviving heroes, decided to exact revenge for the dead.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Eric Tsang spoke of 7 Assassins, “It is a movie that pays tribute to the Golden Generation of the movie industry.” The film brings together several of Hong Kong’s prominent stars from the 80s, and features Ti Lung (狄龍), Max Mok (莫少聰), Simon Yam (任達華), Lawrence Ng (吳啟華), Michael Wong (王敏德) and Ben Ng (吳毅將) in guest performances. Even the action moves, such as Max and Eric’s sword fight, Hung Yan Yan’s kungfu moves ,as well as Felix’s majestic arrow shooting, are all reminiscent of the choreography used in the 80s.

“7 Assassins” Trailer

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Source: QQ.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I am a Felix’s fan. I am waiting for this film. what a good trailer! I am living in USA and that I do not know when this film will be playing here. Can not wait to see Felix Wong.

    1. Felix Wong acts in movies? I thought he is currently in HKTV acting only drama series.

  2. cool! have not seen felix for a while! looking forward to it. glad to see xiong yan yan back as well.

  3. Paying a tribute to the 80s yet they speaking mandarin…should have use directing technique of the 80s and 90s as well. it so much better than now.

  4. I’m a ray Lui fan I think he was great in born rich

  5. Wow! Wanna watch these legendary stars n I adore Kara Hui n Ray Lui, watever roles they play u know, u simply cant get enough mann!

  6. sigh, this movie sounded good until I read the following:

    1- It’s starring and produced by Eric

    2- It’s in mandarin


    1. Most of these historical movies set in China are all shot in Mandarin. Not that it’s a bad thing anyway. Mandarin compared to 9-tone Cantonese is a cakewalk because Mao Mao wanted all the peasants to read and write.

      Are you lower than a peasant?

    2. Eric has produced some good movies before. So, don’t despair.

    3. Totally agree with you. I won’t watch it even if it wins Oscar awards!!

      1. ………. because of Eric Tsang’s participation!

      2. Probably not. I don’t like any of those lead actresses anyway.

  7. No I’m not lower than a peasant and I still think mandarin is over-rated.

    Of course your so called ‘mao mao’ wanted everyone to learn mandarin, because he was a tyrant and wanted everyone to ‘do as i say’ just don’t do as he did.

    If your going the angle that he was this great leader that wanted peasants to read and write then I’ll stop you right there. He also single handedly tore a generation of families apart, robbed from people who he perceived as being ‘well off’ without a second thought. Even though those people worked hard for what they had.

    This movie is in mandarin because they want to reach the mainland crowd, nothing more than that.

    1. I’ll have you know that I’m one of the board’s biggest China detractors.

      If you want to get mad at someone, get mad at Funn Lim. She’s a diehard communist (and she’ll burn in hell for all eternity with her hammer and sickle)

      1. However, I don’t think there is any harm learning Mandarin. The world is forever changing and if you stubbornly refuse to learn Mandarin because you’re not a fan of China, then it (the world) will leave you behind.

      2. Don’t you know, God is a communist since he loves everyone equally. So I shall “suffer” in heaven whilst all you detractors can of course “enjoy” hell.

        Picklehead, Mandarin is spoken properly is a beautiful language. Give it a try.

      3. So Funn Lim is pro-communism? I don’t know about this before actually, lol.

    2. piclehead,

      I know ‘mao mao’ wanted everyone to learn mandarin because of what you said, but why mandarin but not other dialects like cantonese? Was it because he spoke mandarin himself? Or because Beijing is the capital of the country? Or because of the four tones thing that makes learning easier?

      Agree with you that the movie is in mandarin because they want to reach the mainland crowd.

    3. What does Mandarin have to do with “mao mao”? It was early 20th century during the ROC period that Mandarin was established as China’s official language and pronunciations standardized according to the Beijing dialect. Zhou Xuan was singing popular Mandarin songs in the 1930s. And Taiwan continues to use Mandarin as its official language to this day.

  8. Hello Jayne,is this movie origin in Cantonese dubbed in mandarin,are they any Cantonese version ?

    1. y2k,
      Although the trailer of “7 Assassins” featured here is in Mandarin, there should be a Cantonese version available as the film primarily features Hong Kong actors.

  9. Oh man I have seen this movie, it is baaaaaad and not in a good way.
    I would wager a lot of money that Eric wrote this himself, since he is in 90% and of it and the main hero. Felix is in at most 20 minutes.
    Felix is suppose to be this great rebel leader and ends up moping about and not saying a word while everyone listens to Eric deliver these “Independence Day” motivational speeches for half the movie.

    Screen time….
    Felix, maybe 20 minutes of on screen time, most of which he says nothing. I would call his appearance more of an extended cameo.
    Ti Lung, 5 minutes maybe.
    Waise Lee, 3 minutes maybe
    Simon Yam, 5 minutes maybe
    Kara Hui, 5 minutes maybe, one brief fight scene.
    Ray Lui, 15-20 minutes maybe
    Ken Lo, 5-10 minutes a few brief fight scenes
    Power Chan, 3 minutes? I didnt even know he was in it till the end.
    Max Mok, 25 minutes, few fights scenes
    Leung Kar Yan, 5 minutes
    Michael Wong, too long at any length ;P but like 10 minutes.
    Chen Kwan Tai, 5 minutes
    Hung Yan Yan, 20 minutes
    I won’t spoil the movie, but tons of people die, and not all on screen, which is a waste of talent if you ask me since some of those guys are known for their cool death scenes.
    As far as Felix’s “majestic arrow shooting”… Huh?!?! He shoots an arrow into a bail of hay, nothing reminiscent of his Condor Heroes days at all in that. Power Chan was the baddass bowman in the movie.
    If you love Eric acting like hes the best action hero since Bruce Lee, then this movie is for you cause that is all it is. Eric loving the smell of his own farts.
    This movie makes me think half of those guys did it for free or for room and board for a week.

    It stinks of Eric putting pressure on his “friends” to appear in it or be shunned. It like a friend (who is your work boss) who asks you to help him move his fully furnished 5 bedroom house knowing that if you decline, he will not consider you a friend any longer and you can forget about that upcoming promotion. You dont want to do it, but you dont have a choice unless you plan on quitting your job soon.

    He even gives what feels like an ironic speech about some heroes he asked to help him. Some agreed and are heroes, some declined and some are on the fence. Wtf?

    This movie clearly banked on Felix’s name to get people to see it because I don’t think it would sell many tickets if the poster and promtional material was based on screen time and who the hero actually was. Eric’s big fat face on the poster and a bunch of tiny faces floating in the background. (Spoiler – which isn’t really a spoiler- Eric makes himself the hero and focus of the movie, even though his fighting sucks and he has one 3 minute fight scene with fast cuts and like 1 move per cut.) I have seen 7 year olds at the local karate school with better moves than that lardy dwarf.
    I could pull a ton of hilarious ironies out of the movie that Eric wrote for himself, but I won’t – it’s just a trainwreck of a movie to be honest. I just hope it doesn’t make the real heroes who appeared in it have a worse reputation. It certainly wasn’t very flattering for quite a few of them. (except Eric of course)

    1. thanks! i was going to watch this movie for Kara Hui, but if she’s gonna be in it for only about 5 minutes, i’ll just go look for that clip with her fight scene Lol

      hope Rigor Mortis will be good

    2. Thank you for your review, Panzer; even though I love Felix but if Eric is main lead then I will not watch this firm because I do not want to see his ugly and fat face.

  10. Eric has money & influence but not much creative talent….sigh…
    If it’s in Cantonese I might catch it for Felix, but not if it’s only in Mandarin.

  11. Maybe this trailer is in Mandarin. I don’t see how the HK version is not cantonese.

  12. I won’t see any movie and drama series if Eric Tsang is the producer and main 1st lead actor. If I see a movie/drama series, I will give him the most 5 minutes screen time. Can’t stand his face, body, and voice in anything.

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