Vicki Zhao Remains in “Painted Skin 3”; Zhou Xun and Chen Kun Leave Cast

The Taiwanese media reported that while Painted Skin 3 <畫皮3> will be filmed, it may be impossible to retain the original cast. Vicki Zhao (赵薇), Zhou Xun (周迅), and Chen Kun (陈坤), reportedly had a fall out, and the producers had no choice but to drop Zhou Xun and replace her with The Stolen Years <被偷走的那五年> star, Bai Baihe (白百何).

The first two installments of Painted Skin revolved around the fox demon Xiaowei, who has the ability to peel off human skin and wear it as her own. Zhou Xun portrayed the fox spirit Xiaowei, the role that skyrocketed Zhou Xun to international fame.

Though both Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun were confirmed in an earlier report saying that they would reprise their iconic roles in Painted Skin 3, it was said that Vicki Zhao and Zhou Xun refused to work with each other again, leading the producers to make the decision to drop Zhou Xun from the project. The producers decided to keep Vicki Zhao due to her popularity, as her directorial debut, So Young <致我们终将逝去的青春>, performed extremely well in the Chinese box office this year.

Chen Kun, Vicki Zhao’s longtime friend and university classmate, reportedly chose to support Zhou Xun and is considering leaving the Painted Skin 3 cast as well. This was no surprise, as it was said that Vicki Zhao and Chen Kun already had disagreements when they were shooting 2008’s Painted Skin.

It was reported that Huang Xiaoming (黄晓明) is being considered to replace Chen Kun. Xiaoming neither confirmed nor denied the reports, and responded through his manager, “There is nothing much to reveal at this stage.”


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  1. aw. i like the original cast. they were perfect. wat’s the point of naming it painted skin if the original cast isn’t in it. except one. might as well give it another title…

  2. Xiaoming and Vicky are best friend so I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes over. Would this be like their first movie together though as like a couple?

    1. As far as I know, this would be their first movie together, period.

    2. i thought they had something for each other when they were young. it was in a report i read

  3. Of all the cast, perhaps for continuity sake Zhou Xun’s character and herself should be retained because being the fox demon, it is easier to explain why she is in all movies as opposed to the human “Zhao Wei” who keeps appearing in different characters.

    1. I kind of agree, but Zhou Xun has aged so much compared to when the first series came out. Even when in the second one, I was like…wow, this lady has gotten really old. She looked like a little girl in the first and in the second she’s like a lady…older mature lady to be nice.

      But whatever…not a big fan of Xun’s anyways. I really only watched the series for Zhao Wei. It’s a pity….guess the rumors of their dispute is all true then??? 😛 Maybe they can get Donnie to come back.

  4. There’s a little mistake in the title of the article. It’s Vicki Zhao, not Vicki Zhou. =)

  5. I think Zhou Xun is more representative of the Painted Skin franchise than Vicki Zhou. It’s a shame that they chose Vicki over her.

  6. I love watch if Vicki and HXM teamed up as a couple! The BTS would be so cool as they are great friends in real life!

  7. What happened between Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun and Chen Kun? I thought Chen Kun and Zhao Wei were good friends 🙁

  8. Yes, good idea to replace Chen Kun with Huang Xiao Ming. I’d watch Painted Skin 3 for HXM and Vicki Zhao! 🙂

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