Eason Chan’s New Mandarin Single, “High Light High Life”

Eason Chan (陳奕迅) is back in the studios to record his new Mandarin album and he is more than ready to test a new sound. It has been two years since Eason last released a Mandarin album. This time, Eason recruited the help of producing duo Mars Radio (火星電台) to help produce and write Eason’s comeback single “High Light High Life” <娛樂天空>, an electronic song that is equipped with a unique band sound. The single was released on February 25, 2014 to critical praise.

Mainland Chinese duo Mars Radio comprises of lead singer Huang Shaofeng (黄少锋) and guitarist Zeng Yu (曾宇), both who have been in the music business since 2002. They are known for composing various commercial songs and have also produced songs for Zhou Xun (周迅) andLao Lang (老狼).

The lyrics of “High Light High Life” deal with the life of an artist in the entertainment industry. In many ways, Eason is singing about himself – despite being surrounded by the glitz and glamor that comes with being a famous celebrity, he is regular person who deals with regular problems of regular life.

The lyrics, which were written by Mars Radio, are noted for being sad, but Eason explained that he recorded the song with a positive mindset, “We need to courageously face our life with positivity. If we repeat the same things over and over again with such stubbornness, life would have no meaning!”

“High Light High Life” – Audio Only

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Source: Baidu.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. don’t know why I never like Eason, his song just so so.

  2. he is one ugly mutherfvker, never like his music or his ugly looking face. just go away you ugly mutherfvker eason. hope something bad happen to you.

    1. Someone who wishes bad things to happen to other people deserves to be shot

  3. I never liked him either…don’t understand how he can bring home so many trophies…he’s songs are pleh!! i wouldn’t go as far as something bad happening to him though..kinda like Jay chou..whats the fuss over him?? his songs are so so to…

  4. i have no idea why this guy get so many awards. His album has some good songs but like 70-80% are not listenable. Its just so bad.

  5. eason hasnt had a good song since 2005 leo ku way better

  6. if steven ma focused on singing he would be beyong eason

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