Jolin Tsai Releases “Beast” Music Video

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Jolin Tsai (蔡依林) is a sexy two-headed beast in her new music video.

Jolin’s “Beast” music video was released on March 12. Sprayed in red body paint, Jolin is a new species that has evolved, sporting tentacles and glowing eyes. Jolin laughed and said that she felt like a super hero from The Incredibles. The Taiwanese pop princess even shows off an inverse split and spins at an electrifying speed.

Last year, Jolin dislocated her spine after plunging headfirst 3 feet while rehearsing her pole stunts. This forced Jolin to suspend her plans of performing the pole stunts in her Taipei Arena concert last year.

Since February, Jolin has been busy practicing her pole somersault skills at a gymnasium with 13 feet high steel poles. Jolin will show off pole skills in her “Myself World Tour” which opens on April 13, 2013 at Kaohsiung Arena in Taiwan. Because of the difficulty in the stunts, Jolin’s management company has purchased an 100 million TWD insurance policy.

Jolin had fun filming the “Beast” music video, released to build marketing momentum for her upcoming concert. The set was filled with sand and Jolin felt as if she had gone to the spa for an all-body exfoliation. However, the sand grains stuck to her body and coupled with the heavy makeup, it took 3 hours for Jolin to wash up after returning home. “The bathtub was full of sand, as if I had gone to the beach.”

“Beast” Video


6 comments to Jolin Tsai Releases “Beast” Music Video

  1. dd says:

    So much red.
    Looks like big auntie has come for a visit.

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  2. ita says:

    All this while she only sell one thing in her album, sex and her body. Only in different color and form.

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  3. Larry 3 says:

    No no no, no more of this Lady Gaga sh-ittey style. ugh

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    • vjcharmed replied:

      true lady gaga stunts… reminds me of the grudge too

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  4. bluebunny says:

    Jolin does what she does best…showing off those paid boobs of hers n’ she is way 2 skinny! I do like her fast songs but she’s so overrated.

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  5. Littlegalpal says:

    This look like a really low budget copy of Born This Way, the song is awful!

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