Steven Ma Creates MV for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is drawing near, and in order to express his love for his father, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) is preparing to release his new song, “Warrior Dad”<爸士>.

Steven gave a lot of thought into naming the song – the song name is a play on word for bus. As it turns out, Steven’s father was a bus driver prior to his retirement. To ensure that his story about his father is accurately portrayed in the MV, Steven directed the video himself and organized the entire production.

When Steven was riding the bus during one of the scenes, he recalled, “When I was filming that day, I felt very emotional when I sat in the driver’s seat on the bus. I couldn’t express the feelings in my heart. I kept thinking that my dad had to work in such a small space. The buses today are more advanced, but there was no air conditioning during my dad’s time, so he had to endure the hot and cold temperatures. It was really hard.”

Sitting in the driver seat allowed Steven to experience his father’s hard working conditions for the very first time. The MV will drop on May 19, but Steven plans to watch the MV together with his dad on Father’s Day next month. Steven will be playing a bus driver father, whereas his son and wife will be played by Hugo Chan (陳泓達), and Gigi Wong (黃佩芝) respectively.

“Warrior Dad” Teaser Clip

[vsw id=”DBHKDJuw6NI” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]


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  1. For me, “Warrior Dad” sounds way too grand for a simple word play on father and the colloquial Cantonese bus(ba-si). lol! But yeah, Steven’s father is indeed a warrior dad and a role model he looks up to.

    Congratulations to Steven on his 1st short film as producer. It’s indeed a thoughtful Father’s Day present for his Dad who still doesn’t know about this mv.

      1. Clamine,
        Thanks for the link to the complete MV. I’ll update the article with the full MV.

      2. Clamine, thanks so much for the link! Since the title is entirely in Chinese, it would have taken me quite a while to pull it up myself. :).

      3. Thanks for the link Clamine! I will watch it later and it sounds very touching. Steven is such a sweet son. It is great how he is showing his love for his father. Many just spoil their moms but forget about their fathers.

      4. I finally just watched the short film. Oh my gosh,so sweet and touching, I am sure Steven’s dad will be very touched.

  2. Advance Happy Fathers to all Dads! :* <3. And to all Dads that are in heaven. :)) <3.

  3. Steven Ma is very talented actor, love his MV, very touching. hope he will have new dramas coming soon

  4. yeah he is quite talented in acting and doing a MV as well the mv is so touching>.<Awwwwww………..

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