10 K-Pop Girl Groups That Almost Debuted with Different Names

For a group to be successful, it takes more than just having hit songs and popular members. The name of the group is just as important, and often times groups have to go through several different names before landing on that one, marketable name that pops out.

Here are 10 K-Pop girl groups who debuted under different names.


The four-member girl group is called BLACKPINK to reflect their duality of being cute and edgy, but before landing on that name, their agency considered calling them Baby Monster, MAGNUM, and more famously Pink Punk, which almost became their final name.

Girls’ Generation

So Nyeoh Shi Dae (少女時代) means the generation of girls. According to several members in the group, they cried after hearing that they would be called that. They found the name cheesy, but now, thirteen years later, we can’t imagine a different name. Girls’ Generation was formerly referred to as the Super Girls, and were seen as the female counterpart of SM’s boy group Super Junior.


GFRIEND shot to fame following a successful debut, which followed a similar style to Girls’ Generations’ debut single. Before settling on GFRIEND, they considered being called Hug Hug, Guardian Angels, and strangely, World Peace.

Nine Muses

Nine Muses refers to the nine daughters of the Greek god, Zeus. Before Nine Muses, they considered calling themselves Yang Guifei, referencing one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China. Nine Muses disbanded in 2019.


The Girls’ Generation sister group used to be called flower4. Thankfully they didn’t, because that name wouldn’t have fit their hip hop and trap music style.


The group disbanded respectfully in 2017, and although it’s been three years, many fans still hope for a reunion. The hit girl group once considered calling themselves DuluDulu DaraDara DiliDili Bap.

Oh My Girl

This rising girl group thought about calling themselves Puzzel and Cotton Candy. As an almost-joke, their leader also wanted to call themselves “The Nameless Girl Group.”


160 and wawa girls were one of the few names that the four girls considered calling themselves. Hilariously, Belly Button also made the list. Like how the belly button is the body’s center, they wanted to be the world’s center. They almost would’ve debuted as a comedic girl group!


Formed by the music show Produce 48, IZ*ONE is the Korean spin-off of the 48 girl groups in Japan. When choosing a name for the group, the company allowed suggestion from fans and staff. One of them was “girls most cherished by someone.”


Before their debut, they wanted to call themselves Radiance. The name does work, but wouldn’t fit the innocent school girl theme that Lovelyz chose to debut with.

Source: HK01.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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