Aaron Kwok Admits Dating Sexy Model, Moka

Lately, Aaron Kwok (郭富城) spoke about his desires to get married and settle down. It turns out that the 50-year-old has been dating Shanghainese model, Moka (方媛).

He recently gave a surprise reveal on his relationship status by posting a photograph of his hand clasped over his girlfriend’s, with his car dashboard in the background. Aaron wrote a sweet caption, “I now have to drive a bit more slowly” and tagged the Weibo account of the mystery girl, who turns out to be 27-year-old pseudo-model, Moka.

Having been in the entertainment industry for about 31 years, Aaron has never officially acknowledged any relationship in his life, not even when his seven-year relationship with Lynn Hung (熊黛林). Moka must mean a lot to Aaron, for him to officially acknowledge their relationship.

Aaron Kwok girlfriend Moka 3

A pseudo-model from Shanghai, Moka has a sweet face with pretty, defined features that hint at a pan-Asian heritage. From certain angles, Moka even resembles Angelababy. Moka has modeled lingerie and was a “soccer babe” in former magazine spreads.

Moka published a photo album in 2012, and belongs to the same management company as Dada Chan (陳靜), a more well-known pseudo-model based in Hong Kong.

Moka Visits Aaron in Hong Kong

Before Aaron’s public acknowledgment of the relationship, a magazine had published photographs of the two of them together, and speculated that the couple has been dating for a year and a half. These photographs were taken when Moka visited Hong Kong a week ago.

Aaron was spotted picking Moka up at the airport, and settling her at his apartment. The following day, Aaron had to attend the premiere of Port of Call <踏血尋梅>, but only stayed for ten minutes at the after-party before rushing back to spend time with Moka, even dropping by McDonald’s along the way to pick up some supper.

On Moka’s fourth day in Hong Kong, Aaron spent the whole day at home with her, only stepping out of the apartment to bring back food. Finally, on Moka’s last day in Hong Kong, Aaron sent her to the airport and was spotted carrying her luggage. According to the magazine, Moka had also saved Aaron’s contact number under “Hubby”.

Reporters from the magazine had approached Aaron and asked if he was dating Moka. He initially ignored the reporters and walked away but turned back to “rescue” Moka when he realized that she was also being harassed by the reporters.  Aaron’s decision to make his relationship public was perhaps motivated by his knowledge that reporters had already been made aware of its existence.

A Flirty Past

Aaron’s acknowledgment of Moka as his girlfriend also brings back memories of a minor scandal last year when a female student nicknamed “Miss R”, anonymously exposed Aaron as having flirted with a “Miss M” while still romantically involved with “Miss R” (and even exchanging sexy pictures). At the time, there was widespread speculation over the identity of this “Miss M”, and as Moka was one of the eight models with names starting with “M” that Aaron followed on Instagram, she was a prime suspect. Perhaps she really was “Miss M” after all.

Aaron: “Age is Not a Problem”

Appearing at an event yesterday, Aaron admitted that he has been dating Moka for a period of time, although stated that it has been shorter than a year. The couple met through a mutual friend at a dinner gathering.

With a 23-year gap in their ages, Aaron and Moka’s relationship has been dubbed as a “father-daughter romance”. Aaron believes that compatibility is drive by mutual interests and thinking, instead of age. He dismissed the negative gossip over Moka’s materialistic past and colorful dating history, “Everyone has a past, including myself”. As to what he finds most attractive about Moka, he replied, “I’ll tell everyone later.”

Asked why he decided to reveal the relationship, Aaron said, “Everyone has watched me mature and know that I have always been low-profile in my relationships. At this moment, I hope to use a new method to get to know my partner better. The most important thing is to receive everyone’s acknowledgement and blessings.”

As to whether he regards Moka as his potential marriage partner, Aaron said, “No one knows what the future holds. As to whether we get married, that’s another stage. Right now, no one knows. I will let [fate] decide.”

Video News Coverage

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Sources: ihktv.com; ihktv.com

This article is written by Jingles for JayneStars.com.

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  1. He seem to likes them young. Let see how this relationship will last. Gotta say.. Aaron really doesn’t look 50… Still look young and hell of a good body!

    1. @happybi: Yup, chronologically 50 but bod/face better than some dudes his age … if only he could add more cm to his height. (Taiwan’s Wallace Huo reminds me of Aaron too)

      Where does the dude dig up these unknown girls anyway? It’s the not first time, he’s been seen with some unknown “pseudo model”.

      And supper of “McD’s?!??”. Seriously? And that’s thoughtful? Even frozen wontons boiled at home would have tasted way better.

      1. @nomad822 Actually Show Luo reminds me of Aaron.. but yes, he’s not that tall.. my guess, he is probably just 5’5 or 5’6.. no way in hell is he 5’8 like his online profile listed.

      2. @happybi : Have seen him up close (with his manager or asst) actually, at baggage claim in Singapore’s airport, while I was home for hols many eons ago. Apparently we were on the same flight, never knew. His fans were all out there plastered to the glass and waving like crazy, which was what alerted me – the unusual amount of people. Even more airport staff.

        Otherwise you can never spot him in a crowd. Face is very good looking as in pictures, height … nuff said to say nothing like the face – many girls are way taller than he is.

  2. omg, i would be so upset if i were lynn to lose to a girl like this one. poor lynn, at least she’s not single now. this girl looks like angelababy, what’s wrong w/ girls these day, do they all goto the same plastic surgeon? going face blind now….

      1. @nomad822 I don’t think they broke up…in fact, just a couple days ago there were reports that Lynn and Kenix’s brother were getting married.  Reporters even asked Kenix about it at her birthday party, to which she replied that though Lynn is indeed accompanying the Kwok family on their annual holiday vacation trip, her brother and Lynn have not mentioned anything about marriage yet.  She also said that the entire family likes Lynn and already consider her as ‘part of the family’. 

        Oh, and after Aaron’s announcement, Lynn also posted something on her weibo about her happy relationship with Kenix’s brother, which reporters claim was Lynn’s way of ‘responding’ to the announcement by showing off her own bliss with her boyfriend.

      2. @llwy12 – Thanks for updating – my impression was from something read back then and stuck that she was single again.

        Whatever Aaron does at this pt – should NOT
        affect Lynn, which is healthy for both of them.

        NO NEED for either party to SHOW, prove or flaunt anything to each other. Imo, that is real ‘moving on’ = be happy, for their own selves (akin to diet for your own self … never for a bf, a partner or for the world to see or bec “that’s what he wld like” etc etc etc). Live well, for herself.

    1. @m0m0 The moment you associate yourself to a win/lose position in a past relationship. You won’t live a very happy and fulfilling life.

      1. @anon
        we all know what is right or wrong to do, what’s good or bad for oneself. however, we are humans, some feelings are innate and can’t be suppressed.

      2. @anon

        Totally AGREE! Live well, but for yourself.

        NOT to ‘show anyone’ = this really just means you haven’t really gotten over a person, or were badly hurt. Or insecure – as in people who buy gds to flaunt or boost their image, to prove/show they have ‘arrived’; to stake their niche on the societal ladder.

        Something is lacking in a person when needing to ‘show’ people; needing the world to validate them, their happiness. their status in life, their actions.

  3. Never been a fan of Aaron, but good luck to Aaron. Hope he finds happiness with her.

  4. Next article: Lynn Hung’s reaction to this news and his open relationship declaration for a 20 something model.

    She will say, “I wish the best for him and hope he’s happy.”

    Honestly it sucks for Lynn but relationships are about timing & lessons learned. Lynn learned not to accept secret relationships and maybe Aaron learned from this to not hide his relationships. That titles are important. Just that both parties learned this too late.

    1. @coralie :

      LOL! 🙂 I hope indeed they both learned those lessons

      But GOOD for her Lynn bit the bullet and decided to move on sooner rather than later. Or hang around waiting for a lost cause.

      Rather than stay waiting for him to settle/want to settle/grow out of whatever issues = too many women (including married women) wait around for men/take sh*te … just hoping he will ‘grow out of it’, ‘sow his wild oats’, ‘settle down and be a family man etc’.

      ‘Trapping’ a commitment-phobic dude with a ring//a baby is NOT a victory = a person cannot change or cannot feel a need to do anything, it’s almost a doomed future. He has to WANT that change himself.

  5. Well at least she’s not in her teens or a young 20-something when she got snagged. She’s a fully grown adult so whoever she dates is mainly her decision now. She’s had enough relationships to know how she wants it to be. At the very least, that should be the bare minimum requirement for these uncles

  6. Lynn Hung is far more beautiful, gorgeous and tall than Moka Fang but old man Aaron Kwok is “salivating” on young swan. Father and daughter relationship hahaha

    1. @yummysukiyaki

      But that’s just the reality which happens when men hanker after young swans – even in supposedly ‘happily ever after’ marriages. Marriage does not offer lifetime guarantees.
      A ring on the finger does not promise anything = it’s really the core of the man that is important, those values and quality of character/conscience which will pull him back when faced with temptation/other options.

      The difference between a strong/weak man.
      A secure grounded one not driven by ego and an insecure one who is everything ego, false bravado and face.

      Reality is ANY woman (reknowned beauty or not) will age (Rosamund Kwan, Lin Ching Hsia etc)
      Reality also is many young nubile bodies out there are available and willing to be 3rd, 4th parties too – integrity, ethics, decency etc is rare these days as long as the dude can provide the materialistic surface trappings that is #1 priority.

  7. So many jealous, s|ut-shaming haters here.

    EDIT: I can’t believe I am being censored for the word “s lut”.

  8. I am all for the idea that when you have a classy person in your life and you break up with that person, you should find another partner who also has class. The new partner does not have to have the looks, academics or money like your former flame, that does not matter, but you should never leave class for trailer trash. Moka has this skanky, trashy vibe about her.

  9. I wonder how much he paid her to pretend to be his girlfriend for the time being.

    Aaron is using this pseudo-model to distract media from researching about his connection with the Taiwanese prostitution ring. The gossip magazines gave a hint about “Old Heavenly King A” as a client of the recent international Taiwanese prostitution ring bust.

  10. . @lilaleia, Nooooo!, say it isn’t so I do not see him being involved in such a scandal, after all, Aaron is a heavenly king. He is above getting involved in such a prostitution ring.

    Seriously, I was wondering the same thing too. The timing of him bring this woman to the public is very coincidental. I do not see this woman as someone he wants to marry and have kids with. The only thing he might enjoy about her is her youth, as he likes thém young, very young.

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