Abandoning His Good Image, Raymond Wong Brutally Toys With Female Hearts

Normally portraying straightforward  and righteous roles, Raymond Wong’s (黃浩然) breakthrough can be observed in TVB new series, Bottled Passion <我的如意狼君>, in which he toys mercilessly with female hearts. Through this gray character bordering between evil and good, Raymond hoped to change his career path in acting.

Although basically good in nature, Raymond Wong’s character in Bottled Passion brutally leveraged female affections to fulfill his revenge plan. “This character, which borders on being evil and good, assists Niki Chow’s (周麗淇) revenge plan by using Elaine Yiu (姚子羚)and Katy Kung (龔嘉欣). The character will dabble in numerous romantic gestures to win their affections.”

Noting that his role in Bottled Passion was a big challenge, Raymond said, “Many scenes are quite romantic; however, I morph into another person revealing my dark motives in scenes that follow. I want to portray villains, as I have acted too many righteous characters in the past. Last year, my roles as filial and good characters were well received. Since my image is accepted by the audience, I can try to change the type of characters I play.”

The audience was able to feel that Raymond Wong pushed his limits as the cruel anti-hero in Bottled Passion. Asked whether he was concerned that his good image will be destroyed, Raymond said, “No, I am unafraid since it is only acting. In addition, the audience has already accepted me. I portrayed an uncouth character in When Lanes Merge <情越雙白線>, in which I  ultimately changed for the better. This is similar to my role in Bottled Passion. The character is quite tragic, eliciting a profound effect; the audience enjoys watching it.” Raymond revealed that Bottled Passion’s script editor was a woman, thus the story focused on women and depicted the female perspective on men.

Despite impressing women in Bottled Passion, Raymond said that he was unromantic in real life. Due to his hectic work schedule, he did not spend too much time with his wife. Regarding Benny Chan (陳浩民and Joe Ma’s (馬德鐘 drunken kisses with Rose Chan (陳嘉恒) earlier in Hengdian, China, it was noted that Raymond had frequently traveled there in the past to film movies. Was his wife worried at the time? Raymond replied, “Since we have been together for 10 years, my wife is not worried. We met at work. During filming, I will not drink and or go out after hours.”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: IMO, Gallen Lo has always been my favorite actor in anti-hero roles. Raymond Wong’s character in Bottled Passion reminds me of Gallen Lo in Ambition <孽吻>, in which all the women fall for Gallen and he cruelly uses their love to this advantage.

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  1. Wow Ambition is old school. I watched it because of Leung Siu Bing’s small role. She is my favorite TVB actress of all time!

    1. C,
      “Wow Ambition is old school. I watched it because of Leung Siu Bing’s small role. She is my favorite TVB actress of all time!”

      Yep, Amibtion is old but it featured a very cool and dashing Gallen Lo before he gained greater popularity in “Cold Blood, Warm Heart”! 🙂 I love Leung Siu Bing and wish that she had acted in more modern dramas rather than being typecast as an eternal ancient beauty.

      1. Gallen was very dashing in that role but too evil! I don’t think I started liking Gallen till his role in Golden Faith. Actually saw Leung Siu Bing on Today’s VIP on TVB couple weeks ago, she is doing more stage acting now. Ng Ka Lok was trying to convince her to come back to TVB, but she hinted that her days at TVB were too harsh, having to sleep on set rather than go home because of hectic schedule and transportation costs. One of my favorite TVB series is Revelation of the Last Hero with her and Aaron. That’s definitely old school :0)

      2. C,
        “Actually saw Leung Siu Bing on Today’s VIP on TVB couple weeks ago, she is doing more stage acting now. Ng Ka Lok was trying to convince her to come back to TVB, but she hinted that her days at TVB were too harsh”

        You can say the entertainment circle is round. Maybe one day Leung Siu Bing would film for TVB again. She is a mother now and may wish to spend more time in Hong Kong. So if she TVB can guarantee her 6 to 8 hours of sleep (which is the requirement veterans such as Felix Wong always ask for), perhaps we may have to good luck to see her again! 🙂

        She can pair with Wayne Lai, Roger Kwok, etc. 🙂

      3. One of my favorite drama is “Revelation of the Last Hero.” Does anyone know where I can get it? I’ve been looking for it all these years. Thank you!

      4. Ambition is one of the very few series by TVB where the protagonist is also the antagonist. Quite innovative at the times. But, I was rooting for Michael Tao in the series. 😛

    2. The only thing I could remember about Ambition is its wonderful song sung by Cass Phang.

      1. it’s funny how people forgot about Amy Kwok in Ambition. I actually thought she was amazing in the series, maybe I loved her in almost every single series she’s been in.

        Lol. Noel Leung had the potentials to become a leading fa dan but she was always in roles that were so boring. The only ancient role I liked her in was the one about feng shui where she was the antagonist queen.

  2. Am watching Bottled Passion and so far I am hooked. probably because of lack of spoilers online. Interestingly one awful performance can’t kill the story which means the story is very good. yes it is typical Lee Tim Shing series but you know, Raymond Wong really prove himself worthy as a leading actor. he looks pale, always like as if he is gonna be sick and all but in here, a bit of tan, nice suit and voila, believable as a swindler. Everyone especially oh dear… what’s his name?? can’t remember, the one acting as Nikki’s brother is very good. In fact everyone is very good, except Nikki and credit goes to Raymond Wong. He makes this series interesting with his enigmatic performance. I just hope the series doesn’t let him down.

    It has that sort of satisfaction like the series No Regrets has which i am also watching but not yet that level; I mean I cheered, clapped when I watched No Regrets and seeing Miss Kau going after that despicable Japanese dude and shot him the well deserved 3 shots. That sort of satisfaction. Anyway if you’re not watching Bottled Passion, do give it a chance and just ignore the god awful performance of Nikki Chow because everyone else is very very good.

    1. P/S That passionate kissing scene between Elaine Yiu and Raymond Wong is a big fail for me. They looked like they were trying to suck out each other’s soul BUT the flirtation scenes are great although I got very disgusted with his character and practically gagged.

      PP/S Why hasn’t elaine Yiu win most improved? Did she? No? She has my vote. Because she was god awful in Safe Guards and now in here, she could practically out sneer Tavia in BTROC. And I am being sincere.

      and PPP/S Raymond Wong has my vote for best actor. So far he is most engaging amongst most characters in many series.

      1. I thought the kiss was one of the better TVB kisses, hehe

        Elaine Yiu should be promoted more. Can’t believe they are promoting Kate instead im sure she got some behind close door arrangement with some high rank executives…

      2. But Elaine has a bad habit, like Nikki, they speak very lazily and it is annoying. If that kiss is one of the better kisses, then the worse must be CPR like.

      3. I think the kiss was suppose to showcase a passionate kiss which is the basis of their relationship.

        Still i prefer Elaine over Kate’s fakeness anytime.

      4. That kiss was so sloppy, it looks they were in bed except standing upright.

      5. I think the kiss was alright… Elaine seemed like she couldn’t breathe. Haha. About Kate I think they are at the same level but Elaine hasn’t been in much series these days and Kate is wanted by every script writer/director. Did Elaine and Kate collaborate in Speech Of Silence? They were sisters in that series right?

      6. Im not a fan of Elaine bt i think shes improved 0.000001% LOL her worst ever performance for me was “Revolving Dorrs Of Vengence” MY GOSH i wanted to slap her and her fakeness was soooooooooooooooooo fake and i was happy when she got ran over by a bus LOL

      7. @Lala… re: RDoV

        lmao that was a cringe worthy performance by Elaine.. I shivered each time I heard her say ‘BIUUU GORRRR’ XD

  3. Raymond Wong is so believable as a swindler. I just love antiheroes or grey characters compared to the all-goody characters just make me LOL.

    The weakest link in the series in Nikki and she is by no means a bad actress compared to current fadans Kate, Fala, Myolie.

    Joel Chan excels in playing a “cheap man” 🙂

    1. Agree with every single point you mentioned.

      I like the story and Raymond is making it very interesting for me to watch. He’s handsome and his evilness (with a soft heart deep down) is quite attractive.

      Too bad Nikki is ruining it for me. Can’t believe she still so bad at acting after all these years in the industry.

      1. Actually I don’t find Niki Chow to be that bad in acting. I find to be more bearable than watching Kate.

      2. I agree with wanderlust, Niki is not bad. We just not use to see her playing this role.

      3. alot better than Kate Tsui. Kate is unbearable to watch… Nikki has a natural flare is her acting, but i do find this role is abit too much crying for her.

  4. This series should have been TVB 44th anniversary series. Bad decision by TVB! Could have switch airings with “Super Shipt”.

    I really enjoy this series and hope the ratings will increase this week.

  5. Haha! Great article. I adore Raymond but seeing his character in Bottled Passion kind of Burt’s my heart! Lol he is toying around with female fans. I like his character in this series. He is such a gentle man but at the same time trying to earn his revenge to the family which he was adopted by and then later kicked out 🙁 If TVB played this earlier this year Raymond And probably Niki would have gotten an award in my opinion! Can’t wait for more
    Episodes of this series! I’m very anticipated for more!!

    1. I read a lot of bad comments about Niki and I just don’t understand why. When I heard she was gonna star in this series, I just couldn’t missed it! See I only started to watch this when I know she’s starring it. She’s a sweet girl. I think you guys should give her a chance to prove herself and not judge her.

  6. I like this series too and can’t wait to see how it develops! Raymond is a great actor and is definitely leading man material because TVB definitely needs more leading men now that Steven, Bowie, and them are gone. I’m not sure why Tim Gor insisted on casting Niki for the leading role as I’m sure there are better actresses out there, but let’s see how it develops. I think Elaine Yiu improved greatly in this role and she looks so much prettier now. I prefer her over Kate any day. I didn’t like Elaine before, but she has improved more with supporting roles and I think she could pull off the sexy roles that Kate portrays as well.
    Niki’s brother in the series is played by Raymond Cho, and he is kind of like Power Chan Kwok Bong, stuck in supporting roles, but hopefully they can each get their breakthrough roles one day.

  7. I really enjoy Bottle Passion so far and Raymond’s performance. Yeah, I agree the kiss scene was kinda weird to watch but I’ve seen worse. And the series is still good overall.

    Sometimes when I’m watching Raymond Wong playing this kind of character, I can’t help but think about the good old times when I was watching Deric Wan on TVB.

    1. I agree. Perhaps Raymond can be the successor to Deric Wan and Gallen Lo. They are great are portraying these types of roles as toying with women’s hearts and all 3 have that same level of charismatic charm to pull if off. Deric will always be one of my favorite actors of all time.

  8. As evil as Raymond is in this series anyone find him quite appealing in it? i guess most girls like a bad boy haha but then again those that play the cheater role i havent gone gaga over before maybe its the “Raymond Wong Effect” you just cant hate the guy

    1. I don’t think Raymond’s character is (that) evil at all. His actions may not be completely justifiable but one can definitely understand and can almost sympathize. An evil person does not have a conscience – like Tung Kwok Hing, but he has a much softer side that eliminates him from being truly evil.

      1. Not evil at all. He is working hard with multiple personalities, doing good job.

    2. Yes, I find him quite attractive & appealing. Thank goodness I’m not one of the girls in the drama, otherwise my heart will be so broken! LOL

      1. I know but damn his char is a great “sweet talker” i can see why they would fall for him even i would *loved up eye*

        (man i wish their were emoticons? lol)

  9. Was Raymond Wong Tim Gor’s first casting decision? Or his role was originally offered to another actor who could not accept it due to scheduling conflict?

  10. @Jayne: I read somewhere, first choice was Raymond Lam, following Moses and Bosco. But they where buzzy. So, when Raymond Wong got the role, Tim Gor made some changes to fit him. Niki was the first choice.

    1. SO GLAD it’s not Raymond Lam! Moses – No way! Too old and just not that good looking. Bosco… not sure. Raymond Wong is just perfect here.

      1. yeah, i agree. Raymond is perfect in this role. I really hope to see more of him.

    2. I have a feeling if it’s Ray Lam, the show will turn out to be something similar to Men with No Shadowns – sloppy.

  11. Love Bottled Passion because:

    1. Raymond Wong: Very handsome. Yes, Funn Lim sometimes he looks pale 🙂 But with his suite and jack. WOW! I love when he ‘talks’ with his eyes. His acting is awesome! Hopefully he will recognise by the audience. I will support him.

    2. Niki Chow: Her acting skill is mah mah. I think she fix the role a lot. She always act the “weak” girl. She has the chemistry with Raymond

    3. Elaine Yiu: she surprise me. Cuz I never like here before. But she do it very well in BP.

    4.Joel Chan: I really like him. If we believe the tabbloit, It’s a pity if he black list at TVB. Cuz, he is a great actor. A power of emotional expression.

    5. Rebecca Chan: She is evil!!!! I like her too. Look her eyes. Like she wanna kill somebody.

    6. Tim gor: Great story. BP is not a grand production, but it’s also fine. Cuz, a great scrip with great actors, then you will get a great drama!

    I will definaly follow BP!

    1. Ive this feeling that RW will become the next Ruco in the eyes of the female audiences hehehehe.

      1. RW is actually got attention before Ruco. In the taxi series (when lanes merge, if I rmb the name rite) he is already liked.

    1. So, Now You know why I like (love) him so much 🙂

      Ps: OMG! I sounds like 16 years old 🙂

      1. Haha. You guys are so 16 years old. Maybe Raymond Wong would have ranked higher in the Sexiest Actor poll if this series was aired earlier. He’s in the list, right?

  12. Bottled Passion is becoming my favourite drama of 2011. It has a certain style and quality similar to No Regrets – and I loved loved No Regrets – I can’t believe BP was not part of the Anniversary Awards this year! I just hope the ending won’t be as heartbreaking as NR. Waiting one episode per day is torturous!

    Raymond Wong has won me over with BP – he is absolutely perfect in this role. Everyone else is great too except for Niki.., (I wonder if Tim Gor is disappointed with her..) But having said that, I’m still glad it’s her over any of the so-called fadans.

    1. Raymond Wong is doing a great job and his physical charm fits the character perfectly. Nikki …. pretty face but horrible acting. I wish it was another better fah-dan with better acting. Then the entire drama will be so perfect.

      And yup, even the music in the background reminds me of No Regrets. Too bad it wasn’t classified as a TVB anniversary drama.

      1. The graphics package in the opening theme and ending credits is also so similar too in Rosy Business.

    2. Well thats Tim Gor decision to cast Niki that is suited and cater for her in the role. Hell its a once a life time to work with the Best TVB producer out there before he retires in a year or so.

      Niki is improving…

      1. Tim Gor may have made selected Niki for this role but the question is whether Niki’s performance has fulfilled his expectations. I’m sure his expectations are no less than most viewers. Simply “improving” is hardly enough for a female lead of a Tim Gor production.

      2. IMO, up to episode 9… she did well, shockingly… I dont find any big problems her and yes I expected that her acting may bring the series….shockingly, it did not happen.

        So, Im expecting a superb performance from start to the end when she is reunited with Raymond as….. .

      3. I find her acting here unnatural; a bit too acting-like… if that makes sense. But bearable and not annoying and definitely not affecting this drama in any significant way.

        I hope Tsui Sum won’t forgive Tung Bun Sin so easily… give him back a heartache or two!

      4. If you read TVB,com spoilers , they will….

        So, its almost typical Tim Gor series.

  13. One of my favorite drama is “Revelation of the Last Hero.” Does anyone know where I can get it? I’ve been looking for it all these years. 🙂 Thank you!

  14. @ Kim-Hoa. Have you tried yesasia.com as they usually have lots of cds, dvds, etc… Good luck.

    I am really enjoying this new series Bottled Passion and thinks that Raymond is pretty good as the bad boy for a change. The storyline is good as well as the dialogue so I hope it gets good reviews.

  15. The only thing that I don’t enjoy about the series is Niki Chow. I’ve never considered her to be a great actress but at least, she’s decent. I prefer her over the fadans.

  16. I’m actually quite surprised that so many people agree with me. This drama is really good! I usually don’t watch pre-modern series (more of a modern fan), but this drama has got me wanting for more everyday! Good job for this drama. I have no problems with the acting here, and I love Raymond Won’s character!

  17. Dear Jayne,

    I didn’t know Noel is a mother now. How many children does she have? Also, is it a boy or girl?

    Thank You. 🙂

  18. I think niki is doing a pretty good job but she still need to work on scenes where she has to do tough. I thibk its her voice that she needs to work on. I think it lacks some strength which makes it less convincing. Overall, i dont think any fadans in tvb can do a protray the role of tsui sum. They arenot fit for the role ( kate, tavia, myolie)??? Maybe linda can pull it off.

    1. None of the 5 new fadans can pull this off. I can’t imagine Linda, Myolie, Tavia, Fala and Kate taking this role.

  19. I’m so glad people are starting go take notice of Raymond Wong, one of the most under rated tvb actors IMO. He’s so good, love love love him!!! He’s perfect for this role, can’t see anyone else playing this character but Raymond. This is definitely my favorite series of 2011.

    1. @Lol: Raymond Wong is not under rated actor at TVB. He is a smart guy. He is one of the actors had no contract at TVB (like Wayne Lai). So, it seems like he is “under rated” but he always has a choice.

      Very difference then the biological sons!


    2. He’s not that underrated, he already won a TVB award, surly he needs to be in a big productions to get his name in.

  20. Btw, Tim Gor knows what he is doing…Nikki is perfect for the role.

    1. Sorry disagree. Nikki may be “perfect” for the role, luckily the story is engaging enough for her NOT to destroy it with her horrendous underacting.

      1. And her singing is awful. But the song by TVB standard is ok.

      2. Well Niki did not sing Bottled Passion theme song, Teresa Cheung did… I hope this is a “NEW” trend to get professional singers sing the TVB series theme song!

      3. Sure she didn’t sing? sounds like her! If not then sack this singer. Especially the high pitch, could shatter glass.

      4. The theme song is sung by 張德蘭 Teresa Cheung. I thought it was Niki too but as I listen more closely, Niki’s voice sounds slightly more ‘modern’ than this singer.

        Is Niki spelled with one ‘k’ or two?

      5. Is Theresa Cheung really that bad. She used to be a very good singer. I love her rendition of the themesong of ROCH83. I guess she hasn’t sung for a long time and her skill has gone rusty? Or manby age is not kind to her voice.

      6. @ loungegirl: its one ‘k’, Niki.

        @ Funn Lim: it’s probably the lyrics in the song.

        @ Kidd: Well, she is old, and her voice does changed. Compare to today and back in 1984 where she sang the theme and sub theme song in Return of the Condor Heroes… it is significantly not the same voice.

        @ moses: She is a legend back in the 1970 and 1980s during the TVB heydays. She sang in the 四朵金花 (Four Golden Flower) group, She is famous for singing the theme song of “The Good, The Bad, The Ugly” TVB 1979 series.

      7. A legend? But why she sounds like some banshee shrieking? It’s that ahhhhhhhhhhh part that was terrible.

      8. I like the themesong very much, however i also intially thought i was Niki until i saw the singers name.

        Wow didn’t know that she was the singer for the themesong of ROCH 83. I just love that song and yeah she sounds a little different.

        I think it’s cool for TVB to save costs by using their own artists to sing the themesongs as long as they are capable such as Ruco, Linda, Steven, LF etc. But Ron and esp. Kate should be avoided at all cost!

      9. Omg! Funn, you serious? This singer is a amazing! She sang some of the best tvb theme songs in the 80s.

      10. Doesn’t mean her quality of sound is the same and unchanged. It’s the shrieking or rather how to say… prolong part where she drag the note or something like that. It hurts my ears.

    2. I agree Niki is perfect for the role. I don’t see what’s bad about her. She’s doing better than some TVB actresses. I can’t imagine Fala, Kate, Myolie, Linda or Tavia in this role and make it convincing 😛

      1. If you put Kate Tsui played in Tsui Sum (徐芯) character, the outcome will be garbage 😀

      2. Kate Tsui? She will be too seductive. Change role with Raymond Wong. Let Raymond Wong play Tsui Sum and Kate Tsui as Tung Poon Sin and I think I can buy that Tung Poon Sin is a swindler of hearts.

      3. Lol this girl Funn Lim is really good at condemning people. I notice all her comments are alike. As if she’s so perfect?! Well it’s always easier said than done. If you’re so good you should be an actress or singer. She what people will say about your talent?

    3. Too bad to hear that people don’t like the theme song. I actually love the song. I wasn’t sure when I first listened to it, but the more I hear it the more I like it – I look forward to it at the beginning and end credits. It brings me back to the golden years of awesome TVB themesongs from the 80s. And the lyrics are beautiful.

      @Funn, maybe it’s the style you don’t like? There are a lot of prolonged “ahhhs” and long held noted, but imo it fits the overall feel of the series really well. Also, Theresa’s voice is very beautiful, does not sound like screeching to me, but very controlled, especially hard to do when singing at such a high note.

      1. @Leslie, I like this song a lot too. The Hah hah hah.. goes round and round in my brain. Theresa seems to fine tuned her original style to make the songs sounds modern. It also happens to kwan Kuk Ying’s songs we hear lately. I admire these singers as they are willing to improve their singing skills even they are already famous.

        btw, Ray is really hot, and credits to all women victoms they are all have stunning performance

      2. Leslie, I feel the way. This series is a classic in the making, from the storyline, to the acting and theme song…everything about it brings me back to the 80s. I will be sad when its over : (. Thanks Tim Gor for giving us such a great series. If Raymond doesn’t win “my favorite character or lead character” next year TVB is total bs lol

      3. What are the chances for Raymond Wong to get my favorite character in TVB 45th anniversary show? slim, because it is TVB fault to aired past the 44th anniversary period and no one will remember it.

    1. I think RW’s acting is ok, too bad BP is aired during holidays season but its good that RW can finally get a lead role in a serious and interesting story.

      1. No, this series should have aired during the TVB anniversary month. I dont know why they pushed the series to aired in December, TVB should have swipe and replaced with “Super Shipt”

        TeeVeeBee decisions!

  21. I have to admit that RW seems to have improved..although Nikki is a little stiff, her acting is still bearable, perhaps also because I quite like her or her looks.

    Btw, I thought that Joel Chan looks really good in this series – I think he is the best looking guy in this haha, wish he had a bigger role.

    The actress playing his wife acts really stiffly haha but I guess she does not get much practice?

  22. I just started watching this series and I like it so far. As for Niki, I think she has a natural screen presence although her performance is neither horrible or great. Also, they tailor made the role for her so I find the comparisons to other fadans a little unnecessary.

  23. The story is exactly the same as korean drama ” bad guy” but prefer korean version .

  24. I love the theme song a lot… the best part I love most of the song is aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    BP definitely is my favor 2011 series, Raymond Wong is great actor, and Nikki is best fit into this role, dont think any fadan is suitable and fit this Nikki role in BP.

    I not fan of Raymond Wong and Nikki

    But really enjoy watching this series, the storey line is great and touching.

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