Adia Chan Prepares for Upcoming TVB Drama

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Adia Chan Prepares for Upcoming TVB Drama

Long time no see, Adia Chan (陳松伶)! Yesterday night, the Song Bird <天涯歌女> actress was spotted in TVB’s Tseung Kwan O studios to shoot an episode of the game show Sunday Stage Fight <Sunday好戲王> as one of the show’s judges. With bloated cheeks and a fuller body, Adia was almost unrecognizable.

The 45-year-old acknowledged this and even took a stab at herself. “There is some minor swelling on my face,” said the actress. “The weather’s been rather humid lately. I absorbed all the water like a dehumidifier! But this will all be gone eventually. I’ll do more jogging and exercise. But yes, even my husband did not recognize me! I’ve already gotten skinnier—imagine how I was like before! Even more people would not recognize me.”

Adia Chan will be back next month to shoot a new TVB drama, playing a housewife. This would be the Song Bird star’s first primetime Hong Kong television drama since 2006’s Trimming Success <飛短留長父子兵>. Reportedly, Adia will play opposite John Chiang (姜大偉) and Vincent Wong (王浩信) in the new TVB drama.

“I’ll use this opportunity to lose more weight,” said Adia. “I hope to lose about ten pounds.” Asking if Adia would be portraying a housewife in the new series, she joked, “If TVB wants me back they have to give me a beautiful woman role! But jokes aside, I am interested in this housewife role. The Hong Kong audiences haven’t seen me in a while; hopefully I’ll be well-received. My friends told me to beware of the netizens, but I don’t think they’re that bad. A lot of them are quite nice.”

Source: Oriental Daily

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10 comments to Adia Chan Prepares for Upcoming TVB Drama

  1. funnlim says:

    What happened to the N or double Ns??

    Bloated cheeks? Come on! She gained weight but she still looks ok.

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  2. mpy8 says:

    Aw .. yay! it’ll be nice to see Adia back on the television screen once again! She’s a little bloated but still looks great for her age!

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  3. elizabeth says:

    That is a bad photo! She appearing the Sunday Song program and she looked great!

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  4. happybi says:

    She need to stop changing her name! It’s confusing to people especially when she look so different now! Def. gained weight but still pretty.

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  5. rainbow28 says:

    Can’t stand TVB’s bad pairings. Come on, Nadia doesn’t look good with John Chiang and Vincent Wong, look-wise and age-wise. John is like 20 years older than her and probably shorter than her. Vincent is 10+ younger than her. It’s more convincing if they are one family: Dad, daughter, and younger brother. Roger Kwok and Moses Chan are better matches with her.

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    • replied:

      I know, if they pair up w/Vincent Wong that will be hell. hahha LOL….John Chiang might a bit too old but she looks old so I think that might be a better pairing.

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    • freedalas replied:

      @rainbow28 If Leanne Li could end up with Wong Cho Lam, no other pairing would be half as bad, in fiction or otherwise.

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    • asian2015 replied:

      @rainbow28 totally agree with you. I mean there’s more mens around her age too like Roger Kwok, Raymond Cho, Moses Chan, Gallen Lo or even Kevin Cheng. John pairing with her? What is TVB thinking?

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      • rainbow28 replied:

        I agree with you. What is TVB thinking? I feel that TVB is only promoting their Miss HK’s to become female leads but not doing anything about the male leads. Eventually, every female lead will match with much older actors. This is so unrealistic. Will you be interested in men who are 20+ older than you? Or even 15+ years older than you if they are like 50’s or 60’s? OMG.

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    • kidd replied:


      This is only preliminary information. Maybe there will be other actors not named yet. Or you could be right that this a family drama about a father, daughter and son. So, the actor who play her husband won’t be the male lead and this actor not named yet. 🙂

      Anyway, I don’t mind an older woman/younger man pair if the age difference is not huge. The dynamic could be interesting to watch. I have watch other older woman/younger man pairing that is quite romantic.

      Adia’s real life husband is younger than her by 8 years.

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