Ady An Hints at New Romance

The Ruby Lin (林心如) and Wallace Huo (霍建華) “520” love confession has touched not only their fans, but also their colleagues.

On May 21, Taiwanese actress Ady An (安以軒) attended a press conference for a new product she has been endorsing. Upon hearing about Ruby and Wallace’s romance, Ady said she is very ecstatic for the couple, and is touched by their heartfelt love confession.

She said, “If it’s the right person, it’s worth the wait. The goddess has finally waited for her male god. I need to work hard myself!”

What about her own love life? Ady gave a shy smile and said, “Very happy.”

ady an 2It wasn’t a very straight answer from the 35-year-old, but from her response, it sounds like Ady is also in a very loving relationship.

On Valentine’s Day this year, Ady went to Bali for a relaxing vacation. She shared her vacation photos online, but netizens were quick to spot a mysterious man hidden in one of her photos. Ady also shared a photo of her new pedicure; one of her nails read ‘A’ (for Ady) and another read ‘L’. Netizens suggested that the ‘L’ could be the name of her mysterious boyfriend.

Ady later clarified, “The ‘A’ is my name. The ‘L’ stands for ‘LOVE’.”

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  1. Can someone fill me in on why 520 is so significant in China? Is it like an alternate Valentine’s day? I am confused.

    1. @elizabeth
      Ohhh…I thought it was a translation of ‘I LOVE YOU’ in mandarin? haha lol….I thought I heard that before somewhere.

  2. 520 in Mandarin Chinese can be roughly translated phonetically into something akin to ‘I confess”. Therefore, it has May 20th became somewhat of a day of confession (of relationships and what not) in the Chinese speaking regions.

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