Aimee and Moses Chan Spend Christmas in Canada

The Chan clan chose to spend their White Christmas in Canada!

This past weekend, former TVB actress and 2006 Miss Hong Kong winner Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) shared on Instagram that she had returned to her hometown of Toronto to spend the holidays. “The weather isn’t the best for tobagonning but wanted them to experience the Great Canadian lifestyle to the fullest!” she wrote. Ever since her marriage to TV King Moses Chan (陳豪) in 2013, the Chans and their three kids have been residing in Hong Kong, only occasionally returning to Canada to visit Aimee’s family.

On Christmas Eve, Aimee shared new updates on Instagram again, this time a loving photo of her with Moses in the backdrop of the Canadian snow. “Love you baby!” she said. “You warm my heart.”

She then shared another series of pictures with her and her three children Aiden (born 2013), Nathan (born 2015), and Camilla (born 2016). She said, “So usually I am the photographer and so I wanted to get one shot of just myself on this beautiful icy staircase…. Of course within moments this little one storms in… then the entire clan. What does a mama have to do to get a clean shot?”

But as a mother and wife who puts family before anything else, Aimee added, “They are right though; they do brighten up my life and also in all the photographs! Here’s to family!”

Merry Christmas!

Source: (1, 2), Aimee Chan @ Instagram

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  1. It’s not a White Christmas where I am in the GTA but it’s cute that the Chans come back for vacation every year. I wonder if their kids will be educated here as HK’s education system is very rigid.

  2. What a beautiful family!!! Lol. Good thing Moses shaved off his funny looking white beard and mustache which makes him looks so old man. Now he looks a lots better than before.

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