Ali Lee Does Not Have Any Upcoming Dramas to Film

In March, Ali Lee (李佳芯) turned down a leading role in supernatural TVB drama Unchained Medley <靈戲逼人> due to her declining health. The long hours and frequent lack of sleep during filming had led to the actress’ excessive fatigue and accumulated stress. Carefully managing her health, Ali has been seeing a traditional Chinese doctor and said she “wants to maintain a healthy work-life balance.”

While filming for the third season of Dub of War <好聲好戲> yesterday, Ali said she is feeling fine right now, but remains cautious over her health. In 2017, she underwent surgery to remove a 10-centimeter tumor near her ovaries. “I realized how damaging [overworking] was to my health, so I don’t want to let it worsen,” she said.

Ali was prompted to take courses related to behavior therapy, after witnessing many Hong Kongers suffering from emotional disorders. “Out of 10 people, 10.5 have some sort of emotional burden. Artistes experience many emotional highs and lows in our industry as well. If I am able to continue my studies, I hope to help those around me.”

Without any upcoming dramas to film, Ali is aware that this may affect her popularity due to her extended absence on screen. “As artistes, we want to have a constant stream of work to share with the public, but we are very passive in the decision-making process. We don’t get to decide whether we are cast in roles or not. I can only take advantage of every job opportunity that I am given.”

Source: HK01

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Ali Lee’s Health Sounds Another Alarm

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  1. Is TVB actually clueless to why their ratings are decreasing? They have like one charismatic actress that can actually act and carry a series, but they bench her most of the time. Meanwhile, they give awards and cast bland actresses like Natalie, Mandy, and Rosina. They’re pretty ladies, but honestly, I feel like they’re the same person/character in every role they play. Mandy has had some opportunities to take on more interesting characters, but she always gives the same mediocre performance.

  2. There is a saying my Grandma always remind me:”When you need a rest, REST!.”

  3. She looks more refreshed in the picture above. I do like watching her but a work/life balance is important.

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