All-Round Entertainer: Steven Ma

It was for the better that Steven Ma (馬浚偉) left TVB. Now free from the clutches of TVB’s controlling upper management, Steven was able to branch out and explore the large markets outside of Hong Kong’s tight television industry. From establishing his own production studio to investing in a tutoring school, Steven can now let out a sigh of relief – he is finally leading a successful life and pursuing his dreams.

After filming mainland television dramas Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder <建元风云> and Yuan Yang Pei <鴛鴦佩>, Steven has founded his own production company, the Little Horse Production Studio. He is learning to be a director, working on his first television drama script, and has recently invested a six-figure sum on his younger sister’s tutoring school, “i. study” in Hong Kong.

Steven, who briefly worked as a textbook salesman before his debut as an actor, expressed that he always held the belief that knowledge is all-encompassing.  “I believe that knowledge can change your destiny; education can outmatch everything,” said Steven. “Since my younger sister, Fiona, worked as a private tutor for many years, she has accumulated quite a lot of students, and adding that she has found a suitable place near home, as her older brother, I decided to support her!”

Steven may be the principal for the school, but he stressed that his main reason for opening up the school is to support his sister’s dream. “I am currently learning screenwriting, production, and directing. I want to continue to improve myself! However, I will still be an actor first and foremost!”

Asked if Steven will also teach at her sister Fiona’s school, Steven laughed, “Sure! If it is needed, I can come over to teach the students singing and acting! The school has over ten teachers specializing in many different subjects. Besides basic subjects like math and English, we also have barristers to come in to hold law courses. The main idea is to groom our students comprehensively.”

New Music Single

After filming Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder, Steven has been working on establishing his first production company, the Little Horse Production Studio. “I also want to try out directing a few mini-films or music videos. Actually, someone has contacted me about investing in a movie for me to direct, but I don’t want to rush into things. I want to take things step by step.”

Steven also revealed that he is currently working on a new single. With Steven’s dark and sultry voice, he had attracted the attention of many fans. He has performed the theme and sub songs for his television dramas since 1997.

“I plan to produce five to six songs, including two songs written by myself. I will be able to plug these songs before March. I don’t want these to be the theme songs to television dramas anymore! I am very excited, and I really want to be able to collaborate with the singers of today, such as Ivana Wong (王菀之), Hins Cheung (張敬軒), Khalil Fong (方大同), Pong Nan (藍奕邦), and RubberBand!”

As to whether or not Steven would release a CD for his new works, Steven shook his head, ““We all know how our current CD sales market is. Even HMV may go bankrupt. Do I really need to release a CD? I have some reservations.”

Steven also expressed an interest in holding his concert. “I have always had someone approach me about it. If you’re talking about the Hong Kong Coliseum, then I really don’t have much confidence for that to happen. But if it’s holding a concert at some place smaller, like the Kowloon Bay Center or the Cultural Center, I think I could. Most importantly, I need to come upon some good songs!”

Return to TVB in May?

Despite having a tense work relationship with certain TVB executives, many of Steven’s dramas were well-received in the market.  A TVB insider revealed that the station is determined to bring back Steven. Steven is currently in discussion with Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) to return to film a 30-episode drama, which will commence filming in May 2013. Steven’s frequent collaborator, Leung Choi Yuen (梁材遠), will be producing the drama. The source claimed that Steven is very close in sealing the deal.

“TVB and I have always been talking since I left,” said Steven. “Originally I planned to return last September, but I was very busy. Right now, I am planning to return in May. I cannot say that I will come back for sure, but when it comes to other filming offers from other stations, TVB remains as number one on my list.”

Source: Ming Pao Weekly #2307 via

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  1. ahhhh! yes! steven please come back!! the little bit of hope i have comes from his statement “when it comes to other filming offers from other stations, TVB remains as number one on my list” so happy he hasn’t entirely given up on tvb yet, we all miss you!!! you have a lot of talent!

  2. I don’t remember seeing him acting as a villain. Had he before? Anyone remember?

      1. Thanks. but not villain to the end right? would be nice to see him act as a villain since he has such a good boy image. Should be interesting and challenging.

      2. Steven as a ‘gu wak zai’ (gangster) in a 2000 movie ‘To where he belongs’旺角街头 with Simon Yam and Gigi Lai.

        Not exactly a villain but not a good man either as a hoodlum who talks and acts rough, chain smoke, fights, and forcibly kisses Gigi despite her rebuff. And then there is the blond hair — totally different from his good guy image — a very different Steven Ma’s look indeed.

        For a snapshot of his character, look at the screencaps or watch the themesong mv in:


  3. “TVB and I have always been talking since I left,” said Steven. “Originally I planned to return last September, but I was very busy.

    Actually what Steven said was: “Actually last September (TVB) had wanted me to return but I couldn’t.” 本来去年九月想我回去但我不行

    Steven had never planned to return to TVB last September. Catherine Tsang jumped the gun in announcing Steven’s return to TVB this May when they hadn’t even sat down together to discuss the contract in detail.

    From a 2001 news report:
    His four sisters (3 older, 1 younger) all dote on him. [..] But the undefeated got to be his younger sister – “4th young master” loves to praise before people on how pretty his little sister is and how much he cherishes her. The fact is, his younger sister looks upon him as her idol. “Amongst men, my brother is the best. If looking for a husband, I want to find one just like him.” Given her absolute adulation of her older brother, she is undoubtedly his biggest fan. So cute.

  4. we all love steven and wanna see him in a tvb series again i hope he gets a good role this time

    1. I totally agree with you. He is very super talented, acting and singing. Hope tvb realise potential stars and offer good rewards.

  5. he’s so humble. love how he knows he can’t handle a concert in hk coliseum.

    i miss him so much – can’t wait for him to come back!!!

    1. @pandamo: In the same article Steven admits he may open a concert in HK. But I don’t want to do it just for the sake of having one. The whole thing has to be done with joy and sincere conviction. 心悦诚服. Only if the audience truly wants to listen to Ma Zai sing then I will do it.

  6. No matter how they bag TVB, sooner or later they will return! (^_^)

  7. I think Steven does ancient series best. his singing is nice, and he’s humorous!! He needs to come back!

  8. Hope he’ll go back for contract series as I miss seeing him in a drama!

  9. I miss seeing Steven however I prefer he not filming for TVB bc of the risk of him getting raped, LOL

    1. That’s a pretty tasteless joke to crack. The topic of rape shouldn’t even be taken as a joke.

      1. I actually interpret exoidus comment differently.

        Raped can be implied like, “that exam raped me.” meaning it was very hard.

        so his message, i thought of as steven getting abused by TVB’s poor management.

      2. @pandamao,

        rape or be raped in TVB series and taken adv. of by the mgt in real life etc.

        I do miss seeing him and prefer cantonese speaking series, however I rather have him stay away from “Totally Very Bad”.

    2. I don’t think exiodus meant it in a bad way.. You have to admit that TVB is really overdoing the rape scenes and stuff…

  10. awww, finally, you will comes back. I hope you sit down and make it clear to TVB whats they’ve been missing 🙂

    Would be interesting to work as an English teach where his sister works 🙂

  11. What a great brother Steven is… Glad that he places such high importance on education. Hope that he does come back to TVB even though I am looking forward to his china series too..

    1. heard he was the chinese literature teacher in script reading in those ancient dramas .. meaning he helps his co-stars interpret

      1. pandamao: That’s what Michelle Yim said when she was Steven’s guest in Apprentice Chef 1.

        Michelle Yim reveals that she calls Steven, Ma Zai, when on tv but off camera she calls him Ma Man Choi (馬文才- Scholar Ma).

        “Why?” asked Bella. (Steven’s co-star in Apprentice Chef 1)

        Michelle: “Because when we filmed Beyond the Realm of Conscience (BTROC) our dialogues were very lengthy, and some words we truly didn’t know, and some we didn’t know their meaning but he did. He was so nice, especially came over from another studio. Wei! Any words need explaining. Yay, sifu’s here. Professor, professor. All kinds of names we came up with. Since his surname is Ma so we called him Ma Man Hou (馬文豪- eminent writer Ma). Then later felt that he is so multi-talented so called him Ma Man Choi (馬文才- literary talented Ma) instead. He would explain each and every word to us and even wrote down their pinyin for us.”

        Steven sitting beside Michelle feeling quite bashful at her unexpected effusive praise of him. lol!


  12. TVB really feels like a sect in the wulin world that is falling apart and really needs their former disciples to come back….

    1. i wish a wuxia writer can use tvb as an example …

      i miss wuxia series a lot 🙁

      1. I miss wuxia series too… But at least I can see those from China. However, would love to see a TVB one…

        Good one exiodus!!!You crack me up as always.

    2. Yes the wulin world had the misconception of TVB being very powerful due to its former members being among the very best in wulin.

      As time went by the members left bc of its leaders becoming corrupted by greed for power. Now the members consist of rurals without martial arts.

      The other sects are ready to attack and in this dangerous situation the sectleaders are forcing its members to practice the forbidden art Sunflower manual. Unfortunately that plan failed causing its members to die of fire deviation.

      Final hope now is to call back their former members back by using the friendship card 😀

  13. I have always been a great fan of Steven. His cooking show is most fun to watch. Very glad to hear of his return to TVB even just for one drama.

  14. I’m not really fond of his acting but I have to admit that his series are quite good. And in ancient series he looks good. This means I’m also voting for a return.

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