Andy Lau is a Torture Victim in “Saving Mr. Wu”

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Andy Lau is a Torture Victim in “Saving Mr. Wu”

After dominating Hong Kong box offices for over two decades, Andy Lau (劉德華) has become more selective in his projects, opting to challenge himself with new roles. In upcoming action crime thriller, Saving Mr. Wu <解救吾先生>, Andy portrays an abductee who is tortured.

Opening in theaters on September 30, the movie is based on the actual abduction of film actor Wu Ruofu (吴若甫). In 2004, Wu was abducted by three men who claimed to be police officers in Beijing. The men demanded a 3 million RMB ransom for his release.

Andy portrays Wu, who was cruelly beaten and tortured before his release. A short promotional clip was released earlier and while many praised Andy’s acting ability, some viewers expressed their heartaches and concerns after seeing the brutal scenes.

Saving Mr. Wu marks the first time in which Andy is playing the role of an abductee. The director complimented Andy’s professionalism and ability to get into character. Director Ding Sheng (丁晟)  revealed that Andy was able to bring out the character’s true emotions, particularly during the scene where he was strangled with a computer cable. Even when his face turned red from the computer cord, Andy requested that they re-film the scene to ensure the most convincing results.

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    Oh gosh! Andy! Looks intense.

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    Andy lau is an amazing actor!

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