Andy Lau: “It’s Misleading to Say I’m a Model Worker”

In many people’s eyes, Andy Lau (劉德華) is the perfect actor, singer, producer, boss, husband, and gentleman, all rolled into one. His friendly demeanor and willingness to help others have led to widespread praise, and he is often touted as a role model for young people. However, Andy revealed in a recent interview that he too has his share of shortcomings, especially when it comes to his temper.

Accustomed to Diligence

Since Andy performed in many of the action scenes himself in his upcoming film, Firestorm <風暴>, which opened in theaters on December 12, many have marveled at his diligence in performing such dangerous stunts. But to Andy, diligence has long since become a habit, though he admits he may not be as busy as he seems.

“I’m used to being hard-working,” he said. “If you see something that requires energy to express, you will do it. You’ll need to use energy to do things that you like and to wholeheartedly immerse yourself in them.”

Because of his positive work ethic, many fans are under the impression that Andy’s schedule is extremely packed every day of the year. However, he said that this stems from his tendency to group all of his projects together. In fact, he finished filming Firestorm, which is his 146th movie, one year ago. Since then, his only activities have been performing in concerts, attending promotional events, and spending vacation days with his family.

“I won’t say I’m not busy,” Andy said, “but whether I am busy or not, I can still enjoy my life right now…. Everyone has already decided that to be Andy Lau, you must be very busy. It’s actually misleading to say I’m a model worker, but it’s good to use this to encourage young people.”

Anger as a Type of Art

Despite his public image as a mild-mannered gentleman, Andy readily admitted that he gets angry and scolds others when he is in a negative state of mind.

“I’m actually not that different from a normal person,” he said. “I have a temper as well…. If someone isn’t concentrating on his or her work, I will get angry. It’s okay to make a mistake, but to be inattentive is not okay.”

For Andy, anger is also a way to defuse conflicts, especially on set – something to which he has to pay more attention now that he is a film producer. “Sometimes getting angry can finish an issue quickly and let things start over again,” he shared. “Anger is a type of art. If there is emotional backlash between a director and his boss or with an actor, you might be able to stabilize their moods by getting angry.”

His ability to control other people’s moods is a result of working at his family’s store when he was young. Because his mother was in charge of the kitchen, and his older sister was responsible for the money, Andy was sent to chat with the customers and take care of them. “I’m accustomed to controlling the moods of many people to make them happy,” he said.


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  1. “I’m accustomed to controlling the moods of many people to make them happy,”

    Interesting word to use, control.

    1. Interesting choice of words indeed. This man is really into controlling others, and he seems to bask in the action of it. So anger is an artform according to him. Well celebs do say the dumbest thing. Not just him, but celebs from all over the world.

      If anger is an artform, it is an ugly, dark form of blackart. It should not be used to defuse any situation, or control anyone.

      1. No anger is really an art. Even if you are angry the toneof voice and chochoice of words determine the outcome negative or positive. Just like if the staff know if a respecful boss who dun always agreed but then now is angry over some delay project, everyone will quickly finish it.

        Andy is truly king :))

      2. And how the hell can the use of anger make someone happy. This man is either mentally retarded, just dumb and illiterate, is suffering from the Kanye West Syndrome, thinks everyone is dumb enough to worship and agree with whatever he says, or he really believes h is indeed the God, the heavenly king of all king

        God has struck down mightier men than him, and his day of exposure and reckoning is coming, sooner than later.

    2. The wording came from the interviewer. Here is what the original question and answer looked like.

      Andy: … 我就负责和所有的客人聊天,照顾他们,我习惯面对那么多人去掌控他们的情绪,让他们开开心心。

      1. What’s the meaning anyway? Would you mind to translate it 🙂

  2. andy: “anger is also a way to diffuse a conflict”.
    i think he is right but only because he is the boss.therefor he call it as an art because nobody dare to speak against their boss.

    1. Lots of people I know speak their minds to their boss. If Andy is living in a cloud that his anger diffuses situations, then he uses that anger as a control tactic to control those who work for him.

      Anger + conflict = bigger conflict and more anger.

      This man is begining to sound like Kanye West. Then again, Kanye thinks he is God so you never know……….

      1. Lots of people you know speak their minds to their boss but not in the same extent as a boss can speak his/her mind to the workers.

      2. i said “against” doesnt mean the employee dare not to speak up their minds,but i mean they dare not to stay at their point of view when the boss throw his anger to the employee in a dispute,unless the employee want to be fired.

  3. Guess he now plans time for the wifey and baby. Maybe working hard to get a 2nd child as well. Kinda pity the wifey for having to bear being the “invisible woman” of Andy Lau for so many years. She deserves better than that.

    1. u mean like Jacky chan wife ? with Andy its a true love , no other love. but jacky ? fooling around with other girls. or others actor who just not even a blink a year just got divorce. true love need sacrifice. and andy prove with the clean attitude towards girls, no romance.

      1. Okay ,if what you say is true, then ANdy is a liar, or his girlfriends are not mentioned

        When Andy did the Cartier watch commercial not too long ago, he said a lot of his ex girlfriends wear the brand.

        he was barely out of his teen years when he started dated the Taiwanese woman. Apparently, he left her for Carol, Actually he was seeing and sleeping with both of them at one point, and lying to them about each other.

        If Andy eventualy left one woman for the other, why would he mentioned that his ex girlfriends wear the Cartier brand watch. Is he lying to promote the product?. Why do tat?.

        his man ha had countless affairs over the years. It is just that the media is somehow afraid of him. Like he said, he controls people’s moods. hat was not mentioned was he even controls what is said, and not said about him.

  4. “Anger is a type of art. If there is emotional backlash between a director and his boss or with an actor, you might be able to stabilize their moods by getting angry.”

    Find it weird and hard to imagine how being angry can help stabilize moods. Unless somebody like to be scolded or they just love his money i guess. Look like he is not a fun person to work with.

    1. @milktea.

      I agree someone who uses anger to control or stabilize someone’s mood is not a fun person to work with. Anger only makes a person more fearful, anxious or afraid. Usually someone might give in not because they are stabilized, but because they are afraid of the angry one

      If Andy thinks that people respect him for this, he is in the clouds. They will fear him, or be very afraid of him, but not respect him. No one should be afraid of their boss, but it seems like his employees are

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