Andy Lau Releases New MV After 8 Years for Concert

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Andy Lau Releases New MV After 8 Years for Concert

Andy Lau’s (劉德華) My Love Andy Lau World Tour has officially entered the final countdown stage with the opening show scheduled for December 15 in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Amidst concert rehearsals, the busy singer and actor released the music video for his concert’s eponymous theme song, “My Love,” sung in Cantonese.

Aside from advertisements, “My Love” is Andy’s first MV in eight years. It tells the story of an old couple bravely going through with a second marriage under the encouragement of the groom’s son, played by Andy.

“Actually, our song is telling people, ‘If you want to love, then go love, if you need to love, seize the moment.’ We have a pair of old lovers who are remarrying, and they’re wondering if there will be anyone in the world to send them their blessings,” Andy explained. “So I come in with a group of people who are happy for them in hopes that the pair will overcome their insecurities.”

Andy mobilized 250 people to participate in the MV, including professional concert dancers, members of his fan club, and a pair of elderly dancers. He also participated in creating the performers’ looks and choreographing the fast-paced western dance, which complemented Andy’s lyrics including a few lines of rap and Chinese poetry. In addition, he invited Jason Kwan (關智耀), with whom he previously worked with on Hong Kong film Chasing the Dragon <追龍>, to direct the MV.

A pier was rented out to film the wedding scene, which was decorated by a number of the star’s hand-painted totems. Although there were many tourists passing by the area, Andy was not recognized among the 250 people. Passersby even thought it was a real wedding because of the happy atmosphere.

Andy Lau’s “My Love” MV


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