Andy Lau’s Wife is Four Months Pregnant

Andy Lau’s (劉德華) wife, 47-year-old Carol Chu (朱麗倩), is reportedly four months pregnant. For months, Hong Kong media outlets speculated that Andy and Carol desired to have another child, preferably a son. Sporting added weight in her mid-section, Carol was spotted visiting a physician for a checkup recently in Central, Hong Kong.

Since Andy’s daughter, Hanna Lau (劉向蕙), was born in May 2012, he has slowed down his work output to devote more time to the family. He enjoyed fatherhood and was fully responsible for caring for Hanna once he returns from work. After his daughter turned one year old, Andy was eager to have another sibling play with Hanna.

Since Hanna weighed under six pounds at birth due to Carol’s primarily vegetarian diet, Andy has hired a nutritionist to create more balanced meals at home. Carol has been taking DHA prenatal supplements to ensure the baby develops healthily.

In Carol’s first trimester of pregnancy, Andy did not allow her to step outside since he was concerned about her health. When the paparazzi spotted Carol sporting her pregnant body at the Beijing Capital International Airport earlier this month, the speculations were finally confirmed. Around 11 a.m. on November 2, a conservatively-dressed Carol was seen at the Beijing airport, hiding her bulging stomach with a shawl. She was in high spirits, and was accompanied by three bodyguards and assistant when she exited the airport terminal.

Andy, currently on his “ALways 2013 China Tour,” was holding his four-day Beijing tour at the time of Carol’s visit on November 2. Busy with his mainland tour, it was reported that Andy had asked Carol’s sister from Malaysia to stay in Hong Kong for the meantime to care for Carol. Andy has already been adjusting his work schedule next year to accommodate the upcoming birth of the baby.

Despite various media outlets reporting on Carol’s pregnancy, Andy has not responded to the news reports yet.


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  1. Pregnant at 47 years old.
    Money really can make many things possible.

    1. I found it weird and unbelievable as well.
      They don’t have kids at 27, 37 if they have been secretly together all these years but now in a hurry at 47. sighhhh…. good luck to the woman really.

    2. You make one speculate. Most probably correct! Money can also prolong life. Has ability to pay for expensive medicine. Example wealthy AIDs patients still around because of the affordability …The average person would be long gone!

  2. Wow…trying to have a kid this late in life? Aren’t people afraid they might not have a normal kid? Not to say I’m hoping that something bad happens to them and their yet to be born kido, but seriousy…at the age of 47? Why….why not have done this sooner, if they wanted kids/a “boy” so much. Even w/all the money in the world this is tortue…at 47!!! Hell….Andy and wife might not even be alive to see the kid graduate from high school let alone college!!!

      1. How many people have money more money than Andy and still it cannot, or did not prolong or buy life. That was a strange thing to say.

      2. Exactly and money cannot everything but money can help prolong life with better medicine, living conditions and stuff.

    1. There’s no way this child was conceived naturally… wouldn’t even be surprised if a donor egg was used to minimize the most common problems associated with advanced maternal age.

    1. No, Andy will try again (as in with someone else) because Carol is too old by then to even try.

      1. I really hope he does not try with someone else since he seems to be a faithful husband,but lets see. I really hope that IF she is pregnant that it is a boy.

      2. @HeTieShou.

        It wold not be cheating on Carol with another woman. All that happens is Andy’ sperm is used to fertilized an egg from another woman. She is paid well to silently and discreetly carry a healthy baby.

        In the meantime, Carol puts some weight on, s seen around Hong Kong a few times with prosthetic tummy and then finally, Andy will admit that he is going to be a father.

        No cheating is necessary, so not to worry.

        This sort of thing happens everyday for people who have money when one of the partners cannot have children, the woman is getting on in age or she is prone to high risk pregnancies or miscarriages, as is the case with poor Carol.

  3. Andy id responded through his manager. He outright said she is not pregnant, that he I not going o be a father

    For weeks now he has been very vehemently denying an pregnancy. Press got it all wrong.

    1. Seriously, even if she can no longer conceal it (say days within delivery), he can still denying it, it’s his rights on this personal matter. If they are expecting parents, congrats!

      1. @Trang. True is his choice to lie and deny, but it would look rather stupid on his part to be raving, ranting and threatening legal actions, if his wife is bigger than a pregnant cow,lol. Then again, it might be gas, or a rather large old age pouch.

  4. My feedback to Rene the statement , two places below her comment.

  5. My mom’s friend had her last child at 50 something and she is fine. That child is now a doctor so it is possible but of course the risk factors are a lot higher.

  6. You can still conceive in your late forties, but it’s different for each woman. John Travolta’s wife became pregnant at the age of 48 and had a healthy baby boy.

    1. Yes it is. Old saying, if you are conceived at older age and the baby turns out to be fine, high chances is that, the baby is going to be very smart. Not sure how true is that.

  7. Even if she gets a healthy kid, It’s really not fair to the child to have it so late in life. When they turn 20, they will be close to going into the old folks home. What kind of normal childhood can you possibly give your children if you cant do everything with them due to your old age?

    I’m sure they will be good parents, but seriously robbing the kids of a long time to enjoy a family. Is it fair to them? Other kids will have a long time to spend with their parents, but not the Lau kids.

    I wish them both long life and good health, but it’s not very likely with all the health issues that come with aging these days and smog over there.

  8. I don’t believe Mr. Lau’s wife is expecting that super fast….faster than a normal young couple meh….

  9. Happy for them if it’s true!! What’s wrong with being pregnant at 47? With today technology, it’s possible. If they can afford it and not relying on the government to take care of their kids then why not?? Some people may not be ready for kids in their 30s.. and as long as they and in good health and can afford to have kids late in their late then why not? I rather them then those 15-20 yrs old who can’t afford to have children but do and live off welfare!!!!!

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