Is Angel Fong Raymond Lam’s Former Lover Or Friend Only?

Raymond Lam (林峯) concealed his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), from the entire Asian region until their bed photos were leaked. Aside from hurting his female fans, the incident also affected the ticket sales of his concert.  Despite the Mavis scandal, 31-year-old Raymond threw caution to the wind and dated Xiamen beauty, Angel Fong (芳芳) behind Mavis Pan’s back!

To-date, Raymond and Angel’s relationship has not ended. Angel often slept over at Raymond’s Dynasty Court house, where she took numerous photos and played hostess in the pictures. Allegedly, Raymond dated Mavis and Angel at the same time. Mavis confirmed that she met Angel before and stated, “They broke up in front of me!” Although Raymond and Angel separated on the surface, they continued to meet secretly. Raymond’s [acting skills] can earn him the Best Actor Award!

Since the release of Raymond and Mavis’ bed photos in March 2011, his good image plummeted. Aside from losing a large number of fans, Raymond also lost a role in a mainland series. He lost both fans and money from the scandal. Realizing that the right path was not appearing, Raymond tried his best efforts to remediate. No matter where he appeared, Raymond put on his “Mr. Happy” face and allowed countless photographs. The beverage ad he endorsed will be released soon. Raymond will film Raymond Wong’s (黃百鳴) new big-budget movie, Valiant Legend <忠烈楊家將> next.

Although there was a bright future ahead, Raymond did not change his hardcore ways. Six months have not yet passed and Raymond already forgot about his “love injuries” and he continued to bring women back to his home. Face Magazine discovered that on August 12th, a woman named Angel Fong uploaded several photos on her blog. The background of the photos featured the vast collection of awards that Raymond Lam won over the years, while another photo featured a sled dog [Raymond owned a sled dog]. The photos were obviously taken at Raymond’s house. Although Angel was alone in the photos, she remained at Raymond’s house at 4 AM posting a message on her blog, “I can’t sleep! Let me post a photo for everyone to see!” Angel took the opportunity to boast that she was sleeping over at Raymond’s house.

Taking Frenzied Photos of Raymond’s House

Raymond’s Xiamen girlfriend, Angel Fong, took frenzied photos  of his house for her own memories. On August 12th, Angel posted the photos she took on her blog in the middle of the night. Behind Angel stood a wall prominently displaying Raymond Lam’s music and acting awards. One particular award from 2007’s Jade Solid Gold 3rd Quarter was extremely prominent, making it difficult for Raymond to deny [that Angel was indeed at his house]!

Dating Mavis Pan and Angel Fong at the Same Time

In December 2010, while Raymond and Mavis were still heatedly in love, Angel freely visited Raymond’s Dynasty Court apartment and took a photo with his sled dog. In March 2011, prior to the release of Mavis and Raymond’s bed photos, Angel was not officially together with Raymond. In a troubled mood, Angel posted on her blog that she was unhappy and vowed not to update her blog anymore.

After filming The Jade and the Pearl <翡翠明珠>, Raymond and Mavis started dating. Due to the release of a batch of bed photos in March, their Raymond and Mavis’ relationship ended. Raymond’s career was threatened while his fans scolded Mavis daily. Half a year later, the scandal died down.

In August, Mavis posted a message about enjoying her current filming project. Shockingly, Raymond’s new girlfriend, Angel Fong, left a taunting message on Mavis’ blog stating, “If you can see that I am here right now…you will regret loving this type of man!” Angel’s message challenged Mavis to look at the photo of her taken at Raymond’s house which was posted on Angel’s blog. Despite Angel openly declaring war, Mavis sealed her lips and did not respond. Mavis only admitted, “They broke up in front of me before!”


Aside from visiting Raymond’s house in August, Angel was also at his house in March this year. She took a photo of Raymond’s music awards and posted them on her blog, apparently eager to boast that she possessed a singer boyfriend! The photo featured the “ Popularity Award” and the “My Favorite Male Actor Award” that Raymond received at last year’s TVB Anniversary! In addition, Angel placed the “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award” that Raymond received in 2009 on a bed and snapped a photo, writing on her blog, “Seize every opportunity to make yourself happy!”

Raymond Alternating Time Between Mavis and Angel

Angel was able to enter Raymond’s house in the midst of recent scandals since they have known each other for many years. An inside source revealed, “Angel and Raymond are both from Xiamen. Angel knew Raymond for a long time, even before he dated Mavis. Although he fell for Mavis, he continued to see Angel behind her back. Since both women did not live in Hong Kong, Raymond thought that by alternating Mavis and Angel’s visits at his home, he will not be found out!”

Since “paper cannot cover fire,” the alert Mavis quickly discovered that something was awry with Raymond. An inside source revealed, “Raymond complained that Mavis knew that he was also dating his Xiamen girlfriend. Although he liked Angel, he did not want to break up with Mavis. Thus, he pretended to break up with Angel in front of Mavis instead.”

Angel Fong is a Gold Digger

Unlike Mavis who came from a wealthy background, Angel worked as a bar girl at a Xiamen bar. Allegedly, Angel had good relations with an influential figure in China and even Raymond was afraid of him. A mainland source familiar with Angel Fong noted that she was greedy towards money and often had Raymond send her designer brand gifts. In February, Angel posted a photo of a Chanel brand condom and vowed to try it when she had the opportunity! To make Angel happy, Raymond gave her lavish gifts, including a Hermes bag and a $120,000 HKD Cartier Baignoire watch.Recently, Angel has been busy renovating her new house, posting, “Hubby, do you think the new decor looks beautiful?”


When the Mavis bed photo scandal occurred in March 2011 , Raymond cried publicly to pretend he was hurt. He was filming Return to the Three Kingdoms and could not avoid the paparazzi at the time, thus he forced tears to look pitiful.  In actuality, he continued to keep Angel by his side. Raymond never experienced not having a woman by his side!

Lying With Eyes Wide Open

On March 23, 2011 during the praying ceremony of Return to the Three Kingdoms <回到三國>, Raymond was asked by the press to speak about the Mavis bed photo scandal. Raymond forced a heartbroken expression to appear as a victim. He vowed to focus on work and averted his gaze.

“While dating her (Mavis Pan), if I hurt her through and incident or in any manner, I am willing to accept it, even if it were a trap.”

“Even if I were to listen or reflect upon the incident, I will feel pain inside my heart!”

“Each time I reflect upon my beautiful memories that belong to me, I am heartbroken!”

“I just hope that my emotions stabilize so I can work.”

Indulging in your lust is equivalent to hanging a knife upon your head (色字头上一把刀). In an earlier interview, Raymond noted that he will retain distance from the opposite sex, “When I step outside now, I am afraid of taking photos and facing the camera. Whenever a woman approaches me, my guard is up! I am very happy now. My love life is blank. However, work, playing toys and video games, and watching cartoons can also satisfy me!” Although he was afraid of the camera, Raymond continued to pick up women!

Angel Fong Already Married?

After Face Magazine’s expose on the underground relationship between Raymond and Angel was published, Appledaily reported that Angel was already a married woman and that she was only an old friend of Raymond’s from Xiamen. After Face Magazine’s article surfaced, Angel immediately erased all her blog entries and photos online, causing speculation over her actions.

When reporters asked Mavis Pan about Angel Fong, Mavis said, “I do not know who she (Angel) is. I have never seen her before.” (Did Mavis think that Angel may have been a third party in Mavis and Raymond’s relationship?) “He (Raymond) is in the past and no longer means anything to me.”

Raymond was currently filming Valiant Legend in Beijing and could not be reached for comment at the time of the news publication.


Excerpt from Face Magazine and Appledaily

Jayne: How many women will come forward to say, “I slept with Raymond Lam!” How many women will continue to use their sexual relationship with him as their ticket to fame?

Does Raymond follow Angel’s blog? When she showed early photos of Raymond’s awards taken at his house, he didn’t see those photos posted on her blog? Didn’t ask her to remove them??

Angel has an odd obsession in taking photos of Raymond’s awards while he’s not there. It almost seems like her intention to take photos with concrete evidence that she was indeed a frequent visitor at Raymond’s house.

Earlier, I asked this question, “If you slept with a famous celebrity, will you brag about it openly on your blog?” This is under the assumption that the relationship will not last in the long term and you are together for fun times or just enjoyment of the moment.

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  1. She got married with a son. Then this rumour can’t run long.

    It’s harsh of Face to call Angel Fong Fong a bar girl because she isn’t one. She is a housewife.

    1. In today news, PSS stated that she didn’t know Angel Fong Fong as well as never commented about her. She also got mad because reporters faked her weibo and made a cat fight vs Rose Chan.

      Well, I hope this harsh rumour won’t affect Fong Fong’s small family. Being friend of celebs, it’s her price?

      Look like yesterday she has some problems but then solved. She stated on weibo that still have the happiness afterward.

      Do you think in this situation, he should tell of his friends to delete anything about him they posted on weibo to avoid the next scandal?

  2. “If you slept with a famous celebrity, will you brag about it openly on your blog?”

    Wow this itself can be a new poll for readers 😛

  3. 31 years old? Well, Ray does have a varied taste in women.

    1. Well, do you read that she is a married woman? And she had a son, too. I think we should think for her a little before comment.

      1. Sure? If she is married with a son, then I am even more impressed. Ray does not discriminate. At least any woman, as long as attractive (in his eyes) catches his fancy. Not much of a standard but well… JAYNE!! WE ALL HAVE HOPE!!!

      2. Sure that.

        Do you find your comment is very harsh? You are accusing her cheating her husband? Well, there is no proof that she slept with LF, then how can you ensure she cheated her husband? She took pix in his house while he isn’t there, then how to say it’s a cheat?

        She mentioned of the house with her husband, and the magazine guessed it’s LF but it’s actually her husband.

        As she is married, now everything she mentioned in weibo that are linked to LF can be understood in different way.

        My guess: Now he should cut all the relationships with his friends to avoid the same “scandal”? Do you think it’s needed?

      3. Fox, you sure don;t recognise sarcasm do you? Married or not, I frankly do not care. I was mocking Ray.

      4. I know you are mocking, but your comment is also harsh to Fong Fong. Think of her as a married woman.

      5. Is this something to do with Ray? Because I see no due consideration to Mavis and the rest.

      6. What do you mean :)?

        Fong Fong is a married woman and she isn’t a person in the industry. So she shouldn’t be dragged in a scandal like this for something she might not do.

      7. @Fox,
        Married or not, had sex with LF or not I don’t really care. But what I find stupid is of her taking so many pics in his place.

      8. her fault for taking pics like this and posting comments like that on Mavis Pan’s blog.

      9. No lara, she didn’t comment anything on PSS’s weibo. It’s the same to wat happened with PSS and Rose Chan.

    2. No, LF is 31. They didn’t mention how old Angel is but she does look ~30.

      I think she’s probably an old gf but I don’t understand why she’s always at his place when he’s not there. If he invited her, maybe she is a booty call that takes pics while she waits for him to return. But if she’s one of those weird friends that asks to come visit even when you’re busy, I think she’s borderline stalker. It’s creepy for her to take pictures of all his things, even his pet.

      And if she’s talking to her husband about the remodel, why does she need to ask him thru her blog? It sounds more like a posting meant for someone that’s a distance away. Maybe she is delusioned to calling ray her hubby. BTW, whose bathroom is that? B/c that marilyn Monroe background spells bad taste or just plain crazy.

      P.S.- I used to think PSS was plastic and cheap looking but compared to Angel, she is smoking hot. That’s why I think Angel is an old gf. Ray could find hotter chicks like blueberry kibby now.

  4. There are no nekkid pictures…or even pictures of them fully clothed in bed…booh.

    “If you slept with a famous celebrity, will you brag about it openly on your blog?”

    …HECK NO! rofl!!! However, if the particular star had an interesting quirk in bed, I might say, “Oh, my gf told me she slept with Raymond Lam and he likes to wear pink boy shorts with teeny goofy pandas on them!” lol Something like that would be more along my lines…

    …but I’d never admit to compromising my chastity on a public blog…because my relatives would read it..and then my mother would find out…and my dad would be forced to walk around with a trash bag on his head. LOL

  5. I don’t know whether to laugh or snicker at this article. Seems to me Raymond is in the news for all the wrong reasons!!!

  6. “Earlier, I asked this question, “If you slept with a famous celebrity, will you brag about it openly on your blog?” This is under the assumption that the relationship will not last in the long term and you are together for fun times or just enjoyment of the moment.”

    I answered you but since you said if it didn’t last long which I assume was one night stand sort of relationship, yes I will brag about it but the real question is, will anyone believe?

    Which is why so many of these women with Ray took pictures; from dog, to sofa to awards then finally to him. They need evidence, because then no one, not even his fans would believe such a fine specimen of the would be crowned SMEXIEST/SEXIEST MALE CELEBRITY IN HK (based on majority of votes in would sleep with THAAAAAT!!

    Kinda like that.

    1. ” In February, Angel posted a photo of a Chanel brand condom and vowed to try it when she had the opportunity! ”

      Question 1
      Who gave her that condom?

      Question 2
      Who she tried it on?

      Question 3
      You mean SHE used it so she is ermm… never mind! Amend Question 3. Chanel got condom meh??

      I tell you, when I read “vowed to try it when she had the opportunity”, I feel her enthusiasm, I feel her eagerness, I feel her get go spirit! That’s the way to go! Life’s ambition; try the chanel condom on someone. No better ambition than that!

      Woman, get a life.

      1. Q1: Her husband.

        Q2: Her husband.

        Q3: Google might have the answer.

    2. Funn,
      I saw your response the first time. I thought the allure of sleeping with a celebrity is that you can brag about it afterwards, similar to concert stories where fans repeat stories of shaking their idol’s hand.

      1. True true! But the allure for me is that I slept with the celebrity. Like in awe you know? Like the chosen one. So it could be something very special, a memory for yourself, so some do don’t brag about it.

  7. Hmm…we have conflicting reports from Face Magazine and Appledaily.

    So Angel Fong visited Raymond’s house and took numerous photos of his awards because she admired him as an actor?

    1. Jayne, I admire him as an actor, will Ray allow me to enter his house and take photos?

      1. Ask him, who know. Rmb to take pix with dogs and awards, you will be famous.

      2. Funn,
        Allegedly Raymond and Angel were good friends for years. If Angel was in the house with Raymond or someone else at the time, couldn’t someone else take those awards photos for her? There was only one photo which looked as if someone took it for her. Otherwise, there were all taken by herself.

        To be thorough, why would Angel delete her blog entries and photos at this critical moment?

        To be extra thorough, when did Angel get married and how old is her son?

      3. From what I read, Angel and Raymond are friends and known each other for a long time already. She is not a random person that Raymond allowed in his house.

      4. I want fame, I don’t want to be infamous. Infamous means nothing.

      5. ““When I step outside now, I am afraid of taking photos and facing the camera. Whenever a woman approaches me, my guard is up! I am very happy now. My love life is blank. However, work, playing toys and video games, and watching cartoons can also satisfy me!” ”

        Interesting. Now this is extreme. I think maybe his fans just want him to be honest and reveal the truth when he is dating. Maybe a new poll; will you do any of the following if you idol reveals he or she is dating someone;

        a. faint
        b. die
        c. scream
        d. shout with glee
        e. open champagne
        f. give undying support
        h. a, b and c
        i. strangely a, e, b and c
        j. none of the above; you are so over this idol

      6. @Jayne – Is there any photos of her husband and son at the weibo?

      7. @Jayne:

        My guess for the reason she deleted all the entries is the rumour. She didn’t want to (1) affect her friend or (2) her own family (her husband). In this sensitive moment, who know the reporters will dig and extract wat to their half-time job as scriptwriter? Better to delete all. Nothing to see, nothing to write.

        I dun know how are others but from me myself and my friends, even with friends, we still like to take picture ourselves by own cameras. And then upload to blog/weibo/twitter/etc. the pix we take by our own. Just in the case we want to have pictures with the whole view, then ask someone to take for us.

        From the weibo entries, look like she got married in 2010 with all the rings, flowers and house. She said that her son was naughty to do V gesture in a picture self-taken by her.

      8. She can enter Lam Fung house because they are buddies after all,both from Xiamen and they know each other for a long time/period already.
        To me nothing special if just take pictures of buddies’ awards and house for memories(to keep for latter when time flies by,when they get older…have something to talk about.”Oh I’ve been to your house 10 years ago,but seem just yesterday that was happen”)

      9. Celebrate. I always want to see how his child(ren) look like.

      10. Well, I suppose depending on how much work done on the child’s mother’s face refer to Ray’s old face, you can see what the child look like.

      11. Poll vote:

        I would c) scream if he picked a skanky girl.


        I would d) shout w/ glee if he picked a sweet girl.

        Of course Linda is the sweet girl prototype. rose Chan is like a younger version of Linda but not as nice a voice. I’d be happy if ray picked someone like that.

      12. @ Funn Lim

        Is there a don’t care option 😛

        It’s their life, so they can be with whoever they want. But I would want them to be honest about it, not in the tell us everything sort but in the don’t stop denying when the truth is already out and treat us like idiots sort. It would also be good if they picked partners with more taste instead of just going the plastic route.

      13. @CY

        Agree with you that people shouldn’t care so much which type of girls LF brought home since it’s not up for us to control..but LF really need to clarify with his management to stop painting him as innocent and force him to say innocent statement because viewers will see that as lying and hypocriting. seriously, I think the woman FF is wrong at first to display all the pics she taken from LF’s home even if they are truly “FRIENDS” only because LF is a super idol/artist that alot of ppl admire and since she know that, she should have hide and keep them (those pics) secret. It’s kinda like a friend that will do to his/her friend – keep secret.

      14. Meh, I dun think so. It’s like when you meet a star and take pic with her/him, I doubt you will hide it. It’s just a normal thing, kinda harmless.

        To see the pix she took in his house, do you see any harm or anything to hide? No. If you just see these pix online, randomly and without the link of reporters, how do you think about these pix?

        The only questionable action she did is the message to PSS, that’s all.

      15. @fox,

        Is it a mere coincidence that FF posted these pics of her in LF’s property after LF accepted the interview about his scandal with PSS? Yes, it’s normal to take pics at friend’s home..but we’re talking about LF here. Who doesn’t know LF in hk and asia? he’s a big star!

      16. She deleted all so can’t see when she posted them, but someone mentioned that she posted them on 9 March 2011. And the pic with the dog, last time I check still have and it’s on Dec 2010.

        So actually it isn’t coincidence.

      17. Maybe a new poll; will you do any of the following if you idol reveals he or she is dating someone;

        a. faint
        b. die
        c. scream
        d. shout with glee
        e. open champagne
        f. give undying support
        h. a, b and c
        i. strangely a, e, b and c
        j. none of the above; you are so over this idol

        If we’re talking about Ray, I’m probably a combination of j and a new option –> k. curious. Before the whole Mavis scandal I’d be d and e if he ended up with Linda or someone like her, but then now I think she’s too good for him. For other idols, I would be d and e if they picked a decent partner. It would be c with frustration if they didn’t.

  8. WOW… i somehow do believe this news is true. with todays technology and girls loving to cat fight over a celeb/asia most famous tvb star??

    i really want to find someone famous to compare Raymond with, but i can’t seem to think of anyone that comes close. Leon Lai? like raymond, i used to think his songs suck and his acting was bad, it wasn’t until 10 years after leon’ been in the industry and that i started watching some old tvb and songs -comparing with the then current stars that i found Leon was actually not that bad. Leon also denied a few dating celebs things i believe.. michelle and shu qi?

    but that was it for leon, so can’t compare raymond with leon…

    who else… maybe an older generation would be alan tam or even jackie chan. both men have 2 or more wifes, but try to keep it low profile. but ray ray , why do u have to keep lying and keep ur pretty good boy image. really getting tired of it… and if u really plan to go down this good boy image path, –stay away from women — always show a fake happy face–, try to tame the women you are bringing home.. it’s not helping you too much in your career only your lust!

    1. maybe in 10yrs i’ll compare ray’s current style with the then stars and think ray’s actually not so bad.. LOL

  9. Wasn’t the purpose of the article to expose Raymond’s two-timing ways with actual evidence? How did you turn the focus to girl’s trying to gain fame through Raymond? I sense a pro-Raymond bias. Nice diversion from the topic at hand though.

    1. Hah,
      “Wasn’t the purpose of the article to expose Raymond’s two-timing ways with actual evidence? ”

      Raymond’s two-timing ways are now questionable since there are conflicting news reports from Face Magazine versus Appledaily.

      Face portrayed Mavis and Angel as fighting over Raymond, even exchanging barbs on Weibo. Appledaily quoted Mavis as not knowing Angel.

      My curiosity is Angel’s obsession with Raymond’s awards and posting them online for all to see. So it can be spun as Angel took the photos from a fan girl perspective, similar to what we would do if a high school friend became a famous actor?

      If that were the case, Face Magazine had me fooled. They spun a very convincing story. I have edited the article above to include Appledaily’s version, to give better balance to the story and let everyone make their own decision on the matter.

    1. Kidd,
      Yep that’s the one I pointed out. In addition, Angel wore 3 different outfits in all those photos taken at Raymond Lam’s house, which meant she was there on 3 different occasions.

      If she were Raymond’s good friend from Xiamen, she visited him on 3 separate occasions each time she was in Hong Kong? And on those 3 separate occasions, she made sure to take photos of Raymond’s awards?

      I am just trying to solve the awards photos puzzle, which are the most clues we have at the moment.

      If I were Raymond’s good friend from the old days and admired his accomplishments in the entertainment industry today, yes I might do the “touristy” acting of taking photos of his awards. But each time I went there on 3 separate occasions, would I take photos of those awards and made sure to insert my head in there too??

      The insert of Angel’s head in the photo almost implies that Raymond was not in the apartment at the same time as Angel. Otherwise, if there were other people present and Angel took those awards photos as only a token of admiration for his professional achievements, then wouldn’t it be better to ask Raymond to get into the photo together with her instead?

      1. I can’t find the 2 two pix she took with his awards in her weibo so not sure the date. Some one told me that these pix are uploaded in the same day (9 March) and this day he was in Beijing.

      2. if that were the case, why would she be in Raymond’s apartment having changed into 3 outfits and one day and w/ him out of the country. That fact doesn’t bode well for him. However… upload does not = taken, so perhaps she may have been there on three different occasions but uploaded all the photos in one go. Also, wouldn’t it be enough to take pictures in front of his awards once… why three times?

      3. @Judy: Only twice with award, one with the dog.

        In the 2 awards pic, one she wore a white dress, one she wore a white dress with black sleeve. Who know if she felt hot and took it off :). Then they two can be taken at the same day.

        The pic with dog is uploaded long time before that, in December.

      4. In addition, why did Angel put Raymond’s award on his bed to take the photo? Wherever it was placed wasn’t good enough? The bed seems like an intimate choice to take photo and place object, indicating good familiarity with Raymond’s house.

        Face featured some screen captures of Angel’s posts, which I didn’t include in my thumbnail pics above. Will upload when I get the chance.

        The pics seem to indicate familiarity with Ray’s house and may have been taken in his absence. The pics were uploaded this year. If Angel were married in 2010 the wouldn’t her husband have seen her pics of Ray’s awards on her blog?? Somehow the timeline of Angel’s taking of award photos and online activities seem to coincide with being married. The story is incomplete and indicate different directions. Wonder what follow up articles will say.

        There is also possibility that Fong Fong may be alias? You know people do create multiple Facebook accounts to hook up with “old friends” and keep track of whereabouts without spousal knowledge.

  10. “Appledaily reported that Angel was already a married woman and that she was only an old friend of Raymond’s from Xiamen.”

    I’m surprised that it’s Appledaily who clarifies for Angel. Appledaily was infamous publishing negative news and stirring up trouble.

    1. maybe after the Face report is out, this powerful person that Angel know contacted appledaily to clarify. lol

  11. Seriously, is there a need to brag “who” you “slept” with just to get someone jealous? Come on, this is child’s play! Act like mature adults and handle this situation in a mature way. Angel is trying to pick a fight with Mavis when in fact she hasn’t done anything to her. Once Mavis attacks Angel, she can then go tell Raymond what Mavis said and act all innocent then he would come out to defend her. Angel should just keep these things to herself and why does it matter if you dated a celebrity or not. They are just normal human beings like everyone else.

    Also, another thing that I didn’t like is the fact that Angel has relationship ties with an influential figure in China. That means that Angel has the power to manipulate Raymond in the relationship especially if he wants to expand his career and open up to more opportunities in China. I’m not 100% sure but there’s that possibility.

    Lastly, WHO THE HECK WOULD POST A PHOTO OF A BRAND NAME CONDOM ON THEIR BLOG!!? There’s absolutely no need to post it on your blog and what made it worse is by telling the whole world that you can’t wait to try it. That tells me that you’re desperate for sex but I don’t know if it’s true for Angel. Does it really matter if a condom is from a name brand or not? The main thing is to protect yourselves from HIV and STD unless Angel would think that the quality is an upper class thing and it s branded. Who knows.

    Sad to say, Raymond Lam has girl issues. He needs to sort it out and start acting like a mature adult in his relationships. When will he ever learn… *sigh*

    1. I guess you haven’t finished the news when posting this comment. Fong Fong is a married woman and everything she has commented on rings, house, husband, flowers are for her real husband.

      She use watever condom brand or upload watever to her weibo, it’s her right. Some ppl like to post these stuffs on weibo as jokes.

      And “Angel has relationship ties with an influential figure in China” is just Face’s word. She is a housewife and they said she is a bar girl o_O. Face is just like Next in the matter with Ray Lui, exaggerated.

    2. actually if you read through Angel’s blog, she’s got a whole heap of naked pictures and videos as well…. I think she is quite sexually active. the open kind.

  12. Yup there is no evidence that all those stuffs are from Lam Fung. Media just want sell their stories,I think all of them perhaps from her husband which actually with her at the Lam Fung’s house,who knows…

  13. Can’t wait to read more about this Angel. The magazine sure does paint her as a greedy person and made her look worst than Mavis. If she is married and has a son. Then I feel bad for her. But why cause your friend troubles when you know he was in a bed photo scandal. Really, some people need to lay off on their blog. Sometimes it is not always appropriate especially involving other party.

    1. I don’t agree that she caused her friends troubles. Actually all of her pictures in his house are harmless. Everything she wrote is also harmless. But the reporters extracted and linked some different ones in one to make it gossip worthy.

      I feel pity for her to be dragged in something like this and being said this way.

    2. I do feel pity for her too but intentionally or unintentionally, her posts did cause Raymond and herself some negative news. Raymond or Angel Fong should come out and clarify if there is nothing going on since she might be married and it is unfair to her family. Still, it’s her action that caused this.

  14. Agree with you Summer, totally. Also I think that Lam Fung is getting lots of publicity but for the wrong reasons. It would be far more refreshing if it was something more positive, i.e. about him going on a tour and sold xx number of tickets etc or have done some good works for the nation or something. I still find it difficult to dislike him even after hearing all these bad things about him. I guess its probably because I see him as an actor (never in concert) and he’s good and then at interviews, he just seems quite a nice guy and not false. What he does in his private life is his concern really so long as he hasn’t hurt anyone in the process. Its not as if he has taken someone else’s wife or robbed the bank or something terrible…

  15. Ray has been recently in the media all for the wrong reasons! Will have a negative impact on his reputation. True or not hope he has learnt his lessons

  16. I used to like Ray, Ron and Sammul equally cos I think each of them have their own unique qualities.

    Ray became the most successful, Ron second, and poor Sammul was kicked out of TVB’s pet favs.

    But seriously Ray is a disappointment of late, the way that he handled his relationships with inappropriate women, and his shying away from taking responsibility and playing the victim’s card.

    Look at the way Ron and Ray handled their crisis over new exposes with inappropriate girls. Although they both reflected cheap choices of taste, Ron at least stood up for his gal and asked his fans to lay off attacking her. That’s what I call a man!

    Ray plays the sensitive sob, new age, innocent, poor thing boy conned by the EVIL SEXY WOMEN for too long. Once or twice… maybe some fans are fooled but too many times… it just gets tired

    1. Who are the women? Even if he played the victim card, he did it only to PSS, who else? He has ever blamed her or he said he blv-ed she didn’t do such thing? He has ever said the girl was evil? No, he hasn’t.

      That’s right, he cried. Because he didn’t know what would happen to him. That’s right, he wanted to gain sympathies, but can he left all the hard-work he built in 10 years ruined in one day? But it isn’t right that he didn’t take responsibilities of what he’s done. He denied that he dated her, didn’t he? No, he admitted. He denied that he had sex with her? No, he admitted. Then the responsibilities to her he didn’t take is what? He is acting, and you forget one important fact, he is an actor.

      And how inappropriate and cheap the girls are? They sell their looks, alright but they are any cheaper than the rest in the entertainment industry? You guess the bunch of girls in TVB are better than the China models? You think the TVB girls don’t want to climb high and be famous? I don’t understand why ppl have to look down on sexy girls. Being sexy isn’t their faults. Ok, they are plastic dolls. Then what’s up with the all plastic rumours the TVB girls had? They are any cleaner?

      Fong Fong is a married woman. Face painted her in a very ugly way, but any of you can ensure she is such type of person? Who can know that she is actually a nice, sweet and caring girl instead? How do she and her husband feel when reading this article? Well, it didn’t come to the worst situation but if her small family is affected by this, then isn’t it like a disaster came from nowhere? She isn’t an artist, she shouldn’t be dragged in and be bashed like this. Frankly, I think the reporters are so heartless in this case. Why they don’t investigate who she is before writing this? Not that they can’t because one day after that, they found out she is who. But for the sale, they do it heartlessly. If she is an artist, her work will requires her to be zoomed by the audience. However she isn’t. She is a normal girl, why can’t give her a normal life.

      For anyone who said Fong Fong is seeking for fame, ok, for what? She is 31 years old, got married, housewife. Fame will have any meaning in her life or help her anything in her job? No. In fact, let’s imagine her husband’s colleges tell him about the rumour, how he’ll feel? The neighbours will look at her and say “This married woman has relationship with a celeb while she is married?” It’s like a disaster to her life more than fame.

      Rather than reading the content, some of you just see the title and then draw your own pictures based on your own imagination. Why can’t never give them a right of being doubted?

      This comment I made as a reply to Canto but I also want to make it become a common opinion.

  17. It is indeed strange that an old friend of Raymond will take multiple self pictures of herself in Ray’s house with his dog and awards to put in her blog.

    1. Maybe she will use the pictures as a guie on how to decorate her house, except for the wall of awards, she will put chocolate type awards. Maybe she even want his dog.

  18. Wow Raymond Lam is hot topic to talk about, LOL!! I was just not checking the site for 2 hours and there are 60 comments on Raymond Lam topic already, LOL!!

  19. @fox: if you say Angel is just a friend. Why a friend say such thing like this to Mavis , “If you can see that I am here right now…you will regret loving this type of man!

    1. No she didn’t say this to PSS. Face faked it again like what they did to PSS and Rose Chan.

      Fong Fong uploaded the pix in his house in March and there is no connection with PSS.

      1. Thanks for telling me. I never believe all the news until I see the pics or something like that anyway.

      2. No… Fong Fong’s msg to PSS was not faked. Angel_芳芳 如果你看到我这里的…你就会后悔自己爱上的是个什么人。(8月19日 14:55)

        PSS msg to Rose was fake:恬愉无矝 骂林峰是二手货,她自己又是几手货?//@华谊小职工://@潘霜霜mavis:和我的二手货过怎么样?八婆 (8月19日10:09)

        The clue is the @…. you can @ anyone to ‘tag’ a person. But in Fong Fong’s case, there is no @ and it is clearly a comment made by Angel’s username from her account.

      3. Where you find the msg to PSS. I’m checking both of PSS and Fong Fong’s weibo and don’t see it.

        I know the @ factor, but what I mean is where is the exact message?

      4. It’s on PSS blog. 8月17日 00:40 .. the one with her wearing yellow. And then Angel’s comment is in the comment section posted on (8月19日 14:55).

      5. Saw it. Then it’s really questionable.

        But to comment, PSS looks really cute in this picture.

      6. Lara, Fox,
        thanks for hunting down Angel’s post to Mavis. Face had a screen capture of that message in their magazine feature, which I’ll try to add later.

        So on Angel’s Weibo, does it say she is married?? Or only Apppledaily reported her married status?

        It would be too much if Angel were married in 2010 and continued to visit Ray’s house this year, as recent as August 2011 to take those awards photos and taunt Mavis on her blog!

      7. On her weibo, she hinted like she is married and in one post, I dun rmb in which page, she mentioned that her son is naughty, do the V gesture when she is self taken photo. So can say that she is married with a son.

        She deleted the awards pix faster than both of me and Lara’s check so not sure about the date. One of my friend said they saw them (the pix with awards) on 9 March 2011, not Aug 2011.

        As for her comment in PSS’s weibo, it’s questionable. I’m guessing, she does the work of a fan and a friend at the same time, without thinking? Well, it’s just a guess.

        If she and her husband are his friend, maybe they can go to the house together. The couple might use a room to stay? There is no proof to say the award room must be his room. Might be the guestroom. Then, it’s also a guest.

      8. BTW, I still dun think it’s good to drag a non-artist in a scandal like this. If she is really married with a son, how ppl around her will think when they see the ugly picture Face painted on her?

        She isn’t a public person, she shouldn’t be treated like this. It’s heartless.

        To imagine, if you are friend of a celeb, one day your life, your blog are public in a newspaper, say you are a bar girl with dirty demand and relationships. How do you feel? Do you feel it’s a nonsense disaster?

        Well, I’m thinking of this because I’m reading a sad case. A 15 year-old girl is said to be pregnant with her young martial art teacher. The whole school teased her with this gossip in months. Everyone around her place knew this and looked at her with strange eyes. After few months, her tummy wasn’t big and ppl kept saying that she did the abortion. Up to this point, the girl couldn’t bear anymore and left house. Her mother is getting crazy because she is nowhere found. She left a letter where said “Words can kill a person. Sorry mom, I can’t bear anymore. Don’t find me because you won’t never find me again.” The girl is still too young and she is the only child. If she really suicides, her mom can easily die.

        Word, really can kill human.

      9. Fox,
        Which Chinese character did Angel use when writing about her “naughty son?” Depending on the character used, the word “jai” can just refer to boyfriend too, so “naughty boyfriend?”

      10. Fox,
        If Angel were indeed married with a son and if Raymond indeed were not romantically involved with her while she was married, then he should do the Charmaine act.

        When Charmaine was accused of stealing another woman’s husband, she contacted the woman and man and the trio issued a joint public statement. The incident was handled very well and erased any ppublic slander and further speculation.

        Normal people’s reputation are important too. So Raymond can issue joint public statement with Angel and husband (if there is one) to clear everyone’s names if ppossible.

        People should carefully consider what they write and post on their blogs. Why post something that may lead others to question their reputation if it were indeed so important? Angel’s taunting comment to Mavis in August 2011 makes the story only more questionable.

        Perhaps Raymond will be hunted down in Beijing and asked to reply.

      11. @jayne: depend on her and her husband’s decision. They want to come out or not to talk with the reporters. Since they are not celebs, it’s understandable that they might don’t like to show faces on newspapers. Then just wait.

        Ming pao had contacted with LF in Beijing but he didn’t response. Some fans met him ytd and the mood was very good. He doesnt seem to worry at all.

      12. he should clarify though. if she really is just a friend (a good ‘friend’ i presume because she is close enough to enter his home), then he should take a bit of responsibility and clarify. Rather than ‘no comment’. This involves him. His friend is now being stalked and bothered by the media, doesn’t he feel bad?

        IF she is a friend that is……..No comment just makes people speculate, investigate and write more stuff.

  20. Is Ray another Edison? His girls seem to start emerging one by one. Guess how many more still in the dark?

    1. No he’s not. Ray for one doesn’t take photos of the girls naked, asking them to pose like some AV models. Or maybe he does, I don’t know. Or he could be like Titanic’s Jack “Draw me with this, only this…” or something like that quote.

      1. @Q

        Well none of the girls are confirmed besides PSS so I would not compare Ray to Edison. I’m sure Ray doesn’t treat his girlfriend(s) like sex slaves. (yes the term’s a bit harsh, but Edison himself said that is his favorite activity…)

  21. Ray can just be the new HK of bad boy. Picking up a house wife is too over. Give her a break please. Yeah, Ray is a bad boy. Move on.

  22. if raymoond has many girlfriends at one time what is wrong..what te big fuss is between the girls and him and if the fans don’t like it so be it

    1. Well no one really knows how a celeb is unless you are their family member, close friend or someone that knows them personally pretty well. The image that they try to convey to the public is sadly not really their true selves at times. I think that was why Ray lied about his relationships so that fans can think that he is pure and innocent. Therefore, after the bed photos of him and Mavis leaked, that all changed… Those big fans all finally realize that he is just like any normal guy…

  23. So raymond I lost some respect from u for the bed scandal ….. And now this? Srry but u just lost another fan

    1. I guess that is the price he has to pay for lying and hiding his relationships. I think IF he was honest from the beginning, things would not have been as bad.

      1. Look at Ron’s case and I blv that hiding and revealing just give out the same result now.

  24. Somebody said he hurt noone…
    Mavis is a bad girl or not? I don’t know…but he hurt her

  25. Somebody said he hurt noone…
    Is Mavis a bad girl or not? I don’t know…but he hurt her

  26. oh lordy lord…please dont let me see ray crying over this news too…

    im pretty sure its a ‘friends with benefit’ relationship they got going on hopefully before she was married…hahaha

    but seriously give me something more scandalous than pix of his awards…him sleeping with a girl fully clothed…damn give me a sex tape or something…

    then he can cried about it at a news conference…

    1. Seriously. I want the hardcore stuff. Give us something more juicy, sex tape! sex tape!. hahahah

      1. I can only imagine with the sudden appearance of a sex tape there will be conspiracy theories and all and Ray will not only be crying, he will flee HK

  27. To be posting these pictures on a PUBLIC website, isn’t she just waiting for this to be reported on?

    She’s putting the pictures up, she should be responsible for the results of her actions. Whether or not she’s a wife/mother makes no difference.

    1. Read of one time CIA director’s wife posting her photos, entire family photos in Facebook which is exceedingly dumb. You see, Weibo, FB and the likes make smart people stupid. Phone cameras makes stupid people stupider.

    2. You are posting in a public forum, are you waiting to be reportrd? Then why dont use real name? With real address. Yeah tat’s rite, ppl should consider wat they write on blogs but it’s their private right. If you read the conditiins of using blogs you wil know

  28. Seriously, who cares who he’s sleeping with. He’s an adult, rich and famous, girls are lining up for him, you really think he just gonna sit at home playing video games and watch cartoon on a Friday night? Let’s get real, the guy is pig who loves sex and women.

    1. But isn’t that normal guy behaviour? A hot blooded heterosexual male? Or you rather he spends his time with a ermmm… man?

      But cartoons eh? Don’t believe. Maybe porn cartoon. So innocent?

      1. Lol exactly, I can’t stand these 30 something male/female celebs acting all innocent…do they really think people are buying it?

      2. U know what? one thing we need to find out before accusing either party imo. First, is it TVB who is behind all the innocent act such as make LF as innocent as possible so he can earn his prince charmind and mr. perfect title? or it’s LF’s idea to lied to all his fans and others trying to proclaimed as innocent as snow white. Not siding any party here but we need to find out first before accusing any party because as a single male artist like LF, who got the looks (although they’re artificial) and money he has.. it’s perfectly normal to bring girls to his apartment and have any sexual relationship he wants..

      3. @ Veejay

        I believe it’s his management’s idea. Who doesn’t want to be free to be themselves? To be able to date girls openly like normal people?

      4. @Kidd,

        Yes, like I mentioned, it’s perfect normal for a single male to bring girls home. I mean he’s single and available,…so he can do anything that pleased him. Nothing to fuss about. I guess it’s the ethic of LF that some ppl find it annoying though like how LF claimed not dating so fast and will focus his career first which contradict with claim/interview. LF really need to be firm and hold the responsibility of the consequence of how ppl will response with his contradiction statement. If he decides to stay wild then…just go ahead, and who cares how others view him..and tell tvb that stop projecting innocent image for me since I’m not one?

      5. Veejay – Snow White is not innocent, lol, she lives with 7 other men. *wink*

      6. @Funn: Hentai is also cartoon :P.

        @lemon: Haha so true. Snow white, if she is living in modern life, will be accused as bad girl.

      7. Didn’t you know? The 7 drawfs are gay.

        Yes he is free to do what he wants. And I hate the word he is not living like normal person. He is normal, the life is normal in his own celebrity way of living. If he wants to date normal, well, just admit it. Screw the management, just admit it. And break like… how many votes now? Anyway break like the voters’ hearts. But I think the fans are not questioning his dating/sex life but rather why he would ever consider doing it with HER? sort of questions.

      8. Fox, but snow white doesn’t have what they need.

        I’m thinking the closest Chinese version of “snow white and the 7 dwarfs” is “duke of deer mt.”
        I could only picture ray portrayed as snow white before but now, maybe Wai siu bo is acceptable too.

      9. Talk of Snow White, the girl who cos Snow white in HK Disneyland is so pretty! Pretties among the 4 famous girls: Cinderella, Snow White, Aries and Sleeping Beauty.

        And must comment that the Prince Charming is really Charming!

  29. no offend but Raymond has a bad taste in women,,,, Angel is not pretty at all,,, Mavis is just a baby weirdo,

  30. Mayby he prefer boobs to beauty, flesh or plastic. Does this poor Angel has giant boobs too?

    1. I wonder why guys like big boobs so much?? Is it so great to kiss, touch and suck on them or something???

      1. Ermmm… yes? I more can squeeze, and such I suppose? But I don’t understand why guys like FAKE boobs so much, those that you squeeze but feels like some football

      2. lmaoooooooooooo HTS and Funn Lim 😉

        I think they like to put their ehem in between? XDDDDD

      3. Large breasts and big butts are signs of fertility in the eyes of men.

      4. Veejay, censored! CENSORED!!!

        P, I doubt that’s what Ray or anybody else was thinking when he’s after a specific sort.

      5. hahah hitieshou so r-rated ler. =D. wonder can fake boobs breastfed babies.

      6. A guy once told me that it’s pretty basic. Big is better than small. Same thing with their own piece of anatomy.

        Really shows the complexity of the male mind, doesn’t it? I kid, I kid. Relax, boys.

  31. I thought Ray only lend His place for Her to stay when she come to HongKong, and i finds these reports are too exaggerated, they are just friend. Give him a break please.

    1. Let see if Ray responds or not… I think it is still too early to say anything.

    2. @MARS,

      dont be silly, Angel is certainly not a normal friend as proclaimed 😉

      She is more than just friend…probably bed/sex buddy 😛

      oh Raymond, all these girls u choose certainly are quite pretty 😛

      1. Before it’s revealed clearly, please don’t say that to Fong Fong. If she is really a married woman and nothing more than a friend in real, your word can cause to very bad result.

        If Fong Fong would commit suicide due to the comments like this, will you feel guilty?

      2. @ Fox

        Veejay didn’t say that TO Fong Fong. She commented on a messageboard and I doubt Fong Fong will visit here.

        If Fong Fong really is a married woman and nothing more than a friend in real, Raymond should do what Charmaine did, open a press conference to clear Fong Fong’s name. That’s the way to prevent bad results.

      3. I give a comment like this above.

        BTW, I blv that there will be some comments like this: “He opens a press conference to gain sympathy.” or “What is the point of a press conference? Why don’t let this scandal die down in silence?”. Lol, do you think it’ll really happen?

      4. @Fox,

        To answer your question, nope, either of these solutions won’t help LF to regain his reputation as a clean artist, it will just make him worse. But LF can tell tvb to stop projecting him as innocent instead and maybe try to follow Gillian’s footstep aka project LF to someone wild and bad boy status? maybe that will help viewers to change their view on LF and think its ok for LF to bring random girls home. Look at Cecilia, why ppl didnt criticise her so much after her sex photos were exposed? because Cecilia was never label as innocent in the 1st place and ppl didnt find that surprised..

      5. @Fox,

        For this time round, I didnt find LF is at any fault or wrong for bringing FF back to his room. And the one who should be blamed imo is FF = FongFong.

        If FF is really a good friend of LF and she can access to LF’s property whenever she wants and even take pics she likes.. she should atleast respect LF as a friend and keep all those pics taken secret rather than displaying them in her weibo or any site. LF is super idol/artist and every move LF made, ppl will make a big deal/fuss about it so as a friend, FF should keep those (photos) secret..not flaunt them.

      6. @Veejay: It’s what I said.

        I don’t understand why ppl think his image is so innocent? Lol. Just look at his songs, even before the scandal, his song is never “innocent” or “for baby”. And even his roles are not innocent. Lovesick, recently yes, he has a lot. But innocent? When?

        I can’t recall of anytime he is like Gillian before the sex scandal, avoid to act kissing or bed scene, or say “ew” when seeing someone doing such thing. He kissed in most of his series, filmed bed scenes in a lot of productions and even kissed in MV. Lol, why think of him as innocent guy? He even acted a playboy, a guy who dun care for marriage and think of boobs as first requirement of a girl. Then, where is the innocent factor?

        I’m curious, how many ppl in here think of him as an innocent one, before the scandal?

      7. @Fox,

        Apart from innocent, people are also criticising LF for being hypocrite in his last interview on the mavis’ scandal where he said he will focus with his work and avoid dating for the time being? Then these photos of FF appear… its like a knife stabs to his word lol.

      8. @Veejay: She can’t predict that the reporters will dig and link it this way. I gave an example of a person who met a star and took pix with her/him. Do you think this person is so wrong to post this pic online?

        Without the link of the reporters, will you see the above pix this way? Or if you see it randomly, you will: “Oh, this girl can go to a star’s house.” The pix themselves are harmless, the harm come from the words of reporters.

        So if have anyone “wrong”, then the reporters should be the first one who blamed.

      9. The press conference is to clear Fong Fong’s name, not to make Raymond’s image clear again. That’s kinda impossible task liao.

        If Fong Fong really is married and innocent, Raymond should clarify. It works for Charmaine. At least, it stop the tabloid from making up anymore stories for Fong Fong.

      10. I’m only asking about the innocent part. Hypocrite part will be discussed later. Talk about innocent image first. Really innocent?

        And Fong Fong’s image proved what? She went to his house? Are you sure they had sex? Lol, even not the full clothes sleeping pix. Just pix of her and his awards or his dog. That’s all.

        Moreover, the report itself also said that it’s in the past, December, March, else. It’s before the incident with PSS. Then what to prove he doesn’t concentrate on work and no love life by now? Keyword: Now.

      11. She and her husband want to face the media or not, it’s an aspect to view.

        Soon or not, the main characters will come and give responses.

        According to a fan, yesterday he said this one is too nonsense. Not sure if it’s really true or not.

      12. @ Fox

        “He opens a press conference to gain sympathy.” or “What is the point of a press conference? Why don’t let this scandal die down in silence?”

        People won’t say he tries to gain sympathy if he doesn’t cry in the press conference. What people will say after the press conference is
        “He didn’t clarify for the Libby and Rose case, just Fong Fong. That means Libby and Rose case is real.”

        Since you make Fong Fong out to be such a victim and that she might suicide if people keep on saying she has something with Raymond. The press conference will clear her name so she doesn’t need to suicide.

      13. @Kidd: I said of the possibility.

        If I’m Fong Fong, I call LF to yell him. Meh~. What is the point of being friend of a star to be treated like this. It’s all of his fault, who tell him to be a star and if wanna be a star, why don’t cut all the relationship with friends outside the industry. All of his fault.

        Well, ok, let’s wait for them to fly from Xiamen and Beijing to HK to clear their names.

      14. “I’m curious, how many ppl in here think of him as an innocent one, before the scandal?”

        You mean innocent as in living a life of a monk? Of course not. I knew he was “active”. Before he became mega famous and probably changed a few noses, he was famous for partying, clubbing and his flirting with many girls. When famous, boom, suddenly so nice boy, no clubbing, etc news when we know there is.

        So yes never thought him as innocent. But never knew, if this rumour is true, that his taste in women is so … varied. He doesn’t discriminate as long as slim, ready and able.

      15. @ Fox

        “@Kidd: I said of the possibility.

        If I’m Fong Fong, I call LF to yell him. Meh~. What is the point of being friend of a star to be treated like this. It’s all of his fault, who tell him to be a star and if wanna be a star, why don’t cut all the relationship with friends outside the industry. All of his fault.”

        Your word, not mine.

      16. @ Funn

        “When famous, boom, suddenly so nice boy, no clubbing, etc news when we know there is.”

        Yeah. He and Ron even said in ‘Club Sparkle’ that they hadn’t gone to disco for a long time and didn’t know what are the new discos around.

        So, why people think he’s innocent? Because he or his management created this image.

        Doesn’t matter he sing wild songs and act bad boy roles. But personal life is portrayed as goody-goody and proper.

      17. Fox, never thought he was a monk but I also never thought his taste was so…classless? It’d be a different story if Mavis was fake boobs but had some kind of decent personality, talent, accomplishment, etc. But for now she’s almost like a 3rd-grade porn star. I would strangely have more respect for him if it was a one-night stand with Mavis, but the fact that it was a relationship and given Ray’s own background, now-facade of class/decency, education and fame/achievemets makes me question his intelligence.

        In an ironic way, the fact that he picked someone like this for a relationship and the way he behaved afterwards in terms of handling the scandal, makes me think now that he doesn’t deserve a better girl.

      18. Then it turns to the bash to China models.

        Oh well, until everything is revealed, you can’t know who is actually better than who. Who can believe that the innocent Gillian can accept to do these poses with her lover.

        Who know if the girls you think they are decent, actually even more classless. So among the classless, pick a pretty girl with hot body is better than pick a fake innocent girl.

        They are all classless. Girls and guys.

        Follow me and Funn to say: “We are goddess.” – We here refer to us.

      19. “I would strangely have more respect for him if it was a one-night stand with Mavis, but the fact that it was a relationship and given Ray’s own background, now-facade of class/decency, education and fame/achievemets makes me question his intelligence.”

        That is so unbelievable. To hope that Ray has a one night stand with Mavis instead of a relationship and look down on him for doing otherwise?

        So, only certain kind of woman deserves to have a serious relationship while other kind is only worthy to be a one night stand partner? What an insult.

        Maybe Mavis treated him very nice and love him very much when they were together. Isn’t that the most important?

      20. WE ARE GODDESS!!

        Well I suppose now we are all Ray’s mother, disapproving of our future daughter in laws. Ray is young, he is still at playing stage. Considering his workload he still has time for playing, he really must be good with time management.

  32. I think all for the PUBLICITY to get famous, mustbe using RAYMOND LAM.

  33. I can’t wait to read the next article. Seems very interesting. Raymond seems to like girls with skinny oval faces. There’s going to be more girls that will come out then. Um…I think angel obviously had a relationship with ray. He’s handsome, have money and famous. He don’t need to pick up girls. They throw themselves at him. I wouldn’t blame him. That’s why he’s still not settle down. Plenty of girls to go around. It’s especially a rich guys habit. I know this rich dude and he just won’t settle down and kept bringing different girls out each time to go hang out.

  34. LF sent a lawsuit letter against Face and AppleDaily today. So the problem now will turn to a legal one.

  35. lolz You guys think too much a/b the person than what is really the thing here.

    For the girls out there, remember this, all guys are the same, all are dogs and like cats, all love cheezze(girls). They think they work hard, so by the end of the day, of course they need some cheeses to satisfy themselves. Some can handle their temper while they’re away from their cheese at home, but not everyone can. Raymond or not, he’s just one of those cats who love cheese.. and whichever and wherever cheese is there for his convenience, he goes for it.

    Women, go ask if your guys always think a/b sex all day long.

    Raymond or not Raymond, he’s still a typical guy who does thinks, needs, and wants sex with girls…. ever think a/b that?

  36. It’s good to see Raymond finally takes legal actions towards the magazine.

      1. I think this is more for self preservation. Because to show friend’s innocence, the friend should join in the lawsuit. Usually settle out of court and I am sure the magazine has this huge pot called compensation pot. This is what sells magazines, tabloid magazines.

      2. I think what Funn said is true. If you look at the news today, the legal action is more for himself. Actually I’m waiting for someone here can post what Raymond and the letter from his attorney said exactly in English. From my understanding, it is about how this fake news affects his family’s and friends’ concern and how it affects his normal life. I think he said something like his friends now don’t dare to take photos with him and he becomes reluctant to even take photos with his fans. In the news, he also explained how those photos were taken in his house. It seems to celebrate his new house when he first moved in, but maybe Angel Fong just uploaded the photos.

        By the way, perhaps Angel Fong and her family don’t think they need the legal actions because they aren’t celebrities. It seems her message on Weibo responding to the news is more like whatever the media want to write, there’s nothing there between them. And she just left this topic like that and moved on. But I didn’t follow her Weibo, so I don’t know whether she wrote anything else.

        For this incident, I’m thinking whether Angel Fong should have uploaded those photos or not. I know that it’s her right to do whatever she wants to, but wow her little actions cause a lot of stirs and effects.

      3. Did Ray consented to the uploading of the photos? Out of courtesy she should ask him, and if he says yes, then what more can he say about the consequences?

      4. oops..sorry. Maybe I used the wrong word to describe “and he becomes reluctant to even take photos with his fans.”.

        He is willing and wants to take photos with fans but he’s not sure whether he should take or not in some situations.

      5. @Funn

        It seems in the news there’s no mentioning about asking for permission to upload the photos.

        Maybe even Angel Fong didn’t think that much. She may have thought that it’s her casual actions to take photos in her friend’s house and to post them on her Weibo. So I don’t think she asked Raymond about the uploading. And since Raymond never uses Weibo, he never knows.

      6. But maybe my understanding of the news in Chinese is not correct. Waiting for someone with better translation.

  37. When I read this, I can’t help but think of Linda Chung and wondered whether she was cheated by Raymond..
    There were rumours that they were dating and I even saw on one of the TVB award shows when he actually held her hands as the Moonlight Resonance cast went onstage to receive the award. But someone next to him whispered something & he quickly dropped her hands..

    1. Maybe both Raymond and Linda didn’t want more rumours.

      If you look at Linda’s recent interview, she said the only one whom she’s scared of to be onscreen couple is Raymond because she is helpless about all the rumours.

      Poor both of them. I believe in the news that it was TVB who arranged the couple image. From my observation, IMO, they are not each other’s types. She’s not his type of lovers and he’s not her type. They just have the appearance that people think fit each other.

      1. From my observation, I strongly think that LF has tried to hit on Linda before (judging from his current taste on Rose chan who resembles Linda alot)but was unsucessful because Linda seems like someone who wanted an one on one relationship. I think Linda knew LF was a playboy with plenty gfs so it’s best if she stays as a friend and play an onscreen couple with him.

        However there were no evidences that LF mentioned about dating Linda so far.

      2. @Veejay

        You and I are on the different assumption. I don’t think Rose is his type either. So dating Rose is just another rumour, IMO.

        I think his type is more like Mainland Chinese look with long legs and sexy face & body. To me, Rose looks western.

        And if you really look at Linda’s interviews, she’s more supportive to Raymond than it sounds in your comment. Even though she didn’t talk much and tried to avoid when with HK media, she’s very supportive to him when she had her interviews in Singapore and outside.

      3. @vidi,

        when did i mentioned that linda wasn’t supportive of LF as friend? lol. I said linda might only want to stay friend with LF and play an onscreen couple with him and that doesn’t mean LInda is detesting LF right? hehe.

        And when did I said the word “avoid” in my post? hehe

      4. @Vidi,

        It could be only rumour together with Rose yes. But rememebr there are pictures taken at LF’s property too and they looks really intimate with each other 😉

      5. What pictures are taken in his property with Rose? The photo of Rose with the dog? How can people know that it’s in his house?

        And the only intimate photos of Raymond with Rose are the photos they took together on the bus in Taiwan when filming the MV together.

        I’ve never seen the intimate photos of Raymond and Rose in his property.

        BTW, I said “sounds”. So I didn’t quote your word. It just “sounds”. You can do whatever you want with my post. I’m not good at debating.

      6. @Vidi,

        Cropped from the Asia News’ website “After collaborating on a music video together, Raymond secretly invited Rose to his apartment, Dynasty Court, for a “dog play date.”

        “On February 28th, Rose uploaded photos of her poodle on her blog, indicating that she took her dog outside for fun. Next Magazine noted that Rose’s photos were taken around the same time Raymond took photos of his Alaskan Husky at home. Sitting next to Raymond’s dog was a woman whose flowered dress was also captured in the photo. The flower print matched the outfit Rose wore in a photo taken with a friend in Taiwan in February.”

        Well, I cropped those sentences from the Groove/asia news. I didnt write them.. anyway. It does not matter if LF had any relationship with Rose Chan before, since it’s none of our business. I was just saying ‘MAYBE’ they really had a relationship before, who knows?

      7. Ah..I c.

        I’ve seen that picture of him with the dog. That picture was actually taken many years ago. I saw it myself several years ago. It’s from another interview scoop. I think it was taken when Raymond talked about his dog something. woo long time for ages. You can see from his hairstyle. I think it’s around the time of filming the series “Taichi”.

        So when I saw this pic recycled and used in the gossip news again, I was like “wow amazing…you just cooked things up together”.

        The reporter just mixed and matched Rose’s picture with his old picture. That’s what I saw from the gossip magazine.

        But you can believe what you read.

      8. Lol, Veejay, I also can say that maybe Linda chased him but failed then run to Philip Ng. Then Philip Ng dumped her so she is “nobody need me” now. Anything can be assumed, girl. Read it for fun :P.

        Linda seems like someone who wanted an one on one relationship.

        The current rumour, “I don’t know he has a gf”. Lol.

        In my opinion, I blv LF and Linda dated during 2007-2008 time. Just look at the way they look at each other. Linda’s acting is very poor this time, if she doesn’t have any feeling with him, she can’t provide an inloved eyes like this. I’m referring to few old clips of HOG promotion. My guess, their relationship ended in the end of 2008 when they started to cold toward each other. Then they might come back again in 2009 but then broke up again in the same year.

      9. And look like his dog is the most favourited belonging of LF (by girls). Everyone, everytime, ppl will talk about the dog. Dogmate, take pic with dog, etc.

        Mimi (the dog’s name) rock!

      10. @Fox,

        Hehe, Linda might chased Lf first then both dated for a short period and only god knows what happened to their broke up. Really I dont really bother who chase who first hehe but imo, i still think LF chase Linda first hehehe.

        As Linda reacting towards Philipp’s gf, i think she knew about her but pretend she didn’t since she thinks she has hope? hehe. Well, ppl can say prejudice words against Linda since I’m a fan of her. Still dunno who my real idol is huh? hehe.

        Alaska hunky is also my favourite dog! hehe too bad, Im not volumptous & pretty enough to be invited by LF to play with his dog. I heard this kind of breed is quite costly.

      11. @ Veejay

        “As Linda reacting towards Philipp’s gf, i think she knew about her but pretend she didn’t since she thinks she has hope? hehe. Well, ppl can say prejudice words against Linda since I’m a fan of her. Still dunno who my real idol is huh? hehe.”

        Can u elaborate on this? You mean, during the dating rumour of Philip and Linda, Philip actually has a girlfriend?

      12. @Fox,

        Nice try but try harder :P, her name is start with K.


        Tricky now,

        1) don’t say they “dated” before I meant Linda and Phillip because both denied they dated before.

        2) According to tabloid, phillip does have a gf and her name is michelle if i rmbr correctly.

        3) Linda’s reaction towards the media was “I didnt know he has a gf!” so ppl’s assumption is Phil was being two timid with his gf and linda.

      13. K? I now that! Your love is Kurama – which is also a Fox! No need to hide, be honest and say to the public that you love Fox, or you will be criticized as liar being caught red hand!

        Rmb to open a press conference, ok?

      14. I think no one will care if i open press conference since there is nothing to clarify about lol.

        I totally forgot about Kurama in YUYU. Actually i didnt finish watching the anime and stop in the middle. I’m more familiar with Naruto, One piece, gantz, claymore.. 😛

  38. poor LF. plaque by all these women news and seem can’t shake it off.

    1. I guess once a black mark is on your record, you can never be free of it. Just like everyone that was involved in the Edison Chen scandal. Regardless of how much time has passed and will pass, it doesn’t seem that people will feel the same way about everyone involved anymore.

      1. Correct, same goes to some ex soft porn star like ShuQi, I remember reading one of her article…if i’m not mistaken it’s ShuQ not vivian hsu.. that she wanted to marry the man she loved so much but was rejected by the man’s father because the father strongly detest of ShuQ’s past as a soft porn star.. believe she’ll ruin the family’s reputation something like dat..

      2. Now a lot of men wanna get married with Shu Qi and Vivian :P.

  39. The MEDIA always plan backfired for long time ago, and now make false reports towards RAYMOND LAM, cannot quite get over him.

  40. Saw FF’s picture today at the Asianfanatic’s website, she’s quite revealling and volumptous like PSS. I honestly don’t think they are just normal friends as proclaimed. Also, I think the girl obviously seeking for popularity. If those pics were taken when LF moves into his new home..why only now it was uploaded and not right after it was taken..fishy..

    If LF wants to be clear from this latest scandal, the girl FF should step out and clarify herself or people won’t believe LF’s story alone since he has such past of taking girls home for sex?

    1. Fox said someone told her the pictures were uploaded in March.

      1. Asianfan didnt said those pics were uploaded when and Ppl presummed they were uploaded recently. Unless appledaily or any mag that published those pics clarify.

    2. When he took girls home for sex, Veejay? Even if mention of PSS, she is his official gf, so they have sex at home is kinda normal? Other than PSS, who else got to his home?

      Someone said that the pix are uploaded on 9 March 2011 but not sure. I saw that the pic with his dogs is uploaded on Dec 2010. Ask Lara, she also saw this one with me :).

      Fong Fong seeks for popularity for what? She isn’t a star and not from the entertainment field. Popularity will mean what to her? Many girls like to show how sexy their bodies are, it isn’t a crime. Like man like to show their muscle, a lot of girls like to show their bodies.

      1. “When he took girls home for sex, Veejay? Even if mention of PSS, she is his official gf, so they have sex at home is kinda normal? Other than PSS, who else got to his home?”
        From normal ppl’s VIEW, guy took girls home are not merely just for site seeing, drinking etc. PPL’s perception on guy bringing girls home especially those devilish booty women are for sex. Can’t change this kind of perception of ppl. 😛

        “Someone said that the pix are uploaded on 9 March 2011 but not sure. I saw that the pic with his dogs is uploaded on Dec 2010. Ask Lara, she also saw this one with me”
        Ok, I might be wrong on the newly uploaded part but i still dont think FF is merely friend with LF keke

        “Fong Fong seeks for popularity for what? She isn’t a star and not from the entertainment field. Popularity will mean what to her? Many girls like to show how sexy their bodies are, it isn’t a crime. Like man like to show their muscle, a lot of girls like to show their bodies.”
        No crime showing sexy body but then again, people’s perception on those girls who showed off their booty pics are for “attention”. Hard to change ppl’s perception again. And FF may not be a star, maybe she’s hoping to become? We never know..?

      2. @Fox,

        Cool down first, when did i say having sex with bootilicious woman is abnormal? 😛 You really need to cool down when ppl criticising LF and his life u know? Just take their criticism and say so what?! if i were you. Don’t salvage on LF’s image. I rmbr u said LF isn’t someone innocent to begin with and u knew he’s a wild be it. I accepted his life now and was just discussing the fact with others, but you look at me like I’m criticising LF hehe. Discussing and criticising is different.

      3. If she hopes to become one, she shouldn’t do such thing in the age of 32, has husband and son. It’s kinda late to start.

        Guy can took girls purely for site seeing, I swear to you! The real estate agencies =]]. He’ll sweet talk to all the girls and just for site seeing (buy after that is highly appriciated).

        But I dun ask you for the view, I ask you who? Because other than PSS, who else? Fong Fong dun go to his house alone (if not, who took picture for her?).

        It’s in your mind then nothing can be changed, for sure. This is same to how I view the Jade girls in the entertainment field. Each time I see a Jade girl, I think of the dolphins. The ones who are more dangerous than sharks. In my opinion, sexy girl is better than jade girls, at least less fake.

        Haha, Finding Nemo has 2 sharks who said: “Fishes are friends, not food!”

      4. After few arguements with me, you still dun learn a lesson :(? Fox never angry in a discussion and Fox loves to use strong words. No, Fox isn’t angry with you.

        And you again forget one thing, Fox loves debate! Lol, so his image is what, Fox dun care. What Fox wants is a debate to kill time as Fox is free now :P.

      5. Well, you SOUND like you’re salvaging LF’s image whenever ppl criticising him. Nothing wrong if you’re a fan of him but kinda different compare to me probably is because I’ve never met my idol and never intend to meet her so I don’t really care how others criticise her. hehe.

        Of course i know you like debating since you’re a lawyer!

      6. Well, repeat after me: “We are goddess!”

        Keke, if think that then go ahead to think that. I don’t care. I said I’m a fan, so actually I’m a fan. Not a denial mind.

        Me depends on my mood. Meet or not? It’s just an entertainment method.

      7. Fox,

        I refuse to shout after you. Unless you pay me $$$$ 😀

  41. Strangely, I find LF quite attractive from the “Men with no shadows” preview which was showed on Astro on Demand last night HAHA

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