Angela Tong Shows Off Post Baby Body

Although she gave birth to daughter Alyssa just five months ago, Angela Tong (湯盈盈) has already lost most of her pregnancy weight. Under the guidance of a slimming company, Angela successfully lost 30 pounds and recovered her S-shaped physique. To show off the amazing results, Angela recently shot an advertisement for her sponsor. Even though she is happy with her new look, Angela plans to continue her weight-loss efforts to achieve her fittest body yet.

After giving birth to Alyssa in March, Angela spent two sedentary months at home caring for her newborn and taking nourishment. Coupled with her healthy appetite during her pregnancy, this caused Angela to balloon up to 143 pounds. At first Angela accepted her rounder body as a natural part of carrying a child, and even thought it was cute. However, she later became alarmed when she discovered stretch marks and lamented over her 39-inch waist.

To remedy this, Angela accepted the sponsorship of a slimming company. She began a strict weight-loss plan three months ago that included pre-planned menus and regular slimming sessions. The program proved successful, and Angela has lost 30 pounds so far.

At the photo shoot, Angela wore a flirty, back-baring red dress, and a form-revealing white piece that showed off her slim arms and legs. She jokingly referred to her heavier self as “Panda Angela”. To bid farewell to her pregnancy weight, Angela posed with a panda plush toy in one hand, and waved goodbye with the other.

When asked if she is satisfied with the results, Angela joked that she is greedy and wants to become fitter than ever before. She added that she hopes to bring her daughter to the pool and go for a swim together. To encourage her to achieve her ultimate goal, Angela’s sponsor gifted her with a red bikini as well as children’s swimwear for Alyssa.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Angela looks great! You can tell she looks more happier as a wife and a mother. Alyssa resembles Chin Ka Lok….

  2. It is great to be celebrities. They will have sponsors to help them keep fit after pregnancy.

    1. If you spend more time working out instead of spending so much time on reading celebrity gossip you would have an amazing body too.

      1. Wow, I cannot believe that you can say such a thing. If that is the case, then what are you doing here??

    1. More like celebrities receives endorsement from slimming companies and in return they use their fame to promote for these companies.

  3. It’s their job to look good, more so when your claim to fame is first and foremost looking awesome with great body. That being said, Angela has a slim face but her body may not be stick thin at all. She looks great though, even when pregnant.

  4. Probably breastfeeding helped a lot too. 😛

    Either way I am glad that she is enjoying being a mother.

    1. Breastfeeding helps immensely. Many people don’t realize that. It’s not only great for the mother, but there is nothing better for baby either.

      1. But unfortunately many working moms do not have the time to breast feed.

      2. i am breastfeeding and have done so for 10 months already. haven’t managed to shift much baby weight but i do know it’s good for the both of us.

  5. She looks great!!! Not too skinny like some of the celebrities in HK. Always curvy and have a great body!! Keep up the good work!

  6. well, you don’t need to be a celebrity to lose weight after the baby. in fact alot of people i know, including myself are in the same shape or better after baby. don’t let all the ads fool you into thinking that you need slimming products to stay thin. you just need to eat healthy and exercise. that’s something everyone can do and its free!

    1. I agree and there are many that look better after having kids. You just need to eat right and exercise.

  7. I only weight 43kg..i guess you guys will say I’m just bone and skin LOL

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