Angelica Lee on Husband’s Infidelity: “Let’s Move On”

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Angelica Lee (李心潔) answered questions about her husband’s infidelity at a completion banquet for the HKTV drama The Election <選戰> yesterday, expressing that she has forgiven her husband and is now looking toward the future.

In May, Angelica’s husband director Oxide Pang (彭順) was caught in a cheating scandal with a model Liddy Li (李悅彤). Amidst rumors of divorce and broken family relationships, Angelica and Oxide ultimately chose to stay together and let bygones be bygones.

“We have already let it go,” Angelica replied when she was asked to comment on her husband’s infidelity. “It’s the past. Now, we move forward.”

Angelica has just completed HKTV drama The Election, which also stars Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智) and Shek Sau (石修). The Election is Angelica’s first television drama in eight years. Asked if she plans to film more Hong Kong dramas in the future, Angelica said, “That depends on how the results turn out to be!”

Although both Angelica and Oxide are currently staying in Hong Kong, their home is in Malaysia. Asked if Oxide had visited Angelica on set while she was filming The Election, Angelica said, “No, but he did help me with my script reading.” Will Oxide support Angelica to film more dramas? “He has always supported me in whatever I choose to do.”


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Angelica Lee on Husband’s Infidelity: “Let’s Move On”

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  • 10 comments to Angelica Lee on Husband’s Infidelity: “Let’s Move On”

    1. nomad 822 says:


      moving forward = swallowing all her grievances, and letting him get off with whatever?

      Wow that was easy. Whatever her reasons, I hope she finds future peace.

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      • Anon replied:

        How did you know that she let him off the hook easily? You never know unless you’re Angelica and Oxide. As outsiders, we can speculate all day.

        Login or Register before you can reply to Anon
        • nomad 822 replied:


          Whether or not he was “let off the hook easily” is besides the point. Potential serial cheating, disrespect and disinterest in her welfare/marriage is history but possible future ahead.

          What I had been trying to say above has been already been expressed below by other commenters.

          Whatever motivated her to accomodate and forgive; I hope it will also continue to give her mental and emotional peace and sustenance in future.

          Login or Register before you can reply to nomad 822
        • Elizabeth replied:

          i sure hope Angelica made him sign over all his assets and property to her or something similar before she forgave him. Sadly, i see no hope in this relationship. They might be legally married but this is a major emotional and moral hurdle tjey have to leap over.

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    2. Theresa says:

      Once cheated, he will repeat it naturally as he expects forgiveness always.

      Forgive a person is easier than to forget the incident. Scar is always there. Things will never be the same.

      The essence of marriage is no longer there.


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    3. bloom says:

      Salute her, she really has a big heart. I wont be so forgiving.

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      • Little fishy replied:

        Big heart or stupidity :/? Don’t get me wrong, I love her, but cheater is a cheater… You can have big heart, and forgive him, but staying in the relationship after that… And it seems like it’s not the first time…

        Also, having the courage to move forward, and leave the unfaithful partner is also an admirable trait 🙂

        Login or Register before you can reply to Little fishy
        • windy replied:

          100% agree. I don’t think it’s whether you have a big heart or so. More towards I think I can change him perhaps? In any case, cheated w/such young pretty girl and no way in hell he will stay put. But then again you have to think many women are like this. Some are in abusive relationships and cheatings involved, some still goes back for more. Hard to understand really….

          Login or Register before you can reply to windy
        • nomad 822 replied:

          A lot of women in abusive-power control relationships are either insecure, or have been mentally conditioned/trained over a long time to think they cannot make it/will be unsafe if they leave.

          To them, even abusive is comfort zone as they know it. In fact, the most dysfunctional see that abuse as ‘attention and love’ because they sometimes get in ‘repentant’ male making up (which is the ‘good’ part after the bad).

          Yup the mind can be weirdly complex, in its associations.

          It takes strength and guts to leave. And determination to make it on your own.

          In her case, I think it’s a very soft generous heart – she’s taking care of a daughter who is not even her own (totally Oxide’s kid with another wife).

          Part of Angelica’s consideration to keep it together is probably taking that kid’s welfare into heart. Or scared she will have no contact.
          Dude is so disinterested and disrespectful it’s not worth it. She was in hospital and in pain, he was texting and still housing his mistress.

          The kindest givers in the world, are often the unhappiest – they put everyone’s needs above their own and are happiest when other people around them are happy.

          Login or Register before you can reply to nomad 822
        • windy replied:

          I know what you saying and great points. It just never cease to amaze me that no matter how much psychology one studies, you can NEVER fully understand the human brain just like that too.
          I agree 100% thou @Little fish – ” Also, having the courage to move forward, and leave the unfaithful partner is also an admirable trait :)”
          I mean take example of celebrity abusive relations the infamous Rihanna case. If she wasn’t a public figure, we would never have heard of it since most women in her situation just let it pass and look how she still defends him after the incident? SIGH..are you kidding?

          Login or Register before you can reply to windy